Photo of S.T. Coleridge

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Microfilm lists (Positive)

Dendurent # Contents MS#
117 Opus Maximum. 3 vols. S MS 29
117b Opus Maximum. Transcription.
118 Opus Magnum. (fragments). S MS 28
124 Theological Lectures 1795, a Sermon, and fragment of Theological Lectures. BT 5
126 College Commemorations Sermon. October 6, 1799. LT 29
213, 266, 273, 275, 279(2), 281, 310 Seven letters to C. A. Tulk, transcribed SC. | BARCLAY, JOHN. Argenis, 1629. Transcribed SC from BM C.44.d.34. | BURNET, GILBERT. The Life of William Bedell [edition unspecified]. Transcribed SC. | BUTLER, JOSEPH. The Analogy of Religion, Natural and Revealed, to the Constitution and,Course of Nature, [ed. Unspecified]. Transcribed SC. | COLERIDGE, S. T. Aids to Reflection, Southey's copy. Transcribed SC. | COLERIDGE, S. T. "Blessed are ye that sow beside all waters." A Lay Sermon, 1817, Southey's copy. Transcribed SC. | LYTTELTON, GEORGE. The History of the Life of King Henry the Second [edition unspecified]. Transcribed SC. BT 33
237a Folio Notebook HM 17299. (f181-f187 lacking) microfilm only
242 Notebook 56, autograph. S MS 21
243 Notebook 59, autograph. S MS 22
244 Notebook 60, autograph. S MS 23
244b Notebooks 29, 30, 33 to 45 microfilm only
244c Notebooks 46 to 55, 57 to 58. microfilm only
245 Notebook 61, autograph. S MS 24
246 Notebook 62, autograph. S MS 25
247 Notebook 63, autograph. S MS 26
248 Notebook 65, autograph. S MS 27
249 Notebook K, autograph. S MS 2
250 Notebook L, autograph. S MS 4
252 Notebook M, autograph. S MS 11
253 Notebook N, autograph. S MS 32
254 Notebook P, autograph. S MS 10
260a, 695d Extracts from Coleridge's commonplace book in the British Museum. Transcribed JDC. | Extracts from Coleridge’s commonplace book in the BM. BT 41
265a, 265b, 286a, 286b, 287a, 298a, 299a, 302a, 313a, 314b, 343a, 695b ADAM, THOMAS. Private Thoughts on Religion, 1795. York. Transcribed JDC. | The Age, a poem, 1829. London. Transcribed JDC. | DANTE, ALIGHIERI. Divina Commedia, 1819. Translation Cary. Trancribed JDC. | DESMOULINS, A. Histoire Naturelle des Races Humaines, 1826. Paris. Transcribed JDC. | DUBOIS, J. A. Description of the People of India, 1817. London. Transcribed JDC. | GREW, N. Cosmologia Sacra, 1701. London. Transcribed JDC. | HERDER, J. G. von. Kalligone, 1800. Leipzig. Transcribed JDC. | JAHN, JOHANNE. History of the Hebrew Commonwealth, 1829. Oxford. Translation Stowe. Transcribed JDC. | MALTHUS, T. R. An Essay on Population, 1803. London. Transcribed JDC. | MILLER, JOHN. Sermons, 1830. Oxford. Transcribed JDC. | WATERLAND, D. The Importance of the Doctrine of the Trinity, 2nd corrected ed., 1734. London. Transcribed JDC. | Marginalia transcribed from volumes in the BM. BT 40
266a, 267a, 277a, 280a, 314a, 332a, 333a, 334a, 334b, 335(2), 695a, 1137a BEAUMONT, FRANCIS & JOHN FLETCHER. Fifty Comedies and Tragedies, 1679. London. Lamb’s copy. Transc. JDC. | BLANCO WHITE, J. [Practical and Internal Evidence Against Catholicism, 1825. London].Transcribed JDC. | CHURCH OF ENGLAND AND IRELAND. Book of Homilies, 1815. Transcribed JDC. | COLERIDGE, S. T. Biographia Literaria, 1847. London: Pickering. Transcribed JDC. | MESMER, F. A. Mesmerismus, 1814. Berlin. Transcribed JDC. | SCHUBERT, G. H. von. Ansichten bon der Nachtseite der Naturwissenschaft, 1808. Dresden. Transcribed JDC. | SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. Works. Ed. Theobald. London: C. Bathurst, 1773. J. J. Morgan’s copy, transcribed JDC. | SOUTHEY, ROBERT. Joan of Arc. B.M. Add. MS 28086. Transcribed JDC. | SOUTHEY, ROBERT. Joan of Arc. Transcribed JDC. | [SOUTHEY, ROBERT, and S. T. COLERIDGE.] Omniana, 1812. Transcribed JDC. | Marginalia transcribed from volumes in the BM. | Portraits of STC. List compiled by JDC. BT 39
382, 387, 392, 397-399, 415 Miscellaneous Notes. S MS F2.11
430 Theological notes (fragments). Transcribed in two unknown hands. BT 30
581, 1064 Thirty-four letter to Joseph Cottle from Robert Southey, trans. in an unknown hand with notes by EHC; Letter to STC from Southey, trans. in four unknown hands. BT 15
652 Appendix to Observations on Egypt. 16 ff. STC hand. S LT F14.3b
653 Observations relative to the conduct of the Government of Algiers - 1804 (draft). 6 ff. Written by ?STC and ?Sir Alexander Ball. S MS F14.2
655 Sicily. Thoughts on the occupation of Sicily by the British. British policy towards Naples, and Taxes in Sicily. 6 ff. Written in an unknown hand. S MS F14.4.
681, 685, 688, 710, 713, 714, 1066 Notices of the Life of STC. John Coleridge Letters, etc. BT 9
692 Campbell, James Dykes. Notebooks 1800-1802. S MS 32
1121 Southey, Katherine. Statement of Kate Southey about the affairs connected with her father's second marriage. S MS F4.7
1129a Bristol Library Society. A catalogue of the books belonging to the Bristol Library Society. Micro film .B776c
  Stephens, Fran Carlock. The Hartley Coleridge letters at the University of Texas: a calendar and index Micro film St43h
  The Divine Ideas, dictated by STC to Green, from Huntington Library MSS of STC's unpublished "Divine Ideas" microfilm only
  The Divine Ideas, Typescript microfilm only
  Tennemann, Wilhelm Gottlieb. Geschichte der Philosophie. MS notes by STC. From BM. microfilm only
  Commonplace Book. MS. From Huntington Library HM8195. microfilm only
  Craig, William Miller. An Examination of the Key Terms in Coleridge's Prose Writings. Ph.D. thesis, Univesity of Washington. microfilm only
  Coleridge & Literary Society - Papers of STC from the British Library. Covers all 81 Coleridge manuscripts held by the British Library in the Additional Manuscripts, Ashley Manuscripts and Egerton Manuscripts series. Micro film .C678c v. 1-15
  Papers of Caroline Bowles (1787-1854) and Robert Southey (1774-1843) from the British Library, London Micro film .N622 v.1-7
  Grantz, Carl Leon. Letters of Sara Coleridge: a calendar and index to her manuscript correspondence in the University of Texas Library Micro film .G7671