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Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Part I. Works by Coleridge

Writings in Manuscript or Transcript

84a. Coleridge & Literary Society: the papers of Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834) from the British Library, London. Marlborough, Wiltshire, England : Adam Matthew Publications, 2001. Micro film .C678c v. 1-15. [Description of the micro film set].
84b. Prospectus of The Friend. Also contains an autograph letter to John Broadhead on the aims of The Friend on the recto of the conjugate leaf. 2 ff. (E F15.8).
84c. Absence: 107 lines. Ottery St. Mary, 1793? (S MS 1a).
85. Addressed to a Young Man of Fortune. 16 lines. Transcribed in an unknown hand. (LT 28).
86. Are there two things, of all which men possess. Sonnet. Pasted in inside front cover of Christabel manuscript. (S MS 1).
87. The Butcher Davis, then a lusty Gallant. 26 lines. (S MS F2.14).
88. Christabel. 46 ff. (8 blank), with numerous corrections and revisions. (S MS 1).
89. Christabel. [Photograph of manuscript.] (No. 36).
90. Come d--- it girls--don't let's be sad. 12 lines. Transcribed R. Southey. Attributed STC by SC. (S MS F4.6).
91. The Destiny of Nations. Proof of p. 104 [prob. Poetical Works, 1834] with corrections by STC. (S MS F1.13).
92. Hear sweet Spirit. 3 lines [from Osorio] . Transcribed in an unknown hand. (S MS F2.12).
93. Monody on the Death of Chatterton. Transcribed EHC from Boyer's quarto MS. book of Christ's Hospital. (LT 16).
94. O what a life is the eye. 7 lines. (S MS F3.57).
95. A pillar grey did I behold. 13 lines. (S MS F1.11).
96. Rime of the Ancient Mariner (frag., 1. 220 to end). Transcribed SC. (BT 31).
97. Sancti Dominici Pallium: a Dialogue between Poet & Friend, found written on the blank leaf at the beginning of Butler's Book of the Church. 42 lines. (S MS F1.2).
98. Two related poems: The Suicide's Argument. 4 lines. Nature’s answer. 7 lines. (S MS F1.14).
98a. [This lime tree bower]. Transcribed Sophia Lloyd. (LT 16a)
99. Youth and Age (frag.). 44 lines, one revision in pencil. (S MS F1.5).
100. "By S.T.C." 5 lines verse transcribed SC with explanatory note. (LT 26).
Collected Writings
101. Album Epigrams, sent to Derwent Coleridge (1832). (S MS F2.15).
102. Commonplace book of Anne Frances Bacon [?of Ottery St. Mary], 1799-1801 [See No. 802]. 58 ff. Contains 11 poems by STC, of which two (marked with asterisks) were previously unknown. (S MS F1.15).
  • *To Miss Dashwood Bacon of Devonshire, Sept. 1793. 16 lines.
  • The Kiss. 28 lines.
  • To the Moon. Sonnet.
  • For an Inscription. 24 lines.
  • A Sonnet ("Maid of my Love!").
  • On Laura's weeping at taking leave of a female Friend. Sonnet.
  • Ninathóma. 20 lines.
  • *To a Painter. 26 lines.
  • On presenting a moss rock to Miss Nesbitt. 24 lines.
  • Cupid turn'd Chymist. 18 lines.
  • Songs of the Pyxies. 111 lines.
103. [The Green Ottery Copy-book.] A Collection of Poems and Prose by Mr. Samuel Coleridge. Transcribed [?John May, Jr.]. 21 ff. (S MS F1.3).
  • A Sonnet ("Maid of my Love").
  • A Greek Poem, by which the Author gained a prize at the University of Cambridge. 96 lines.
  • A Sermon written when the Author was but 17 years old.
  • An Epitaph for Howard's tomb on the banks of the Dniester (in Greek, translation by Mr. Sparrow). 8 lines.
  • A Monody on Chatterton. 90 lines.
  • Nemo repente turpissimus. 24 lines.
  • The Nose. An Odaic Rhapsody. 30 lines.
  • A few lines selected from some pieces written by Lee when mad ("O! that my mouth could bleat"). 6 lines.
  • Pain. A Sonnet.
  • Upon the Author's leaving school and entering into Life. 110 lines.
  • Sonnet. Written just after the Author left the country in Sept. 1789 aetat. 15.
  • Prospectus and Specimen of a Translation of Euclid in a Series of Pindaric Odes. 73 lines.
  • Nec lusisse pudet, sed non incidere ludum [moral reflections].
  • On a Lady weeping, Imitation from the Latin of Nicolaus Archius. Sonnet.
104. Two poems, the first also transcribed by EHC. (S MS F2.7).
  • Hear, O ye heavens! Hexameters, 37 lines.
  • Unperishing Youth. 25 lines.
105. Three poems, transcribed in an unknown hand. (S MS F1.1).
  • Nemo repente turpissimus. 24 lines.
  • O! that my mouth could bleat. 6 lines.
  • Pain a Sonnet.
106. Verse and obiter dicta [?reported by Henry Loughy Porter, pupil of Mr. Gillman]. (LT 50d).
107. Stray Poems from The Courier, 1801-1814. Transcribed SC. (S MS 19). [Also contains Item #330.]
108. Two fragments of poem ("Thy Image doth my Heart enshrine always," 4 lines, and another version, "This yearning Heart, Love," 5 lines). (S MS F2.11).
Dramatic Pieces
109. Diadesti or The Bait without the Hook. A musical Entertainment in one Act (frag). 15 ff.
Imperfect: f. 10 missing. (S MS 8).
109a. Another copy, transcribed EHC. (BT 8).
110. Remorse, preface. Transcribed in an unknown hand. (BT 37)
111. Zapolya. Argument of first act of proposed continuation, transc. EHC. (BT 8).
Prose Works
111a. Aids to Reflection, Aphorism XIV-XV. (S MS E F1.16).
111b. Aids to Reflection, Aphorism XV. Comprising all but the last two lines of the 'Comment' to Aphorism XV.(1825), printers copy. (S MS E F1.17).
112. An Answer to a letter to Edward Long Fox, M.D. [1795]. Transcribed in an unknown hand.
21 ff. (LT 23).
112b. Commentary on Aphorism IX (Original Sin). Fragment in STC’s hand. (S MS F1.17).
113. Essay on the Decline of Trade (frag.). Transcribed in an unknown hand. (LT 6).
114. Translation of: Arndt, Geist der Zeit (HJ) (frag.). Transcribed by S. Hutchinson, with corrections and revisions by STC. 10 ff. (S MS 7).
115. Essay on Scrofula, by STC and James Gillman. Transcribed SC, Edith Coleridge, and another hand. 21 ff. (S LT F13.1).
116. Nec lusisse pudet, sed non incidere ludum (school theme, 1790). (S MS F1.7).
117. Opus Maximum. Dictated to [?J. H. Green], with corrections and revisions by STC. 3 vols. 414 ff. inscribed. (S MS 29).
117b. Opus Maximum. Transcriptions. 3 vols.
118. Opus Magnum (fragments). Dictated to [?J. H. Green], with corrections and revisions by STC. 3 parts: A; 10; 18. 71 ff. (S MS 28).
118a. The Divine Ideas. Dictated by STC to Green, from Huntington Library MSS of STC's unpublished "Divine Ideas." (microfilm only).
118b. The Divine Ideas. Typescript of 118a. (microfilm only).
119. Essay on Method ["Organum vere Organum" (EHC); "Bristol notebook" (A. D. Snyder)] (frag.). Inscr. in unknown hand, with revisions by STC. 39 ff. (BT 16).
120. Quid fas,/ Atque nefas, tandem incipiunt sentire, per actis / Criminibus (school theme, 1791). (S MS F1.8).
120a. S. T. Coleridge’s student verses in Latin and Greek. 1791. (E F1.8).
121. To the Monthly Reviewers [on Malthus' Essay on Population]. Transcribed in an unknown hand. (LT 22).
122. Treatise on Cancer of the womb (by Dr. F. J. Beyerlé) and An Essay on the symptoms, causes & treatment of inversio uteri, W. Newnham, (1818), review. "Corrected and in part composed [?] by S. T. Coleridge" (EHC). 12 ff. (S LT F13.18).
123. Introduction to an unknown work, transc. in an unknown hand. (Misc MS 2).
123a. Preface to the Second ed. [of Poems, 1797]. Transc. JDC. (BT 42).
123b. [Commonplace Book, containing, among other pieces, "On the Divine Ideas" and a transcription of the German play "Adams und Evens Erschaffung und ihr Sündenfall."] from Huntington Library MSS HM 8195 (partly autograph; partly in German). (microfilm only).
Sermons and Lectures
124. Theological Lectures [1795], a Sermon, and fragments of Theological Lectures. Transcribed EHC. (BT 5).
124a. Six lectures on revealed religion, its corruptions and political views. Transc. JDC. (BT 42).
125. Lectures on the Slave Trade [Watchman, art. IV, 25 March 1796].
  • 1. Transcribed EHC. (BT 8).
  • 2. Fragments, transcribed EHC. (LT 91).
126. College Commemorations Sermon, written Oct. 6th 1799. Transcribed SC and another hand. (LT 29).
127. Lectures of 1811-12, Mr. Tomalin's Report. Third (24 November 1811), Fourth, and Fifth Lectures. Transcribed JDC. (BT 11)
128. [Philosophical] Lectures, 28 December 1818 - 22 March 1819. Numbered 2-13. 12 booklets, inscribed in two unknown hands. (BT 23).
129. Philosophical Lecture No. [IV], 11 January 1819. Transcribed EHC. (BT 8).
130. Philosophical Lectures, 1818-19. Transc. EHC from notebook 25. (BT 1).
131. Lecture XIII [some early edition of STC's lectures; not in Literary Remains]. Printed fragment, possibly proof-sheets. (Misc E 10).
131a. Notes for second lecture in Surrey Institution series. “Lectures on the Belles Lettres.” Date: After 4 August 1812 and before 10 November 1812. Includes a satirical epitaph about Robert Whitmore. Also, admission ticket to STC lecture on drama. (S MS 9a).

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