The Alpine Club of Canada

The Alpine Club of Canada was founded in 1906 by Arthur O. Wheeler and Elizabeth Parker. A.P. Coleman and Lucius Coleman were charter members of the Club (see the Charter members photograph). Wheeler was its President from 1906—1910, and in 1910, A.P. Coleman succeeded Wheeler as the Alpine Club’s second President (1910—1914).

The aim of the Club was to promote scientific study and exploration of Canadian alpine and glacial regions, as well as promote recreational mountain climbing in the Rocky Mountains. The Club sought to cultivate art in relation to mountain scenery, and to advance and educate Canadians about their mountain heritage. It also promoted the preservation of mountain scenery including its flora and fauna, and encouraged mountaineering and the opening of new regions as a “national playground.” The Club undertook to exchange literature with other alpine and geographical organizations.

The first issue of The Canadian Alpine Journal was published in 1907 with Wheeler as editor. The articles, photographs and illustrations were contributed by Club members. Scientific and Mountaineering sections were the chief parts of the journal. Articles gave descriptions of first ascents, routes, glossaries of mountaineering terms and descriptions of glaciers. Alpine maps were published in the Journal. There was an official section reporting Club news giving accounts and photographs of Camps, the Secretary's and Treasurer's Reports, and "Club Notes." A.P. Coleman was an active contributor to the Journal. He wrote articles, appeared in the

Photograph. Founding Members of the Canadian Alpine Club, Winnipeg, ca1907
Published work. Alpine Club of Canada. Cover, Constitution and List of Members, 1917
Coleman led an Alpine Club climb up Mount Ball in 1912
Watercolour. A.P. Coleman. Mount Ball 1936
Photograph. Byron Harmon Alpinists Climbing a Glacier (Alpine Club of Canada?) n.d.


photographs of the annual camps, and Coleman’s mountain side talks, and leadership of expeditions were duly noted in the Journal’s pages.