The Ponies

Monday July 11 Camp No. 4.

Bar. 25.62 @ 6 ½ .
Started 12.30 traveled 5 o’clock
Bar. 25.06 at Camp No 5 just outside the gap of Red Deer.

Went through small standing timber, crossed a creek near prairie & then 1st & 2nd fork of Red Deer. Distance by pedometer 16 ¼ mls. Much trouble this morning. Mark’s pony & our little mouse brown went on along the trail, & they had to be brought back. Then Mr. Pruyn fell sick & Lucius had to pack all six horses. The Indians packed a bag on Mr. Stewart’s riding pony. Pinto made a row, lay down & had to be helped up. Flung himself down again and acted in a very ugly way. We had to repack him. Then he wandered off & had to be brought back. Chub too made a rumpus and threw his saddle off. After starting Pinto turned round on the trail while climbing a bench and tore Black’s pack so badly to pieces we had to repack. In crossing the river Dr. Laird’s Grey stumbled and wet him badly.

Notebook 12 1892, [pages 37 - 39]

Photograph. A.P. Coleman. Packing the Ponies; Rocky Mountains. n.d.
Photograph. A.P. Coleman. Ponies Crossing the River (Cayuse train) n.d.
Watercolour. A.P. Coleman. Rocky Mountains Expedition, Men and Ponies by a River n.d.
Photograph. A.P. Coleman. Ponies Swimming in the River n.d.