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Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Ed. Edward Craig

Largest English-language encyclopedic work on philosophy and an important resource for sociological theory. Entries include

B51 R68 1998


Encyclopedia of philosophy and the social sciences
Byron Kaldis, Ed.
Science, Religion, and Society: An Encyclopedia of History, Culture, and Controversy
Eds. Arri Eisen and Gary Laderman; foreword by The Dalai Lama
Encyclopedia of Society and Culture in the Ancient World
Peter Bogucki, editor in chief
Encyclopedia of European Peoples
Waldman, Carl and Catherine Mason

Entries for all peoples that once had a cultural identity, e.g., on the Gauls and Normans, but also on the "French: nationality," that describes who they are today with cross-references to the various ancestral people.

D1056 .W35 2006


Cult Pop Culture: How the Fringe became Mainstream
Bob Batchelor, Ed.
Countries and their Cultures
Ed. Melvin Ember and Carol R. Ember

Ethnographic information from the Human Relations Area Files at Yale University for students studying cultures by country. History, and social structure of a nation. Geography, history, demography, economy, politics, family, social stratification, etc.

GN307 .C68 2001


Encyclopedia of World Cultures (10 vol.)
Ed. David Levinson.

Examines cultural groups around the world, covering geographic region, broken down into the various cultural .

Encyclopedia of Play in Today's Society
Rodney P. Carlisle, General Editor

Explores questions of psychology, learning theory, game theory, and history in depth.

International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences (9 vols.)
Ed. William A. Darity.

Covers ideas, topics, and figures in the social sciences. Biographical overviews of major figures in the social sciences..

Dictionary of the Social Sciences
Ed. Calhoun, Craig J.
The Blackwell Dictionary of Modern Social Thought
William Outhwaite
Thomson Nelson Canadian Dictionary for the Social Sciences
Eds. Gary Parkinson and Robert Drislane

H41 .P37 2007


The Social Science Encyclopedia
3rd ed. Ed. Adam Kuper & Jessica Kuper

A single volume quick-reference encyclopedia providing introductions to topics and figures in the social sciences..

H41 S63 2004


The Social Science Jargon-Buster: The Key Terms You Need to Know
O’Leary, Zina

H49.5 .O44 2007


Qualitative Inquiry & Research Design: Choosing among Five Approaches
Creswell, John W

The 5 qualitative approaches are: narrative research, phenomenological research, ethnographic research and case study research.

The Sage Encyclopedia of Social Science Research Methods
Michael S. Lewis-Beck, Alan Bryman, Tim Futing Liao

H62 .L456 2004


World Population
Gilbert, Geoffrey

Intro to world population, chronology of events, historical milestones, book reviews, videos, and websites related to population.

Encyclopedia of Sociology
2nd ed. Ed. Edgar F. Borgatta

A topic-driven five-volume encyclopedia that provides essay-length entries of major subjects and ideas.

A Dictionary of Sociology
3rd ed. Eds. John Scott and Gordon Marshall

HM17 .E53 2005


The Handbook of Economic Sociology
2nd ed. Eds. Neil J. Smelser and Richard Swedberg

HM35 .H35 2005


Blackwell Dictionary of Sociology: A User's Guide to Sociological Language
Alan G. Johnson

HM17 J64 2000


Human Values and Beliefs: A Cross-Cultural Sourcebook
Inglehart, Ronald; Basañez, Miguel et al

"examine[s] the basic values and attitudes of the peoples of over 40 societies around the world".

HM73 I544 1998


The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology
Ed. George Ritzer
The Cambridge Dictionary of Sociology
Ed. Bryan S. Turner

Articles written by noted experts provide the roots of contemporary social theory. Key theories and the theorists behind them.

HM425 .C36 2006


Encyclopedia of Social Theory
Eds. Austin Harrington, Barbara L. Marshall, Hans-Peter Müller

HM425 .E46 2006


Encyclopedia of Social Theory
Ed. George Ritzer

The roots of contemporary social theory. Global landscape of all the key theories and the theorists behind them.

Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Sociology
Ed. George Ritzer
Routledge International Encyclopedia of Queer Culture
Ed. David A. Gerstner

Emphasizes international queer cultural production... queer lives from around the world, the materials they produce, and the socio-political-cultural end products of these achievements.

Family in Society: Essential Primary Sources
Eds. K. Lee Lerner, Brenda Wilmoth Lerner, and Adrienne Wilmoth Lerner
The Blackwell Companion to the Sociology of Families
Jacqueline L. Scott, Judith Treas, and Martin Richards, eds.
Encyclopedia of the City
Ed. Roger W. Caves
International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family
James J. Ponzetti, Jr

HQ9 .E52 2003


Encyclopedia of Social Movement Media
Downing, John D. H, Ed
Sociology: A Guide to Reference and Information Sources
3rd Ed. Stephen H. Aby

Lists bibliographies, indexes, databases, guides, handbooks, and dictionaries and encyclopedias for the social sciences.


Writing in the Dark: Phenomenological Studies in Interpretive Inquiry
Max Van Manen
The Sage Handbook of the Sociology of Religion
James A. Beckford and N. J. Demerath III, eds.
Human Geography
Derek Gregory and Noel Castree, Eds.
Handbook of Social Theory
Eds. George Ritzer and Barry Smart
The Sage Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods
Lisa M. Given

H61 .S234 2008


Methods: Doing Social Research
Jackson, Winston and Norine Verberg
The Practice of Social Research
Earl Babbie
Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches
Cresswell John W
Case Study Research: Design and Methods
Yin Robert K
Making Sense: A Student's Guide to Research and Writing: Social Sciences
Margot Northey and Lorne Tepperman, Eds.
Dictionary of Statistics and Methodology: A Nontechnical Guide for the Social Sciences
Vogt W. Paul

HA17 .V64 2005


The Routledge Companion to Social Theory.
Anthony Elliott, ed.
The Oxford Handbook of Cultural Sociology.
The Sociology Student Writer’s Manual.
6th ed. Johnson, William A.

HM73 .S637 2010

(Vic Stacks)

Social Policy: Essential Primary Sources.
K. Lee Lerner, Brenda Wilmoth Lerner, and Adrienne Wilmoth Lerner, eds.

HN57 .S62 43 2006


A Beginner’s Guide to Social Theory.

Extensive list of links organized by general subject, e.g.: Culture & Society; Ethnicity; Women; Family; Criminology; Theory.

Databases and Indexes (E-Resources - UofT)

Sociological Abstracts (1963 - present)

Covers an international selection of sociological journals, serials, conference papers, books, and theses 1963+.

International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS Extra) (1981 +)

Humanities & Social Sciences Index Retrospective, 1907-1984

Scholarly journals in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

CSA Francis (Humanities and Social Sciences)

Multidisciplinary information in the humanities and the social sciences (1984—present)


Search at the same time over 20 specific and multidisciplinary databases covering the arts, humanities, social sciences, and more.

International Political Science Abstracts 1989+

Abstracts of articles published in journals and yearbooks worldwide.

Social Science Abstracts @ Scholars Portal (1984 - present)

A major database for the social sciences, Journals are selected by human specialists.

Social Sciences Citation Index

Social Science coverage 1956 +

Humanities Abstracts

The most comprehensive resource available in its field

The Left Index

This note provided by UTL Ref. Dept: An index to the literature of the Left, stressinging political, economic, social /cultural scholarship in and outside academia.


Interdisciplinary studies covering complete back runs of  core collections in the humanities, social sciences. Searches the full text of articles.

International Bibliography of Periodical Literature (IBZ)

International, interdisciplinary. Emphasis on social sciences and humanities. Covers multilingual and multicultural research in Europe. 2.1+ million records with German and English subject headings from over 8,700 periodicals since 1983.

On the Web (Selected sites)

Social Sciences Resources at Pratt Library
International encyclopedia of the social sciences (2nd ed.)
Introducing Sociolinguistics
Social Sciences Resources: Sociology and Anthropology

Extensive list of links to Web resources in sociology and anthropology, kept up by McGraw-Hill Ryerson as part of Using the Web for Social Research, by Craig McKie.

WWW Virtual Library: Sociology

From McMaster University excellent for providing links to quality summaries of major theorists' work and bibliographies.

The Sociolog

An extensive guide to sociology resources available online. Especially useful are the "Sociology Links".

Sociology Dictionary

Quick reference online dictionary for sociological terms (listed alphabetically, but unfortunately the site is not searchable).

Dead Sociologists' Society

Overviews of major theorists in sociology, including biographical sketches and theoretical summaries.

Voice of the Shuttle - Gender Studies
Voice of the Shuttle - Cultural Studies

This online service provides a searchable database of respected and high-quality Internet-based information for students and researchers. Numerous topics with the social sciences are included.

Social Research Update

The tutorial teaches Internet research and information skills to help university students.

Introducing Social Semiotics
Van Leeuwen, Theo.
Knowledge and the Social Sciences: Theory, Method, Practice.
Goldblatt, David (David S.)
Sociology Internet Resources
A Sociological Tour through cyberspace

An excellent selection of useful links for students at the undergraduate and graduate levels.


A "megasite" with 24 categories of sociology.

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