Film Studies - Selected Sources

Encyclopdias & General Works

Dictionary of Film Terms: The Aesthetic Companion to Film Art
Beaver, Frank Eugene

(PN1993.45 .B33 2009 in stacks)
Definitions of techniques, concepts, genres, styles, cinematography, composition and lighting.

Cassell Companion to Cinema
Law, Jonathan, et al

Revised and updated Edition. Other Title: Brewer's Cinema. All aspects of cinema life, language, legend and the stages of making a film, (pre-production to editing). Explains roles of key personnel and their equipment. Provides a glossary from technical and critical, to slang and jargon.

Critical Dictionary of Film and Television Theory
Roberta E. Pearson and Philip Simpson

New terminology in the areas of media and cultural studies that covers post-1960 film and television theory.

Encyclopedia of Early Cinema
Abel, Richard, ed

'Early cinema' refers to the first 25 years of cinema's emergence at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries.

The Language of Cinema
Jackson, Kevin

Technology, business and skills of filmmaking, plus terms in foreign languages.

The Film Encyclopedia. 5th ed.
Katz, Ephraim

Movements, theories, major films, directors, and actors. The entries about genres, significant persons and film history.

Schirmer Encyclopedia of Film
Grant, Barry Keith, Ed

(See also electronic version under Major Electronic Reference Sources (some at UofT Online) for Cinema on p.2 of this guide.) All aspects of the film industry from the late 19th century to now.

The Encyclopedia of British Film
Macfarlane, Brian
Film History: An Introduction
Kristin Thompson and David Bordwell, eds.
The Routledge Companion to Film History
Guynn, William, ed

This title incorporates a series of 11 introductory, critical essays on key subject areas, with a critical dictionary of key names and terms.

Film: An Introduction
Phillips, William H

Attempts to help readers to understand the film medium’s general characteristics, achievements and limitations.

Filmmaker's Dictionary
Singleton Ralph S. and James A. Conrad

Quick reference guide to current terminology used in filmmaking.

World History of Film
Sklar, Robert

100+ years of international cinema, cinematic trends, documentaries and fiction, describing the main films of each movement.

Routledge Companion to Film History
William Guynn, Ed.
The Routledge Companion to Philosophy and Film
Livingston, Paisley and Carl Plantinga, Eds
Gilles Deleuze's Time Machine
Rodowick, David Norman
Film Art: An Introduction
Bordwell, David, Kristin Thompson, and Jeff Smith

Complete coverage of cinematic concepts, with examples from many films. Sections cover: types of filmmaking; types of film; film style (mise-en-scene and cinematography); critical analysis of film; and narrative alternatives to Classical Filmmaking.

A Short Guide to Writing about Film
Corrigan, Timothy

PN 1995 .C66 2015

Reference and Stacks

Blockbusters: A Reference Guide to Film Genres
Graves, Mark A. and F. Bruce Engle

A separate chapter is dedicated to each of 12 commonly acknowledged film genres.

Silent Films, 1877-1996: A Critical Guide to 646 Movies
Klepper Robert K

Provides a comprehensive study of 119 years of silent film. Offers brief plot summaries and evaluations.

Silent Mystery and Detective Movies: A Comprehensive Filmography
Wlaschin, Ken
Historical dictionary of Science Fiction Cinema
Booker, M. Keith
The Encyclopedia of Superheroes on Film and Television
Muir, John Kenneth

Guide to fifty+ years of superheroes on film including a detailed history, cast, episode and film descriptions, critical commentaries and data on arch-villains, gadgets, comic-book origins and super powers. Places each production in its historical context.

Encyclopedia of the Documentary Film
Aitken, Ian Ed

An international work on the history of the documentary film from the Lumière brothers (1885) to Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911.

Historical Dictionary of Film Noir
Spicer, Andrew
Encyclopedia of Film Noir
Geoff Mayer and Brian McDonnell, Eds.

Provides a scholarly yet accessible, comprehensive account of film noir, both classical and neo-noir .

Multicultural Films: A Reference Guide
Welsch Janice R. and J. Q. Adams

Brief synopses and critiques of motion pictures that deal with issues of race/ethnicity in the United States.

Historical Dictionary of Sciece Fiction Cinema
Booker, M. Keith
Encyclopedia of Film Themes, Settings and Series
Armstrong, Richard B

Motion picture themes, plot elements, settings, character types, and series. Includes movies linked by a recurring theme, setting or characters, in theatres or television through 2000.

International Dictionary of Film and Filmmakers.

Films; Directors; Actors and Actresses; and Writers and Production Artists. Encyclopedic and bibliographic information. Production information; lists cast and crews; a bibliography on the film; and an essay by a specialist in that area.

The New Biographical Dictionary of Film. 5th ed.
Thomson, David

Provides brief critical assessments of the careers of major actors and directors.

The Coen Brothers Encyclopedia
Chapman King, Linnea
The Francis Ford Coppola Encyclopedia
Welsh, James M., et al
Film and Television: a Guide to the Reference Literature.
The Holocaust Film Sourcebook
Picart, Caroline Joan

Major Electronic Reference Sources For Cinema

(Some at UofT Online - in catalogue by title)

American Film Institute Catalog AFI.

Films produced with the American Film Institute

The Complete Index to World Film Since 1895.

Canadian Film Encyclopedia

500 film titles with biographical and subject entries in some of Canada's leading historical and modern films/ filmmakers

Companion Encyclopedia of Middle Eastern & North African Film 2001

Cinema Studies the Key concepts.  2000

Encyclopedia of Early Cinema. 2005

Europa Film Treasures

Archive of restored versions of early, rare/artistic  films showing Europe’s cultural heritage, politics and history.

Film/TV Documentation Collections.
Film Reference Library.

Schirmer Encyclopedia of Film.
Grant, Barry Keith, Editor in chief.

Alphabetically arranged essays talk about all aspects of the film industry from the late 19th century to now.

Glossary of Film Terms

Article Databases (Indexes), Bibliographies (print and online) and Web Sites

Femfilm (Canadian Women Film Directors Database)
Film Literature Index (FLI). (Available online - UTL)

Film Index International

Film & Television Literature Index (Available online - UTL)

Comprehensive, covering the entire spectrum of TV & film in popular, scholarly, technical, and international publications, including theory & criticism, writing, production, cinematography, technical aspects, news, and reviews.

Art Abstracts and Art Index (Available online - UTL)

Both provide comprehensive abstracting and indexing of 100s of international art publications. Both databases are critical resources for any type of art research. Indexes the leading film journals.

Canadian Periodical Index.
1938-47, 1948-59, 1960-1987 Ref; (1980+ present Available online - UTL)

Reviews of current and retrospective Canadian films. In the print index, look under the heading “Moving picture review” from 1927 through 1986. Online, use the name of the film as a keyword, adding 'and movie reviews'.

AI 3 .C242


British Humanities Index (Available online - UTL)

Indexes articles from over 250 international humanities journals and newspapers published in the UK.

Complete Index to Literary Sources on Film.
Goble, Alan ed.

The silent era to independent films from across the globe. 27,890 titles from literary sources, including plays, novels and short stories.

InfoTrac OneFile (Available online - UTL)

Covers scholarly and general-interest periodicals, including the full text of articles from film and film-related journals.

The Film Anthologies Index.
Bowles, Stephen E.

Indexes thousands of articles, books and films about all  aspects of cinema. Find contents of 700+ film anthologies through 1991.

The Index to Film & TV Periodicals (Available online - UTL)

includes the following indexes: Index Film Periodicals, Index Television Periodicals, Film/TV Documentation Collections, Treasures from the Film Archives and Fiaf Members Publications.


International Index to the Performing Arts (IIPA) (Available online - UTL)

225+ international performing arts periodicals are indexed; performing arts and obituaries in The NY Times and Washington Post.

Literature and Film: An Annotated Bibliography, 1909-1977.
Welch, Jeffrey.

Lists and annotates all important books and articles published in North America and Great Britain that deal with the relationship between films and works of literature. Bibliography is chronological by year and alphabetically by author's name within the year.

Z 5784 .M9W37 1981


Literature and Film: An Annotated Bibliography, 1978-1988.
Welch, Jeffrey.
Masters of Cinema

This scholarly site offers news and information on World Cinema with links to tribute pages for selected filmmakers.

MLA International Bibliography (Modern Language Association) 1963 - the present (Available online - UTL)

Research tool for the humanities and international in scope. Especially useful for research into films adapted from literary sources.

Film Index Online Portal (Available online - UTL)

Journals available through Proquest  Some are full text. Some have only abstracts or tables of contents.

Readers’ Guide Retrospective Online (1890-1982) (Available online - UTL) + Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature 1983+

Reviews of current films. For films 1925 to 1977, key in 'Moving picture plays - Criticism, plots, etc'. For single works and reviews from March 1977+, see 'Motion pictures - Single works'.

Treasures from the Film Archives (Available online - UTL)

Contains unique information about silent films in international film archives. Included are silent shorts and features, fiction and non-fiction, from over 70 of the world's major film archives. International Index to Film Periodicals is included.         

Film Literature Index (FLI).

 1938-47, 1948-59, 1960-1987  (1980-present Available online - UTL)

AI 3 .C242


Canadian Film Resources

Indigenous Screen Cultures in Canada
Sigurjón Baldur Hafsteinsson and Marian Bredin, eds.
Documents in Canadian Film
Fetherling, George, ed.
Le Dictionnaire du Cinéma Québécois
Coulombe, Michel and Marcel Jean, et al
Cinema of Canada
White, Jerry Ed

Divided into three distinct categories: English-Canadian cinema; Québec cinema; Aboriginal cinema.

Canadian National Cinema: Ideology, Difference and Representation
Gittings, Christopher E
Weird Sex and Snowshoes: And Other Canadian Film Phenomena
Monk, Katherine ND tom Egoyan

Study of Canadian contemporary film and filmmakers with critical reviews, in-depth profiles of prominent filmmakers and filmography

Guide to the Cinemas of Canada
Rist, Peter

Selective entries on major films and notable figures in Canadian cinema.

National Film Board of Canada.

NFB Internet site with a database of NFB films.

Film in Canada
Projecting Canada: Government Policy and Documentary Film at the National Film Board of Canada
Druick, Zoë
Quebec National Cinema
Marshall, Bill

"role cinema plays in Quebec's view of itself as a nation".

Film Companion - A Comprehensive Guide To More Than 650 Canadian Films & Filmmakers
Morris, Peter
Canadian Cinema since the 1980s: At the Heart of the World
Pike, David L
Century of Canadian Cinema: Gerald Pratley's Feature Film Guide 1900 to the Present
Pratley, Gerald

More than 2,000 feature films have been made in this country. This is a guide to the best and worst.

Take One's Essential Guide to Canadian Film
Wise, Wyndham

700 reviews and bios provide a full list of Canadian films, with blurbs on the movies, actors, and directors or producers.

Toronto on Film
Steve Gravestock and Kate Lawrie Van de Ven, Eds.
Who's Who in Canadian Film and Television = Qui est qui au cinéma et à la télévision au Canada.

PN1998 .A1 W5


519 acteurs québecois de cinéma
Jacques, Michel

Pub’d before as: 407 Acteurs Québécois de Cinéma. Québec: and Dictionnaire Filmographique des Acteurs Québecois, c1994.

Canadian Film Encyclopedia

500 film titles with biographical and subject entries. Covers some of Canada's leading historical and modern films/ filmmakers.

Great Canadian Film Directors
Melnyk, George, ed
Canadian Film and Video: A Bibliography and Guide to the Literature
Lerner, Loren R
Canadian Feature Film Database

Principle credits of every Canadian feature film from 1913 to 2009. Also plot (latest ones), actors, running time, location, etc.



Encyclopedia of Novels into Film
Tibbetts, John C
The History of British Literature on Film, 1895-2015
Semenza, Greg M. Colon and Bob Hasenfratz
Repeat Performances: A Guide to Hollywood Movie Remakes
Milberg Doris
Video Versions: Film Adaptations of Plays on Video
Erskine, Thomas L. and James M. Welsh

Essays on 300 filmed adaptations of plays written in or translated into English, especially the "classics".

Film Noir

Film Noir: The Encyclopedia
Alain Silver, James Ursini, Elizabeth Ward, and Robert Porfirio, Eds.
Film Noir Guide: 745 Films of the Classic Era, 1940-1959
Keaney, Michael F

700+ film noirs from their classic period (1940-1959) - title, actors, screenwriter, director, type of noir, theme and a rating.

Encyclopedia of Film Noir .
Film noir: a critical introduction

PN1995.9 .F54 B78 2017

(Vic Stacks)

World Cinema

The Oxford History of World Cinema
Nowell-Smith, Geoffrey

The Silent Era, 1895-1930", "The Coming of Sound, 1930-1960" & "The Modern Cinema, 1960-1995". 150 people who influenced cinema. Essays on animation, technical innovations, censorship, film-music and on the documentary.

A Companion to Eastern European Cinemas
Ed. Anikó Imre
Contemporary French Cinema: An Introduction
Austin, Guy
The French Cinema Book
Michael Temple and Michael Witt, Eds.
French National Cinema
2nd Ed.
Concise Cinegraph: Encyclopedia of German Cinema
General editor, Hans-Michael Bock; associate editor, Tim Bergfelder
A history of Italian cinema 
Bondanella, Peter
The Oxford handbook of Japanese cinema
Daisuke Miyao, Ed.
Historical Dictionary of South American Cinema
Rist, Peter H
Historical Dictionary of Spanish Cinema
Mira, Alberto
Film as Philosophy.
Bernd Herzogenrath, Ed.
Who’s Who of Victorian Cinema
bfi National Library

"full coverage of the moving image in Britain from pre-cinema to the present, ...the scope ... is international."

Selected Electronic Books

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Films of Woody Allen.
Girgus, Sam B.
Historical Dictionary of French Cinema.
Forman, Edward.

PN2637 .F67 2010


Movie History: a Survey.
Douglas Gomery and Clara Pafort-Overduin. 2011 2nd ed.

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