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CCR199 The Fine Art of Murder: Reading Detective Fiction L. Somigli
HIS244 Early Modern Europe, 1648–1815 D. Stiles
HPS319 History of Medicine II: 17th–20th Century L. Dacome
HPS352 History of the Human Sciences M. Solovey
HUM199 Rome: Fragments of the Eternal City K. Bartlett
JFI225 Second Language Learning  
JSiR18 Toronto’s Caravan: Civic Belonging and Spectacle in a Bygone Age of Multiculturalism E. Harney
JSiR19 How Hollywood Works: Inside the Norman Jewison Special Collection I. Wells
NFC Canadian Writers & Poets on Tape A. Urbancic
PRT258 Introduction to Luso-Brazilian Studies J. Blackmore
PRT458 Luso-Brazilian Short Story J. Blackmore
RLG100/280 The World’s Religions in Global Perspective D. Perley
SDS460 Advanced Research in Sexual Diversity Studies T. Smith
SII199 Future “Agents” & Social Relations W. Magee
SII199 The Process of Archaeological Discovery M. Chazan
SII199 Sociology of Home J. Taylor
TBB199 Knowing and Not Knowing E. Jagoe
VIC102 Ethics & the Public  A. Galway
VIC105  Odysseys: Music, Text, Image  P. Thompson
VIC109 Innovators and Their Ideas S. Nigosian
VIC112 Puzzles, Discovery and the Human Imagination M. Danesi
VIC115 Imagined Power: Literature & Film  J. Levine
VIC119 Myths & Legends in Modern Contexts R. Brandeis
VIC119 Ancient Narratives in Modern Contexts R. Brandeis
VIC134 Globalization M. Connelly
VIC141 Discovery & Revolution K. Eisenbichler
VIC150 School & Society T. Adefarakan
VIC151 Theories, Practices & Experiences in Teaching M. Charles
VIC159 Rare Books Seminar W. Robins
VIC170 Introduction to the Rhetoric of Science: Probability and Persuasion A. Baines
VIC191 Artistic Creation and Public Issues C. Heard
VIC224 Introduction to Material Culture S. Amato
VIC279 Creative Non-Fiction (access via Blackboard) L. Khoo
VIC323 Theories of the Sign S. Brajovic
VIC327 Digital Material Culture A. Galey