New Acquisitions for May 2024

B - Philosophy
Why surrealism matters Mark Polizzotti.
BH301 .S75 P658 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Moral feelings, moral reality, and moral progress Thomas Nagel.
On gaslighting Kate Abramson.
BJ1500 .T78 A27 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The revolt against humanity : imagining a future without us Adam Kirsch.
BJ1533 .H9 K57 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
BF - Psychology
Anxiety : a philosophical guide Samir Chopra.
BF575 .A6 C6327 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
BL - Religion
Isha Upanishad translated by Mario Petrucci.
BL1124.7 .I762 E5 2019 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
BV - Practical Theology
Relic Ed Simon.
BV890 .S37 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
D - Old World History
The last days of English Tangier : the out-letter book of Governor Percy Kirke, 1681-1683 edited by John Childs.
DA20 .R915 v. 66 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Protecting the empire's humanity : Thomas Hodgkin and British colonial activism 1830-1870 Zoë Laidlaw, University of Melbourne.
DA550 .L247 2021 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Alfred Dreyfus : the man at the center of the affair Maurice Samuels.
DC354 .S358 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Dictionnaire des antiquités grecques et romaines d'après les textes et les monuments ... ouvrage rédigé par une société d'écrivains spéciaux, d'archéologues et de professeurs sous la direction de Ch. Daremberg et Edm. Saglis ; avec 3,000 figures d'après l'antique, dessinées par P. Sellier et gravées par M. Rapine.
Marcus Aurelius : the stoic emperor Donald J. Robertson.
DG297 .R63 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The Zelensky effect Olga Onuch, Henry E. Hale.
DK508.851 .Z45 O58 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Tracing homelands : Israel, Palestine, and the claims of belonging by Linda Dittmar.
DS107.5 .D58 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The hundred years' war on Palestine ; a history of settler colonialism and resistance, 1917-2017 Rashid Khalidi.
DS119.7 .K4279 2020 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
We could have been friends, my father and I : a Palestinian memoir Raja Shehadeh.
DS125.3 .S485 A3 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Amazonia [created by] Lucy + Jorge Orta, directed and edited by David Bickerstaff ; written by Mario Petrucci.
Heavy water : a film for Chernobyl the Channel 4 British Documentary Film Foundation ; directed by David Bickerstaff and Phil Grabsky ; poetry by Mario Petrucci.
E - North American and General U.S. History
Jim Crow : voices from a century of struggle. Part One, 1876-1919 : Reconstruction to the Red Summer Tyina L. Steptoe, editor.
E185.61 .J56 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Tea : consumption, politics, and revolution, 1773-1776 James R. Fichter.
E215.7 .F5 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
F - Canadian History, U.S. State and Local History
On stony ground : Russländer Mennonites and the rebuilding of community in Grunthal James Urry.
F1035 .M45 U77 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
H - Social Sciences
Crack-up capitalism : market radicals and the dream of a world without democracy Quinn Slobodian.
HB501 .S61946 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
In search of a moral foundation for capitalism : from Adam Smith to Amartya Sen Douglas E. Stevens.
HB501 .S84 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Limitarianism : the case against extreme wealth Ingrid Robeyns.
HC79 .I5 R63 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Fiscal choices : Canada after the pandemic Michael M. Atkinson and Haizhen Mou.
HC120 .E6 A85 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Free time : the history of an elusive ideal Gary S. Cross.
HD4904.7 .C76 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Mr. Block : the subversive comics and writings of Ernest Riebe edited by the Graphic History Collective with Paul Buhle and Iain McIntyre.
HD8055 .I5 R54 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Falsehoods fly : why misinformation spreads and how to stop it Paul Thagard.
HM851 .T496 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Long live queer nightlife : how the closing of gay bars sparked a revolution Amin Ghaziani.
HQ76.25 .G497 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
I don't want to be a mom Irene Olmo ; translated by Kendra Boileau.
HQ755.8 .O4613 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
As gods among men : a history of the rich in the West Guido Alfani.
HT635 .A54 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Sites of conscience : place, memory, and the project of deinstitutionalization edited by Elisabeth Punzi and Linda Steele.
HV1552 .S58 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Autobiographies & other writings Helen Keller ; Kim E. Nielsen, editor.
HV1624 .K4 A3 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
J - Political Science
How we walk : Frantz Fanon and the politics of the body Matthew Beaumont.
JC273 .F36 B43 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The ends of resistance : making and unmaking democracy Alix Olson and Alex Zamalin.
JK1764 .O47 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Ideology in Canadian municipal politics Jack Lucas.
JS1710 .L83 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Nowhere, exactly : on identity and belonging M.G. Vassanji.
JV6013 .V37 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Children of a modest star : planetary thinking for an age of crises Jonathan S. Blake and Nils Gilman.
JZ1324 .B53 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
ML - Literature on music
Antagonistic cooperation : jazz, collage, fiction, and the shaping of African American culture Robert G. O'Meally.
ML3508 .O48 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The secret history of Black punk : record zero Raeghan Buchanan.
ML3534 .B83 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
N - Fine Arts
Unlicensed : bootlegging as creative practice Ben Schwartz.
N6498 .A67 S39 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Andy Warhol : a graphic biography text by Michele Botton ; illustrations by Marco Maraggi ; translation by Edward Fortes ; edited by Balthazar Pagani.
N6537 .W28 B6813 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Zodiac : a graphic memoir Ai Weiwei with Elettra Stamboulis ; illustrated by Gianluca Costantini.
N7349 .A5 A2 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Shakespeare, Hogarth and Garrick : plays, painting and performance Robin Simon.
N8252 .S56 2023 OVERSIZE (VIC_PRATT)
Shakespeare, Hogarth and Garrick : plays, painting and performance Robin Simon.
N8252 .S56 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
2AM eternal : a decade of queer nightlife posters + comics, 2012-2022 by Eric Kostiuk Williams ; with written contributions from Pony Alexander [and thirty-three others] ; photography: Jocelyn Reynolds.
NC1850 .W55 A4 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Women, environment, and networks of empire : Elizabeth Gwillim and Mary Symonds in Madras edited by Anna Winterbottom, Victoria Dickenson, Ben Cartwright, and Lauren Williams.
ND496 .W66 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
P - Philology, Linguistics, Etc.
Dostoyevsky in the face of death : or language haunted by sex Julia Kristeva ; translated by Armine Kotin Mortimer.
PG3328 .Z6 K77713 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Beloved : 81 poems from Hafez translated by Mario Petrucci, with forewords by Fatemeh Keshavarz & Michael Wenninger.
PK6465 .Z31 P48 2018 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The sun in Capricorn : a recital by Edward Sackville West.
PZ3 .S1228 1934 WOOLF (VIC_PRATT)
PA - Classical Literature
Catullus : contemporary adaptations with the originals facing Mario Petrucci.
PA6275 .Z5 P47 2006 PAMPHLET (VIC_PRATT)
Vergil : the poet's life Sarah Ruden.
PA6825 .R83 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
PN - General and Comparative Literature, Performing Arts
The vanished settlers of Greenland : in search of a legend and its legacy Robert W. Rix.
PN56.3 .G74 R59 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Normporn : queer viewers and the tv that soothes us Karen Tongson.
PN1992.8 .F33 T66 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
A stunning backdrop : Alberta in the movies, 1917-1960 by Mary Graham.
PN1993.5 .C3 G68 2022 OVERSIZE (VIC_PRATT)
A stunning backdrop : Alberta in the movies, 1917-1960 by Mary Graham.
PN1993.5 .C3 G68 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Terrence Malick and the examined life Martin Woessner.
PN1998.3 .M3388 W64 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Billy Wilder : dancing on the edge Joseph McBride.
PN1998.3 .W56 M33 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Where the body was [text] Ed Brubaker ; [art] Sean Phillips ; colors by Jacob Phillips.
PN6727 .B77 W44 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Death strikes : the emperor of Atlantis adapted by Dave Maass, writer ; Patrick Lay, artist ; Ezra Rose, character design ; Richard Bruning, lettering & book design ; translation services, Darrell Wilkins.
PN6727 .M214 D43 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Portrait of a body Julie Delporte ; translated by Helge Dascher and Karen Houle.
PN6733 .D45 C6713 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Barking Lucy Sullivan.
PN6737 .S88 B37 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Return to Eden Paco Roca ; [translator Andrea Rosenberg].
PN6777 .R63 R4413 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
PQ - Literature of the Romance Languages
The Maroons Louis Timagène Houat ; translated from the French by Aqiil Gopee with Jeffrey Diteman ; introduction by Shenaz Patel
PQ2276 .H67 M3713 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Cahiers André Gide.
Xenia Eugenio Montale ; a new translation by Mario Petrucci.
PQ4829 .O565 X413 2016 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The book of denial written by Ricardo Chávez Castañeda ; illustration and design by Alejandro Magallanes ; translated from Spanish by Lawrence Schimel.
PQ7298.13 .H2853 L5313 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The lost steps Alejo Carpentier ; translated by Adrian Nathan West ; introduction by Leonardo Padura.
PQ7389 .C263 P313 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The apple in the dark Clarice Lispector ; translated from the Portuguese by Benjamin Moser ; with an afterword by Paulo Gurgel Valente.
PQ9697 .L585 M313 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
PR - Canadian and English Literature
MLA guide to undergraduate research in literature Elizabeth Brookbank and H. Faye Christenberry.
MLA guide to undergraduate research in literature Elizabeth Brookbank and H. Faye Christenberry.
Toy stories : analyzing the child in nineteenth-century literature Vanessa Smith.
PR468 .C5 S65 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Caricature and realism in the Romantic novel Olivia Ferguson.
PR868 .R4 F47 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Shakespeare's sisters : how women wrote the Renaissance Ramie Targoff.
PR2329 .P2 T37 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Daniel Defoe in context edited by Albert J. Rivero (Marquette University), George Justice (University of Tulsa).
PR3407 .D356 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Moments for nothing : Samuel Beckett and the end times Gabriele Schwab.
PR6003 .E282 Z8284 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
High zest and the doggerel march Mario Petrucci.
PR6029 .W4 Z83 2003 PAMPHLET (VIC_PRATT)
Winter in the air : & other stories Sylvia Townsend Warner.
PR6045 .A812 W56 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Dyad Productions Orlando based on the novel by Virginia Woolf Written and directed by Elton Townsend Jones
PR6045 .O72 O7153 2019 WOOLFOSIZE (VIC_PRATT)
The girl prince : Virginia Woolf, race and the Dreadnought hoax Danell Jones.
PR6045 .O72 Z743 2023 WOOLF (VIC_PRATT)
Virginia Woolf miscellany.
PR6045 .O72 Z8937 WOOLF (VIC_PRATT)
Somewhere is January Mario Petrucci ; selected from i tulips by Peter Brennan.
PR6116 .E87 A6 2007 PAMPHLET (VIC_PRATT)
Afterlove Mario Petrucci.
PR6116 .E87 A63 2020 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Anima Mario Petrucci.
PR6116 .E87 A65 2013 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Bosco Mario Petrucci.
PR6116 .E87 B67 2001 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Crib Mario Petrucci.
PR6116 .E87 C75 2014 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Dawn ravens : (23 poems from Saadi and Rumi) by Mario Petrucci.
PR6116 .E87 D39 2022 PAMPHLET (VIC_PRATT)
Fearnought : poems for Southwell Workhouse Mario Petrucci.
PR6116 .E87 F43 2006 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Flowers of sulphur Mario Petrucci.
PR6116 .E87 F55 2007 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Half life : poems for Chernobyl Mario Petrucci.
PR6116 .E87 H35 2004 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Heavy water : a poem for Chernobyl Mario Petrucci.
PR6116 .E87 H43 2004 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
I tulips Mario Petrucci.
PR6116 .E87 I18 2010 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The inward garden : poems for St Edmund's Mario Petrucci.
PR6116 .E87 I59 2013 PAMPHLET (VIC_PRATT)
Lepidoptera Mario Petrucci.
PR6116 .E87 L46 2001 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Moonbird : love poems Mario Petrucci.
PR6116 .E87 M66 2023 PAMPHLET (VIC_PRATT)
Nights, Sifnos, hands Mario Petrucci.
PR6116 .E87 N54 2010 PAMPHLET (VIC_PRATT)
1111 Mario Petrucci.
PR6116 .E87 O54 2014 PAMPHLET (VIC_PRATT)
Sappho : adaptations, imitations, extensions Mario Petrucci.
PR6116 .E87 S26 2008 PAMPHLET (VIC_PRATT)
Shrapnel and sheets Mario Petrucci.
PR6116 .E87 S5 1996 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The stamina of sheep : the Havering poems Mario Petrucci.
PR6116 .E87 S73 2002 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The Havering poetry study pack by Mario Petrucci.
PR6116 .E87 S732 2002 OVERSIZE (VIC_PRATT)
The waltz in my blood Mario Petrucci.
PR6116 .E87 W35 2011 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The Hart House review.
The goose : Victoria College's short story compilation.
Imminent domains : reckoning with the Anthropocene essays by Alessandra Naccarato.
PR9199.4 .N3135 I46 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Paradise Abdulrazak Gurnah.
PR9399.9 .G87 P37 1994 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Sojourn Amit Chaudhuri.
PR9499.3 .C4678 S65 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
PS - American Literature
Henry James and the promise of fiction Stuart Burrows.
PS2127 .E8 B87 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
God's scrivener : the madness and meaning of Jones Very Clark Davis.
PS3128 .D38 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Thunder on the stage : the dramatic vision of Richard Wright Bruce Allen Dick.
PS3545 .R815 Z64 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
American spirits Russell Banks.
PS3552 .A49 A74 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Ursula K. Le Guin : five novels : The lathe of heaven ; The eye of the heron ; The beginning place ; Searoad: chronicles of Klatsand ; Lavinia Brian Attebery, editor.
PS3562 .E42 A6 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Planetary Pynchon : history, modernity, and the Anthropocene Tore Rye Andersen.
PS3566 .Y55 Z556 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Northern light : power, land, and the memory of water Kazim Ali.
PS3601 .L375 Z46 2021 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
PT - Germanic Literature
Nietzsche's legacy : Ecce homo and the Antichrist, two books on nature and politics Heinrich Meier ; translated by Justin Gottschalk.
PT2440 .N72 Z73313 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Kracauer : a biography Jörg Später ; translated by Daniel Steuer.
PT2621 .R138 Z86613 2020 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Rombo Esther Kinsky ; translated from the German by Caroline Schmidt.
PT2711 .I67 R6613 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Q - Science
The blind spot : why science cannot ignore human experience Adam Frank, Marcelo Gleiser, and Evan Thompson.
Q175 .F768 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
On epistemology, objectivity and axiological neutrality in science by Fabio Minazzi.
Q175.32 .K45 M56 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Rescuing science : restoring trust in an age of doubt Paul M. Sutter.
Q180.55 .S62 S88 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Taking responsibility for climate change Säde Hormio.
QC903 .H67 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
R - Medicine
Medicine and practical ethics in Galen Sophia Xenophontos.
R126 .G8 X46 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The struggle for public health : seven people who saved the lives of millions and transformed the way we live Fred C. Pampel.
RA393 .P34 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
What's wrong? : personal histories of chronic pain and bad medicine Erin Williams.
RA563 .M56 W555 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Fevered planet : how diseases emerge when we harm nature John Vidal.
RA651 .V53 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
T - Technology
Body and machine in classical antiquity edited by Maria Gerolemou, George Kazantzidis.
T16 .B64 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Remember tomorrow : a Telidon story : an exhibition in celebration of InterAccess's 40th anniversary curated by Shauna Jean Doherty.
TK5105 .V45 I58 2023 OVERSIZE (VIC_PRATT)
Bicycle Jonathan Maskit.
TL410 .M375 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
British textile designers today with introduction and chapters on the designer and design, notes on colour, definitions and descriptions, methods of manufacture, yarns, by H. G. Hayes Marshall.
TS1475 .H3 1939 WOOLF (VIC_PRATT)
Z - Bibliography, Books and Printing, Etc.
Why we read : on bookworms, libraries and just one more page before lights out Shannon Reed.
Z1003 .R44 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
SPECIAL - Special Collections
Tyger William Blake ; linocuts by Tiziana Romanin.
Blake Suppl no. 1229 RAREBOOKS (VIC_PRATT)
Mohawk warriors, hunters & chiefs : the Art of Tom Wilson Tehoháhake = Kanien’kehá:ka Ronterí:ios, Rontó:rats & Rotiiá:ner:Ne Tehoháhake rononionniánion [David Liss] ; Mohawk translation by Karonhí:io Delaronde tehowennanetáhkwen.
Commonplace book of Constance Myra Padgett
Madrid 1937 : Seven engravings by Dalla Husband with a poem by Langston Hughes
The ballad of Beau Brocade : and other poems of the XVIIIth century by Austin Dobson ; with fifty illustrations by Hugh Thomson.
Oneeveryone Ann Hamilton.
By a lady : celebrating three centuries of art by Canadian women Maria Tippett.