New Acquisitions for April 2024

A - General
Future horizons : Canadian digital humanities edited by Paul Barrett and Sarah Roger.
AZ105 .F88 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
B - Philosophy
Erasmus studies.
Writing philosophy : a student's guide to reading and writing philosophy essays Lewis Vaughn.
B52.7 .V38 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Quine's philosophy : an introduction Gary Kemp.
B945 .Q54 K462 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Becoming Foucault : the Poitiers years Michael C. Behrent.
B2430 .F724 B44 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Historical dictionary of Leibniz's philosophy Stuart Brown, N. J. Fox, Julia Weckend.
Religion, science and moral philosophy in the Huguenot enlightenment : Jean Henri Samuel Formey and the Berlin Academy Annelie Große.
B2659 .F574 R45 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Adorno's critique of political economy Dirk Braunstein ; translated by Adam Baltner.
B3199 .A34 B7313 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The Heidegger dictionary Daniel O. Dahlstrom.
B3279 .H49 D23 2023 REFERENCE (VIC_PRATT)
Tractatus logico-philosophicus Ludwig Wittgenstein ; translated with an introduction and notes by Michael Beaney.
B3376 .W563 T7313 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Analytic philosophy and human life Thomas Nagel.
BD21 .N234 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The rigor of angels : Borges, Heisenberg, Kant, and the ultimate nature of reality William Egginton.
BD331 .E423 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Why surrealism matters Mark Polizzotti.
BH301 .S75 P658 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The creativity complex : art, tech, and the seduction of an idea Shannon Steen.
Lest we lose love : rediscovering the core of Western culture Scherto R. Gill.
BJ1475 .G55 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Criticism : a quarterly for literature and the arts.
Blake Suppl. no. 1206 RAREBOOKS (VIC_PRATT)
BF - Psychology
Troubled by faith : insanity and the supernatural in the age of the asylum Owen Davies.
Mark Twain, Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes, and the head readers : literature, humor, and faddish phrenology Stanley Finger, Washington University, St. Louis.
BF868 .F56 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Love spells and lost treasure : service magic in England from the later Middle Ages to the early Modern Era Tabitha Stanmore (University of Exeter).
BF1622 .E5 S73 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
BL - Religion
The Oxford handbook of psychology and spirituality edited by Lisa J. Miller.
She was always there : Sophia as a story for our time Signe Eklund Schaefer.
BL215.5 .S334 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
The art of spiritual care across religious difference editor, Jill L. Snodgrass.
BL624 .A78 2024 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Senses, cognition, and ritual experience in the Roman world edited by Blanka Misic, Abigail Graham.
BL808 .S46 2024 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
The Trojan horse and other stories : ten ancient creatures that make us human Julia Kindt, The University of Sydney.
BL795 .A54 K56 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Towards a godless dominion : unbelief in interwar Canada Elliot Hanowski.
BL2530 .C2 H36 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
BM - Judaism
A short history of Judaism and the Jewish people Steven Leonard Jacobs.
BM155.3 .J33 2024 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Gaytheist : coming out of my Orthodox childhood Lonnie Mann ; art by Lonnie Mann and Ryan Gatts.
BM729 .H65 M366 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
BP - Islam
The life of the Qurʼan : from eternal roots to enduring legacy Mohamad Jebara.
BP131 .J43 2024 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Qur'an commentary and the biblical turn : a history of Muslim exegetical engagement with the biblical text Samuel Ross.
BP134 .B4 R67 2024 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Feminist theology and social justice in Islam : a study on the sermon of Fatima Mahjabeen Dhala.
BP173.4 .D49 2024 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
The Oxford handbook of Islam and women edited by Asma Afsaruddin.
BP173.4 .O945 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Integrated research methodologies in Islāmic psychology G. Hussein Rassool.
BP175 .R3697 2024 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
God, evil, and suffering in Islam Salih Sayilgan, Georgetown University.
BP188 .S335 2024 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Sufi women and mystics : models of sanctity, erudition, and political leadership Minlib Dallh.
BP189.4 .D255 2024 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
The proof of God : Shi'i mysticism in the work of al-Kulaynī (9th-10th centuries) by Mohammad Ali Amir-Moezzi ; translated by Maria De Cillis and Orkhan Mir-Kasimov.
BP194 .A39413 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Christ and the human soul : the meaning of life : the spiritual foundation of morality : Anthroposophy and Christianity : ten lectures held in Copenhagen and Norrköping from May 23 to 30, 1912, and July 12 to 16, 1914 Rudolf Steiner ; translation by Agnes Schneeberg-de Steur ; introduction by Bastiaan Baan.
BP595 .S894 C4713 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
The house divided : Islam's Sunni-Shia conflict Barnaby Rogerson.
BP194.16 .R64 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
BQ - Buddhism
Understanding Buddhism: a guide for teachers James D. Holt.
BQ162 .G7 H65 2024 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Cultivating compassion : going beyond crises edited by Juewei Shi, Suzanne Franzway, and Stephen Hill with the assistance of Grace Ewart.
BQ4360 .C85 2024 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
BS - Bible
Dreams and visions in the Bible and related literature edited by Jean-François Racine and Richard J. Bautch.
BS680 .V57 D74 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
The JPS Tanakh : gender-sensitive edition : a new translation of the Holy Scriptures according to the traditional Hebrew text Rabbi David E.S. Stein, Ph. D., project manager and revising translator ; Rabbi Beth Lieberman, literary editor and revising translator ; Dr. Job Y. Jindo, revising translator.
Play the man! : Biblical imperatives to masculinity David J.A. Clines.
BS1199 .M34 C556 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Blood and liminality : a common thread in the book of Exodus Fabrizio Ficco.
BS1245.6 .B54 F5 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Joban papers David J.A. Clines.
BS1415.52 .C556 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Retribution or reality? : a short theological introduction to the book of Job Michael S. Moore.
BS1415.52 .M66 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Prophets and prophecy : ancient Israel and Judah J. Todd Hibbard
BS1505 .H53 2024 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Reading Jeremiah in Africa : biblical essays in sociopolitical imagination Bungishabaku Katho.
BS1525.52 .K38 2021 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Lamentations : from despair to prayer Elie Assis.
BS1535.52 .A77 2022 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Interpreting Daniel for preaching and teaching : a model for moving from exegesis to exposition to teaching Thomas J. Finley and Brandon R. Cash ; foreword by Don Sunukjian.
BS1555.52 .F565 2024 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
What are they saying about the Book of Jonah? Rhiannon Graybill, John Kaltner, Steven L. McKenzie.
BS1605.52 .G73 2024 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Pen, print, & pixels : advances in textual criticism in the digital era edited by Daniel B. Wallace, David Flood, Elijah Hixson, and Denis Salgado.
BS2325 .P466 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
The suffering son of David in Matthew's passion narrative Nathan C. Johnson, University of Indianapolis.
BS2575.52 .J65 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Matthew : an interpretation Bible commentary Mark Allan Powell.
BS2575.52 .P69 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Dis ability in Mark : representations of body and healing in the gospel narrative / Lena Nogossek-Raithel.
BS2585.6 .B63 N64 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Preaching Romans from here : diverse voices engage Paul's most famous letter edited by Lisa M. Bowens, Scot McKnight and Joseph B. Modica.
BS2665.54 .P744 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
The Pastoral Epistles Scot McKnight, Northern Seminary.
BS2735.53 .M39 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
BT - Doctrinal Theology
Embodying antiracist Christianity : Asian American theological resources for just racial relations Keun-joo Christine Pae, Boyung Lee, editors.
BT83.55 .E427 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
The coloniality of the secular : race, religion, and poetics of world-making An Yountae.
BT83.593 .A5 2024 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Decolonial horizons : reimagining theology, ecumenism and sacramental praxis Raimundo C. Barreto, Vladimir Latinovic, editors.
BT83.593 .D44 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Decolonial horizons : reshaping synodality, mission and social justice Raimundo C. Barreto, Vladimir Latinovic, editors.
BT83.593 .D443 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Pneumatology at the beginning of the third millennium : theology at the beginning of the third millennium edited by Kevin Wagner, Peter John McGregor and M. Isabell Naumann
BT121.3 .P594 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
The crucified God Jürgen Moltmann.
BT202 .M5513 2015 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Christology and global ethics : encountering the poor in a pluralist reality Alexandre A. Martins.
BT203 .M3345 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
In solidarity with the Earth : a multi-disciplinary theological engagement with gender, mining and toxic contamination edited by Hilda P. Koster and Celia Deane-Drummond.
BT695.5 .I5 2024 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
International handbook on creation care and eco-diakonia : concepts and theological perspectives of churches from the global South editors, Daniel Beros, Eale Bosela, Lesmore Ezekiel, Kambale Kahongya, Ruomin Liu, Grace Moon, Marisa Strizzi, Dietrich Werner (lead editor)
BT695.5 .I58 2022 OVERSIZE (VIC_EMMAN)
The crucified God Jürgen Moltmann.
BT202 .M5513 2015 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
BV - Practical Theology
The future of the church Hans Schwarz.
BV600.3 .S416 2024 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Now to God who is able : vocation, justice, and ministry : essays in Honor of Mark Labberton edited by Neal D. Presa and Anne E. Zaki ; foreword by M. Craig Barnes ; afterword by David Emmanuel Goatley.
BV4011.3 .N69 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Mentioning the unmentionables : naming the corrosive threat to our lives together and our faithful response in the Body of Christ Chris Heaton.
BV4597.6 .H43 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Visions of truth : the use of art in the ministry of spiritual direction Mara Lief Crabtree.
BV5053 .C73 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
BX - Denominations and Sects
Magistra : a journal of women's spirituality in history.
BX4210 .M34 1995 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Looking back, leaning forward : wrestling with a Church's story edited by Jon Coutts and Heather Renee Morgan ; afterword by David E. Fitch.
BX6700 .Z6 A33 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
The grace of troublesome questions : vocation, restoration, and race Richard T. Hughes.
BX7077 .Z8 H84 2022 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Methodism in Victorian Oxford : the Oxford Wesleyan Local Preachers' Book, 1830-1902 edited by Martin Wellings.
BX8278 .O9 M48 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Theodore Beza : an introduction to his life and theology Donald K. McKim, Jim West.
BX9419 .B4 M395 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
Viator : medieval and Renaissance studies
Viator : medieval and Renaissance studies
I Tatti studies : essays in the Renaissance.
Senses of the future : conflicting ideas of the future in the world today Gerard Delanty.
CB161 .D45 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Archive stories : facts, fictions, and the writing of history edited by Antoinette Burton.
CD971 .A72 2005 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The rebel's clinic : the revolutionary lives of Frantz Fanon Adam Shatz.
CT2628 .F35 S53 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
D - Old World History
The Muslim, state and mind : psychology in times of Islamophobia Tarek Younis.
D842.42 .M87 Y68 2024 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
The encyclopaedia of Islam three edited by Marc Gaborieau [and others] ; with Roger Allen [and others].
The encyclopaedia of Islam three edited by Marc Gaborieau [and others] ; with Roger Allen [and others].
The encyclopaedia of Islam three edited by Marc Gaborieau [and others] ; with Roger Allen [and others].
EMDR for trauma : eye movement desensitization and reprocessing American Psychological Association ; Francine Shapiro ; director, Gene Broderson ; producer, Julia Frank-McNeil.
German and European cultural histories, 1760-1830 : between network and narrative edited by Crystal Hall and Birgit Tautz.
D299 .G47 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
What is possible now : 33 political situations Navid Kermani ; translated by Tony Crawford.
D443 .K3713 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
When men fell from the sky : civilians and downed airmen in Second World War Europe Claire Andrieu ; translated by Ethan Rundell.
D785 .A5313 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Genocide, the Holocaust and Israel-Palestine : first person history in times of crisis Omer Bartov.
D804.348 .B369 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Disruption : the global economic shocks of the 1970s and the end of the Cold War Michael De Groot.
D843 .D338 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Tudor networks of power Ruth Ahnert and Sebastian E. Ahnert.
DA315 .A36 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Debates on the German Revolution of 1918-19 Matthew Stibbe.
DD248 .S8295 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Erdoğan : a graphic biography : the rise of Turkey's modern autocrat written by Can Dündar ; illustrated by Anwar ; translated by L.L. Kreider.
DR605 .E73 D8613 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Canada in Afghanistan : a story of military, diplomatic, political and media failure 2003-2023 Owen Schalk.
DS371.41252 .C3 S33 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
From Windhoek to Auschwitz? : reflections on the relationship between colonialism and national socialism Jürgen Zimmerer.
DT34.1 .Z56 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
E - North American and General U.S. History
Meeting my treaty kin : a journey toward reconciliation Heather Menzies.
E78 .C2 M46 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Avanimiut : a history of Inuit independence in northern Labrador Carol Brice-Bennett ; revised by Lena Onalik and Andrea Procter.
E99 .E7 B74 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Skidegate house models : from Haida Gwaii to the Chicago World's Fair and beyond = Hlg̲aagilda naa gii niijing.a k'ad.dala k̲wan : X̲aayda Gwaay.yaay sdaa uu Chicago Tllgaay K̲'aaysguux̲an gud ad is Robin K. Wright ; foreword by Jisgang, Nika Collison.
E99 .H2 W753 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Lha yudit'ih = We always find a way : bringing the Tŝilhqot'in title case home Lorraine Weir with Chief Roger William ; and contributions by Elders Mabel Solomon xinli, Cecile William xinli, Martin Quilt xinli, Ivor Deneway Myers xinli, and forty-one Xeni Gwet'ins, Tŝilhqot'ins, and allies.
E99 .T78 W45 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Popularizing the past : historians, publishers, and readers in postwar America Nick Witham.
E175 .W58 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Feeding ghosts : a graphic memoir Tessa Hulls.
E184 .C5 H8596 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Tea : consumption, politics, and revolution, 1773-1776 James R. Fichter.
E215.7 .F5 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Chaos reconsidered : the liberal order and the future of international politics edited by Robert Jervis, Diane N. Labrosse, Stacie E. Goddard, and Joshua Rovner ; with George Fujii.
E912 .C532 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
F - Canadian History, U.S. State and Local History
She dared to succeed : a biography of the Honourable Marie-P. Charette-Poulin Fred Langan.
F1034.3 .C43 L36 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Decolonization in practice : reflective learning from cross-cultural perspectives edited by Ranjan Datta.
F1035 .A1 D4 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Gaman perseverance : Japanese Canadians' journey to justice Art Miki ; foreword by Phil Fontaine.
F1035 .J3 M54 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
From sword to pen : the life and works of the Honourable Cyrus J. MacMillan (1878-1953) Kathleen M. MacMillan.
F1048 .M26 M28 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
L'état du Québec.
L'état du Québec.
L'état du Québec.
Meaningful pasts : historical narratives, commemorative landscapes, and everyday lives Russell Johnston and Michael Ripmeester.
F1059 .N5 J64 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The premier and his grandmother : Peter Lougheed, Lady Belle, and the legacy of Métis identity Doris Jeanne MacKinnon.
F1078 .L69 M33 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
G - Geography, Anthropology, Folklore, Etc.
Canada : a taste of home = les saveurs de chez soi edited by Ylenia De Luca and Oriana Palusci.
GT2853 .C3 C36 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Slow food : the economy and politics of a global movement Valeria Siniscalchi.
GT2853 .I8 S56 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
H - Social Sciences
A Ch'ixi world is possible : essays from a present in crisis Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui ; translated by Nicolás Salazar Sutil.
HN280 .Z9 M84613 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
White benevolence : racism and colonial violence in the helping professions edited by Amanda Gebhard, Sheelah McLean and Verna St. Denis.
HV3176 .W45 2022 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
A new structural transformation of the public sphere and deliberative politics Jürgen Habermas ; translated by Ciaran Cronin.
H98 .H3313 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Against inequality : the practical and ethical case for abolishing the superrich Tom Malleson.
HC79 .I5 M245 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Burn book : a tech love story Kara Swisher.
HD45 .S925 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Wasted education : how we fail our graduates in science, technology, engineering, and math John D. Skrentny.
HD5724 .S58 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Answers to the labour question : industrial relations and the state in the anglophone world, 1880-1945 Gary Mucciaroni.
HD6971 .M83 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Resisting eviction : domicide and the financialization of rental housing Andrew Crosby.
HD7288.85 .C22 O83 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Enduring work : experiences with Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker Program Catherine E. Connelly.
HD8108.5 .A2 C66 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Food in a just world : compassionate eating in a time of climate change Tracey Harris & Terry Gibbs.
HD9000.5 .H37 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Buzz kill : the corporatization of cannabis Michael R. DeVillaer.
HD9019 .M382 C3 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Erving Goffman and the Cold War Gary D. Jaworski.
HM479 .G64 J39 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The need for roots : prelude to a declaration of obligations towards the human being Simone Weil ; translated by Ros Schwartz ; with an introduction by Kate Kirkpatrick.
HM665 .W4513 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Sex in Canada : the who, why, when, and how of getting down up north Tina Fetner.
HQ18 .C2 F48 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Lesbian death : desire and danger between feminist and queer Mairead Sullivan.
HQ75.5 .S85 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Forbidden desire in early modern Europe : male-male sexual relations, 1400-1750 Noel Malcolm
HQ76.2 .E9 M35 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Urning : queer identity in the German nineteenth century Douglas Pretsell.
HQ76.2 .G4 P74 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Things that matter : special objects in our stories as we age edited by William L. Randall and Matte Robinson.
HQ1061 .T45 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Who's afraid of gender? Judith Butler.
HQ1075 .B894 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Gendered Islamophobia : my journey with a scar(f) Monia Mazigh.
HQ1170 .M39 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The material city : bodies, minds, and the in-between Alan Blum.
HT119 .B585 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Substances, welfare, and social relations : breaking stigma, pursuing hope Amber Gazso.
HV5000 .C22 O584 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The suicide magnet : inside the battle to erect a safety barrier on Toronto’s Bloor viaduct Paul McLaughlin.
HV6548 .C32 T67 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
J - Political Science
If we were kin : race, identification, and intimate political appeals Lisa Beard.
JA71 .B4134 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
We are free to change the world : Hannah Arendt's lessons in love and disobedience Lyndsey Stonebridge.
JC251 .A74 S78 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Totalitarianism : a borderline idea in political philosophy Simona Forti ; translated by Simone Ghelli.
JC480 .F6713 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
We shall persist : women and the vote in the Atlantic Provinces Heidi E. MacDonald.
JL192 .M33 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Political engagement in Canadian city elections edited by R. Michael McGregor and Laura B. Stephenson.
JS1717 .A2 P65 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Refugees are (not) welcome here : the paradox of protection in Canada Azar Masoumi.
JV7282 M37 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
K - Law
Ghost citizens : decolonial apparitions of stateless, foreign and wayward figures in law Jamie Chai Yun Liew.
K7128 .S7 L54 2024 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Unsettling colonialism in the Canadian criminal justice system edited by Vicki Chartrand and Josephine Savarese.
KE7722 .C75 U57 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The spaces in between : Indigenous sovereignty within the Canadian state Tim Schouls.
KIB1832 .S36 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
L - Education
Pedagogies for diverse learners : tools for discovery and development edited by Sarah J. Noonan.
LB1025.3 .P43425 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Doing research in education : a beginner's guide edited by Declan Fahie and Shane D. Bergin.
LB1028 .D65 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The academic skills handbook : your guide to success in writing, thinking and communicating at university Diana Hopkins and Tom Reid.
LB2395 .H65 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
School of racism : a Canadian history, 1830-1915 Catherine Larochelle ; translated by S.E. Stewart.
LC212.3 .C22 Q313 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Equity in the classroom : essays on curricular and pedagogical approaches to empowering all students edited by Todd M. Mealy and Heather Bennett.
LC1099.3 .E58 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Equity planning for school leaders : approaches to student diversity, access and opportunity edited by Todd M. Mealy and Heather Bennett.
LC1099.3 .E59 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
ML - Literature on music
Living the church's song : propositions for an ecumenical theology of liturgical music Heather Josselyn-Cranson, Jason McFarland, editors.
ML3921.2 .L785 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
N - Fine Arts
The quantum revolution : art, technology, culture Arthur Kroker and David Cook with Lynn Baron.
N72 .T4 K76 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Women in German Expressionism : gender, sexuality, activism Anke Finger and Julie Shoults, editors.
N6868.5 .E9 W6 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Antoni Gaudí Michael Eaude.
NA1313 .G3 E38 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Show me a story! : why picture books matter : conversations with 21 of the world's most celebrated illustrators compiled and edited by Leonard S. Marcus ; with a foreword by David Wiesner.
NC965 .S56 2012 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The ruling clawss : the socialist cartoons of Syd Hoff by Redfield ; introduction by Philip Nel ; original introduction by Robert Forsythe ; afterword by Redfield.
NC1429 .R425 A4 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Naked : the confessions of a normal woman Éloïse Marseille.
NC1449 .M367 A2 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The price guide to Baxter prints by A. Ball and M. Martin.
NE1860 .B2 B35 1974 BAXTER (VIC_PRATT)
Artists remake the world : a contemporary art manifesto Vid Simoniti.
NX180 .P64 S566 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
P - Philology, Linguistics, Etc.
The Deorhord : an Old English bestiary Hana Videen.
PE125 .V53 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
For now, it is night stories by Hari Krishna Kaul ; translated from the Kashmiri by Kalpana Raina, Tanveer Ajsi, Gowhar Fazili, and Gowhar Yaqoob.
PK7035 .K66 F67 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
PN - General and Comparative Literature, Performing Arts
Tone Sofia Samatar, Kate Zambreno.
PN56 .A43 S26 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Afterlives of Endor : witchcraft, theatricality, and uncertainty from the "Malleus maleficarum" to Shakespeare Laura Levine.
PN56 .D465 L48 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Triggered literature : cancellation, stealth censorship and cultural warfare John Sutherland.
PN56 .M59 S88 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Sensationalism and the Jew in Antebellum American literature David Anthony.
PN56.3 .J4 A58 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Сопствена соба ; Три гвинеи Вирџинија Вулф ; [превод од англцскџ јазцк: Рајна Кошка-Хот and Katica Garoska-Acevska].
PN471 .W61663 2012 WOOLF (VIC_PRATT)
Selling science fiction cinema : making and marketing a genre J. P. Telotte.
PN1995.9 .S26 T47 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
There she goes again : gender, power, and knowledge in contemporary film and television franchises Aviva Dove-Viebahn.
PN1995.9 .W6 D68 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Who are you, Polly Maggoo? a book by William Klein.
PN1997 .W53 K545 2023 OVERSIZE (VIC_PRATT)
Who are you, Polly Maggoo? a book by William Klein.
PN1997 .W53 K545 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Quentin Tarantino : a graphic biogaphy text by Michele Botton ; illustrations by Bernardo Santiago Acosta ; translation by Edward Fortes ; edited by Balthazar Pagani.
PN1998.3 .T358 B6813 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Sweet Canadian girls abroad : a transnational history of stage and screen actresses Cecilia Morgan.
PN2307 .M675 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Off the record Caroline Adderson, Kristyn Dunnion, Cynthia Flood, Shaena Lambert, Elise Levine, Kathy Page ; edited by John Metcalf.
PN3355 .O34 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Historical dictionary of fantasy literature Allen Stroud.
Historical dictionary of fantasy literature Brian Stableford.
My fighting family : borders and bloodlines and the battles that made us Morgan Campbell.
PN4913 .C36 A3 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Mary Tyler Moorehawk by Dave Baker ; edited by Chris Staros, Leigh Walton ; design, layout, photo manipulation and additional photography by Mike Lopez ; photography by David Catalano ; copy edits by Beth Scorzato, Danielle Polez ; production assistance by M. Cody Wiley.
PN6727 .B3266 M379 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Tender Beth Hetland.
PN6727 .H485 T46 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The werewolf at dusk : and other stories David Small
PN6727 .S63 W47 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Skim Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki.
PN6733 .T34 S53 2010 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Firebugs Nino Bulling
PN6757 .B85 A6413 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Anna Mia Oberländer ; translated by Nika Knight.
PN6757 .O34 A6313 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
PQ - Literature of the Romance Languages
Études rabelaisiennes.
Montesquieu : let there be enlightenment Catherine Volpilhac-Auger ; translated by Philip Stewart.
PQ2012 .V6513 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The fire within by Pierre Drieu La Rochelle ; translated from the French by Richard Howard ; introduction by Will Self.
PQ2607 .R5 F413 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
L'homme précaire et la littérature sous la direction d'Évelyne Lantonnet.
PQ2625 .A716 Z55 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
We always treat women too well Raymond Queneau ; translated from the French by Barbara Wright ; introduction by John Updike.
PQ2633 .U43 O513 2003 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
One hour of fervor Muriel Barbery ; translated from the French by Alison Anderson.
PQ2662 .A6523 H4813 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The wizard of the Kremlin : a novel Giuliano da Empoli ; translated from the French by Willard Wood.
PQ2704 .A34 M3413 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Change Édouard Louis ; translated from the French by John Lambert.
PQ2712 .O895 C5713 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Rosa's very own personal revolution Eric Dupont ; translated from the French by Peter McCambridge.
PQ3919.3 .D8689 L6413 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The most secret memory of men Mohamed Mbougar Sarr ; translated from the French by Lara Vergnaud.
PQ3989.3 .M36714 P5913 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The stronghold Dino Buzzati ; translated from the Italian by Lawrence Venuti.
PQ4807 .U83 D413 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Boys alive Pier Paolo Pasolini ; translated from the Italian by Tim Parks.
PQ4835 .A48 R313 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The unforgivable : and other writings Cristina Campo ; translated from the Italian by Alex Andriesse ; introduction by Kathryn Davis.
PQ4863 .A39525 A2 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Cervantes the poet : the Don Quijote, poetic practice, and the conception of the first modern novel Gabrielle Ponce-Hegenauer.
PQ6356 .P66 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Until August Gabriel García Márquez ; translated from the Spanish by Anne McLean ; edited by Cristóbal Pera.
PQ8180.17 .A73 A6613 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
PR - Canadian and English Literature
The transatlantic Indian, 1776-1930 Kate Flint.
PR151 .I53 F57 2020 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Laughter and awkwardness in late medieval England : social discomfort in the literature of the Middle Ages by David Watt.
PR275 .S63 W38 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Late Romanticism and the end of politics : Byron, Mary Shelley and the last men John Owen Havard, Binghamton University.
PR457 .H28 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Time and timelessness in Victorian poetry Irmtraud Huber.
PR508 .T56 H83 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Gone girls, 1684-1901 : flights of feminist resistance in the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British novel Nora Gilbert.
PR830 .W6 G55 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Friendship and the novel edited by Allan Hepburn.
PR868 .F75 F75 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Chaucer's early modern readers : reception in print and manuscript Devani Singh.
PR1924 .S55 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Shakespeare, Malone and the problems of chronology Tiffany Stern, The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham.
PR2968 .S74 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Shakespeare without a life Margreta de Grazia.
PR2976 .D448 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Jane Austen's wardrobe Hilary Davidson.
PR4036 .D38 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Byron : a life in ten letters Andrew Stauffer.
PR4381 .A4 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Operation Heartbreak Duff Cooper ; with an afterword by Michael Hoffman.
PR6005 .O46 O6 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
At my heart's core ; & Overlaid : two plays Robertson Davies.
PR6007 .A814 A8 1991 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Conversations with a dead man : Indigenous rights and the legacy of Duncan Campbell Scott Mark Abley.
PR6037 .C9 Z524 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The girl prince : Virginia Woolf, race and the Dreadnought hoax Danell Jones.
PR6045 .O72 Z743 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The circle game Margaret Atwood.
PR6051 .T9 C5 2012 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The limit Rosalind Belben ; introduction by Paul Griffiths.
PR6052 .E36 L5 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The precarious writing of Ann Quin Nonia Williams.
PR6067 .U5 Z95 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The Hart House review.
The Hart House review.
The Hart House review.
The Hart House review.
The Hart House review.
The Hart House review.
The Hart House review.
The goose : Victoria College's short story compilation.
The uncaged voice : stories by writers in exile edited by Keith Ross Leckie ; with a foreword by Mary Jo Leddy.
PR9194.5 .E85 U53 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Best Canadian Stories 2024 edited by Lisa Moore
PR9197.3 .B475 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Imagining imagining : essays on language, identity & infinity by Gary Barwin.
PR9199.3 .B364 I43 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Apples on a windowsill Shawna Lemay.
PR9199.3 .L438 A85 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Alice Munro's late style : 'writing is the final thing' Robert Thacker.
PR9199.3 .M8 Z9435 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The Syrian ladies benevolent society Christine Estima.
PR9199.4 .E88 S97 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Dark sovereign or The true tragedy of King Richard the Third : the last great play written in the language of the English Renaissance [Robert S. P. Fripp].
PR9199.4 .F76 D27 1991 FRYE (VIC_PRATT)
The first few feet in a world of wolves : a novel Scott Mainprize.
PR9199.4 .M23 F57 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
A grandmother begins the story Michelle Porter.
PR9199.4 .P6753 G73 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
This unlikely soil : stories by Andrea Routley.
PR9199.4 .R6858 T55 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The death of Tony : on belonging in two worlds Antanas Sileika.
PR9199.4 .S527 Z46 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Sisters of the spruce : a novel Leslie Shimotakahara.
PR9199.4 .S53356 S57 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Noopiming : the cure for White ladies Leanne Betasamosake Simpson.
PR9199.4 .S55 N66 2021 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Mudflowers : a novel Aley Waterman.
PR9199.4 .W3739 M83 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
PS - American Literature
The Cambridge companion to the American short story edited by Michael J. Collins, King's College London, Gavin Jones, Stanford University.
PS374 .S5 C36 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Glad to the brink of fear : a portrait of Ralph Waldo Emerson James Marcus.
PS1638 .M288 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The life of the author : Nathaniel Hawthorne Dale Salwak.
PS1881 .S25 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
A long day in a short life Albert Maltz ; introduction by Patrick Chura.
PS3525 .A49 L66 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
A tale of one January Albert Maltz ; introduction by Patrick Chura.
PS3525 .A49 T35 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Rigor of beauty : essays in commemoration of William Carlos Williams Ian D. Copestake, ed.
PS3545 .I544 Z85 2004 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Open house Robert Coover.
PS3553 .O633 O64 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Some strange music draws me in : a novel Griffin Hansbury.
PS3558 .A51145 S66 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Toni Morrison : imagining freedom Lawrie Balfour.
PS3563 .O8749 Z553 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Neighbors : and other stories Diane Oliver.
PS3565 .L4586 N45 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Ladies' lunch : and other stories Lore Segal.
PS3569 .E425 L33 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Sing a Black girl's song : the unpublished work of Ntozake Shange edited by Imani Perry ; foreword by Tarana Burke.
PS3569 .H3324 A6 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The extinction of Irena Rey : a novel Jennifer Croft.
PS3603 .R6355 E98 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The morningside : a novel Téa Obreht.
PS3615 .B73 M67 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
PT - Germanic Literature
Goethe-Wörterbuch Hrsg. von der Deutschen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin, der Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen und der Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften.
Our philosopher Gert Hofmann ; translated from the German by Eric Mace-Tessler ; introduction by Michael Hofmann.
PT2668 .O376 V4513 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Siblings Brigitte Reimann ; translated from the German by Lucy Jones.
PT2678 .E34 G413 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
My heavenly favorite : a novel Lucas Rijneveld ; translated from the Dutch by Michele Hutchison.
PT5882.28 .I49 M913 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Your absence is darkness Jón Kalman Stefánsson ; translated from the Icelandic by Philip Roughton.
PT7511 .J53915 F5313 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Sublunar : [a novel] Harald Voetmann ; translated from the Danish by Johanne Sorgenfri Ottosen.
PT8177.32 .O38 A4813 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
A shining Jon Fosse ; translated from the Norwegian by Damion Searls.
PT9069 .F685 K8513 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Q - Science
When science meets power Geoff Mulgan.
Q125 .M85 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
A philosopher looks at science Nancy Cartwright.
Q175 .C368 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Inference and representation : a study in modeling science Mauricio Suárez.
Q175 .S9345 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The philosophy and practice of science David B. Teplow, University of California, Los Angeles.
Q175 .T464 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Science as a quest for truth : the interpretation lab by Bengt Kristensson Uggla ; translated by Stephen Donovan.
Q175 .U3413 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The storm of progress : climate change, AI, and the roots of our dangerous ethical myopia Wade Rowland.
Q334.7 .R69 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Disputed inheritance : the battle over Mendel and the future of biology Gregory Radick.
QH428 .R335 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
R - Medicine
APA handbook of psychotherapy Frederick T. L. Leong, editor-in-chief ; Jennifer L. Callahan, Jeffrey Zimmerman, Michael J. Constantino, and Catherine F. Eubanks, associate editors.
APA handbook of psychotherapy Frederick T. L. Leong, editor-in-chief ; Jennifer L. Callahan, Jeffrey Zimmerman, Michael J. Constantino, and Catherine F. Eubanks, associate editors.
Poetry of Belonging : healing with the language of the wound by Iris J. Gildea ; artwork by Iris J. Gildea.
RC489 .W75 G55 2024 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Implementing trauma- and violence-informed care : a handbook edited by C. Nadine Wathen and Colleen Varcoe.
RC552 .T7 I47 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Time and ancient medicine : how sundials and water clocks changed medical science Kassandra J. Miller.
R135 .M55 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Medicine in an age of revolution Peter Elmer.
R148 .E44 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The viral underclass : the human toll when inequality and disease collide Steven W. Thrasher ; [foreword by Jonathan M. Metzl].
RA418.5 .S63 T47 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Breaking Canadians : health care, advocacy, and the toll of COVID-19 edited by Nili Kaplan-Myrth, MD, PhD.
RA644 .C67 B74 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Digital disengagement : Covid-19, digital justice and the politics of refusal edited by Adi Kuntsman, Sam Martin, and Esperanza Miyake.
RA644 .C67 D55 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Pox romana : the plague that shook the Roman world Colin Elliott.
RC178 .R6 E45 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Culture, madness and wellbeing : beyond the sociology of insanity Jason Lee.
RC438 .L44 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The gendering of madness in Victorian and modern England and America by Leslie Ann Harper.
RC451.4 .W6 H368 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Madness and enterprise : psychiatry, economic reason, and the emergence of pathological value Nima Bassiri.
RC454.4 .B388 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
S - Agriculture
Cultivating community : women and agricultural fairs in Ontario Jodey Nurse.
S557 .C22 O586 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
T - Technology
Cosmonaut : a cultural history Cathleen S. Lewis.
TL789.8 .R8 L49 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Francesca Woodman : the artist's books.
Francesca Woodman : the artist's books.
TR654 .W663 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Sir John's table : the culinary life & times of Canada's first prime minister Lindy Mechefske.
TX645 .M43 2015 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Feeding New Orleans : celebrity chefs and reimagining food justice Jeanne K. Firth.
TX943 .F56 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Z - Bibliography, Books and Printing, Etc.
Bibliographie internationale de l'Humanisme et de la Renaissance.
Write, print, fold, and staple : on poetry & micropress in Canada Jim Johnstone.
Z231.5 .L5 J64 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The design of books : an explainer for authors, editors, agents, and other curious readers Debbie Berne.
Z246 .B475 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The space between look and read : designing complementary meaning Susan M. Hagan.
Z246 .H34 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Burning the books : a history of the deliberate destruction of knowledge Richard Ovenden.
Z659 .O94 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)