New Acquisitions for March 2024

B - Philosophy
Philosophy of mind edited by John Hawthorne and Jason Turner.
B1 .P485 v. 37 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
War is hell : studies in the right of legitimate violence C. Douglas Lummis.
B105 .P4 L86 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
William James, MD : philosopher, psychologist, physician Emma K. Sutton.
B945 .J24 S88 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
How to live on earth : interviews with Nicolas Truong Bruno Latour ; with the collaboration of Rose Vidal, translated by Julie Rose.
B2430 .L3594 A5 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Heidegger's being : the shimmering unfolding Richard Capobianco.
B3279 .H49 C365 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The essential guide to building your argument Dave Rush.
BC177 .R87 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Aesthetic life and why it matters Dominic McIver Lopes, Bence Nanay, Nick Riggle.
Vita contemplativa : in praise of inactivity Byung-Chul Han ; translated by Daniel Steuer.
BJ1533 .Q5 H3613 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
BF - Psychology
The seminar of Jacques Lacan edited by Jacques-Alain Miller.
BF173 .L14613 1978 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Yesterday : a new history of nostalgia Tobias Becker.
BF575 .N6 B435 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Believability : sexual violence, media, and the politics of doubt Sarah Banet-Weiser, Kathryn Claire Higgins.
BF637 .T77 B36 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Witchcraft : a history in thirteen trials Marion Gibson.
BF1566 .G48 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
BS - Bible
Romans : a handbook on the Greek text Stanley E. Porter, David I. Yoon.
BS2665.52 .P67 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
BT - Doctrinal Theology
The Christian theology reader edited by Alister E. McGrath.
BV - Practical Theology
Charity for and by the poor : Franciscan-indigenous confraternities in Mexico, 1527-1700 Laura Dierksmeier.
BX - Denominations and Sects
Religione, diritto, economia in confraternite e ospedali medievali Thomas Frank ; traduzioni di Simona Clodiani e Giovanna Targia.
BX808.5 .I8 F72 2019 LIBRARYUSE (VIC_CRRS)
Indigenous and Black confraternities in colonial Latin America : negotiating status through religious practices edited by Javiera Jaque Hidalgo and Miguel A. Valerio.
BX808.5 .L29 I54 2022 LIBRARYUSE (VIC_CRRS)
Una confraternita femminile a Roma : la Compagnia di Sant'Anna nella chiesa di S. Pantaleo tra XVII e XVIII secolo Alessia Lirosi ; prefazione di Blythe Alice Raviola.
BX814 .C6678 L57 2019 LIBRARYUSE (VIC_CRRS)
Et in arca posui : scritture della confraternita della Beata Vergine Assunta di Morbegno, Diocesi di Como Rita Pezzola.
D - Old World History
Catalogus annorum et principum siue monarcharum mundi : geminus plerisque in locis obscurioribus illustratus & in caelebrioribus locupletatus at[que] à mendis, recognitione diligenti repurgatus : cum accessione multorum aliorum quae in priori aeditione non continebantur, quemadmodum suis locis toto libro uidere licebit, ab homine condito, us[que] in praesentem, à nato Christo, millesimum quingentesimum & quinquagesimum annum deductus & continuatus per D. Valerium Anselmum Ryd.
"Europe" in the middle ages Klaus Oschema.
D117 .O83 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The end of Enlightenment : empire, commerce, crisis Richard Whatmore.
D286 .W35 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Part of life itself : the war diary of Lieutenant Leslie H. Miller, CEF Leslie Howard Miller ; edited by Graham Broad.
D640 .M55 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The Kindertransport : what really happened Andrea Hammel.
D804.6 .H36 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Hope and honor : Jewish resistance during the Holocaust Rachel L. Einwohner.
D810 .J4 E34 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The enduring Crown Commonwealth : the past, present, and future of the UK-Canada-ANZ Alliance and why it matters Michael J. Smith, Stephen Klimczuk-Massion .
Who's who : an annual biographical dictionary, with which is incorporated men and women of the time.
Who's who : an annual biographical dictionary, with which is incorporated men and women of the time.
The blazing world : a new history of revolutionary England, 1603-1689 Jonathan Healey.
DA375 .H43 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The Cambridge companion to Winston Churchill edited by Allen Packwood
DA566.9 .C5 C36 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The fall of a Carolingian kingdom : Lotharingia, 855-869 Charles West.
DC655.2 .W37 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Nazi occultism : between the SS and esotericism Stéphane François ; translated by Eriks Uskalis.
DD256.5 .F713413 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The Emperor Caligula in the ancient sources Anthony A. Barrett and J. C. Yardley.
DG283 .B38 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
A war made in Russia Sergei Medvedev ; translated by Stephen Dalziel
DK508.852 .M43 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Russia's war against Ukraine Gwendolyn Sasse.
DK508.852 .S2713 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Diaries of war : two visual accounts from Ukraine and Russia Nora Krug.
DK5429 .K75 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The showman : inside the invasion that shook the world and made a leader of Volodymyr Zelensky Simon Shuster.
DK5431 .Z45 S58 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Exhuming Franco : Spain's second transition Sebastiaan Faber.
DP264 .F7 F25 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Free : coming of age at the end of history Lea Ypi.
DR977.25 .Y75 F74 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The Middle East : a political history from 395 to the present Jean-Pierre Filiu ; translated by Andrew Brown
DS62 .F4513 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Good girls go to Hell Tohar Sherman-Friedman ; translated by Margaret Morrison.
DS110 .W47 S5413 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Imagining Palestine : cultures of exile and national identity Tahrir Hamdi.
DS113.6 .H3465 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Policy of deceit : Britain and Palestine, 1914-1939 Peter Shambrook.
DS126 .S4297 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Cold crematorium : reporting from the land of Auschwitz József Debreczeni ; translated from the Hungarian by Paul Olchváry ; foreword by Jonathan Freedland.
DS135 .H93 D4313 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Gandhi's global legacy : moral methods and modern challenges edited by Veena R. Howard ; with Falon Kartch, PhD.
DS481 .G3 G37 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Alexandria : the city that changed the world Islam Issa.
DT154 .A4 I87 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
E - North American and General U.S. History
This place is who we are : stories of Indigenous leadership, resilience, and connection to homelands Katherine Palmer Gordon.
E78 .B9 G67 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Plundering the North : a history of settler colonialism, corporate welfare, and food insecurity Kristin Burnett and Travis Hay.
E78 .O5 B77 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The Seven Nations of Canada, 1660-1860 : solidarity, vision and independence in the St. Lawrence Valley Jean-Pierre Sawaya ; translated by Katherine Hastings.
E78 .Q3 S2913 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Indigenous peoples and the future of federalism edited by Amy Swiffen and Joshua Nichols.
E92 .I63 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Child of Morning Star : embers of an ancient dawn Antoine Mountain ; foreword, Bonnie Devine.
E99 .C59 M68 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
A Haida wedding Gid7ahl-Gudsllaay Lalaxaaygans Gaadaaldyas, Terry-Lynn Williams-Davidson, with Guud San Glans, Robert Davidson ; foreword by Gwaaganad, Diane Brown, and Skil K', Reg Davidson.
E99 .H2 W55 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
A people and a nation : new directions in contemporary Métis studies edited by Jennifer Adese and Chris Andersen.
E99 .M47 P45 2021 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Getting Russia right Thomas Graham.
E183.8 .R9 G7138 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The gratifications of whiteness : W. E. B. Du Bois and the enduring rewards of anti-Blackness Ella Myers.
E185.615 .M938 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
F - Canadian History, U.S. State and Local History
Grasslands grown : creating place on the U.S. northern plains and Canadian prairies Molly P. Rozum.
F591 .R794 2021 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Statesmen, strategists, and diplomats : Canada's prime ministers and the making of foreign policy edited by Patrice Dutil.
F1029 .S75 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Democracy and foreign policy in an era of uncertainty : Canada among nations 2022 Maxwell A. Cameron, David Gillies, David Carment, editors.
F1034.2 .C279 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The duel : Diefenbaker, Pearson and the making of modern Canada John Ibbitson.
F1034.3 D5 I23 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Black activist, black scientist, black icon : the autobiography of Dr. Howard D. McCurdy with George Elliott Clarke.
F1035 .B53 M43 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
River of mists : people of the Upper Skeena, 1821-1930 Geoff Mynett.
F1089.55 .M96 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Toussaint Louverture : the story of the only successful slave revolt in history from the play written by CLR James ; adapted and illustrated by Nic Watts & Sakina Karimjee.
F1923 .W38 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
G - Geography, Anthropology, Folklore, Etc.
Islands in deep time : ancient landscapes lost and found Markes E. Johnson.
GB471 .J65 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Against the seas : saving civilizations from rising waters Mary Soderstrom.
Indigenous research design : transnational perspectives in practice edited by Elizabeth Sumida Huaman and Nathan D. Martin.
GN380 .I537 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Food mobilities : making world cuisines edited by Daniel E. Bender and Simone Cinotto.
GN407 .F66 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Fool : in search of Henry VIII's's closest man Peter K. Andersson.
GT3670.5 .G7 A64 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
A night at the Gardens : class, gender, and respectability in 1930s Toronto Russell Field.
GV418 .M37 F54 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
H - Social Sciences
Global Marx : history and critique of the social movement in the world market edited by Matteo Battistini, Eleonora Cappuccilli, Maurizio Ricciardi.
HB97.5 .G55413 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
From capital to commons : exploring the promise of a world beyond capitalism Hannes Gerhardt.
HB501 .G395 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The invention of scarcity : Malthus and the margins of history Deborah Valenze.
HB863 .V35 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Crisis and contagion : conversations on capitalism and Covid-19 edited by Ian McKay.
HC59.3 .C75 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Remaking European political economies : financial assistance in the Euro crisis Dennis Zagermann.
HC240.25 .G8 Z34 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Cleaning up : Portuguese women’s fight for labour rights in Toronto by Susana P. Miranda with Franca Iacovetta.
HD6073 .C442 C3 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The Bund : a graphic history of Jewish labour resistance written by Sharon Rudahl ; edited by Paul Buhle ; art by Michael Kluckner.
HD6338.3 .R83 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Fashion before plus-size : bodies, bias, and the birth of an industry Lauren Downing Peters.
HD9940 .U4 P484 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Creative industries in Canada edited by Cheryl Thompson and Miranda Campbell.
HD9999 .C9473 C3 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Big mall : shopping for meaning Kate Black.
HF5430.6 .C2 B53 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Get that job : interviews : how to keep your head and land your ideal job.
HF5549.5 .I6 G44 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Outrage machine : how tech amplifies discontent, disrupts democracy--and what we can do about it Tobias Rose-Stockwell ; introduction by Jonathan Haidt..
HM742 .R667 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Building back truth in an age of misinformation Leslie F. Stebbins ; foreword by Ethan Zuckerman.
HM742 .S8329 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Perfect : feeling judged on social media Rosalind Gill.
HM851 .G55 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The canceling of the American mind : cancel culture undermines trust, destroys institutions, and threatens us all--but there is a solution, by Greg Lukianoff and Rikki Schlott.
HM1176 .L86 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
A Ch'ixi world is possible : essays from a present in crisis Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui ; translated by Nicolás Salazar Sutil.
HN280 .Z9 M84613 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Queer lives across the wall : desire and danger in divided Berlin, 1945-1970 Andrea Rottmann.
HQ76.3 .G42 B4785 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
I heard her call my name : a memoir of transition Lucy Sante.
HQ77.8 .S353 A3 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Transland : consent, kink & pleasure Mx. Sly.
Burnt by democracy : youth, inequality, and the erosion of civic life Jacqueline Kennelly.
HQ796 .K38 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Beyond the binary : thinking about sex and gender Shannon Dea.
HQ1075 .D42 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Die Dinge : eine Geschichte der Frauen in 100 Objekten Annabelle Hirsch.
HQ1121 .H57 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Mean girl feminism : how White feminists gaslight, gatekeep, and girlboss Kim Hong Nguyen.
HQ1169 .N48 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Feminism's fight : challenging politics and policies in Canada since 1970 edited by Barbara Cameron and Meg Luxton.
HQ1236.5 .C2 F46 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Woman life freedom : voices and art from the women's protests in Iran edited by Malu Halasa.
HQ1735.2 .W66 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Outspoken : my fight for freedom and human rights in Afghanistan Sima Samar with Sally Armstrong.
HQ1735.6 .Z75 S26 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The fall and rise of the English upper class : houses, kinship and capital since 1945 Daniel R. Smith.
HT653 .G7 S65 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Eurowhiteness : culture, empire and race in the European project Hans Kundnani.
HT1575 .K86 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
These are the stories : memories of a 60s Scoop survivor Christine Miskonoodinkwe Smith.
HV875.7 .C2 M57 2021 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Homelessness : a critical introduction Cameron Parsell.
HV4493 .P38 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
On the social history of persecution edited by Christian Gerlach.
HV6322.7 .O58 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Crying wolf : a memoir Eden Boudreau.
HV6569 .C2 B68 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Flic : the true story of the journalist who infiltrated the police investigation and writing, Valentin Gendrot ; illustration, Thierry Chavant ; colors, Mathilda ; translation, Frank Wynne.
HV8206 .P3 G4613 2021 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Indictment : the criminal justice system on trial Benjamin Perrin.
HV9960 .C2 P47 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
A brief global history of the left Shlomo Sand ; translated by Robin Mackay.
HX36 .S2613 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
J - Political Science
On Niccolò Machiavelli : the bonds of politics Gabriele Pedullà.
JC143 .M4 P43 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
After nativism : belonging in an age of intolerance Ash Amin.
JC311 .A45 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Symbolic objects in contentious politics edited by Benjamin Abrams and Peter Gardner.
JC345 .S96 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Putting federalism in its place : the territorial politics of social policy revisited Scott L. Greer, Daniel Béland, André Lecours, and Kenneth Dubin.
JC355 .G74 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Not here : why American democracy is eroding and how Canada can protect itself Rob Goodman.
Sleeping dogs : Quebec and the stabilization of Canadian federalism after 1995 Andrew McDougall.
JL246 .S8 M383 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The specter of the archive : political practice and the information state in early modern Britain Nicholas Popper.
JN329 .P75 P67 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Empires and colonies Jonathan Hart.
Against decolonisation : campus culture wars and the decline of the west Doug Stokes.
JV152 .S76 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Contesting empires : opposition, promotion, and slavery Jonathan Hart.
The future of foreign policy is feminist Kristina Lunz ; translated by Nicola Barfoot.
JZ1253.2 .L8613 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
K - Law
Science as a cultural human right Helle Porsdam.
K3255 .P67 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Legislating under the Charter : Parliament, executive power, and rights Emmett Macfarlane, Janet L. Hiebert, and Anna Drake.
KE4248 .M33 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
L - Education
The super quick guide to learning theories and teaching approaches Andy Goldhawk.
LB1025.3 .G65 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Exploring digital technology in education : why theory matters and what to do about it Michael Hammond.
LB1028.3 .H36 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
There was a time for everything : a memoir Judith Friedland.
LB2332.34 .C3 F75 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Women's literary education, 1690-1850 edited by Jessica Lim and Louise Joy.
LC1701 .W66 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
M - Music
Methodist hymn and tune book compiled and published by authority of the General Conference of the Methodist Church.
M2133 .M435 1894 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
ML - Literature on music
Miles Davis and the search for the sound written, drawn, colored, and lettered by Dave Chisholm ; color flats by Dustyn Payette ; foreword by Erin Davis.
ML419 .D39 C45 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
N - Fine Arts
Worm : a Cuban American odyssey Edel Rodriguez.
N6537 .R5763 A2 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Artists' things : rediscovering lost property from eighteenth-century France Katie Scott & Hannah Williams.
N6846 .S36 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Goya and the mystery of reading Luis Martín-Estudillo.
N7113 .G68 M37 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Kivioq's journey and other revelations in the Donald Forster Sculpture Park at the Art Gallery of Guelph by Judith Nasby.
NB1278 .N37 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Utopia's doom : the graal as paradise of lust, the sect of the free spirit and Jheronimus Bosch's so-called Garden of delights by Paul Vandenbroeck ; edited by Barbara Baert.
The illuminated window : stories across time Virginia Chieffo Raguin.
NK5306 .R34 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Europe views the world, c.1500-1700 Larry Silver.
NX650 .E85 S65 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
P - Philology, Linguistics, Etc.
The matter of language : abstraction and poetry Benjamin Noys.
P40 .N694 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Asians on demand : mediating race in video art and activism Feng-Mei Heberer.
P94.5 .A76 H43 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Through the lens of whiteness : challenging racialized imagery in pop culture Diane S. Grimes and Liz Cooney.
P94.5 .M552 U635 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Female identity in contemporary fictional purgatorial worlds edited by Simon Bacon.
P94.5 .W65 F46 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Border tunnels : a media theory of the U.S.-Mexico underground Juan Llamas-Rodriguez.
P96 .M49 L55 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Sameness and repetition in contemporary media culture Susana Tosca.
P96 .P75 T67 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The future of language : how technology, politics and utopianism are transforming the way we communicate Philip Seargeant.
P107 .S43 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Dogwhistles and figleaves : how manipulative language spreads racism and falsehood Jennifer Mather Saul.
P119.3 .S28 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The essays only you can write Irene Papoulis.
P301.5 .A27 P37 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Style & substance : a guide to finding and joining the academic conversation John Lambersky.
PE1478 .L36 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Das Schriftsystem des Deutschen : Graphetik - Graphematik - Orthographie - Erwerb : eine Einführung von Ursula Bredel.
PF3153 .B74 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Understanding Bakhtin, understanding modernism edited by Philippe Birgy.
PG2947 .B3 U53 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Before and after Babel : writing as resistance in ancient Near Eastern empires Marc Van De Mieroop.
PJ3211 .V36 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Wild thorns by Sahar Khalifeh ; translated by Trevor LeGassick and Elizabeth Fernea.
PJ7842 .H2938 S913 2011 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Where the wind calls home Samar Yazbek ; translated from the Arabic by Leri Price.
PJ7874 .A86 M3613 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The fisherman and his son Zülfü Livaneli ; translated from the Turkish by Brendan Freely.
PL248 .L58 B3513 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The rainbow : a novel Yasunari Kawabata ; translated from the Japanese by Haydn Trowell.
PL832 .A9 N5513 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
An I-novel Minae Mizumura ; translated by Juliet Winters Carpenter in collaboration with the author.
PL856 .I948 S5513 2021 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
PA - Classical Literature
Thesaurus linguae latinae : editus auctoritate et consilio academiarum quinque Germanicarum Berolinensis, Gottingensis, Lipsiensis, Monacensis, Vindobonensis.
The Iliad Homer ; translated by Emily Wilson.
PA4025 .A2 W55 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
On Ovid's Metamorphoses Gareth Williams.
PA6519 .M9 W55 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
PN - General and Comparative Literature, Performing Arts
Christianity and western literature : a story of sin and salvation Mong Ambrose.
Dimensions of the fantastic : a theory of the unknown from Stoker's Dracula to Little Marvin's Them Daniel Ferreras Savoye.
PN56 .F34 F46 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The sound of writing edited by Christopher Cannon, Steven Justice.
PN56 .S6665 S69 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Maestros & monsters : days & nights with Susan Sontag & George Steiner Robert Boyers.
PN75 .B64 A3 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Criticism and truth : on method in literary studies Jonathan Kramnick.
PN81 .K6958 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Crafting poems and stories : a guide to creative writing Ethel Rackin.
PN187 .R33 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Romantic pasts : history, fiction and feeling in Britain, 1790-1850 Porscha Fermanis.
PN603 .F47 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Reading the Renaissance : culture, poetics, and drama edited by Jonathan Hart.
Being there, being here : Palestinian writings in the world Maurice Ebileeni.
PN849 .I8 E25 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
100 plays to save the world Elizabeth Freestone and Jeanie O'Hare ; [foreword by Annalisa Dias and Tara Moses].
PN1731 .F74 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
What television remembers : artifacts and footprints of TV in Toronto Jennifer VanderBurgh.
PN1992.3 .C3 V36 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Losing the plot : film and feeling in the modern novel Pardis Dabashi.
PN1995.3 .D23 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
American slavery on film Caron Knauer.
PN1995.9 .S557 K53 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Navigating from the white anthropocene to the black chthulucene William Brown.
PN1997 .N338 B76 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The path to paradise : a Francis Ford Coppola story Sam Wasson.
PN1998.3 .C67 W37 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Kubrick : an odyssey Robert P. Kolker and Nathan Abrams.
PN1998.3 .K83 K65 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Networked David Lynch : critical perspectives on cinematic transmediality edited by Marcel Hartwig, Andreas Rauscher and Peter Niedermüller.
PN1998.3 .L96 N48 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Storyboarding for Wim Wenders : visions of Wenders Stéphane Lemardelé, story & art.
PN1998.3 W46 L4513 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The cinema of Barbara Stanwyck : twenty-six short essays on a working star Catherine Russell.
PN2287 .S67 R87 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Elizabeth Taylor : icon of American empire Gloria Shin.
PN2287 .T18 S55 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Laughing back at empire : the grassroots activism of The Asianadian, 1978-1985 Angie Wong.
PN4920 .A75 W66 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The philosophy of comics : what they are, how they work, and why they matter Henry John Pratt ; illustrated by Kurt F. Shaffert.
PN6710 .P73 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
I must be dreaming Roz Chast.
PN6727 .C43 I48 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Red harvest Michael Cherkas.
PN6733 .C484 R43 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Tales from Phantom City a graphic novel by Patrick Jenkins ; [lettering and typography by Lucas c Pauls ; design and layout by Lucas c Pauls and M. C. Joudrey ; cover layout and design by Matt Stevens and M. C. Joudrey].
PN6733 .J45 T35 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Langosh, Peppi & Yeva : hot to trot Veronica Post.
PN6733 .P67 L362 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Palookaville. 24 Seth.
PN6733 .S48 P35 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Bad karma Alex de Campi [story, letters] ; Ryan Howe [line art] ; Dee Cunniffe [color art].
PN6737 .D4 B34 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Alison Lizzy Stewart.
PN6737 .S845 A45 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Inside the mind of Sherlock Holmes. The case of the scandalous ticket writer, Cyril Lieron ; writer & artist, Benoit Dahan ; translator, Christopher Pope ; letterer, Lauren Bowes.
PN6747 .L538 D3613 2023 OVERSIZE (VIC_PRATT)
Inside the mind of Sherlock Holmes. The case of the scandalous ticket writer, Cyril Lieron ; writer & artist, Benoit Dahan ; translator, Christopher Pope ; letterer, Lauren Bowes.
PN6747 .L538 D3613 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The great beyond Léa Murawiec ; [translated by Aleshia Jensen].
PN6747 .M88 G7413 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
I saw it : my shocking, true tale - written in blood Keiji Nakazawa ; translation, Ajani Oloye ; cover & book design, lettering, Evan Hayden.
PN6790 .J33 N3613 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Their blood got mixed : revolutionary Rojava and the war on ISIS Janet Biehl.
PN6790 .S953 B54 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
PQ - Literature of the Romance Languages
The child and the river Henri Bosco ; translated from the French by Joyce Zonana.
PQ2603 .O627 E5413 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Camus's The plague : philosophical perspectives edited by Peg Brand Weiser.
PQ2605 .A3734 P4345 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The skin of dreams Raymond Queneau ; translated from the French by Chris Clarke ; afterword by Paul Fournel.
PQ2633 .U43 L613 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The young man Annie Ernaux ; translated by Alison L. Strayer.
PQ2665 .R67 Z46 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The annual banquet of the gravediggers' guild Mathias Énard ; translated by Frank Wynne.
PQ2705 .N273 B3613 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Nights too short to dance Marie-Claire Blais ; translated by Katia Grubisic.
PQ3919.2 .B55 C6413 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The rage letters Valérie Bah ; translated by Kama La Mackerel.
PQ3919.3 .B35 E5713 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Remnants Céline Huyghebaert ; translated by Aleshia Jensen.
PQ3919.3 .H89 D7313 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Standing heavy Gauz' ; translated from the French by Frank Wynne.
PQ3989.3 .G38 D4313 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Theorem Pier Paolo Pasolini ; translated from the Italian by Stuart Hood.
PQ4835 .A48 T413 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The apple in the dark Clarice Lispector ; translated from the Portuguese by Benjamin Moser ; with an afterword by Paulo Gurgel Valente.
PQ9697 .L585 M313 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
PR - Canadian and English Literature
Writing the north of England in the Middle Ages : regionalism and nationalism in medieval English literature Joseph Taylor, University of Alabama in Huntsville.
PR275 .E54 T39 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Key concepts in Victorian studies William Hughes.
PR461 .H84 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The happiness of the British working class Jamie L. Bronstein.
PR468 .H37 B76 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The natural laws of plot : how things happen in realist novels Yoon Sun Lee.
PR830 .P53 L44 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Bad Chaucer : the great poet's greatest mistakes in the Canterbury Tales Tison Pugh.
PR1874 .P84 2024 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Bad Chaucer : the great poet's greatest mistakes in the Canterbury Tales Tison Pugh.
PR1874 .P84 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The logic of love in The Canterbury tales Manish Sharma.
PR1875 .L6 S53 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Studies in the age of Chaucer.
Studies in the age of Chaucer.
Chaucer : here and now edited by Marion Turner.
PR1924 .C396 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Shakespeare's mad men : a crisis of authority Richard van Oort.
PR2819 .V36 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Shakespeare's house : a window onto his life and legacy Richard Schoch.
PR2916 .S136 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Columbus, Shakespeare, and the interpretation of the New World Jonathan Hart.
A new Jane Austen : how Americans brought us the world's greatest novelist Juliette Wells.
PR4037 .W458 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The Brownings' correspondence edited by Philip Kelley & Ronald Hudson.
PR4231 .A4 1984 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The last man : authoritative text, contexts, criticism Mary Shelley ; edited by Chris Washington.
PR5397 .L37 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Anna Kavan : mid-century experimental fiction Victoria Walker.
PR6009 .D63 Z93 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
There's no story there : wartime writing, 1944-1945 by Inez Holden.
PR6015 .O33 A6 2021 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The sun my monument Laurie Lee.
PR6023 .E18 S8 1944 WOOLF (VIC_PRATT)
PR6045 .O72 Z48 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
PR6045 .O72 Z48 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
PR6045 .O72 Z48 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
PR6045 .O72 Z48 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The diary of Virginia Woolf introduced by Quentin Bell ; edited by Anne Olivier Bell ; textual restoration for this Granta edition by Matthew Holliday.
PR6045 .O72 Z48 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The diary of Virginia Woolf introduced by Quentin Bell ; edited by Anne Olivier Bell ; textual restoration for this Granta edition by Matthew Holliday.
PR6045 .O72 Z48 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The diary of Virginia Woolf introduced by Quentin Bell ; edited by Anne Olivier Bell ; textual restoration for this Granta edition by Matthew Holliday.
PR6045 .O72 Z48 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The diary of Virginia Woolf introduced by Quentin Bell ; edited by Anne Olivier Bell ; textual restoration for this Granta edition by Matthew Holliday.
PR6045 .O72 Z48 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The diary of Virginia Woolf introduced by Quentin Bell ; edited by Anne Olivier Bell ; textual restoration for this Granta edition by Matthew Holliday.
PR6045 .O72 Z48 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Night side of the river : ghost stories Jeanette Winterson.
PR6073 .I6747 N54 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Parasol against the axe Helen Oyeyemi.
PR6115 .Y49 P37 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The Hart House review.
The Hart House review.
The Hart House review.
The Hart House review.
The Hart House review.
The Hart House review.
The Canadian mind : essays on writers and thinkers Andy Lamey.
PR9184.3 L36 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Canadian literary fare Nathalie Cooke and Shelley Boyd, with Alexia Moyer.
PR9185.5 .F66 C66 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Her own thinker : Canadian women writers as essayists Christl Verduyn.
PR9193.5 .V47 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
In search of April Raintree Beatrice Mosionier ; foreword by Katherena Vermette ; afterword by Dr. Raven Sinclair (Ôtiskewâpit).
PR9199.3 .C8415 I5 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Followed by the lark Helen Humphreys.
PR9199.3 .H84 F65 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Raccoon : a wondertale Sean Kane ; afterword by Margaret Atwood.
PR9199.3 .K245 R33 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Farley and Claire : a love story : an intimate portrait of Claire and Farley Mowat Michael Harris ; [foreword by Margaret Atwood].
PR9199.3 .M68 Z59 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Forty-one pages : on poetry, language, and wilderness John Steffler.
PR9199.3 .S67 F67 2019 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Where the world was : a memoir Rosemary Sullivan.
PR9199.3 .S878 Z46 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Empty spaces Jordan Abel.
PR9199.4 .A234 E47 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Everyone in this room will someday be dead : a novel Emily Austin.
PR9199.4 .A92595 E94 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Yara by Tamara Faith Berger.
PR9199.4 .B47 Y37 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
An ordinary violence : a novel Adriana Chartrand.
PR9199.4 .C47838 O73 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Back in the land of the living : a novel Eva Crocker.
PR9199.4 .C746 B335 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Enough Kimia Eslah.
PR9199.4 .E86 E56 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Tales for late night bonfires : stories G.A. Grisenthwaite.
PR9199.4 .G7555 T34 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Dream rooms River Halen.
PR9199.4 .H354 D74 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The economy of sparrows : [a novel] Trevor Herriot.
PR9199.4 .H537 E26 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Alphabetical diaries Sheila Heti.
PR9199.4 .H56 Z46 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Stillwater : a novel Darcie Friesen Hossack.
PR9199.4 .H68 S75 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The donkey cutter : a novel Gregory Koop.
PR9199.4 .K65765 D66 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Statue : short stories Marianne Micros.
PR9199.4 .M534 S73 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Building a nest from the bones of my people Cara-Lyn Morgan.
PR9199.4 .M6536 B85 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Black boys like me : confrontations with race, identity, and belonging Matthew R. Morris.
PR9199.4 .M65635 Z46 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Beautiful beautiful Brandon Reid.
PR9199.4 .R454 B43 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The evolution of Alice David A. Robertson ; foreword by Shelagh Rogers.
PR9199.4 .R627 E96 2020 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
You are eating an orange. You are naked : [a novel] Sheung-King.
PR9199.4 .S5288 Y68 2020 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The legend of Baraffo : a novel Moez Surani.
PR9199.4 .S85 L44 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Skid dogs Emelia Symington-Fedy.
PR9199.4 .S985 S55 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
We, Jane Aimee Wall.
PR9199.4 .W352 W4 2021 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
More sure : poems and interruptions A. Light Zachary.
PR9199.4 .Z33 M67 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
PS - American Literature
Thoreau's axe : distraction and discipline in American culture Caleb Smith.
PS217 .D59 S65 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Ruin and resilience : Southern literature and the environment Daniel Spoth.
PS261 .S67 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Perplexing plots : popular storytelling and the poetics of murder David Bordwell.
PS374 .D4 B67 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Migrant aesthetics : contemporary fiction, global migration, and the limits of empathy Glenda Carpio.
PS374 .I48 G54 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
A strange life : selected essays of Louisa May Alcott edited and introduced by Liz Rosenberg ; preface by Jane Smiley.
PS1016 .R67 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Melville's democracy : radical figuration and political form Jennifer Greiman.
PS2388 .P6 G74 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Henry David Thoreau : thinking disobediently Lawrence Buell.
PS3054 .B84 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Walt Whitman and the making of Jewish American poetry Dara Barnat.
PS3238 .B33 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Lover man Alston Anderson ; with an afterword by Kinohi Nishikawa.
PS3501 .N254 L68 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Queer Oz : L. Frank Baum's trans tales and other astounding adventures in sex and gender Tison Pugh.
PS3503 .A923 P84 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Forging freedom in W. E. B. Du Bois's twilight years : no deed but memory edited by Phillip Luke Sinitiere.
PS3507 .U147 Z65 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The writer as illusionist : uncollected & unpublished work William Maxwell ; selected and introduced by Alec Wilkinson.
PS3525 .A9464 Z46 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Fat time : and other stories Jeffery Renard Allen.
PS3551 .L393815 F38 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Last Standing Woman Winona LaDuke.
PS3562 .A268 L37 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The Auburn conference : a novel by Tom Piazza.
PS3566 .I23 A93 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Divorcing Susan Taubes ; introduction by David Rieff.
PS3570 .A88 D58 2020 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Lament for Julia : and other stories Susan Taubes ; introduction by Francesca Wade.
PS3570 .A88 L36 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The philosophical pathos of Susan Taubes : between nihilism and hope Elliot R. Wolfson.
PS3570 .A88 Z96 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Burma sahib : a novel Paul Theroux.
PS3570 .H4 B87 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Ladies of the Rachmaninoff eyes Henry Van Dyke ; with a foreword by Erik Wood.
PS3572 .A43 L35 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
"This world is not my home" : a critical biography of African American writer Charles Wright W. Lawrence Hogue.
PS3573 .R52 Z68 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Coal boy : a novel Alban Kojima.
PS3611 .O485 C63 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Wandering stars Tommy Orange.
PS3615 .R32 W36 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Walter Benjamin stares at the sea : stories by C.D. Rose.
PS3618 .O78284 W38 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Jesmyn Ward : new critical essays edited by Sheri-Marie Harrison, Arin Keeble and Maria Elena Torres-Quevedo.
PS3623 .A7323 Z64 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
PT - Germanic Literature
Berlin stories Robert Walser ; edited by Jochen Greven ; translated from the German by Susan Bernofsky and others.
PT2647 .A64 A2 2012a STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The second sword : a tale from the merry month of May. My day in the other land : a tale of demons Peter Handke ; translated from the German by Krishna Winston.
PT2668 .A5 Z45613 2024 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
The second sword : a tale from the merry month of May. My day in the other land : a tale of demons Peter Handke ; translated from the German by Krishna Winston.
PT2668 .A5 Z45613 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Marrow and bone Walter Kempowski ; translated from the German by Charlotte Collins.
PT2671 .E43 M3713 2018 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The archive of feelings Peter Stamm ; translated from the German by Michael Hofmann.
PT2681 .T3234 A8813 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The loneliness in Lydia Erneman's life Rune Christiansen ; translated by Kari Dickson.
PT8951.13 .H45 E5713 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Q - Science
Alexander von Humboldt : perceiving the world edited by Beate I. Allert, Christopher R. Clason, Niall A. Peach, and Ricardo Quintana-Vallejo.
Q143 .H9 A79 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
A culture of curiosity : science in the eighteenth-century home Leonie Hannan.
Q175.5 .H36 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Invisible labour in modern science edited by Jenny Bangham, Xan Chacko, and Judith Kaplan.
Q175.5 .I588 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Beautiful experiments : an illustrated history of experimental science. Philip Ball.
Q182.3 .B35 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Split and splice : a phenomenology of experimentation Hans-Jörg Rheinberger.
Q182.3 .R54 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
By the numbers : numeracy, religion, and the quantitative transformation of early modern England Jessica Marie Otis.
QA141.2 .O85 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The last voice : Roy J. Glauber and the dawn of the atomic age José Ignacio Latorre, María Teresa Soto-Sanfiel.
QC16 .G53 L38 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The climate threat : crisis for democracy? Jon Naustdalslid ; with foreword by Hans von Storch.
QC903 .N3813 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Coral lives : literature, labor, and the making of America Michele Currie Navakas.
QL377 .C5 N3835 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Making gender : big pharma, HPV vaccine policy, and women's ontological decision-making Michelle Wyndham-West.
QR189.5 .P36 W96 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
R - Medicine
Dear Oliver : an unexpected friendship with Oliver Sacks Susan R. Barry.
R154 .B325 B37 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The COVID-19 intelligence failure : why warning was not enough Erik J. Dahl.
RA644 .C67 D335 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Epidemic encounters, communities, and practices in the colonial world edited by Poonam Bala and Russel Viljoen.
RA649 .E64 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
S - Agriculture
Contested waters : the struggle for rights and reconciliation in the Atlantic fishery edited by Fred Wien and Rick Williams.
SH331 .C66 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
T - Technology
Good eats : 32 writers on eating ethically edited by Jennifer Cognard-Black and Melissa A. Goldthwaite.
TX357 .G5748 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
U - Military Science
Canada's defence procurement woes Jeffrey F. Collins.
UC265 .C3 C65 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Z - Bibliography, Books and Printing, Etc.
English renaissance manuscript culture : the paper revolution Steven W. May.
Z106.5 .G72 M39 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Ab incommodo. Volume II being an annotated checklist of the limited edition letterpress-printed books and broadsides made under the sign of The Mirthful G by Andrew Steeves.
Z232 .G275 S742 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The art of libromancy : on selling books and reading books in the twenty-first century Josh Cook.
Z278 .C665 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Athena unbound : why and how scholarly knowledge should be free for all Peter Baldwin.
Z286 .O63 B35 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Big fiction : how conglomeration changed the publishing industry and American literature Dan Sinykin.
Z480 .F53 S56 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
SPECIAL - Special Collections
The bookman LXIX (69), no. 2