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Wesleyana Exhibition

1703 Born at Epworth, Lincolnshire, England, 15th child of Samuel and Susanna Wesley

1709 Fire at Epworth Rectory - John Wesley rescued

1720 Entered Christ Church College, Oxford

1725 Ordained Deacon in the Church of England

1726 Elected Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford

1728 Ordained Priest

1735 Embarked for Mission in Georgia

1738 Arrived back in Great Britain

1738 Conversion experience at Aldersgate

1739 Began preaching out of doors

1742 First "class-meetings" organized, they became a 'germ cell' of the Methodist Society

1743 Published his General Rules for the Methodist Societies

1744 First Methodist Conference held

1747 Began first of several visits to Ireland

1748 Opened Kingswood School

1778 First Issue of Monthly, Arminian Magazine

1784 Legally incorporated Methodist Conference

1784 Ordained preachers for USA, led to formation of Methodist Episcopal Church the following Christmas

1791 John Wesley dies in London, aged 87