If you’ve lost an Emmanuel Library book while it was charged out to you, there are a few options available to replace it.

  1. First of all, ask us to renew it for you, even if you are at the limit of your renewals. We consider this an acceptable reason to override the renewal limit. This way, you have a couple more weeks to continue to look for the book.
  2. If the book can't be found, the easiest, though most expensive, option is to pay the $145.00 replacement fee. Unfortunately this amount is set by the University of Toronto Library Council and it is not in our power to negotiate. The amount is the same for any lost book, whether it is an expensive reference work or a paperback novel.
  3. If you want to buy a replacement yourself, you can give us the replacement copy and a $45.00 processing fee instead of paying the full $145.00 replacement charge. However, the book you purchase must meet the following standards:

    • It must be like new, and in excellent condition.
    • There should be no writing, highlighting, bookplates or any other former ownership marks in or on the book.
    • The edition, publisher, and ISBN must all be exactly the same as the lost copy, unless a newer edition is available.

    Finally, the replacement must be approved by the Head of Bibliographic Services, who will be looking to confirm the points noted above. Contact us when you have the replacement copy to arrange this meeting. You may also send us any online retailer listing for the book you intend to buy if you are unsure whether it meets the criteria, though we reserve our final acceptance based on the book itself.

Last updated: June 7, 2016