Emmanuel Library accepts donations of books. It is best to contact the Librarian, Karen Wishart (416-585-4551 or karen.wishart [at] utoronto.ca) about your donation. The Library will not accept any books that have mold on them, or are marked up with underlining or highlighting.

Library staff will determine if any of the donated books will be added to the collection. Those books that will not be added to the collection, will be put into the Victoria University Library Book Sale, which takes place every September. All money raised from the book sale goes to the libraries at Victoria College (Emmanuel & E.J. Pratt). Many Emmanuel students go to this book sale, so many of the donated books will likely end up in a student's book collection.

Books must be delivered to the E.J. Pratt Library (our sister library) at 71 Queen's Park Crescent.

Last updated: June 7, 2016