Photo of various publications from Victoriana

Victoriana Collection

About the Collection

Victoriana consists of published materials and documents relating to the history as well as present activities of Victoria University. It contains more than 250 titles and includes books, magazines, newspapers, pamphlets and other documents.

Duplicate copies of some items are located in our stacks and may be signed out (a valid TCard is required). Additionally, microfiche copies of Acta Victoriana are located in the reference collection on the first floor, under the call number LH3 .V5 A3. A microfiche reader is available on the main floor of the library.

This guide is only a sampling of what is available in Victoriana. To find materials that are not listed here, please contact us.

History of Victoria University

Biographies of Victorians

The collection also contains many memoriam booklets, including those for Richard Davidson, Arnot Stanley Orton, Augustus Edward Lang, Frank Louis Barber, Edward Wilson Wallace, Margaret Addison, John Fletcher McLaughlin, Alfred Gandier, and Andrew James Bell.

Student Publications

Title Description Year

Acta Victoriana, including a comprehensive research guide to all published volumes and an index to 1990.

Some issues available online via our
digital collections and the Internet Archive.

A literary journal. 1878–present.
The Goose A literary journal. 2012–present.
Hey, Teach! A magazine devoted to the study of education. 2009–present.
Humanitas A journal for the humanities. 2009–present.
Redventure A creative writing zine. 2014.
Sign A semiotics journal. 2013–present.
The Strand A newspaper. 1955–present.
The Victoriad A yearbook. 1978–1979;

Victoria University Publications

Title Description Year
*Listed individually in the library catalogue by call number, e.g. LE3 .V45 H36 1969/70.
Calendar, Victoria University
(some issues available online)
A course calendar. 1841–1918
Calendar, Victoria University Faculty of Theology
(some issues available online)
A course calendar. 1908–1927

Vic News Flashes, Victoria University

A newsletter published by the Victoria University Centenary Committee. 1936, 1937, 1939
Victoria Reports, Vic Report A quarterly magazine. 1951–1972, 1972–present
Bulletin, Victoria College An annual guide to Victoria College. 1951–1972, 1972–present
Calendar, Emmanuel College A graduate course calendar. 1928–2004
EC News, Emmanuel College
(2018–2019 issues available online )
An bi-annual newsletter. 2010–2019
Handbooks by the Victoria College Union* Informal guides to Victoria College for incoming students. 1964–1968, 1978, 1979

University of Toronto Publications

Title Description Year
*Followed by the Varsity Graduate (1948–1967 intermittent), University of Toronto Graduate (1967–1972), Graduate (1973–1986), University of Toronto Alumni Magazine (1986–1988), University of Toronto Magazine (1988–present), and UofT Magazine (2008–present), which are not in the Victoriana collection, but in the periodical stacks on the second floor of our library.
Torontonensis A yearbook. 1898–1966
University of Toronto Monthly* Alumni magazine. 1900–1947

Victoria University Archives
The Victoria University Archives holds the corporate records of Victoria University, the records of student and alumni groups, and personal papers of alumni, faculty and staff.

The Canadiana collection (part of our special collections), also contains materials relating to prominent Victorians and the history of education in Ontario.

Other Special Collections
They include the personal papers of many Victoria alumni, faculty and staff, including the literary critic Northrop Frye, doctor and suffragist Augusta Stowe-Gullen, poet E.J. Pratt, geologist A.P. Coleman, and the filmmaker Norman Jewison.