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Canadian Literature & Poetry
in English

Ethnic Minority Writers


The Great Black North: Contemporary African Canadian Poetry Mason-John, Valerie, and Kevan Anthony, editors The collection documents the historic heritage of Black Canadian poets: George Elliott Clarke, Ian Keteku, Lillian Allen, Afua Cooper, Olive Senior, Frederick Ward, Lorna Goodison, Tanya Evanson, Pamela Mordecai, Harold Head, and many others. The poems in the anthology are derived from oral and written sources.
PR 9194.5 .B55 G74 2013 Stacks
Swallowing Clouds: An Anthology of Chinese-Canadian Poetry Quan, Andy, and Jim Wong-Chu, editors poems by a number of well-known writers as well as fresh new poetic voices, forming an eloquent and fiery portrait of the Chinese-Canadian experience: Fred Wah, Rita Wong, Jim Wong-Chu, Kam Sein Yee, Paul Yee and others.
PR9195.35 .C54 S92 1999 Stacks

Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, and Handbooks

Five-Part Invention: A History of Literary History in Canada Blodgett, E.D. Composed of five parts: English Canada, French Canada, First Nations communities, Inuit communities, and immigrant communities.
Available Online PR 9185.2 .B62 2003 Reference
Encyclopedia of Post-Colonial Literatures in English Benson, Eugene, and L.W. Conolly, editors Describes writing affected by the process of colonization, including Canadian literature: individual writers, national literary developments, and major genres that provide a cross-cultural view.
Available Online PR 9080 .A52 E6 2005 Reference


Ethnic and Native Canadian Literature: A Bibliography Miska, John An older book (published in 1990), but it remains an excellent resource for locating poetry, fiction, and drama authored by foreign-born authors residing in Canada.
Z 1376 .E87 M57 1990 Reference
Literary Writings by Blacks in Canada: A Preliminary Survey Elliot, Lorris and Michael S. Batts, editor The profiles in this pamphlet were compiled between 1979–1986 so it does not reflect the current scholarship. Gives a brief biography of each author followed by a list of publications.
Z 1377 .B62 E44 Reference
A Black Canadian Bibliography Francis, Flora Blizzard A bibliography of works by and about the diverse peoples of African heritage living in Canada. It includes references to creative literary works.
Z 1395 .N39 F73 2000 Reference
Caribbean and South Asian Writers in Canada: A Bibliography of Their Works and of English-Language Criticism Kandiuk, Mary Brief biographies, chronological list of fiction books, parts of books, periodical articles, book reviews, and dissertations that critique the work of selected writers from the Caribbean or South Asia and have resided in Canada for at least part of their writing careers. The authors included in the bibliography are André Alexis, Austin C. Clarke, M.G. Vassanji and many others.
Z 1376 .C37 K36 2007 Reference


Making a Difference: Canadian Multicultural Literature This anthology offers a wide range of writing styles in fiction and poetry, with a focus on Native and immigrant experiences, ethnic ancestry, and the complex spectrum of cultural differences.
PR 194.5 .M56 M35 1996 Stacks

History, Literary Interpretation & Criticism

The Oxford Handbook of Canadian Literature Sugars, Cynthia, editor A comprehensive, authoritative guide to many different genres, topics, and aspects of Canadian literary history, including the influence of literature on the Canadian national identity, authorship, postcolonialism, short story, drama, poetry, Indigenous literatures, women’s writing, children’s literature, gay and lesbian literature, creative work from the Confederation period, regional fiction, and minority writers.
PR 9180.2 .O95 2016 Stacks
Canadian Literature Hammill, Faye Critical study of Canadian literature, placing internationally successful anglophone Canadian authors in the context of their national literary history. While the focus of the book is on twentieth-century and contemporary writing, it also charts the historical development of Canadian literature and discusses important eighteenth- and nineteenth-century authors. The chapters focus on four central topics in Canadian culture: ethnicity, race, colonization; wildernesses, cities, regions; desire; and histories and stories. Authors chosen for close analysis include Margaret Atwood, Michael Ondaatje, Alice Munro, Leonard Cohen, Thomas King and Carol Shields.
PR 9189.6 .H36 2007 Stacks
The Cambridge History of Canadian Literature Howells, Coral A, and Eva-Marie Kröller, editors A complete English-language history of Canadian writing in English and French from its beginnings, with an emphasis on literary, poetic, and dramatic works published since the 1960s. Analyzes the emergence of multicultural and Indigenous writing, popular literature, nature-writing, life-writing, and the interaction of anglophone and francophone cultures throughout Canadian history.
Available Online PR 9184.6 .C26 2009 Stacks
Cultural Identities in Canadian Literature Mauguière, Bénédicte A bilingual collection of essays on the themes of cultural identities and immigrant writing in Canada. The emphasis is upon diversity as essays range in subject matter from Margaret Atwood, Margaret Laurence, and Marie-Claire Blais to Danny Laferrière, Ukranian-Canadian plays, “ Franglo-théâtre,” contemporary Acadian and Africadian poetry and the Ontario Protestant novel.
PR 9185.2 .C85 1998 Stacks
Cultural Grammars of Nation, Diaspora, and Indigeneity in Canada McCall, Sophie, et al., editors Considers how the terms of critical debate in literary and cultural studies in Canada have shifted with respect to matters of race, nation, and difference.
Available Online PR 9188.2 .M55 C84 2011 Stacks
Scandalous Bodies: Diasporic Literature in English Canada Kamboureli, Smaro Scholarly study both of literature by diasporic writers and of the contexts within which it is produced. It explores topics ranging from multiculturalism policy of the Canadian government, the relationship between realist fiction and history to postmodern constructions of ethnicity, to the multicultural theory of the philosopher Charles Taylor and the cultural responsibilities of diasporic critics.
PR 9188.2 .M55 K35 2009 Stacks
Odysseys Home: Mapping African-Canadian Literature Clarke, George Elliott Presents a history of the African-Canadian literature and oral cultures, identifies African-Canadian literature’s distinguishing characteristics, argues for its relevance to both African Diasporic Black and Canadian Studies, and critiques several of its key creators and texts. Authors whose work is examine in the book are André Alexis, Dionne Brand, Austin Clarke, Claire Harris, and M. Nourbese Philip.
PR 9188.2 .B57 C56 2002 Stacks
Directions Home: Approaches to African-Canadian Literature Clarke, George Elliott Building on the discoveries of his critically acclaimed Odysseys Home, Clarke showcases the importance of little-known texts, including church histories and slave narratives, and offers studies of autobiography, crime and punishment, jazz poetics, and musical composition.
Available Online PR 9188.2 .B57 C55 2012 Stacks
Why We Write: Conversations with African Canadian Poets and Novelists: Interviews Thomas, H. Nigel, editor African Canadian creative writers discuss the complexities of the writing experience. Includes interviews with: Ayanna Black, Austin Clarke, George Elliot Clarke, Wayde Compton, Afua Cooper, Bernadette Dyer, Cecil Foster, Claire Harris, Lawrence Hill, Nalo Hopkinson, Suzette Mayr, Pamela Mordecai, M. NourbeSe Philip, Althea Prince, and Robert Sandiford.
PR 9194.5 .B55 W49 2006 Stacks
Beyond the Canebrakes: Caribbean Women Writers in Canada Williams, Emily A. Essays and interviews that examine the work of West Indian women writers living in Canada. The essays examine the work of literary artists —Claire Harris, Olive Senior, Lillian Allen, Afua Cooper, Dionne Brand, M. Nourbese Philip, Nalo Hopkinson, Pamela Mordecai, and Makeda Silvera— as an integral not marginal element of the Canadian and world literature canons.
PR 9188.2 .C37 B49 2008 Stacks
New World Myth: Postmodernism and Postcolonialism in Canadian Fiction Vautier, Marie Examines Rudy Wiebe’s The Scorched-Wood People, George Bowering’s Burning Water and Joy Kogawa’s Obasan among others.
PR 9192.6 .M97 V35 1998 Stacks
The Canadian Mosaic in the Age of Transnationalism Ernst, Jutta, and Brigitte Glaser, editors A collection of essays written by scholars from various disciplines who investigate the geographical, sociological, political, economic, literary, and cultural implications attached to the concept of the Canadian mosaic in an age of mobility and globalization.
PR 9189.7 .C36 2010 Stacks
Tropes and Territories: Short Fiction, Postcolonial Readings, Canadian Writing in Context Dvořák, Marta and W.H. New, editors Analyzes the influence of postcolonial criticism on the reading, writing, and status of short fiction: Métis narratives, Maori myth, and stories by Alice Munro, Salman Rushdie, Alistair MacLeod, Mavis Gallant, Emily Carr, and Thomas King.
PR 9084 .T76 2007 Stacks
Rewriting the Break Event: Mennonites and Migration in Canadian Literature Miki, Roy Examines the fictionalization of the Mennonite break event (the collapse of the “Mennonite Commonwealth” in the 1920s) through strains of religious, ethnic, trauma, and meta-narratives.
Available Online PR 9192.6 .M45 Z24 2013 Stacks
In Flux: Transnational Shifts in Asian Canadian Writing Miki, Roy Investigates the shifting currents of citizenship, globalization, and cultural practices facing Asian Canadians today through the connections of place and identity that have been forged through our developing national literature.
PR 9195.35 .A8 M55 2011 Stacks
Jewish Roots, Canadian Soil: Yiddish Culture in Montreal, 1905–1945 Margolis, Rebecca Examines the contributions of performers and other artists to the Yiddish theatre and culture in Montreal in the first half of the twentieth century, with consideration to the social landscape of the city.
Available Online F 1054.5 .M89 J563 2011 Stacks
At Odds in the World: Essays on Jewish Canadian Women Writers Panofsky, Ruth Examines the contributions of performers and other artists to the Yiddish theatre and culture in Montreal in the first half of the twentieth century, with consideration to the social landscape of the city.
PR 9188.2 .J48 P25 2008 Stacks


ARIEL: A Review of International English Literature no. 1 (1970)–present Scholarly criticism of literatures in English, with particular focus on the influence of colonization on literature. Peer-reviewed.
Canadian Ethnic Studies Journal Canadian Ethnic Studies Association vol. 22 (1990)–present A scholarly, peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal covering ethnic studies on such topics as ethnicity, immigration, and the history and cultural life of ethnic groups in Canada. Publishes scholarly articles, research notes and bibliographic information.
The Journal of Commonwealth Literature no. 1 (1966)–present Critical and bibliographic forum in the field of Commonwealth and postcolonial literatures. Peer-reviewed.

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