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Canadian Literature & Poetry
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Book & Publishing History

General History

History of the Book in Canada Fleming, Patricia, et al., editors Starting in 1997, a team of historians, librarians, and literary scholars from across the country took up the task of writing a comprehensive book on a history of the book and print culture in Canada. In three volumes. Volume One: “Beginnings to 1840”, Volume Two: “1840–1918,” Volume Three: “1918–1980.”
Z 206 .H58 2004 Stacks
Literary History of Canada: Canadian Literature in English Klinck, Carl F. et al., editors A comprehensive reference work on the English literary history of Canada in four volumes, which includes essays on the history of Canadian literary publishing by bibliographer and librarian H.P. Gundy.
PR 9184.3 .L5 1976 Reference

Publishers & Editors

Book Publishing and Publishers in Canada Before 1900 Gundy, H.P. Recounts the emergence of the publishing and bookselling industries and the development of the Canadian copyright law.
Z 483 .G8 Stacks
The Perilous Trade: Book Publishing in Canada, 1946–2006 MacSkimming, Roy Chronicles the history of English-language publishing from World War II to the early twentieth century.
Z 481 .M35 2007 Stacks
Paper Phoenix: A History of Book Publishing in English Canada Broten, Delores, and Peter Birdsall
Z 481 .B7 Stacks Oversize
The House of Ryerson, 1829–1954 Pierce, Lorne
Z 232 .R9 P5 1954 Canadiana
The Literary Legacy of the Macmillan Company of Canada: Making Books and Mapping Culture Panofsky, Ruth Examines the contribution of publishers and editors (including Hugh Eayrs, John Gray, and Hugh Kane) to the formation of the Canadian literary canon, beginning with the establishment of Macmillan Canada in 1905.
Available Online Z 483 .M32 P35 2012 Stacks
New Canadian Library: The Ross-McClelland Years, 1952–1978 Friskney, Janet B. Analyzed the historical context of the New Canadian Library series, edited by Malcolm Ross and published by McClelland & Stewart, beginning in 1958. Also examines the simultaneous development of Canadian literary studies as a legitimate area of research and teaching in academe and acknowledges the NCL as a milestone in Canadian publishing history.
Available Online Z 483 .M33 F75 2007 Stacks
Both Hands: A Life of Lorne Pierce of Ryerson Press Campbell, Sandra Presents the life and work of Lorne Bruce Pierce (1890–1961), the influential, long-serving editor of the Ryerson Press, who was also known as a publisher, biographer, and literary critic.
Z 483 .P53 C34 2013 Stacks
On Publishers & Publishing Pierce, Lorne
Z 278 .P611o Old Class Pamphlets
Editor’s Creed Pierce, Lorne
Z 483 .P5 Canadiana
Jack, A Life with Writers: the Story of Jack McClelland King, James
Z 483 .M3 K56 1999 Stacks
Imagining Canadian Literature: The Selected Letters of Jack McClelland Solecki, Sam, editor Sorted chronologically, the letters between the preeminent publisher and leading Canadian authors of the fifties, sixties and seventies offer an inside view of the personalities that contributed to Canada’s position in the international publishing market. Featuring Margaret Atwood, Pierre Berton, Earle Birney, Leonard Cohen, Margaret Laurence, Irving Layton, Farley Mowat, Peter C. Newman, Mordecai Richler, Gabrielle Roy, Michael Ondaatje, and Al Purdy.
Z 483 .M3 A4 1998 Stacks


The Little Magazine in Canada, 1925–80: Its Role in the Development of Modernism and Post-Modernism in Canadian Poetry Norris, Ken
PR 9190.5 .N67 1984 Stacks
Editing Modernity: Women and Little-Magazine Cultures in Canada, 1916–1956 Irvine, Dean A critical assessment that shows the major roles played by women in disseminating modernisms through a series of little and not-so-little magazines. Dorothy Livesay was highly influential in the left-wing Masses; Eleanor Godfrey edited The Canadian Forum; Livesay and Floris McLaren helped to found Contemporary Verse and P.K. Page, Kit Shaw, and Peggy Anderson were primarily responsible for publishing Preview.
Available Online PN 4914 .L62 I79 2008 Stacks
Forum: Canadian Life and Letters, 1920–70: Selections from the Canadian Forum Granatstein, J.L., and Peter Stevens, editors
PR 9194.9 .F67 Stacks

Book Trade & Design

The Surface of Meaning: Books and Book Design in Canada Bringhurst, Robert Examines how Canadian book design (from the mid-eighteenth century to the early twentieth-first century) was influenced by a national identity, culture, and history.
Z 483 .B74 2008 Stacks Oversize
The Beginnings of the Book Trade in Canada Parker, George L. Chronicles the history of the various aspects newspaper and book publishing, from 1751 to 1900, including authorship and subscription publishing. Also examines the development of the Canadian copyright law in relation to international copyright.
Z 483 .P37 1985 Stacks
Canadian Binders’ Tickets and Booksellers’ Labels Garlock, Gayle N. Explores the use of binders’ tickets and booksellers’ labels within the Canadian bookselling business, which demonstrate geographic trends and advertising methods in the commerce of books.
Z 483 .G37 2015 Stacks


Anthologizing Canadian Literature: Theoretical and Cultural Perspectives Lecker, Robert, editor Essays focus on anthologies as national metaphors, the controversies surrounding early literary collections, representations of First Nations peoples in anthologies, and the ways in which various editors have understood exploration narratives. In addition, the collection examines the representation of women in Canadian anthologies, the use of anthologies as teaching tools, and the creation of some very odd Canadian anthologies along the way.
PR 9184.6 .A58 2015 Stacks

Children’s Books

Picturing Canada: A History of Canadian Children’s Illustrated Books and Publishing Edwards, Gail, and Judith Saltman Examines illustrated children’s books from geographical, historical, and cultural perspectives on the Canadian national identity, published between the 1890s to 2005. Also studies the institutions and the professionals involved in the Canadian book writing, publishing, and reading, including authors, publishers, illustrators, editors, librarians, booksellers, and critics.
Z 483 .E46 2010 Stacks

Book History & Publishing Journals

Canadian Author and Bookman vol. 1 (1919)–v. 73 (1998) Includes articles on author and poets, as well as book reviews and essays related to book publishing, bibliography, and librarianship. Desmond Pacey criticized the journal for promoting uninhibited literary nationalism. The publication merged with Canadian Author to form Canadian Author and Bookman, April, 1940.
Canadian Forum vol. 1 (1920)–v. 79 (2000) Features short stories, poetry, and critical essays published by many preeminent Canadian authors and poets. Also published articles on Canadian cultural development.
Quill & Quire vol. 48 (1982)–present current year A magazine that publishes reviews of new book releases in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, and articles about the Canadian publishing market, the book trade, and libraries.

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