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Format: 2020
Format: 2020
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Special Collection Title (PhotoDB) Dates Accession Box File Photo Number Details
Norman Jewison MR. JOHNNY (Danny Aiello) is shocked that LORETTA might marry his brother…in "Moonstruck" [1986 or 1987] 11 8 1
Norman Jewison THE OLD MAN… tells MR. JOHNNY that he should be happy for everyone and toast to the family in "Moonstruck" [1986 or 1987] 11 8 2
Norman Jewison RAYMOND CAPPOMAGGI (Louis Guss) turns away from the moonlight at his bedroom window and mischievously approaches his wife Rita who is in bed in "Moonstruck" [1986 or 1987] 11 8 3
Norman Jewison ROSE (Olympia Dukakis) and PERRY (John Mahoney) sit at a table in the Grand Ticino restaurant, getting to know one another in "Moonstruck" [1986 or 1987] 11 8 4
Norman Jewison David Watkin at the camera, focus-puller Tom Ryan mugging for camera with Cher and Nicolas Cage at the Castorini kitchen table on set of "Moonstruck" [1986 or 1987] 11 8 5
Norman Jewison PERRY listens to Rose at their Grand Ticino table in "Moonstruck" [1986 or 1987] 11 8 6
Norman Jewison MIMI (Martha Collins) and RODOLFO (John Fanning) sing the lovers’ duet of farewell in Act III “La Boheme”…in "Moonstruck" [1986 or 1987] 11 8 7
Norman Jewison RODOLFO AND MIMI perform Act III of “La Boheme” as focus-puller Tom Ryan and camera operator Harald Ortenberger move in for the shot. Director Norman Jewison kneels behind the camera to experience the shot in "Moonstruck" [1986 or 1987] 11 8 8
Norman Jewison MIMI sings to RODOLFO in "Moonstruck" [1986 or 1987] 11 8 9-10
Norman Jewison Martha Collins (Mimi) and John Fanning (Rodolfo) rehearse the duet in Act III of “La Boheme”. First A.D. David McAree stands behind kneeling Best Boy Bob Daprato as Norman Jewison considers the shot in his viewfinder…in "Moonstruck" [1986 or 1987] 11 8 11
Norman Jewison Director’s observer Jeff Woolnough, Norman Jewison speaks with Lotfi Mansouri (General Director of the Canadian Opera Company and “Moonstruck” Opera Sequence Supervisor) ... [1986 or 1987] 11 8 12-13
Norman Jewison MIMI sings to RODOLFO in "Moonstruck" [1986 or 1987] 11 8 14-15
Norman Jewison THE OLD MAN (Feodor Chaliapin JR.) peers through his eyeglass for a photo shoot in the Cappomaggi Bedroom set of "Moonstruck" [1986 or 1987] 11 8 16
Norman Jewison Feodor Chaliapin (The Old Man) with THE FIVE DOGS, in the Cappomaggi on set of "Moonstruck" [1986 or 1987] 11 8 17
Norman Jewison Feodor Chaliapin (The Old Man) in the Cappomaggi bedroom "Moonstruck" set [1986 or 1987] 11 8 18
Norman Jewison Feodor Chaliapin (The Old Man) lying with the FIVE DOGS in the Cappomagi bedroom set of "Moonstruck" [1986 or 1987] 11 8 19
Norman Jewison Feodor Chaliapin on location shoot in Toronto for "Moonstruck" [1986 or 1987] 11 8 20
Norman Jewison In a graveyard, THE OLD MAN (Feodor Chaliapin) with his FIVE DOGS, PIETRO (Antonio Paraselli), FRANKO (Michael Barbaro) and three OLD ITALIAN MEN pay tribute to a recently departed friend…in "Moonstruck" [1986 or 1987] 11 8 21

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