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Format: 2020
Format: 2020
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Special Collection Title (PhotoDB) Dates Accession Box File Photo Number Details
Norman Jewison David Watkin, Harold Ortenberger, and Norman Jewison in IL Centro del Fromaggio – Toronto location for "Moonstruck" [1986 or 1987] 11 5 1
Norman Jewison RITA listens to RAYMOND discussing the night before in "Moonstruck" [1986 or 1987] 11 5 2
Norman Jewison RAYMOND sings to his wife in "Moonstruck" [1986 or 1987] 11 5 3
Norman Jewison RAYMOND CAPPOMAGGI sings to LORETTA in his provisions store in "Moonstruck" [1986 or 1987] 11 5 4
Norman Jewison RITA AND RAYMOND greet LORETTA to their store in "Moonstruck" [1986 or 1987] 11 5 5
Norman Jewison Norman Jewison discusses shot with cast and Feodor Chaliapin for "Moonstruck' [1986 or 1987] 11 5 6
Norman Jewison Vincent Gardenia, N. Jewison and F. Chaliapin at the table with Dennis Maitland and Bruno De la Celle in the b.g on set of "Moonstruck" [1986 or 1987] 11 5 7-8
Norman Jewison V.Gardini (sic), F. Chaliapin and J. Bovasso at the table, Norman envisions a shot with Harold Ortenberger (wearing vest) beside him and David Sheridan with the gray scale on set of "Moonstruck" [1986 or 1987] 11 5 9
Norman Jewison Norman Jewison talks with Feodor and Julie Bovasso, Bruno De la Celle (asst. propmaster in b.g.) on set of "Moonstruck" [1986 or 1987] 11 5 10
Norman Jewison COSMO, THE OLD MAN, RITA discuss LORETTA’s wedding plans and listen to RAYMOND’s story about COSMO’s moon in "Moonstruck" [1986 or 1987] 11 5 11
Norman Jewison COSMO, THE OLD MAN, RITA, ROSE AND RAYMOND at the Castorini’s in "Moonstruck" [1986 or 1987] 11 5 12
Norman Jewison COSMO tells RAYMOND that he dreamt the incident he recounts in "Moonstruck" [1986 or 1987] 11 5 13-14
Norman Jewison Having returned from a shopping spree to prepare for the opera, LORETTA admires her hair, and tries on a veil in "Moonstruck" [1986 or 1987] 11 5 15-17
Norman Jewison THE FIVE DOGS eagerly await the next plate to be brought over to the Dining room gate by THE OLD MAN in "Moonstruck" [1986 or 1987] 11 5 18
Norman Jewison LORETTA AND RONNY argue about past experiences of love in Ronny’s apartment kitchen in "Moonstruck" [1986 or 1987] 11 5 19
Norman Jewison LORETTA and RONNY argue about Ronny’s first engagement while they sit at the kitchen table in Ronny’s apartment in "Moonstruck" [1986 or 1987] 11 5 20-21

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