Nathanael Burwash Fonds

Series 4: Notes and manuscripts


Notes and manuscripts

Dates of Creation

1862–1923, predominant 1893–1915


1.50 m of textual records

Scope and Content

Series consists of notes and manuscripts, including notes for “Inductive Theology”, manuscripts for “Annual of Christian Theology” and research material and drafts for Burwash’s autobiography and biography, and the history of Victoria College, published 1927.


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See also Series 3 and 5.


  • Reminiscences

Box/File List

Acc. No. Box File Title Dates
1992.002V 20 518 Notes on the First Epistle of St. John. September, 1887
20 519 Notebook. “The University Forward Movement. Notes for
20 520 Notes for “A System of Inductive Theology” no.1. 1893
20 521 Notes for “Inductive Theology” no.2. 1893
20 522 Notes for “Inductive Theology” no.3. 1893
20 523 Notes for “Inductive Theology” no.4. [1893-1894]
20 524 Notes for “Inductive Theology” no.6. 1894
20 525 Notes for “Inductive Theology” no.8. February, 1895
21 526 Notes for “Systematic or Inductive Theology”. no.1. October, 1895
21 527 Notes for “Inductive Theology”. no.II. November 14, 1895
21 528 Notes for “Inductive Theology”. no.3. January, 1896
21 529 Notes for “Inductive Theology”. no. 4. March, 1896
21 530 Notes for “Inductive Theology”. no.5. October, 1896
21 531 Notes. “The Nature and Method of Divine Revelation”. No.1. November, 1897
21 532 Notes. “The Nature and Method of Divine Revelation”. No.2. November, 1897
21 533 Notes. “Systematic Theology: Part III. Division II.” February 26, 1906
21 534 Notes. “Systematic Theology”. Division IV. January, 1907
21 535 Notes. “Systematic Theology”. Part I. September, 1907
22 536 Notes on “History of Doctrine”. Part II. “Comparative Theology”. January, 1910
22 537 Notes on “History of Doctrine”. Part II. “Comparative Theology”. January 5, 1915
22 538 Notes on “History of Doctrine”. No.3. March 3, 1915
22 539 Manuscript. “The Holy Spirit in the Work of Human Salvation”. Ms.1. August, 1916
22 540 Manuscript. “The Holy Spirit in the Work of Human Salvation”. Ms.IA. 1916
22 541 Manuscript. “The Holy Spirit in the Work of Human Salvation”. Ms.IB. 1916
22 542 Manuscript. “The Office and Work of the Holy Spirit in the Christian Dispensation”. Ms.II. October, 1915
22 543 Manuscript. “The Holy Spirit in the Work of Human Salvation”. Ms.III. September, 1916
22 544 Manuscript. “The Order, Conditions and Process of the Work of the Holy Spirit in the Salvation of the Individual”. Ms.IV. November, 1915
22 545 Manuscript. “Salvation. The Work of the Holy Spirit”. Ms.V.. Notes. n.d.
“Types of Spiritual Life”
“New Testament Types”
“Ecclesiastical Types of Spiritual Life”
22 546 Notebook. Notes on “The Methodist Revival and Wesley’s Doctrinal Teaching”.
Notes on Christian Perfection for “Salvation. The Work of the Holy Spirit”. Ms.V.
22 547 Notebook. “Analectae Theologicae” and “Analysis of Wesleyan Theology." n.d.
22 548 Notes. “St. John’s Theology—Doctrine of the Christian Life.” n.d.
22 549 Notes. “Exegesis of Romans VII”. Part II. n.d.
22 550 Notes. “History of Doctrine.” n.d.
22 551 Notes.
“The Work and Baptism of the Spirit”
22 552 Incomplete Article. “Nietsche, Treitchke and the New Inter¬national Ethic.” n.d.
22 553 Notes. “The Colleges.” n.d.
22 554 Notes.
“Principles of the Calling and Election” “The New Probation”
22 555 Assorted and Incomplete Commentaries on Wesley’s Sermons. n.d.
22 556 Outline of Wesley’s Sermons. “Analysis of Contents” n.d.
23 557 Binder. “Church History Among the Anglosaxon Peoples” n.d.
23 558 Binder. “Church History Among the Anglosaxon Peoples,” with Additional Notes on the European Reformation. n.d.
23 559 Notebook. “Promise of the Gospel,” Belleville and “The Simple Way to Jesus.” July 30, 1862
23 560 Notebook of Clippings. “Missions 1863”. 1863
23 561 Notebook. “Theological Studies”. 1864. Toronto I. “Of the Knowledge and Proof of the Existence of God”
II. “Of a Divine Revelation—Its Possibility, Probability and Necessity”
III. “Evidence of Christianity”
IV. “Exegesis of the Scriptures”
V. “Doctrines of the Bible”
Sermon. “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ”. n.d.
23 562 Notebook. Address to Conference on Ideal of Ministerial Education. June, 1879.
  • Outline of Readings for Fellowship—Theological Union. n.d.
  • Address to the Ministers’ Normal Class for Sabbath School Teachers. n.d
  • Newspaper Clippings on Educational Fund.1879–1880
  • Newspaper Clippings on Course of Reading for Fellowship and Requirements for B.D. at Knox College. n.d.
  • List of Victoria College Students and Aid Given. n.d.
  • Figures on London Conference. n.d.
23 563 Notebook. Address. “The Relation of the Christian Church to the World’s Education.” 1883.
  • Notes on “Church, State and School”. December, 1883.
  • Newspaper Clipping on McGill University. 1882.
  • Note on Education. 1884.
  • Notes from London Conference on Appointments to College. n.d.
23 564 Notebook. Financial Notes on Montreal, London, Niagara, Guelph, Bay of Quinte, Toronto, and Outside Conferences. n.d.
  • Financial Information on the Ryerson Chair. n.d.
  • Financial Notes on the Confederation Movement. 1887.
  • Conference Address on University Federation. 1887.
  • Victoria College Accounts. n.d.
23 565 Notebook. “Sabbath School Lessons. Exposition of the Wesleyan Methodist Catechism.” No.II. n.d.
23 566 Notebook. Questions and Short Answers on Variety of Subjects Including Old Testament Studies, Logic, Natural Philosophy, Anatomy and Physiology (Cutler), Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments, Hamilton’s Metaphysics. n.d.
  • Newspaper Clippings on Gardening.
23 567 Notebook. “Memoranda” with notes on reducing silver, trip to Europe, scientific classification, accounts. [1868]
23 568 Handbook. “Growth in Grace or the Progress of the Christian from Penitence to Glory being a Selection of Scripture Illustrating the Attainment of Pardon and Perfect Love.” n.d.
23 569 Index to Library. 1862
23 570 Index of Library. January 1, 1879
23 571 Catalogue of the Books of Dr. Burwash in Victoria College Library. n.d.
23 572 Index Patrologiae.
Names and works of church fathers.
24 Manuscript. Manual of Christian Theology on the Inductive Method. vol.1. 1899
25 Manuscript. Manual of Christian Theology on the Inductive Method. vol.2. 1899
35 1

Memorandum of Agreement Between Victoria University and Executors of Estate of William Gooderham.

35 2 Memorandum to Canadian Methodist Review re: Meeting of Victoria College Board of Management. January 29, 1896
35 3 Memorandum re: Executive Committee Meeting Regarding Purchase of Czar Street Property by College. May 6, 1898
35 4 Memorandum re: Executive Committee Meeting Regarding Insurance. October 13, 1898
35 5 Memorandum to the Members of the Legislature and the People of Ontario re: Comparison of Funding Between Canadian and American Educational Systems. 1901
35 6 Memorandum for Senate re: University Commission. February 1, 1906
35 7 Memorial to Minister of Education from Ontario Educational Association re: Superannuation of Teachers. Toronto June 20, 1911
35 8 Memorandum Relating to the Correlation of Departmental Examinations for Matriculation Purposes. c.1911
35 9 Memorandum re: Role of Chancellor n.d.
35 10 Memorandum of Points re: University Bill. [1901?]
35 11 Memorandum of the Senate of Victoria University re: University Bill of 1901. [1901?]
35 12 Memorandum Regarding the Relations of the University of Toronto and Affiliated Colleges and the Taking Common Action to Secure Increased Aid from the Government. n.d.
35 13 Memorandum re: University Bill and Modifications n.d.
35 14 Memorandum to University Commission from Burwash. n.d.
35 15 Memorandum for the Honorable E.J. Davis re: Victoria University Bill n.d.
35 16 Memorial of the Senate of Victoria University to the Senate of the University of Toronto re: Curriculum Consultation n.d.
35 17 Memorandum for Burwash re: Biographical Information on William Kerr n.d.
35 18 Memorandum for Mr. Gundy re: Publication of Manual of Christian Theology n.d.
35 19 Resolution by University of Toronto Senate on Death of Principal Caven 1904
35 20 Copy of Resolutions Passed by the Senate of Victoria and Forwarded to the University Commission re: University Changes December 1, 1905
35 21 Resolutions for Meeting of Senate or Alumni. n.d.
35 22 List of Powers of Senate. n.d.
35 23 Comparative Financial Statement for Victoria College 1893–1912
35 24 Financial Estimates for Victoria University. 1895–1896
35 25 Financial Estimates for Victoria’s Options Prior to Federation. n.d.
35 26 Notebook of Contributions to the Burwash Jubilee and Memorial Fund per Rev. S.C. Moore, Treasurer April, 1910–October, 1913
35 27 List of Subscribers for Burwash Memorial Fund. May, 1910–December, 1913
35 28 Minutes of Committee on Legislation. March 29-April 6, 1887
35 29 Minutes of Joint Meeting of Board of Regents and Advising Committee re: Federation. Metropolitan Church, Toronto. May 30, 1889
35 30 Minutes of Meeting of Committee on Faculty. December 29, 1910
35 31 Minutes of Joint Committee of Consultation with University Commission re: University and University College. n.d.
35 32 Notes on the University Bill. 1906
35 33 Notes on Committee Interview with Government re: Federation. 1888
35 34 Notes on Wesley’s Sermons re: Experimental Crisis n.d.
35 35 Notes re: Charter of University of King’s College. n.d
35 36 Notes re: “The Roman Catholic Doctrinal System.” n.d.
35 37 Notes re: Case of Cobourg et al. vs. Victoria University n.d.
35 38 Faculty of Theology Class Record 1873–1897
35 39 Documents Used in Mulock and Ross Conferences of 1884 re: Federation. 1884
35 40 Notebook. Special Letter to Older Alumni re: University Confederation n.d. Letter to W. Mulock re: Federation March 18, 1885
35 41

Mandate of Commission on Consolidation of Universities.

35 42 First Draft of the Federation Act (An Act Respecting the University of Toronto and University College) with Burwash’s Notes and Queries. 1887
35 43 Statement to Board of Regents from Faculty of Theology re: Higher Criticism. March 22, 1909
35 44

Student Examinations in Practical Theology.

January 21, 1916
35 45 Memorabilia re: Battle of Lime Ridge. 1916
35 46
Obituary Tribute to Burwash by Maurice Hutton
[April, 1918]
35 47 Objections to Resolution re: Federation. n.d.
35 48 Proposal for Adjustment of Relations Between Colleges and University. n.d.
35 49 Notes and Maps re: Victoria College Property. n.d.
35 50 Draft Bill to Enact Constitutional Changes in Queen’s University. n.d.
35 51 Outline of Historical Facts re: Victoria University. n.d.
35 52 Explanation of Governing System of Victoria University. n.d.
35 53 “Points to be Defined More CLearly” (Federation) n.d.
35 54 Outline of Course Work. n.d.
35 55 Proposal for Board of Graduate Studies. n.d.
35 56 First Draft and Revised Copies of Supplementary Statement re: Proposed Changes at University of Toronto. n.d.
35 57 Synopsis of Government of the University n.d.
35 58 Notebook of Student Names, Addresses, and Academic Backgrounds. n.d.
35 59 Church Roll for Victoria College Students. n.d.
35 60 Notebook of Hebrew Exercises from Arnold’s First Book. n.d.
35 61 Notebook. “An Outline of Official Action Regarding the Federation of Victoria with the Provincial University” n.d.
35 62 Notebook. “An Outline of Official Action Regarding the Federation of Victoria with the Provincial University” n.d.