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Series 2: Sermons, addresses and articles


Sermons, Addresses and Articles

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Scope and Content

Series consists of published and unpublished sermons, addresses and articles on a variety of topics. Includes addresses to students for opening sessions of Knox College and Emmanuel College, addresses and articles on a variety of topics such as theological education, missions, and church union, as well as addresses for specific individuals.  Series also consists of reports and notes related to the curriculum at Knox College and on missionary work. 


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See Emmanuel College Principal's Office (Fonds 2062)

Associated material

The Presbyterian Church in Canada Archives holds the records of Knox College.

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  • Gandier, Alfred, 1861–1932


  • Sermons

Box/File List

Acc. No. Box File Title Date
1992.006 2 21 Inaugural address, inauguration as Principal of Knox College, Convocation Hall, Toronto 19 November, 1908
2 22 Addressees for Opening Sessions at Knox College 1909-1936
2 23 Addresses for Convocations at Knox College 1908–1913, 1926
2 24 Addresses and articles about Knox College buildings (2) n.d.
2 25 Invocation at final service in Knox College chapel 1927
2 26 Address on occasion of unveiling of oil portrait of Principal Gandier in Burwash Hall, Toronto 16 April 1928
2 27 Addresses to students and alumni of United Church colleges in Toronto.
a. Address to Victoria College alumni/ae, n.d.
b. Address to graduating class of Emmanuel College, 19 April 1932 (manuscript)
c. Address to same (typescript)
d. Address to students of Emmanuel College, 1932
e. Address to graduating class of United Church Training School, 1932
2 28 Addresses and articles on theological education and the ministry
a. Notes of an address or article, “Men for the Ministry,” ca. 1911
b. Address at Conference of Theological Seminaries and Colleges of the U.S. and Canada, ca. 1926–28
c. ---, ca. 1930
d. Address to ministers and alumni of Colgate-Rochester Theological Seminary
e. Address or article, “The Ministry as a Vocation,” n.d.
f. Address or article, “Theological Education in the United Church of Canada,: n.d.
2 29 Addresses and articles on missions
a. Address or article, untitled (foreign missions), n.d.
b. “The Pastor and Missionary Awakening”, n.d.
c. untitled (giving for missions), n.d.
d. “Prayer and Missions,” n.d.
e. “The Ukrainian People of the Canadian West and Our School Homes,” n.d.
f. Article, “Canada, Foreign Missions, and the war,” ca. 1918
g. Article for The Record, “Recruits for Service,” Young Peoples’ Topic for 29 Sept. 1918
h. Article for The Record, “The Forward Movement and Committee of Fifty,” ca. 1918
2 30 Addresses and articles on church union movement in Canada
a. Address to Synod of New York, “Church Union in Canada,” ca. 1927
b. untitled (church union legislation), n.d.
c. “The Need of Church Union,” n.d.
d. “Co-operation and Local Union Churches,” n.d.
e. “Union not a change in the organization of the local church,” n.d.
f. “Co-operation with Organic Union as a Goal,” n.d.
g. “The Ministry,” n.d.
h. “Is the proposed union predictable?”, n.d.
2 31 Addresses and articles on biblical and moral topics
a. Address to Convention of Religious Education Association, “Education in Relation to the Home,” n.d.
b. “The Life Giving Word of God,” n.d.
c. “The Need of Power and the Power we Need,” n.d.
d. “The Moral Ideal--Greek and Christian,” n.d.
e. untitled (state law and ultimate morality), n.d.
2 32 Addresses and articles on miscellaneous topics
a. untitled (support for Union Government during World War I), n.d.
b. “The West”, n.d.
c. “Scotsmen in Canada,” n.d.
d. “A Plea for France” (to rebuild Protestant Churches), n.d.
2 33 Addresses in honor of various individuals
a. Commendation of work of Rev. H. Roswell Bates, n.d.
b. Memorial address in honor of Rev. Bates (regular guest lecturer at Knox College from New York), n.d.
c. Address in honor of Dr. Carmichael, n.d.
d. Address at funeral of Sir Wm. Mortimer Clarke (d. 1917), n.d.
e. Address at installation of Principal Davidson at Emmanuel College (1932)
f. Announcement of appointment of Rev. John Dow to faculty of Knox College, n.d.
g. Address at funeral of Dr. Embree, n.d.
h. Address at funeral of A.T. Reid, n.d.
i. Memorial address in honor or John D. Robertson, n.d.
2 34 Address to Congress of Presbyterian Church in Canada, untitled (church renewal) (2 copies) 1913
2 35 Chapter of an unmentioned larger work, “Chapter VIII—The Forces of the Kingdom” n.d.
2 36 Book reviews
a. Review of J.T. Taylor, “In the heart of India: The Work of the Canadian Presbyterian Mission” (1916), n.d.
b. Review of O.E. Freeman, “The Philosophy of Creation”, n.d.
c. Review of Morton, “The Way to Union”, n.d.
2 37 Sermons
a. “A People Prepared for the Lord,” Luke 1:7, n.d.
b. Ephes. 4:13, n.d.
2 38 Reports
a. “Report of Mission Work during summer of 1881,” n.d.
b. “Report to Committee of Board and Senate,” (1909?)
c. Prof. Kilpatrick’s report of visit to Union Seminary, New York, and Principal Gandier’s report of attendance at Social Meeting of the Theological Faculties’ Union of Chicago and Vicinity, n.d.
2 39 Notes on college curriculum
a. Letter from Rev. C.W. Gordon (1910) concerning training of ministers and missionaries, and notes by A. Gandier giving his views on curriculum, ca. 1910
b. Notes, “College Curriculum for canadian Ministers,” n.d.
c. Notes on curriculum of Knox College, n.d.
2 43 Published sermon, “A Sermon for the New Year,” St. James Square Church, Toronto (2 copies) 31 December 1905
2 44 Published articles on missions [between 1910 and 1930]
2 45 Published articles on church union in Canada [between 1910 and 1930]
2 46 Published articles on biblical, theological and moral topics [between 1910 and 1930]
2 47 Published articles on miscellaneous topics [between 1910 and 1930]
2 48 Pamphlets on fund-raising for church and missions [between 1910 and 1930]
2 49 Clippings - Newspaper and magazine articles about A. Gandier [before 1932]
1992.039 1 1 Notes on theological subjects n.d.