New Acquisitions for January 2024

A - General
The World almanac and book of facts.
The World almanac and book of facts.
Canadian almanac & directory.
Writing the history of the humanities : questions, themes, and approaches edited by Herman Paul.
AZ103 .W75 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
B - Philosophy
The dangerous life and ideas of Diogenes the Cynic Jean-Manuel Roubineau ; translated by Malcolm DeBevoise ; foreword by Philip Mitsis.
B305 .D44 R68 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Aristotle on happiness, virtue, and wisdom Bryan C. Reece, University of Arkansas.
B485 .R375 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Power and persuasion in Cicero's philosophy edited by Nathan Gilbert, University of Durham, Margaret Graver, Dartmouth College, Sean McConnell, University of Otago.
B553 .P69 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Seneca : the literary philosopher Margaret Graver, Dartmouth College.
B618 .G68 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Monologion ; and, Proslogion : with the replies of Gaunilo and Anselm Anselm ; translated, with introduction and notes, by Thomas Williams.
B765 .A83 M613 1996 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Media & the mind : art, science, and notebooks as paper machines, 1700-1830 Matthew Daniel Eddy.
B1402 .E55 E33 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Descartes in context : essays Emanuela Scribano.
B1875 .S395 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Historical dictionary of the Enlightenment Jonathan Israel.
B1925 .E5 I87 2023 REFERENCE (VIC_PRATT)
French philosophy in the nineteenth century Felix Ravaission ; translated with introduction and notes by Mark Sinclair.
B2185 .R313 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Kant and the naturalistic turn of 18th century philosophy Catherine Wilson.
B2798 .W76 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The origins of Kant's aesthetics Robert R. Clewis.
B2799 .A4 C54 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
BF - Psychology
Erich Fromm and global public sociology Neil McLaughlin.
BF109 .F76 M34 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Emotion : a very short introduction Dylan Evans.
BF531 .E78 2019 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Enmity and violence in early modern Europe Stuart Carroll, University of York.
BF575 .H6 C37 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
BL - Religion
The Wiley Blackwell companion to comparative theology : a festschrift in honor of Francis X. Clooney, SJ edited by Axel M. Oaks Takacs, Joseph L. Kimmel.
Religion and justice editor, Y.T. Vinayaraj.
BL65 .J87 R45 2022 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Breaking the spiritual care code : toward a standard of practice Dennis E. Kenny ; foreword by Wayne Muller.
BL65 .M4 K388 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Pilgrimage and ambiguity : sharing the sacred edited by Angela Hobart and Thierry Zarcone.
BL619 .P5 P56 2017 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
The Bhagavad Gita introduced & translated by Eknath Easwaran.
BL1138.62 .E5 2007 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
BP - Islam
Heresy and the formation of medieval Islamic orthodoxy : the making of Sunnism, from the Eighth to the Eleventh Centuries Ahmad Khan.
BP166.14 .H2 K435 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Christian-Muslim relations : primary sources.
BP172 .C43 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Christian-Muslim relations : primary sources.
BP172 .C43 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Christian-Muslim relations : primary sources.
BP172 .C43 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
BQ - Buddhism
Kalyāṇamitra : a model for Buddhist spiritual care Rev. Dr. Monica Sanford.
BQ5305 .C4 S26 2020 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
The space of religion : temple, state, and Buddhist communities in modern China Yoshiko Ashiwa and David L. Wank.
BQ6345 .X5352 A74 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
BR - Christianity
Wesleyan theological journal.
Chrysostomus javelli : Pagan philosophy and Christian thought in the Renaissance Tommaso De Robertis, Luca Burzelli, editors.
The godless crusade : religion, populism and right-wing identity politics in the West Tobias Cremer.
BR115 .P7 C68945 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The Cambridge history of ancient Christianity edited by Bruce W. Longenecker, Baylor University, Texas, David E. Wilhite, Baylor University, Texas.
BR162.3 .C36 2024 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
The early Christians : from the beginnings to Constantine Hartmut Leppin ; translated by Kathrin Lüddecke.
BR162.3 .L47713 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Disability, medicine, and healing discourse in early Christianity : new conversations for health humanities edited by Susan R. Holman, Chris L. de Wet, Jonathan L. Zecher.
BR195 .M43 D57 2024 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Archiv für Reformationsgeschichte : internationale Zeitschrift zur Erforschung der Reformation und ihrer Weltwirkungen.
Luther-Jahrbuch : Jahrbuch der Luther-Gesellschaft.
BS - Bible
Ohiatonhseratokénti = The Holy Bible in Mohawk.
Icones illustrium feminarum veteris [et novi] testamenti a Philippo Gallae collectae atque expressae ; a Cornelio Kiliano Dufflaeo versibus breuiter explanatae ...
Divine anger in the Hebrew Bible by Deena E. Grant.
BS1199 .A53 G73 2014a STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Habakkuk : the judge of all the earth shall do right Kenneth J. Turner ; Daniel I. Block, general editor.
BS1635.53 .T87 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
BT - Doctrinal Theology
Oxford history of modern German theology general editors, Johannes Zachhuber, David Lincicum, Judith Wolfe.
BT30 .G3 O94 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Theologie und Kinder herausgegeben von Rebekka Klein, Katharina Pyschny und Henrik Simojoki.
BT705 .T446 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
BV - Practical Theology
The Abingdon preaching annual.
Chaplaincy : a hospital chaplain intern's journey Apara Mahal Sylvester.
BV4335 .S98 2020 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Perfect in weakness : disability and human flourishing in the new creation Maja I. Whitaker.
BV4460 .W448 2023 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
BX - Denominations and Sects
A history of the desire for Christian unity : ecumenism in the churches (19th-21st century) directed by Alberto Melloni ; edited by Luca Ferracci.
BX6.5 .H569 2021 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Building the Church of England : the Book of Common Prayer and the Edwardian Reformation by Stephen Tong.
Journal Alberta & Northwest Conference United Church of Canada Historical Society.
BX9881.4 .A52 J68 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
1650-1850 : ideas, aesthetics, and inquiries in the early modern era.
Lumen : selected proceedings from the Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies = Travaux choisis de la Société canadienne d'étude du dix-huitième siècle.
More than a footnote : Canadian women you should know Karin Wells.
CT3270 .W45 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
D - Old World History
Catalogus annorum et principum siue monarcharum mundi : geminus plerisque in locis obscurioribus illustratus & in caelebrioribus locupletatus at[que] à mendis, recognitione diligenti repurgatus : cum accessione multorum aliorum quae in priori aeditione non continebantur, quemadmodum suis locis toto libro uidere licebit, ab homine condito, us[que] in praesentem, à nato Christo, millesimum quingentesimum & quinquagesimum annum deductus & continuatus per D. Valerium Anselmum Ryd.
The forgers : the forgotten story of the Holocaust's most audacious rescue operation Roger Moorhouse.
D804.6 .M667 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Macbeth before Shakespeare Benjamin Hudson.
DA778.8 .H83 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The Hundred Years' War Jonathan Sumption.
The revolutionary temper : Paris, 1748-1789 Robert Darnton.
DC729 .D374 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Ottomans in eighteenth-century Prussia : delegates to diplomats Irena Fliter.
DD197.5 .F55 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The Hitler I knew : the memoirs of the Third Reich's press chief Otto Dietrich ; introduction by Roger Moorhouse.
DD247 .H5 D5613 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Hitler's tyranny : a history in ten chapters Ralf Georg Reuth ; translated from German by Peter Lewis.
DD247 .H5 R48313 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Inside Pompeii [photographed by] Luigi Spina ; editor, Lucia Moretti ; translated from the Italian by Emma Mandley ; descriptive texts written by Domenico Esposito.
DG70 .P7 S65 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Imagining the Roman emperor : perceptions of rulers in the high empire Panayiotis Christoforou.
DG273 .C47 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Emperor of Rome : ruling the ancient Roman world Mary Beard.
DG274 .B42 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Volcanic : Vesuvius in the age of revolutions John Brewer.
DG975 .V6 B748 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Overreach : the inside story of Putin's war against Ukraine Owen Matthews.
DK508.852 .M427 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Beyond orientalism : Ahmad ibn Qāsim al-Hajarī between Europe and North Africa Oumelbanine Zhiri.
DP103.7 .I26 Z45 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Iraq against the world : Saddam, America, and the post-Cold War order Samuel Helfont.
DS79.75 .H45 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The Posen Library of Jewish culture and civilization James E. Young, editor in chief.
DS117 .P64 2012 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The atrocity of hunger : starvation in the Warsaw, Łódź, and Kraków Ghettos during World War II Helene J. Sinnreich, University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
DS134.55 .S566 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The East India Company and the politics of knowledge Joshua Ehrlich, University of Macau.
DS465 .E176 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Hafsids and Habsburgs in the early modern Mediterranean : facing Tunis Cristelle L. Baskins.
E - North American and General U.S. History
Cheated : the Laurier Liberals and the theft of First Nations reserve land Bill Waiser and Jennie Hansen.
E92 .W35 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Stored in the bones : safeguarding Indigenous living heritages Agnieszka Pawłowska-Mainville.
E98 .S7 P38 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Being in being : the collected works of a master Haida mythteller Skaay of the Qquuna Qiighawaay ; edited & translated by Robert Bringhurst.
E99 .H2 S5213 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Syuwén ct : snunéymuxw mulstímuxw, Methodist ťiwi'ulhéwtxw 'u Kanata, Coqualeetza ťakw 'i' skwool = The history that we share : Nanaimo Indian Band, Methodist Church of Canada, Coqualeetza Home and School xwu'xwi'é:m kinum Robert Janning ; Hul'q'umi'num' translation, Adam Manson.
E99 .S21 J36 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Flee north : a forgotten hero and the fight for freedom in slavery's borderland Scott Shane.
E450 .S59 S53 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
F - Canadian History, U.S. State and Local History
The Canadian who's who.
The Canadian who's who.
Stoneface : a defiant Dene Stephen Kakfwi.
F1060.935 .K35 A3 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Legends of the Capilano E. Pauline Johnson (Tekahionwake) with Chief Joe Capilano (Sahp-luk) and Mary Agnes Capilano (Lixwelut) ; edited by Alix Shield.
F1089 .V3 J8 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
G - Geography, Anthropology, Folklore, Etc.
It takes a village : spinning the collective yarn : the 2023 Pratt lecture Peter Balkwill.
GR72.3 .B35 2023 EJPRATT (VIC_PRATT)
It takes a village : spinning the collective yarn : the 2023 Pratt lecture Peter Balkwill.
GR72.3 .B35 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Style & society : dressing the Georgians Anna Reynolds.
GT736 .R49 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Living with the dead : how we care for the deceased Vibeke Maria Viestad and Andreas Viestad ; translated by Matt Bagguley.
GT3150 .V5413 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Astaire by numbers : time and the straight white male dancer Todd Decker.
GV1785 .A83 D43 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
H - Social Sciences
The age of discontent : populism, extremism, and conspiracy theories in contemporary democracies Matthew Rhodes-Purdy, Rachel Navarre, Stephen Utych.
HB3718 .R46 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Networks of improvement : literature, bodies, and machines in the Industrial Revolution Jon Mee.
HC254.5 .M44 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Hunger, appetite and the politics of the renaissance stage Matt Williamson, University of Oslo.
HD9000.5 .W478 2021 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Arts, entrepreneurship, and innovation Joanna Woronkowicz, editor.
HD9999 .C9472 A67 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
A train in the night : the tragedy of Lac-Mégantic Anne-Marie Saint-Cerny, Christian Quesnel ; translated by W. Donald Wilson.
HE1783 .C3 S2413 2022 OVERSIZE (VIC_PRATT)
Adventurers : the improbable rise of the East India Company, 1550-1650 David Howarth.
HF486 .E6 H68 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Barcode Jordan Frith.
HF5416 .F755 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Rethinking modernity : postcolonialism and the sociological imagination Gurminder K. Bhambra.
HM585 .B486 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
On community Casey Plett.
HM756 .P54 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Equality : the history of an elusive idea Darrin M. McMahon.
HM821 .M396 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Friends of Dorothy : a celebration of LGBTQ+ icons Anthony Uzarowski ; with artwork by Alejandro Mogollo Díez.
HQ75.2 .U93 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Marry me a little : a graphic memoir Rob Kirby.
HQ1034 .U5 K57 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Making the renaissance man : masculinity in the courts of renaissance Italy Timothy McCall.
HQ1090.7 .I8 M33 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Early modern women Center for Renaissance & Baroque Studies, University of Maryland, College Park.
Suburbs : a very short introduction Carl Abbott.
HT351 .A23 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Policing pregnant bodies : from ancient Greece to post-Roe America Kathleen M. Crowther.
HV699 .C775 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Skating on thin ice : professional hockey, rape culture, & violence against women Walter S. DeKeseredy, Stu Cowan, Martin D. Schwartz ; foreword by Heather Mallick ; afterword by Jack Todd.
HV6250.4 .W65 D45 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Dirty money : financial crime in Canada edited by Christian Leuprecht and Jamie Ferrill.
HV6771 .C3 D57 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
One big self : prisoners of Louisiana photographs, Deborah Luster ; text, C.D. Wright.
HV9475 .L2 L872 2003 OVERSIZE (VIC_PRATT)
One big self : prisoners of Louisiana photographs, Deborah Luster ; text, C.D. Wright.
HV9475 .L2 L872 2003 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
J - Political Science
The principle of political hope : progress, action, and democracy in modern thought Loren Goldman.
JA76 .G566 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Of rule and office : Plato's ideas of the political Melissa Lane.
The Persian Prince : the rise and resurrection of an imperial archetype Hamid Dabashi.
JC330 .D335 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The civic bargain : how democracy survives Brook Manville and Josiah Ober.
JC423 .M2127 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Liberalism against itself : Cold War intellectuals and the making of our times Samuel Moyn.
JC574 .M685 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Democracy erodes from the top : leaders, citizens, and the challenge of populism in Europe Larry M. Bartels.
JN40 .B356 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The new Leviathans : thoughts after liberalism John Gray.
JZ1307 .G73 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
L - Education
Patriotism and reform in Nordic universities during the long eighteenth century Mikkel Munthe Jensen.
LA861.5 .J46 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
M - Music
Hymns ancient and modern for the use in the services of the church : with accompanying tunes.
M2136 .H967 1924 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
ML - Literature on music
Ritual music : studies in liturgical musicology Edward Foley.
ML3000 .F65 1995 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
N - Fine Arts
The memoirs of Miss Chief Eagle Testickle : a true and exact accounting of the history of Turtle Island Kent Monkman & Gisèle Gordon.
N6549 .M646 A2 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The memoirs of Miss Chief Eagle Testickle : a true and exact accounting of the history of Turtle Island Kent Monkman & Gisèle Gordon.
N6549 .M646 A2 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Making her mark : a history of women artists in Europe, 1400-1800 edited by Andaleeb Badiee Banta and Alexa Greist, with Theresa Kutasz Christensen.
N8354 .M34 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The origins of Greek temple architecture Alessandro Pierattini, University of Nortre Dame.
NA275 .P54 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Tiny treasures: the magic of miniatures Courtney Leigh Harris.
NK8470 .H35 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Knowings and knots : methodologies and ecologies in research-creation Natalie Loveless, editor.
NX280 .K66 2020 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
The Dutch Republic and the lure of monarchy edited by Joris Oddens, Alessandro Metlica and Gloria Moorman.
NX650 .P628 D88 2023 LIBRARYUSE (VIC_CRRS)
Seeing race before race : visual culture and the racial matrix in the premodern world edited by Noémie Ndiaye and Lia Markey.
P - Philology, Linguistics, Etc.
A myriad of tongues : how languages reveal differences in how we think Caleb Everett.
P35 .E898 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The language of violent jihad Paul Baker, Rachelle Vessey, Tony McEnery.
P120 .T47 B35 2021 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Style & substance : a guide to finding and joining the academic conversation John Lambersky.
PE1478 .L36 2022Y STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Hell arrayed = Tofteh ‘arukh : a seventeenth-century Hebrew poem on the punishment of the wicked in the afterlife Moses Zacuto ; translated, annotated, and introduced by Michela Andreatta.
PJ5050 .Z28 T6413 2023 LIBRARYUSE (VIC_CRRS)
Hell arrayed = Tofteh ‘arukh : a seventeenth-century Hebrew poem on the punishment of the wicked in the afterlife Moses Zacuto ; translated, annotated, and introduced by Michela Andreatta.
PJ5050 .Z28 T6413 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
PA - Classical Literature
The Latin language and the Enlightenment edited by Floris Verhaart and Laurence Brockliss.
PA2057 .L385 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
How women became poets : a gender history of Greek literature Emily Hauser.
PA3067 .H38 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Lucretius and the end of masculinity Michael Pope.
PA6485 .P67 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Fate and the hero in Virgil's Aeneid : Stoic world fate and human responsibility Graham Zanker.
PA6825 .Z34 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
PN - General and Comparative Literature, Performing Arts
Detoxing masculinity in anglophone literature and culture : in search of good men Sara Martín, M. Isabel Santaulària, editors.
PN56 .M316 D48 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The sacred life of modernist literature : immanence, occultism, and the making of the modern world Allan Kilner-Johnson.
PN56 .M54 K55 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The lost princess : women writers and the history of classic fairy tales Anne E. Duggan.
PN56.5 .W64 D84 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The year's work in critical and cultural theory.
Who wrote this? : how AI and the lure of efficiency threaten human writing Naomi S. Baron.
PN171 .T43 B37 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Crafting poems and stories : a guide to creative writing Ethel Rackin.
PN187 .R33 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Kendine ait bir oda Virginia Woolf ; çevirmen Arzu Kumbaroğlu.
PN471 .W619 2017 WOOLF (VIC_PRATT)
Kendine ait bir oda Virginia Woolf ; çeviren, Mehmet Ortaç
PN471 .W619 2018a WOOLF (VIC_PRATT)
Kendine ait bir oda Virginia Woolf ; çeviren Nilay Öztürk ; [Harold Bloom'un sonsözüyle].
PN471 .W619 2019a WOOLF (VIC_PRATT)
Kendine ait bir oda Virginia Woolf ; [ingilizce aslindan çeviren, Nurgŭl Polat].
PN471 .W619 2019b WOOLF (VIC_PRATT)
Kendine ait bir oda Virginia Woolf ; ingilizceden çeviren, Ezgi Taboğlu Özkülahçi.
PN471 .W619 2019c WOOLF (VIC_PRATT)
Pu tong du zhe Virginia Woolf zhu ; Ma Aixin yi.
PN511 .W7127 2013 WOOLF (VIC_PRATT)
Jak to vidí současník Virginia Woolfová ; z angličtiny přeložila Ivana Jílovcová-Fieldová
PN511 .W71277 2000 WOOLF (VIC_PRATT)
Heroic awe : the sublime and the remaking of Renaissance epic Kelly Lehtonen.
Faith and the zombie : critical essays on the end of the world and beyond edited by Simon Bacon ; foreword by Peter Dendle.
PN1995.9 .Z63 F35 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Cinema's original sin : D. W. Griffith, American racism, and the rise of film culture Paul McEwan.
PN1997 .B567 M35 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Maurice David Greven.
PN1997 .M397 G74 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
A raisin in the sun : the unfilmed original screenplay Lorraine Hansberry ; edited by Robert Nemiroff ; foreword by Jewell Handy Gresham-Nemiroff ; introduction by Margaret B. Wilkerson ; with a commentary by Spike Lee.
PN1997 .R2259 1992 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Race, nation and cultural power in film adaptation Gillian Roberts.
PN1997.85 .R63 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Ferocious ambition : Joan Crawford's march to stardom Robert Dance.
PN2287 .C67 D36 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Magazine Jeff Jarvis.
PN4877 .J37 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
My name is not Harry : a memoir Haroon Siddiqui.
PN4913 .S54 A3 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Decadent women : yellow book lives Jad Adams.
PN5130 .Y4 A33 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Between laughter and satire : aspects of the historical study of humour Conal Condren.
PN6147 .C66 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Doctor Partridge's almanack for 1935 with an account of his resurrection from the grave after lying dead in it for 2 centuries, by G. Robinson. Also a brief exposition of his religious & astrological teaching by Professor Blish ; collected and set forth by George Beaton.
PN6231 .A73 B7 1934 WOOLF (VIC_PRATT)
A fade of light by Nate Fakes.
PN6727 .F29 F33 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
We are not strangers Josh Tuininga ; [colorist, Avery Bacon].
PN6727 .T84 W4 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Alberta comics : home edited by Shea Proulx, Alexander Finbow, and Emily Pomeroy.
PN6732 .A43 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Revenge of the librarians cartoons by Tom Gauld.
PN6737 .G38 R48 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Queenie : godmother of Harlem Elizabeth Colomba, Aurélie Levy.
PN6747 .C565 Q4413 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
40 men and 12 rifles : Indochina 1954 Marcelino Truong ; translated by David Homel.
PN6747 .T78 A61413 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The night marchers : and other Oceanian stories [editors, Kel McDonald, Kate Ashwin & Sloane Leong].
PN6790 .O252 N54 2021 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
PQ - Literature of the Romance Languages
Les Lumières de la jeunesse : les réécritures pour le jeune public au XVIIIe et au début du XIXe siècle sous la direction de Ugo Dionne et Michel Fournier.
PQ845 .L86 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Elie Wiesel : confronting the silence Joseph Berger.
PQ2683 .I32 Z5825 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Dandelion daughter : a novel Gabrielle Boulianne-Tremblay ; translated from the French by Eli Tareq El Bechelany-Lynch.
PQ3919.3 .B6829 F5513 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Dante's new lives : biography and autobiography Elisa Brilli and Giuliano Milani ; [translated by Mary Maschio and Eva Plesnik].
PQ4335 .B7513 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Lies and sorcery Elsa Morante ; translated from the Italian by Jenny McPhee.
PQ4829 .O615 M413 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The war trumpet : Iberian epic poetry, 1543-1639 edited by Emiro Martínez-Osorio and Mercedes Blanco.
Explosion in a cathedral Alejo Carpentier ; translated by Adrian Nathan West ; foreword by Alejandro Zamba.
PQ7389 .C263 S513 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
PR - Canadian and English Literature
Humour in old English literature : communities of laughter in early medieval England Jonathan Wilcox.
PR173 .W55 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Fictions of consent : slavery, servitude, and free service in early modern England Urvashi Chakravarty.
Reading it wrong : an alternative history of early eighteenth-century literature Abigail Williams.
PR441 .W55 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
My dark room : spaces of the inner self in the long eighteenth century Julie Park.
PR448 .S69 P37 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Untimely deaths in Renaissance drama : biography, history, catastrophe Andrew Griffin.
The pursuit of style in early modern drama : forms of talk on the London stage Matthew Hunter.
PR658 .L354 H86 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Communal justice in Shakespeare’s England : drama, law, and emotion Penelope Geng.
Words in collision : multilingualism in English-language fiction Michael L. Ross.
PR878 .L35 R67 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Visionary Spenser and the poetics of early modern Platonism Kenneth Borris.
Shakespeare and Asia edited by Jonathan Locke Hart.
PR2971 .A78 S535 2019 LIBRARYUSE (VIC_CRRS)
Shakespeare and Beckett : restless echoes Claudia Olk, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich.
PR2976 .O4 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Shakespeare's dialectic of hope : from the political to the utopian Hugh Grady, Arcadia University.
PR3017 .G74 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Shakespeare, the Renaissance and empire. Volume 1, Geography and language Jonathan Locke Hart.
Shakespeare, the Renaissance and empire. Volume II, Poetry, philosophy and politics Jonathan Locke Hart.
Performing Restoration Shakespeare edited by Amanda Eubanks Winkler, Claude Fretz, Richard Schoch.
PR3097 .P47 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Charles Dickens and Georgina Hogarth : a curious and enduring relationship Christine Skelton.
PR4582 .S54 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The captain of the Polestar : a ghost story for Christmas Arthur Conan Doyle ; designed & decorated by Seth.
PR4622 .C37 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Woman much missed : Thomas Hardy, Emma Hardy, and poetry Mark Ford.
PR4754 .F67 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Scott's works.
Scott's works.
Scott's works.
Scott's works.
Scott's works.
Scott's works.
Scott's works.
Scott's works.
Scott's works.
Scott's works.
Scott's works.
Scott's works.
Scott's works.
Scott's works.
Scott's works.
Scott's works.
Scott's works.
Scott's works.
Scott's works.
Scott's works.
Scott's works.
Scott's works.
Scott's works.
Scott's works.
Scott's works.
Scott's works.
The house by the poppy field : a ghost story for Christmas Marjorie Bowen ; designed & decorated by Seth.
PR6003 .O676 H68 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
A room in a rectory : a ghost story for Christmas Andrew Caldecott ; designed & decorated by Seth.
PR6005 .A396 R66 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Conrad without borders : transcultural and transtextual perspectives edited by Brendan Kavanagh, Graz̓yna Maria Teresa Branny, and Agnieszka Adamowicz-Pośpiech.
PR6005 .O4 Z581166 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Vom Verachtetwerden oder Drei Guineen Virginia Woolf ; Aus dem Englischen und mit einem Nachwort von Antje Rávik Strubel.
PR6045 .O72 T515 2021 WOOLF (VIC_PRATT)
Virginia Woolf & Lytton Strachey : letters Edited by Leonard Woolf & James Strachey.
PR6045 .O72 Z53 1956a WOOLF (VIC_PRATT)
The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy Douglas Adams.
PR6051 .D3352 H5 1979 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Bournville : a novel in seven occasions Jonathan Coe.
PR6053 .O26 B68 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
So late in the day : stories of women and men Claire Keegan.
PR6061 .E329 S64 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Paris notebooks : essays & reviews Mavis Gallant ; foreword by Hermione Lee.
PR9199.3 .G34 P37 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
From the lost and found department : new and selected poems Joy Kogawa ; introduction by Brandon Shimoda.
PR9199.3 .K63 F76 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Joe Pete : a novel Ian McCulloch.
PR9199.3 .M333248 J64 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Zong! : as told to the author by Setaey Adamu Boateng M. NourbeSe Philip.
PR9199.3 .N86 Z66 2008 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Do you want to be happy and write? : critical essays on Michael Ondaatje edited by Robert Lecker.
PR9199.3 .O54 Z65 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The temptations of Big Bear Rudy Wiebe ; with an afterword by Robert Kroetsch.
PR9199.3 .W4845 T45 1995 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Dark sovereign : a new version for the stage : the tragedy of King Richard the Third that Wm Shakespeare should have written Robert Fripp.
PR9199.4 .F76 D27 2019 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The faraway mountains Radu Guiașu.
PR9199.4 .G86 F37 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The loyal daughter : a novel Nancy Lam.
PR9199.4 .L3525 L69 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
A season in Chezgh'un : a novel Darrel J. McLeod.
PR9199.4 .M449 S43 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
PR9199.4 .R487 M67 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Moon of the turning leaves : a novel Waubgeshig Rice.
PR9199.4 .R487 M67 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
What remains of Elsie Jane : a novel Chelsea Wakelyn.
PR9199.4 .W348 W53 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The suicide museum Ariel Dorfman.
PR9309.9 .D67 S85 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
PS - American Literature
Black writers of the founding era, 1760-1800 James G. Basker, editor with Nicole Seary ; foreword by Annette Gordon-Reed.
PS153 .B53 B53 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Ralph Waldo Emerson : a companion Prentiss Clark.
Specimen days Walt Whitman ; edited and with an introduction and notes by Max Cavitch.
PS3220 .A2 C38 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Stories William Faulkner ; Theresa M. Towner, editor.
PS3511 .A86 A6 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Midnight rambles : H. P. Lovecraft in Gotham David J. Goodwin.
PS3523 .O833 Z638 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The book of the dead Muriel Rukeyser ; with an introduction by Catherine Venable Moore.
PS3535 .U4 B66 2018 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Day : a novel Michael Cunningham.
PS3553 .U484 D39 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Mao II ; Underworld Don DeLillo ; Mark Osteen, editor.
PS3554 .E4425 M362 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
About Ed Robert Glück.
PS3557 .L82 Z46 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Collected plays & other writings Adrienne Kennedy ; Marc Robinson, editor.
PS3561 .E4252 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
No country for old men Cormac McCarthy.
PS3563 .C337 N6 2006 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The English experience Julie Schumacher.
PS3569 .C5548 E64 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
In search of a beautiful freedom : new and selected essays Farah Jasmine Griffin.
PS3607 .R5465 I5 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
PT - Germanic Literature
Reyneke Vosz de olde, nye gedrucket, mit sidlykem vorstande unde schonen Figuren, erlüchtet unde vorbetert.
Goethe-Wörterbuch Hrsg. von der Deutschen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin, der Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen und der Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften.
The golden pot : and other tales of the uncanny E.T.A. Hoffmann ; selected and translated by Peter Wortsman.
PT2360 .A3 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Q - Science
Ensnared between Hitler and Stalin : refugee scientists in the USSR David Zimmerman.
Q141 .Z56 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Science laws and their applications by Kulwant Singh.
Q175.32 .P39 S56 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Realism for realistic people : a new pragmatist philosophy of science Hasok Chang.
Q175.32 .R42 C43 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
How to read, evaluate, and use research Sharon L. Nichols, Paul A. Schutz, Sofia Bahena.
Q180.55 .E9 N53 2024 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Computer power and human reason : from judgment to calculation Joseph Weizenbaum.
Facts of matter and light : ten physics experiments that shaped our understanding of nature Christian Maes.
Art of alchemy David Brafman.
New earth histories : geo-cosmologies and the making of the modern world edited by Alison Bashford, Emily M. Kern, and Adam Bobbette.
Stones : a material and cultural history Cally Oldershaw.
QE399.2 .O43 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The man who organized nature : the life of Linnaeus Gunnar Broberg ; translated by Anna Paterson.
QH44 .B87513 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Period : the real story of menstruation Kate Clancy.
QP263 .C53 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
R - Medicine
The cosmological doctors of classical Greece : first principles in early Greek medicine David H. Camden.
R138 .C36 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Common immunity : biopolitics in the age of the pandemic Roberto Esposito ; translated by Zakiya Hanafi.
RA418 .E8713 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
A comprehensive guide to religious and spiritual care for Sikh patients in NHS hospitals and hospices Satwant Kaur Rait.
RA418.5 .T73 R4 2021 STACKS (VIC_EMMAN)
Managing federalism through pandemic edited by Kathy L. Brock and Geoffrey Hale.
RA644 .C67 M36 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Pathogenesis : a history of the world in eight plagues Jonathan Kennedy.
RA649 .K459 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The Great Plague scare of 1720 : disaster and diplomacy in the eighteenth-century Atlantic world Cindy Ermus.
RC178 .A1 E76 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Prosthetics and assistive technology in ancient Greece and Rome Jane Draycott.
RD130 .D73 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The French invention of menopause and the medicalisation of women's ageing : a history Alison M. Downham Moore.
RG186 .M65 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The trials of Madame Restell : nineteenth-century America's most infamous female physician and the campaign to make abortion a crime Nicholas L. Syrett.
RG734 .R47 S97 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
S - Agriculture
The perfection of nature : animals, breeding, and race in the Renaissance Mackenzie Cooley.
SF105 .C67 2022 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
T - Technology
Shoes : an illustrated history Rebecca Shawcross.
TS1000 .S485 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
U - Military Science
Twelve feminist lessons of war Cynthia Enloe.
U21.5 .E556 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Pathway to the stars : 100 years of the Royal Canadian Air Force Michael Hood and Tom Jenkins.
Breaking point : the ironic evolution of psychiatry in World War II Rebecca Schwartz Greene ; [foreword by Noah Tsika].
UH629.3 .G74 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Z - Bibliography, Books and Printing, Etc.
The book by design : the remarkable story of the world's greatest invention edited by P. J. M. Marks & Stephen Parkin.
Z4 .B6444 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
The Gutenberg parenthesis : the age of print and its lessons for the age of the internet Jeff Jarvis.
Z124 .J37 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
How to get a job in publishing : a guide to careers in the booktrade, magazines and communications Alison Baverstock, Susannah Bowen and Steve Carey.
Z278 .B37 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Messengers of empire : print and revolution in the Atlantic world Francesco A. Morriello.
Z280 .M67 2023 STACKS (VIC_PRATT)
Deutsches Literatur-Lexikon : das 20. Jahrhundert : biographisches-bibliographisches Handbuch begründet von Wilhelm Kosch ; herausgegeben von Carl Ludwig Lang.
Z2230 .K863 2000 REFERENCE (VIC_PRATT)
Hebrew studies.