BL – Religion

God : a new biography
Philip C. Almond.
Resistance under communist China : religious protesters, advocates and opportunists
Ray Wang.
Spirituality in healthcare : perspectives for innovative practice
Fiona Timmins, Sílvia Calderia, editors.

BM – Judaism

From Qumran to the synagogues : selected studies on ancient Judaism
Géza G. Xeravits ; with editorial assistance of Ádám Vér.
Hebrew Union College annual.
History and memory in the Dead Sea Scrolls : remembering the teacher of righteousness
Travis B. Williams.

BP – Islam

Sufism in Ottoman Egypt : circulation, renewal and authority in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
Rachida Chih.
The Qur'an between the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic : an exegetical tradition
Susan Gunasti.
Unsaying God : negative theology in medieval Islam
Aydogan Kars.
Women in Shi'ism : ancient stories, modern ideologies
Amina Inloes.

BQ – Buddhism

American dharma : Buddhism beyond modernity
Ann Gleig.
Mindfully facing disease and death : compassionate advice from early Buddhist texts

BR – Christianity

A handbook on the Jewish roots of the Christian faith
edited by Craig A. Evans and David Mishkin.
An introduction to the Desert Fathers
John Wortley.
Canadian Society of Church History historical papers 2018 : annual conference, University of Regina, 30 May - 1 June 2018
edited by Bruce L. Guenther, Scott McLaren and Todd Webb.
Celebrating gender diversity : a toolkit on gender identity and trans experiences for communities of faith.
Church and syngagogue (30-313 AD) : parting of the ways
Mariusz Rosik.
Luther's works
edited by Jaroslav Pelikan.
Pentecostals doing church : an eclectic and global approach
by Mathew Clark.
Performing the Gospel : exploring the borderland of worship, entertainment, and the arts
Deborah Sokolove.
The church from every tribe and tongue : ecclesiology in the majority world
edited by Gene L. Green, Stephen Pardue and K. K. Yeo
The image of God in the theology of Gregory of Nazianzus
Gabrielle Thomas, University of Durham.
The making of Korean Christianity : Protestant encounters with Korean religions, 1876-1915
Sung-Deuk Oak.
Understanding world Christianity : Mexico
Todd Hartch.

BS – Bible

2 Corinthians
Antoinette Clark Wire ; Mary Ann Beavis, volume editor ; Barbara E. Reid, OP, general editor.
A time to keep : theology, mortality, and the shape of a human life
Ephraim Radner.
Clothing and nudity in the Hebrew Bible
edited by Christoph Berner, Manuel Schäfer, Martin Schott, Sarah Schulz, and Martina Weingärtner.
Demons and spirits in biblical theology : reading the biblical text in its cultural and literary context
John H. Walton, J. Harvey Walton.
Disability and the way of Jesus : holistic healing in the gospels and the church
Bethany McKinney Fox ; foreword by John Swinton.
From Jesus to the New Testament : early Christian theology and the origin of the New Testament canon
Jens Schröter ; translated by Wayne Coppins.
Galatians : a commentary
Craig S. Keener.
How the Gospels became history : Jesus and Mediterranean myths
M. David Litwa.
Interpreting the wisdom books : an exegetical handbook
Edward M. Curtis ; David M. Howard Jr., series editor.
Jesus Christ as the son of David in the Gospel of Mark
Max Botner.
Language, cognition, and biblical exegesis : interpreting minds
edited by Ronit Nikolsky, István Czachesz, Frederick S. Tappenden, and Tamás Biró.
Literary patterns, theological themes, and the genre of Luke-Acts
Charles H. Talbert.
Micah : an international theological commentary
Mark S Gignilliat.
Paul's Graeco-Roman context
edited by Cilliers Breytenbach.
Preaching Old Testament narratives
Benjamin H. Walton.
Signs of continuity : the function of miracles in Jesus and Paul
Greg Rhodea.
Signs, wonders, and gifts : divination in the letters of Paul
Jennifer Eyl.
The Hebrew Bible and environmental ethics : humans, nonhumans, and the living landscape
Mari Joerstad, Duke University.
The Pastoral Epistles
Gerald L. Bray.
The Reformation and the irrepressible word of God : interpretation, theology, and practice
edited by Scott M. Manetsch.
What the New Testament authors really cared about : a survey of their writings
Kenneth Berding, Matt Williams, editors.

BT – Doctrinal Theology

Christology : origins, developments, debates
Gerald O'Collins, SJ.
Reading Karl Barth for the Church : a guide and companion
Kimlyn J. Bender.
Readings in historical theology : primary sources of the Christian faith
Robert F. Lay.
Resurrection in retrospect : a critical examination of the theology of N. T. Wright
Peter Carnley.
So great a salvation : soteriology in the majority world
edited by Gene L. Green, Stephen T. Pardue and K. K. Yeo.
Son of God : divine sonship in Jewish and Christian antiquity
edited by Garrick V. Allen, Kai Akagi, Paul Sloan, and Madhavi Nevader.
T&T Clark handbook of African American theology
edited by Antonia Michelle Daymond, Frederick L. Ware, Eric Lewis Williams.
The gardeners' dirty hands : environmental politics and Christian ethics
Noah J. Toly.

BV – Practical Theology

Best practices for effective boards
E. LeBron Fairbanks, Dwight M. Gunter II, James R. Couchenour.
Conflict management for faith leaders
Houston E. Thompson.
Developing a giving church
by Stan Toler and Elmer Towns ; [foreword by John Maxwell].
Feminist theology and contemporary dieting culture : sin, salvation and women's weight loss narratives
Hannah Bacon.
From ephphatha to deaf pastors : deaf pastoral ministry
by Marcel Broesterhuizen.
Grace-full leadership : understanding the heart of a Christian leader
John C. Bowling.
Hymns and hymnody : historical and theological introductions
edited by Mark A. Lamport, Benjamin K. Forrest, and Vernon M. Whaley.
Invitation to educational ministry : foundations of transformative Christian education
George M. Hillman Jr., Sue G. Edwards, editors.
Jesus and Elvis : creative resources for schools and churches
edited by John McTavish.
Plain truth for plain people : sermons for the Christian year from the Wesleyan tradition
Brad Estep ; foreword by Dan Boone ; preface by T. Scott Daniels.
Preaching in and out of season
edited by Thomas G. Long and Neely Dixon McCarter.
Right from the start : a pastor's guide to premarital counseling
by David and Lisa Frisbie.
Right from the start : a premarital guide for couples
by David and Lisa Frisbie.
The Bible and digital millennials
David G. Ford, Joshua L. Mann, and Peter M. Phillips.
The pastor in a secular age : ministry to people who no longer need a God
Andrew Root.
The pastoral counseling handbook : a guide to helping the hurting
Ruth Hetzendorfer.
The whole church : congregational leadership guided by systems theory
Ken Reeves.
You found me : new research on how unchurched nones, millennials, and irreligious are surprisingly open to Christian faith
Rick Richardson.

BX – Denominations and Sects

Baptists through the centuries : a history of a global people
David W. Bebbington.
Freedom under the Word : Karl Barth's theological exegesis
edited by Ben Rhodes and Martin Westerholm.
Happy passion : studies in Kierkegaard's theory of faith
Gerhard Schreiber.
Methodism : a very short introduction
William J. Abraham.
Reinhold Niebuhr in the 1960s : Christian realism for a secular age
Ronald H. Stone.

H – Social Sciences

And I live on : the resilience of Rwandan genocide survivors of sexual violence
edited by Anne-Marie de Brouwer, Sandra Ka Hon Chu, Eefje de Volder & Samer Muscati ; photographs by Samer Muscati ; foreword by Patricia Viseur Sellers
Feminist theory reader : local and global perspectives
edited by Carole R. McCann and Seung-Kyung Kim.

L – Education

Prepare, succeed, advance : a guidebook for getting a PhD in Biblical studies and beyond
Nijay K. Gupta.

N – Fine Arts

Architecture and theology : the art of place
Murray A. Rae.