Virginia Woolf as Cultural Icon

Her image has become almost universally recognizable – whether it is the young Virginia with the luminous eyes or the older Virginia looking pensively into the distance. Her face, words and ideas have been translated and interpreted in many ways – some surprising and unexpected.

1.  Virginia Woolf note cards.

2.  National Portrait Gallery. Wallet of Virginia Woolf correspondence cards.

3.  National Portrait Gallery. Virginia Woolf bookmark

4.   Montblanc. Virginia Woolf limited edition fountain pen.  2006. Advertising brochure.

5.  Virginia Woolf writing portfolio. With Duncan Grant 1932 fabric design “Grapes”.

6.  Virginia Woolf: Charleston. Lewes: The Charleston Trust, 2000. Promotional material for the final edition of bronze casts of Stephen Tomlin's sculpture of Virginia Woolf.  In support of the Charleston Trust.

7.  Virginia Woolf calendar-diary 1983. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1982.

8.  Virginia Woolf centenary plate designed and decorated by Quentin Bell. London: The Charleston Trust, 1982. Brochure.

9.  National Portrait Gallery. Virginia Woolf magnet.

10. Virginia Woolf finger puppet.

11. Ten famous authors contest.  New York: Harcourt Brace and Co., 1929. Promotional postcard postmarked "Grand Cent.Sta.N.Y. 14 1929" to a winning entrant in the "Ten Famous Authors Contest."

12.  Between the Covers & Biblioctopus. Classic book cards – To the lighthouse. 1999.

13. Marta Firlet. Bronze medal.  2001.  Edition of 12. December 2001.

14. Virginia Woolf ring tone. Advertisement.

15. Gorringes. Fine art, antiques and collectables: auction: Tuesday 12th March at 10.00 am, Wednesday 13th March at 10.30 am, Thursday 14th March at 10.00 am. Lewes: Gorringes, 2002. Items include Virginia’s walking stick.

16. Tea towel with dust jacket design of Walter Sickert: a conversation.  Charleston, 1999.

17. 2 porcelain bowls.  Pottery Barn, [200-?]  Quotation from A room of one's own.

18.  Virginia Woolf doll.


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