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Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Part II. Coleridge Association Items

Contemporary Reviews and Assessments

677. Coleridge''s Lectures on Shakespeare. Rev. in The Courier, 30 November, 14 December 1811. Transcribed in an unknown hand. (LT 10).
678. Biographia Literaria. Rev. in The Courier, 24 September 1817. Transcribed [?Mary Coleridge and ?Edith Coleridge]. (LT 36).
679. The Friend. Rev. in Penny Cyclopaedia, ca. 1818. Transcribed (fragment) [?Mary Coleridge and ?Edith Coleridge]. (LT 37).
680. Poetical Works, 1834. Rev. in The Printing Machine, no. 12 (16 August 1834), pp. 275-79. (E 22).
681. [Byron]. Allusions to STC in Byron's works. Transcribed EHC. (BT 9).
682. [Davy]. Selections relating to STC from The Life of Sir Humphrey Davy, J. A. Paris. Transcribed SC. (LT 35).
683. [Landor]. Quotations from STC and Landor regarding each other extracted from John Forster, Life of Landor. Transcribed in an unknown hand. (BT 38).
684. Methuen, Thomas Anthony. "Certain Recollections of S. T. Coleridge," dated 16 October 1840. 4 ff. (S MS F11.6).
685. [Scott]. Estimates of STC and quotations from STC in his novels, extracted from Life, by Lockhart. Transcribed in an unknown hand, with notes by EHC and JDC. (BT 9).
686. [Southey]. Allusions to STC in Life of Southey. Transcribed EHC. (MS 31).
687. Comment on STC's reaction to Milton's "strange & offensive errors" (fragment). Transcribed in an unknown hand. (LT 39).
688. Allusions to STC in various sources. Transcribed EHC. (BT 9).

Material Collected for Scholarship and Criticism and Coleridgeiana

689. [Material for a biography of STC], annotated EHC. (MS 14).
690.  [Coleridgeiana, working towards a life of Coleridge; scrap book.]Annotated EHC. (E 8).
691.  [Coleridgeiana: scrap book.] (E 9). 
692.  Four notebooks: "1807," "1807—ii," "1800," "1800-02." (S MS 32).
692a.  Notebook: "Cambridge Intelligencer." (S MS 33).
693.  Notes toward a biography of Coleridge taken from Carlyon, Early Years and Late Reflections. 6 ff. (LT 87).
693a.  [Transcripts relating to STC.] (BT 44). (Material gathered by JDC for his work on Coleridge.)
694.  Extract from Illustrated London News, 15 July 1854, on Collier's notes from Coleridge's lectures. 1 f. (LT 83).
695.  The Poole-Coleridge Papers. 3 vols. (BT 13).
695a.  Marginalia transcribed from volumes in the BM. (BT 39).
695b.  Marginalia transcribed from volumes in the BM. (BT 40).
695c.  Marginalia from W. Stewart, Outlines of a plan for the general reform of the British land forces. (LT 94).
695d.  Extracts from Coleridge's commonplace book in the BM. (BT 41).
695e.  Extracts from and notes on STC's letters to the Beaumonts. (BT 43).
695f.  Copies (and notes from) of STC's letters to Cottle, Thelwall, Purkis, Miss Cruikshank, etc. (BT 42).
695g.  Facsimile of a letter from STC to George Mitford, 14 February 1811. (E 27).
695h.  Transcript of a letter from STC to C. A. Tulk [5 October 1823]. (LT 96).
695i.  JDC's notes of Notes and lectures upon Shakespeare and some of the old poets and dramatists, with other literary remains of S. T. Coleridge. (LT 95).
695j.  JDC's notes on a letter from Cottle to Southey, January 1798. (LT 97).
695k.  Transcript of second Preface to Cottle's Early recollections of S. T. Coleridge. (BT 45).
695l.  Extract from letter by Southey to Cottle, 16 November 1795. (LT 99).
695m.  Extract from letter by Southey to Cottle, n.d. (LT 98).
695n.  Notes on Southey letters in Alfred Morrison's collection. (LT 101).
695o.  Extracts from and notes on letters from Wordsworth to Cottle. (LT 100).
695p.  Notes on Coleridge. (Misc MS 9).
695q.  Coleridge entries in the BM Catalogue. With indexes of titles of poems and first lines compiled by JDC. (Misc E 11).
695r.  Words of STC set to music from EM Catalogue of Music. With, Morning Chronicle for 2 July 1852. Von Muller v. Browning. (LT 102). 
696.  Catalogue of J. H. Green bequest to Derwent Coleridge (STC books). 13 ff. (MS 18).
697. Criticism of Literary Remains. 1 f. (S MS F11.2).
698.  Letter from James Lonsdale, dated Epiphany 1890. (S MS F11.10).
699.  Letter from Lady Amy Coleridge, dated 20 April 1895. (S MS F11.19).
700.  Three letters from Alexander W. Gillman, dated 31 August, 7 September, and 12 September1895. (S MS F3.68).
701.  Letter from William Knight, dated 31 March 1904. (S MS F11.13).
702.  Letter from Gordon Wordsworth, dated 1 August 1915. (S MS F5.45a).
703.  Letter from Gordon Wordsworth, dated 15 December [?1918]. (S MS F11.5).
704.  Postcard from G. G. Wordsworth, dated 16 December. (S MS F11.4).
705.  Five letters from Lucy E. Watson, dated 22 May, 27 August, 13 September, 1 October, and [?December]. (S MS F3.64). 
Notes and Drafts
706.  Browning & Wordsworth on "Intimations of Immortality." 5 ff. (S MS F11.12).
707.  The Poetical Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, ed. J. D. Campbell. London: Macmillan, 1893. Interleaved and annotated by EHC, in 2 vols., with 26 ff. of loose notes. (No. 151).
708.  Catalogue of STC letters and notebooks. 5 ff. (MS 18).
709.  Essay on John Taylor Coleridge and the Quarterly Review, to accompany "Letters from John Taylor Coleridge to Robert Southey." Typescript, 32 ff. (MS 15).
710.  [Coleridge, Mrs. S. T.] Remembrances of STC and Robert Southey, recounted to Sara Coleridge, with a letter to Mrs. Lovell [ca. 1843-44]. (BT 9).
711.  [Coleridge, H. N.] Correspondence with Thomas Poole, 1834-36. 7 letters and some fragments. (BT 26).
712.  Coleridgeiana, Memorials of a Great and Good Man [by George Grove], 1843. 2 ff. (S MS F11.7).
713.  Letters of STC. Extracts and paraphrases of letters to George Coleridge, 1787-1818. Also extracts of letters from George Coleridge to STC. (BT 9).
714.  Miss Meteyard's "Group of Englishmen," (1871), extracts. (BT 9).
715.  Mottoes from STC's various works. (BT 32).
716.  Plotinus and Pantisocracy, notes. 2 ff. (S MS F11.9).
717.  Schlegel and Shakespeare Lectures. 11 ff. (S MS F11.8)
718.  [Scrap book about STC.] 20 ff. (E 10). 
719.  Letter from Francis George Coleridge about the Boyer letter of 1785 to George Coleridge. (S MS F8.27b).
720.  Notes, possibly for a defense of STC against charges of moral degeneration in taking opium. 1 f. (S MS F12.3)
721.  Proof sheets, with corrections and revisions, of article on STC's Poetical Works. 10 ff. (S MS F12.1).
722.  Transcript of parts of Stuart's letters of 1835. 2 ff. (S MS F6). 
723.  Commonplace book, with notes relating to editorial work. 16 ff. (S MS 16). 
723a.  Letter to Edward Moxon, Broadstairs. 13 May 1843. (S MS F10.1a).
723b.  An important letter to Edward Moxon. 1834 (Summer or Autumn). (SMS F10.1b)
724.  Drafts of letter to Mr. Allies, dated 15 June 1844. (S MS F10.1).
725.  Draft of another letter to Mr. Allies (frag.), [?1844]. (S MS F10.1).
726.  Letter to C. C. Southey, dated 6 March 1846, regarding STC notes to Robert Southey's Life of Wesley. Transcribed C. C. Southey. 4ff. (LT 58b).
727.  Drafts of letter to J. T. Coleridge, regarding her introduction to Biographia Literaria [ca. 1847]. (S MS F10.1).
728. Draft of letter to James Gillman, Jr., regarding Watson's publication of Theory of Life, and other notes on STC's theory of life. 10 ff. (S MS F13.4).
Notes and Drafts
729.  Notes on Biographia Literaria (1847). 2 ff. (S MS F10.1).
730.  Draft of preface [to Biographia Literaria, 1847] (frag.). 2 ff. (S MS F10.3).
731.  Draft of preface to Biographia Literaria, 1847 (frags.). 2 ff. (S MS F10.6).
732.  Notes for edition of Biographia Literaria and Essays on his own Times. 2 notebooks. Includes Stray Poems by STC and Schelling's Ueber das Verhältniss der Bildenden Künste zu der Natur. (S MS 19).
733.  Biographical notes on STC (fragment). 1 f. (S MS F10.8).
734.  Courier Articles of 1811. 2 ff. (S MS F10.7).
735.  Note on "The Devil's Thoughts." 1 f. Transcribed Mary Coleridge. (LT 90).
736.  Personal Matter relating to S. T. Coleridge. 2 ff. (S MS F10.4).
737.  Notes to Index [of Poems, 1852]. 1 f. (S MS F10.2).
738.  Notes to the Poetical Works of STC [1852]. 1 f. (S MS F10.5).
739.  Note on James II, "for page 38." 1 f. (Misc MS 3).
740.  Theological notes (fragments). 2 ff. (S MS F10.1).
741.  Notes on STC. 1 f. (S MS F10.3).
742.  "Walter Scott." Transcript of article in The Courier, 15 & 20 September 1810. Signed S.T.C., but not by Coleridge. Transcribed [?Mary Coleridge] with notes by SC. (LT 5). 
743.  Literary Remains, ed. HNC. Proof of gathering b, vo1. I (introductory material), and contents page of vol. II, with notes by SC. 10 ff. (Misc E 2).
744.  Literary Remains, ed. HNC. Table of Contents from vols. III & IV, with notes by SC. 1 f. (LT 50e).
745.  Notes and Lectures upon Shakespeare, [ed. Sara Coleridge]. Page proofs of pp. i-xv, with corrections, revisions, and notes by SC, dated 24 March 1849. 8 ff. (Misc E 1).
746.  The Poems of S. T. Coleridge. London: William Pickering, 1844. Notes by SC throughout. (No. 150). 
747. Wrappers, with many notes, in the hands of SC, EHC, ?Edith Coleridge, ?Mary Wordsworth, and another hand. (MS F16).
748. Introduction to STC's Philosophical Remains (unpublished?). 24 ff. Transcribed [?Mary Coleridge]. (LT 92).
749.  List of 13 letters of STC and locations of MSS. 2 ff. Typescript. (S MS F11.18). 
750.  [Eastlake.] "Extracts from Journals & Correspondence of Lady Eastlake pub. Murray 2 vol." 1 f. Transcribed in an unknown hand. (LT 34).
751.  [Lamb, Mary.] Note about STC's copy of Mary Lamb's Mrs Leicester's School. Transcribed in an unknown hand. (LT 72).
752.  Notes in S. T. Coleridge's letters. 40 notes, 1800-11. Transcribed in an unknown hand. (BT 6).
753.  "Writers of English History." Page proofs, with corrections in an unknown hand. 5 ff. (Misc E 3).
754. Zapolya. Proof sheets of pp. 1-8, for an unknown edition. (E 15).
Collections of Periodical Articles
755.  Tait's Edinburgh Magazine, 1834-37. Coleridgeiana. 3 extracts in 6 numbers. (E 7).
756.  Gentleman's Magazine, 1834-38. Coleridgeiana. 6 extracts. (E 3).
757.  Coleridgeiana, 1834-[40]. 19 extracts from various periodicals. (E 2).
758.  Coleridgeiana, 1840-89. 9 extracts from various periodicals. (E 4).
759.  Coleridgeiana, 1851-1904. 13 extracts from various periodicals. (E 5).
760.  Coleridgeiana, [1852-53]. 8 extracts from various periodicals. (E F15.8).
761.  Westminster Review, 1874-89. 33 extracts from "Belles Lettres." 2 vols. (E 1).
762.  Coleridgeiana, 1890-1906. 15 extracts from various periodicals. (E 6).
763.  Review of Hints Towards the Formation of a More Comprehensive Theory of Life, by STC (1848), in The Guardian, 21 March 1849, p. 193. (S E F13.3).
764.  "On Coleridge." Letter to the editor of The Witness (Edinburgh), 6 August 1851, from Mr. Cunningham. With note by SC. (E 20).
765.  Review of The Poems of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, ed. D. & S. Coleridge, in The Athenaeum, no. 1293 (7 August 1852), p. 841. (E 18).
766.  Review of a bookseller's catalogue [after 1852], reporting several STC marginalia (fragmentary proof sheet). (Misc E 5).
767.  "MS. notes of Coleridge in the Books of Charles Lamb," in The Literary World (New York), 28 May 1853, pp. 433-34. 2 copies, imperfect. (E 13).
768.  Review of Notes Theological, Poetical [i.e., Political], and Miscellaneous, by STC, ed. Derwent Coleridge, in The Literary Gazette, no. 1921 (12 November 1853), pp. 1091-93. (E 16).
769.  Review of Notes, Theological, Political, and Miscellaneous, in The Guardian [November 1853]. (E 17).
770. Letter to the editor of The Guardian [November 1853] regarding Notes, Theological, Political, and Miscellaneous. (E 14).

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