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Samuel Taylor Coleridge

A Chronology

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1772 Coleridge born at Ottery St. Mary, Devonshire, youngest of the ten children of the Reverend John and Ann Coleridge
1782 Enrolled at Christ's College School, London
1791 Enrolled at Jesus College, Cambridge
1793 Enlisted in the 15th Light Dragoons under name of Silas Tomkyn Comberbache
1794 Met Robert Southey; planned a pantisocratic community in America The Fall of Robespierre
1795 Political lectures in Bristol.
1796 Published a political journal, The Watchman. Poems on Various Subjects
1798 Fears in Solitude Published Lyrical Ballads with Wordsworth visited Germany
1799 First visit (with Wordsworth) to the Lake District Met Sara Hutchinson
1800 Translated Wallenstein Moved to Keswick
1803 Poems
1804 – 1806 Went to Malta, where he served as secretary to the British High Commissioner
1809 The Friend
1810 Moved to London
1813 Remorseopened at Drury Lane Theatre
1816 Moved into Dr. Gillman's house, Highgate Christabel The Stateman's Manual
1817 Lay Sermon Biographia Literaria Sibylline Leaves Zapolya
1818 “Treatise on Method” in Encyclopedia Metropolitana
1825 Aids to Reflection
1829 On the Constitution of Church and State
1834 Death