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The French torpedo boat, Mousquet, was afterwards sunk – 60 men on board, some saved by the Emden. We must have been near the Emden on the 27th and 28th. ...

Sunday, Nov. 1, Penang.
Still lying at anchor in the roadstead afraid to go out because of the Emden, thought the P & O boat left yesterday at noon.

Divers went down to see if there were more bodies on the Zhentchung and found the waters swarming with sharks. No floating bodies yesterday. A washout reported on the Ry [railway] this side of Ipoh. Pale blue phosphorescence last night at bow of Sampans & where the oars were lifted.

We have 103 volunteers from Shanghai in the steerage. Fine young fellows. They drill every day for 3 ½ hours. The French cruiser left yesterday & the two French torpedo boats are stirring this morning, leaving no defense at Penang, where there is no fortification.

A long day, no launch ashore.

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