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Saturday July 4, [1914], Venice,

There was a whirr at St. Marco and a 1000 pigeons swept round a shabby man with a pail containing refuse wheat. The clock in the tower at the corner struck 9 & the man began to scatter the grain while the pigeons fluttered round him and piled up 2 or 3 deep where the grain had been scattered. Ten minutes later it had all been eaten, breakfast was over and a more or less satisfied cooing sounded over the piazza. From this on they could expect only short lunches of corn or peas from visitors, supplied in paper cones by old men.

It is pleasant to loaf on a marble bench under the arcade of the Doge’s palace and look towards the water & crowds hurrying to take the steamers to the Lido, well dressed and holiday looking, largely girls with too high heels and too tight dresses; but also old and young women in the ugly black Venetian shawl with dangling tassels. Gondoliers wait for fares. Old men sell candies. Young men cry their daily paper. Priests and brown monks pass by. Two immaculate gendarmes pace by with dignity. ...

The row of gondolas at the water front all tilt to the same side. Off their balance like the church towers & the palace walls, all of which have a lurch or a bias.

— Notebook 18, 1914, pages 13 - 14

Artifact. Photochrom Zurich, Venice, Le Grand Canal. Vue I., Venedig, Canale grande. Ansicht I [postcard]. n.d.
Photograph. At Nemi (near Rome) 1914.
Photograph. A.P. Coleman. Verso, At Nemi (near Rome). 1914 Helena Coleman Fonds


From an enlargement of vest pocket snap taken in 1914
by APC at Nenia, [sic Nemi] Italy: a crater lake high up among
the hills. The little girls came shyly up with
their gleaming water pots (of brass) evidently
expecting to have their photographs taken by the
English lady sitting on the rocky parapet
over looking the lake. Behind them the
street became a stairs of stone steps climbing
the hill.

(signed) Helena Coleman

Photograph. A.P. Coleman. Verso, At Nemi (near Rome). 1914 Helena Coleman Fonds