Virginia and Co. - An Exhibition for Virginia Woolf's 125th Birthday

The Early Years Virginia Woolf as Cultural Icon
The Bloomsbury Group Virginia Woolf as Artistic Inspiration
The Hogarth Press Woolf Everlasting
Virginia Woolf as "Subject" The Bloomsbury Beat Goes On...
Virginia Woolf (Jan. 25, 1882 – March 28, 1941) was one of the most influential writers of her day and continues to fire the popular imagination.  This exhibition, to mark the 125th anniversary of her birth, highlights some of the many reciprocal influences that contributed to her artistic vision, as she in turn found inspiration through her contact and collaboration with others and provided it through her work, ideas and life.  Her family background and early years, her social and intellectual circle of friends known as the Bloomsbury Group,  her marriage to Leonard Woolf  (1880-1969) and their joint publishing venture in the Hogarth Press - none of these spheres was isolated but all were somehow integrated and artistically fruitful.  Virginia Woolf’s wide and ongoing influence on current scholarship, literature and the arts has made her a cultural icon and a continuing source of inspiration and fascination.


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