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An informative and aesthetic exhibit sampling the impressive Canadian Manuscript collections held within the library. From the early nineteenth century missionary, James Evans, to the seminal geologist, A.P. Coleman, to the medical doctor and suffrage worker, Augusta Stowe-Gullen, this selection of the library's treasures makes for an exciting display.

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Portrait of Edwin John Pratt by Kenneth Forbes

Portrait of Edwin John Pratt: by Kenneth Forbes
Born in Western Bay, Newfoundland.
Educated at St. John's Methodist College, 1888-1901; Victoria College, (BA, 1911); University of Toronto (MA, 1912; thesis in demonology); BD, Victoria University (1913), and ordained as Methodist minister (1913); University of Toronto (Ph.D., 1917). Title of Ph.D. thesis: Studies in Pauline eschatology and its background.
Became a Demonstrator-Lecturer in Psychology, University of Toronto and joined the Department of English at Victoria College. He retired as Senior Professor in 1953.
Pratt was a founder and the first editor (1936-1943) of Canadian Poetry Magazine, on the Editorial Board, Saturday Night, member of the Canadian Authors' Association and the Arts and Letters Club. He won the Governor-General's medal, for The Fable of the Goats and Other Poems (1937), for Brébeuf and His Brethren (1940), for Towards the Last Spike (1952), the Lorne Pierce Gold Medal, for distinguished services to Canadian literature, the Canada Council medal for distinction in literature (1961) and many more.

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JAMES EVANS (1801-1846)

Born in Kingston-upon-Hull, England, he converted to Methodism and became a prayer leader.Came to Canada in 1822. Ran an Indian Scho
C.W. Jeffreysol of the Methodist Missionary Society and studied the Ojibway language. Began to translate portions of the Old and New Testament into Ojibway attempting to express it in syllabic rather than alphabetic writing. Appointed a Methodist deacon he became a missionary to Mud Lake and Rice Lake. Ordained in 1833, he worked among the St. Clair Indians. He analyzed the Ojibway branchof the Algonquin language and represented it in a few consonants and vowels. Appointed and worked as assistant minister in Guelph until 1840. Evans transferred to Norway House, as Superintendent of Missions of the Wesleyan Methodist Church in the Hudson's Bay Territory. In ministering to the Cree Indians, he refined his syllabic system in 1841


Translated and printed native-language material (using hand-made printing materials), including a hymnbook, known as his "Cree syllabic hymnbook" (the first book to be printed in Western Canada). Continued to translate and print portions of the New Testament, hymns and other material.

James Evans, Cree Syllabic Hymn Book
James Evans, Cree Syllabic Hymn Book
(Norway House:1841) and original type cast at

Norway House.

Font of type for Evans' Cree syllabic system
Fount of type for Evans' Cree syllabic system
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(1802 - 1856)

PETER JONES painted by Matilda Jones, 1832
painted by Matilda Jones, 1832.

Ojibwa chief; Methodist minister; author; translator. Ojibwa name: Kahkewaquonaby (Sacred Feathers). Born in Burlington Heights, near Hamilton, Upper Canada, his father was Welsh; his mother, Tuhbenahnecquay, was born into the Mississauga tribe of the Ojibwa nation. He lived among the Mississauga people, then among the Mohawk Indians on the Grand River. Jones was baptized at the age of eighteen, but not converted until 1823. Became the first Canadian native to keep a journal, the first native missionary to be appointed to serve the Ojibwa and, with his brother (John), the first translator of Biblical literature into Ojibwa and Chippewa. Established a native mission on the Credit River in 1825. Was elected a chief of two Ojibwa bands, was an eloquent advocate of native land rights, and was often consulted by colonial authorities. In 1831, traveled to England on behalf of the Methodist conference to raise funds for Indian missions, and also to represent native causes to the British. Preached in Methodist churches throughout Britain; published translations of the New Testament; was presented to King William IV; and met Eliza Field, daughter of a prominent English Methodist, whom he married, and with whom he settled in Grand river. Was received by Queen Victoria in 1837 and delivered a petition from the Ojibwa Indians requesting the title to Indian lands.
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Augusta Stowe-Gullen late 1880's or early 1890's
Augusta Stowe-Gullen late 1880's or early 1890's

Born in Mt. Pleasant, Ontario, Augusta Stowe-Gullen was educated at the Toronto School of Medicine, then at the Faculty of Medicine, Victoria University. Her mother Emily Stowe, a graduate of the New York College of Medicine for Women, was authorized by the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Ontario to practice medicine in Canada. She was the first woman in Canada to be granted an MD (1883), then traveled to New York for post-graduate study of children's diseases. She was among the original staff members of Toronto Western Hospital and among the original staff members of Ontario Women's Medical College. She was a member of: Canadian Suffrage Association; National Council of Women (founding member and Vice-President); Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons; Ontario Social Service Council (Vice-President for several years); Senate, University of Toronto; University Women's Club; Women's Art Association; Women's Board, Toronto Western Hospital (President); Women's Canadian Club. Was active in the suffrage, temperance and other social movements and was among the founders of the National Council of Women. She was awarded Order of the British Empire (1935).
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ARTHUR P. COLEMAN (1852-1939)

Born in Lachute, Québec, educated at Victoria College, Cobourg, Ontario (B.A. 1876; M.A., 1880) and at Breslau University, Germany (Ph.D., cum laude). Appointed Professor of Geology and Natural History at Victoria College in 1882; employed as Geologist by the Bureau of Mines in Ontario; was Professor of Geology at the University of Toronto; served as Dean of the Faculty of Arts and was appointed Director of the Royal Ontario Museum of Geology. A fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, and of the Royal Society, London UK, Coleman was president of the Geological Society of America and winner of many prizes and medals for geological research. A mountain in Banff National Park was named "Mount Coleman" in honour of his geological discoveries.


Much sought after as a lecturer, Coleman was also an accomplished artist (sketching, painting and photographing many locales).





"looking up the Athabasca..
"looking up the Athabasca the day after We left Swifts just at the head of the lakes" Coleman


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(1883 - 1922)

scenic watercolour painting
scenic watercolour painting

Poet, short story writer, moved from England to Toronto in 1889, worked as an assistant librarian at Victoria College, was an ambulance driver in WWI, moved to Vancouver and continued to write and publish more than 200 short stories, poems, novels and numerous magazine articles in such journals Atlantic Monthly, Harpers', Scribners.

Marjorie Pickthall's own painting of her cottage
Marjorie Pickthall's own painting of her cottage

"with every good wish Oct.6, 1913

with every good wish Oct.6, 1913

Christmas cards

Professor Coleman


1913 The Drift of Pinions
1916 Lamp of Poor Souls and Other Poems
1922 The Woodcarver's Wife and Other Poems
1925 Little Songs [posthumous]
1927 Complete Poems
Short stories
1923 Angels' Shoes and Other Stories [posthumous]
1916 Little Hearts
1922 The Bridge

a Christmas Greeting with Marjorie's good wishes
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