BF – Psychology

Chinese ethics in a global context : moral bases of contemporary societies
edited by Karl-Heinz Pohl & Anselm W. Müller.
Grieving-- the sacred art : hope in the land of loss
Lisa Irish.
Peaceful at heart : Anabaptist reflections on healthy masculinity
edited by Don Neufeld and Steve Thomas.
The art of loving
Erich Fromm ; introduction by Peter D. Kramer ; P.S. biographical afterword by Rainer Funk ; (translated by Marion Hausner Pauck).
The mindful self-compassion workbook : a proven way to accept yourself, build inner strength, and thrive
Kristin Neff and Christopher Germer.
Unattended sorrow : recovering from loss and reviving the heart
Stephen Levine ; introduction by Ondrea Levine ; foreword by Mirabai Starr.

BL – Religion

Beyond "holy wars" : forging sustainable peace through interreligious dialogue : a Christian perspective
Christoffer H. Grundmann.
Gender justice in Muslim-Christian readings : Christian and Muslim women In Norway making meaning of texts from the Bible, the Koran, and the Hadith
by Anne Hege Grung.
Images of the divine and cultural orientations : Jewish, Christian, and Islamic voices
Michael Welker, William Schweiker (eds.).
Interfaith worship and prayer : we must pray together
edited by Christopher Lewis and Dan Cohn-Sherbok ; foreword by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.
Interreligious engagement in urban spaces : social, material and ideological dimensions
Julia Ipgrave, editor.
Interreligious relations and the negotiation of ritual boundaries : explorations in interrituality
Marianne Moyaert, editor.
Negotiating spiritual violence in the queer community
edited by Jeff Sapp, Paul Chamness Iida.
Preaching about racism : a guide for faith leaders
Carolyn B. Helsel.
The interfaith movement : mobilising religious diversity in the 21st century
edited by John Fahy and Jan-Jonathan Bock.

BM – Judaism

The Jerusalem Temple in diaspora : Jewish practice and thought during the Second Temple period by Jonathan R. Trotter.

BP – Islam

A textbook of Ḥadīth studies : authenticity, compilation, classification and criticism of Ḥadīth
Mohammad Hashim Kamali.
Approaching the Qurʼán : the early revelations
introduced and translated by Michael Sells.
David in the Muslim tradition : the Bathsheba affair
Khaleel Mohammed.
Ibn Taymiyya and his times
editors, Yossef Rapoport and Shahab Ahmed.
Love in the Holy Qur'an
HRH Prince Ghazi bin Muḥammad.
Medieval Islamic sectarianism
Christine D. Baker.
Muhammad. ; all that matters
Ziauddin Sardar.
Muslim environmentalisms : religious and social foundations
Anna M. Gade.
Prophet Muhammad, the teacher
by ʻAbd al-Fattāḥ Abū Ghuddah ; translated by the late author's son: Ustādh Muḥammad Zāhid Abū Ghuddah.
The Cambridge companion to Muḥammad
edited by Jonathan E. Brockopp.

BQ – Buddhism

The Buddha's teachings on social and communal harmony : an anthology of discourses from the Pāli Canon
edited and introduced by Bhíkkhu Bodhí ; prologue and epilogue by Hozan Alan Senauke ; foreword by H. H. the Dalai Lama.

BR – Christianity

A global church history : the great tradition through cultures, continents, and centuries
Robert F. Rea and Steven D. Cone.
Asia Pacific Pentecostalism
edited by Denise A. Austin, Jacqueline Grey, Paul W. Lewis.
Christianities and Indigenous peoples
edited by Michel Andraos, Bernardeth Caero Bustillos, Geraldo De Mori.
Christianizing Asia Minor : conversion, communities, and social change in the pre-Constantinian era
Paul McKechnie.
Der Einheitsbegriff als Kohärenzprinzip bei Maximus Confessor : eine Studie zu Ps-Dionysius-Rezeption, triplex via und analogem Weltbild bei Maximus Confessor
von Jonathan Bieler.
Embracing disruptive coherence : coming out as erotic ethical practice
Kathleen T. Talvacchia.
Glimpses of the New Creation : worship and the formative power of the arts
W. David O. Taylor ; [foreword by Jeremy Begbie]
How Luther became the reformer
Christine Helmer.
Religious pluralism and pragmatist theology : openness and resistance
by Jan-Olav Henriksen.
Sinners and saints : the real story of early Christianity
Derek Cooper.
Spirit outside the gate : decolonial pneumatologies of the American global south
Oscar García-Johnson.
Sustaining hope in an unjust world : how to keep going when you want to give up
Timothy Charles Murphy.
Technology : between apocalypse and integration
edited by Linda Hogan, Michelle Becka, João Vila-Chã.
The forgotten Luther II : reclaiming the church's public witness
Ryan P. Cumming, editor.
Theology from the great tradition
by Steven D. Cone.

BS – Bible

A light to the centurions : reading Luke-Acts in the empire
Robert R. Beck.
A short book about Paul : the servant of Jesus
Paul Barnett.
Body as landscape, love as intoxication : conceptual metaphors in the Song of songs
Brian P. Gault.
Called to worship : from the dawn of creation to the final amen
Vernon M. Whaley.
Ecclesial solidarity in the Pauline corpus : relationships between churches in Paul's letters
James T. Hughes.
Interpreting Revelation and other apocalyptic literature : an exegetical handbook
C. Marvin Pate, author ; John D. Harvey, series editor.
Interpreting the Old Testament theologically : essays in honor of Willem A. VanGemeren
Andrew T. Abernethy, editor.
Les Douze Prophètes dans la LXX : protocoles et procédures dans la traduction grecque: stylistique, poétique et histoire
édité par Cécile Dogniez, Philippe Le Moigne.
Making the Gospels : mystery or conspiracy?
Paul W. Barnett.
Narrative and drama in the Book of Revelation : a literary approach
Lourdes García Ureña, CEU-San Palo University, Madrid ; revised by the author ; and translated by Donald Murphy.
Paul, a new covenant Jew : rethinking Pauline theology
Brant Pitre, Michael P. Barber, and John A. Kincaid.
Prayers and the construction of Israelite identity
edited by Susanne Gillmayr-Bucher and Maria Häusl.
Pretensions of objectivity : toward a criticism of Biblical criticism
Jeffrey L. Morrow.
Rediscovering Scripture's vision for women : fresh perspectives on disputed texts
Lucy Peppiatt ; foreword by Scot McKnight.
Reimagining Hagar : blackness and bible
Nyasha Junior.
Ruth : bridges and boundaries
Jonathan Grossman.
Second wave intertextuality and the Hebrew Bible
edited by Marianne Grohmann and Hyun Chul Paul Kim.
Suffering in Paul : perspectives and implications
edited by Siu Fung Wu ; foreword by Michael Gorman.
Textual signposts in the argument of Romans : a relevance-theory approach
Sarah H. Casson.
The Genesis creation account in the Dead Sea Scrolls
Jeremy D. Lyon.
The hermeneutics of the biblical writers : learning to interpret scripture from the prophets and apostles
Abner Chou.
The Oxford handbook of early Christian biblical interpretation
edited by Paul M. Blowers and Peter W. Martens.
Transformation in Christ : Paul's experience of the divine mystery
David A. Ackerman ; foreword by Carl C. Cambell.
Trauma and the failure of history : Kings, Lamentations, and the destruction of Jerusalem
David Janzen.
Understanding prophecy : a biblical-theological approach
Alan S. Bandy, Benjamin L. Merkle.
Valiant or virtuous? : gender bias in Bible translation
Suzanne McCarthy ; edited by Jay Frankel, Christy Hayhoe, and Ruth Hayhoe.

BT – Doctrinal Theology

Asian Christian theology : evangelical perspectives
Timoteo D. Gener and Stephen T. Pardue, editors.
Beyond Dordt and De Auxiliis : the dynamics of protestant and catholic soteriology in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
edited Jordan Ballor, Matthew T. Gaetano, and David S. Sytsma.
Birth of Jesus for progressive Christians : a five session study guide
Donald Schmidt.
Deep incarnation : God's redemptive suffering with creatures
Denis Edwards.
Hanging on and rising up : renewing, re-envisioning, and rebuilding the cross from the "marginalized"
Patricia Cuyatti Chávez.
The doctrine of God : introducing the big questions
John C. Peckham.
The outrageous idea of Christian teaching
Perry L. Glanzer and Nathan F. Alleman ; foreword by George Marsden.
The Trinity among the nations : the doctrine of God in the majority world
edited by Gene L. Green, Stephen T. Pardue, K. K. Yeo.
This is my body : philosophical reflections on embodiment in a Wesleyan spirit
edited by John Thomas Brittingham and Christina M. Smerick ; foreword by Jeffrey Bloechl.
What you didn't learn in sunday school : women who didn't shut up and sit down
Shawna R.B. Atteberry.

BV – Practical Theology

A grace disguised : how the soul grows through loss
Jerry Sittser.
A necessary grief : essential tools for leadership in bereavement ministry
Larry J. Michael, Ph.D.
Best practices for children's ministry : [leading from the heart]
Andrew Ervin ; [foreword by Leslie Hart].
Braided selves : collected essays on multiplicity, God, and persons
Pamela Cooper-White.
Bruised & wounded : struggling to understand suicide
Ronald Rolheiser.
By the waters of Babylon : worship in a post-Christian culture
Scott Aniol.
Chaplaincy and spiritual care in mental health settings
edited by Revd Jean Fletcher ; foreword by Revd Prof John Swinton ; afterword by Revd Canon Dr Margaret Whipp.
Communication in the church : a handbook for healthier relationships
Thomas G. Kirkpatrick.
Crossing cultures : preparing strangers for ministry in strange places
Stephen M. Davis ; foreword by John P. Davis.
If Jesus is Lord : loving our enemies in an age of violence
Ronald J. Sider ; foreword by Stanley Hauerwas.
Managing conflict in the church
David W. Kale with Mel McCullough.
Ministry with the forgotten : dementia through a spiritual lens
Kenneth L. Carder.
Mobilizing congregations : how teams can motivate members and get things done
John W. Wimberly Jr.
Pastoral care and counseling : an introduction : care for stories, systems, and selves
Philip Browning Helsel.
Preaching and culture in Latino congregations
edited by Kenneth G. Davis and Jorge L. Presmanes.
Preaching and the other : studies of postmodern insights
Ronald J. Allen.
Preaching as resistance : voices of hope, justice, & solidarity
edited by Phil Snider.
Preaching to a postmodern world : a guide to reaching twenty-first century listeners
Graham Johnston ; [foreword by Haddon W. Robinson].
Preaching to teach : inspire people to think and act
Richard Voelz.
Púlpito : an introduction to Hispanic preaching
[edited by] Justo L. González and Pablo A. Jiménez.
Purposes of preaching
Jana Childers, ed.
Religious identity and renewal in the twenty-first century : Christian and Muslim explorations
edited by Simone Sinn and Michael Reid Trice.
Responsive prayers : for every week of the church year
David Sparks.
Spiritual care for non-communicative patients : a guidebook
Linda S. Golding and Walter Dixon ; foreword by Rabbi Mychal B. Springer.
Sustainable young adult ministry : making it work, making it last
Mark DeVries and Scott Pontier.
The Bible, social media, and digital culture
Peter M. Phillips.
The craft of Christian teaching : essentials for becoming a very good teacher
Israel Galindo.
The healthy small church : diagnosis and treatment for the big issues
Dennis Bickers.
The lost supper : revisiting Passover and the origins of the eucharist
Matthew Colvin.
The pastoral handbook of mental illness : a guide for training and reference
Steve Bloem.
Trauma + grace : theology in a ruptured world
Serene Jones ; [foreword by Kelly Brown Douglas].
Understanding the Gospels : a guide for preaching and teaching
Herbert W. Bateman IV and Benjamin I. Simpson, editors.
Worship music in the 21st century : selecting proper music for worship in regards to lyrics, instrumentation, and rhythm
Marius E. Marton ; [foreword by Raj Attiken].

BX – Denominations and Sects

Catherine Booth : laying the theological foundations of a radical movement
John Read.
Embracing the past--forging the future : a new generation of Wesleyan theology
edited by Wm. Andrew Schwartz and John M. Bechtold ; afterword by Michael Lodahl.
Alberta & Northwest Conference United Church of Canada Historical Society.
O Lord, hold our hands : how a church thrives in a multicultural world : the story of Oakhurst Presbyterian Church
Nibs Stroupe and Caroline Leach.
Out of the box
by Lois Wilson.
Protestant nonconformity and Christian missions
edited by Martin Wellings.
The spirit of Methodism : from the Wesleys to a global communion
Jeffrey W. Barbeau.
Toward a common future : ecumenical reception and a new consensus
William G. Rusch.
Worship and social engagement in urban Aboriginal-led Australian Pentecostal congregations : (re)imagining identity in the spirit
by Tanya Riches.

D – Old World History

Becoming diaspora Jews : behind the story of Elephantine
Karel van der Toorn.
Private associations and Jewish communities in the Hellenistic and Roman cities
edited by Benedikt Eckhardt.
The civilizing mission in the metropole : Algerian families and the French welfare state during decolonization
Amelia H. Lyons.

E – North American and General U.S. History

Native Americans, the mainline church, and the quest for interracial justice
David Phillips Hansen.

H – Social Sciences

"Honour" : crimes, paradigms, and violence against women
edited by Lynn Welchman and Sara Hossain.
Body evidence : intimate violence against South Asian women in America
[edited by] Shamita Das Dasgupta.
Kenyan, Christian, queer : religion, LGBT activism, and arts of resistance in Africa
Adriaan van Klinken.
Researching violence against women : a practical guide for researchers and activists
Mary Ellsberg, Lori Heise.
The violence of development : the politics of identity, gender and social inequalities in India
edited by Karin Kapadia.

J – Political Science

On the Doctrine of Discovery
Rev. Dr. Néstor Medina.
Truth and reconciliation and the Doctrine of Discovery : select responses of member denominations of the Canadian Council of Churches to TRC Call to Action #49 on the Doctine of Discovery and Terra Nullius
prepared by Peter Noteboom and Jeffrey Metcalfe.
Women, war, and violence : personal perspectives and global activism
edited by Robin M. Chandler, Lihua Wang, and Linda K. Fuller.

L – Education

Nurturing sanctuary : community capacity building in African American churches
Townsand Price-Spratlen.

M – Music

Exalt His name : understanding music and worship Book 1
Dr. Vernon M. Whaley.
In melody and songs : hymns from the Psalm versions of Isaac Watts
Adrienne Tindall, editor ; Morgan Simmons, consulting editor.
Music and faith : conversations in a post-secular age
Jonathan Arnold.

N – Fine Arts

Clip art of the Christian world : Christian art from its origins to the fifteenth century
with illustrations by Thierry Bondroit, Odette Mukherjee, Joseph Schlipf & Hanna Losowska ; edited by Brother Aelred-Seton Shanley.
Sanctifying art : inviting conversation between artists, theologians, and the church
Deborah Sokolove ; [with a foreword by Bruce C. Birch].

PR – Canadian and English Literature

The lover : a Sufi mystery
Laury Silvers.

PS – American Literature

In search of our mothers' gardens : womanist prose
Alice Walker.

R – Medicine

Blessed are the crazy : breaking the silence about mental illness, family, and church
Sarah Griffith Lund.
Compassion : conceptualisations, research and use in psychotherapy
edited by Paul Gilbert.
Solution focused brief therapy : 100 key points and techniques
Harvey Ratner, Evan George, and Chris Iveson.
Spiritual resources in family therapy
edited by Froma Walsh.
Tackling trauma : global, biblical, and pastoral perspectives
edited by Paul A. Barker.
The lifesaving church : faith communities and suicide prevention
Rachael A. Keefe.
When words fail : practical ministry to people with dementia and their caregivers
Kathy Fogg Berry.