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Donald Oakley Robson

Box 1
Professional material -- Thesis
11The Samnites in the Po Valley1932

For Doctor of Philosophy degree, University of Toronto, 1932: ts., cc., annotated, with related material. Programme for oral examination.

Professional material -- Lectures
12Cicero and the specialist

ts., cc., annotated. Plus one page of typescript.

12Marcus Tullius Cicero is the only person...

ts., cc., annotated, with holograph notes

12Notes, addresses, memorials

holographs; tss. Includes memorials to: Norman Wentworth DeWitt (1876–1958); Charles Bruce Sissons (1879–1965); John Charles Robertson (1862–1956).

13Correspondence with academics and editors: 6 in, n.d., 1938; 1 out, 19381938
Literary manuscripts -- Articles and reviews
13Terriolis Etrusca Illyrica der vorchristliche geographische Wortschatz Tarols / Alois Maria Schoen-Pontarra1940

Copy of journal, 1940

13The foundations of Roman Italy / by Joshua Whatmough1938

Copy of journal, 1938

13The nationality of the poet Caecilius Statius1938

offprint, 1938

13The Samnites in the Po Valley1934

Reprint, 1934

13[Review of ? / Livy]

offprint. Two copies.

Material about Robson
14In memoriam: Professor Emeritus Donald O. Robson: Board of Regents, Victoria University

photocopied, ts.

Other material
16Essays by Rhena Kendrick Robson

two essays: holograph.