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It is “a tapestry of fact and fiction” in which the facts comes from the poet’s life and writings and the fiction is Kate’s note-book, poems, visions, and French lover Paul-Marc (pp. 369, 370). “.Biographical Notes” on real people (pp. 365-368) and “Author’s Note” (pp. 369-371).  The facts are carefully accurate and the fiction is persuasive: “‘There are no Evil Spirits, Kate.  There are only Human Spirits” (p. 8).
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A Blake scholar named Damon Reade uses clues from Blake's works to identify and befriend a serial murderer.
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De Ville, J. [William Blake life mask] A 66 | PUBd. AUG. I. 1823 I. DEVILLE | 67 Strand, London.

Plaster cast, painted black to imitate patinated bronze, of the original in the National Portrait Gallery.

no. 1

Blake, William. God Judging Adam [picture] (London : Published by The Tate Gallery, [197-?])

53 x 58 cm.

no. 2

Blake e Dante [art reproduction] 10 settembre / 31 ottobre 1983 Casa di Dante in Abruzzo / Torre de' Passeri (PE) (orari: 9-12 / 15-19 - chiuso il lunedi) ([Milan] : Mazzotta, [1983])

98 x 68 cm.

Poster of an exhibition of Blake illustrations, primarily for the Divina commedia, assembled from English and Australian museums; presented by the Casa di Dante in Abruzzo, in the Castello Gizzi di Torre de' Passeri, Pescara, September-October 1983. Reproduces Blake's watercolour illustration of Dante's Canto 31 from his Divine comedy. The work has been given the title, Antaeus Setting down Dante and Virgil in the Last Circle of Hell.

no. 3

Blake, William. The Lord Answers Job Out of the Whirlwind [picture] (London : Athena Reproductions, 1972)

72 x 60 cm.

no. 4

William Blake in the Collection of The National Gallery of Victoria [art reproduction] 14 September - 19 November 1989 ([Melbourne, Australia] : National Gallery of Victoria, 1989)

84 x 60 cm.

Reproduces Blake's watercolour illustration of Dante's Canto 31 from his Divine comedy. The work has been given the title, Antaeus Setting down Dante and Virgil in the Last Circle of Hell.

no. 5

With Corroding Fires William Blake as Poet, Printmaker and Painter [art reproduction] an exhibition and symposium sponsored by Union College and Skidmore College, May 9 and 10, 1980 ([Saratoga Springs, New York : Skidmore College, 1980])

53 x 49 cm. 2 copies.

no. 6

Blake, William. The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed With the Sun [picture] c1803-5 Brooklyn Museum of Art, Gift of William Augustus White (Millbank, London : [Tate Gallery Publications Deepartment, 2000])

76 x 51 cm.

Poster of a major exhibition at Tate Britain 9 November 2000 - 11 February 2001.

no. 7

International Blake Conference (2003 : Kyoto, Japan) The International Blake Conference "Blake in the Orient" [art reproduction] 29-30 November 2003 in Kyoto, Japan (Kyodai Kaikan, Kyoto University) ([Kyoto, Jpan : Blake Conference Committee, 2003])

60 x 42 cm.

Poster has portrait of William Blake; a reproduction of plate 42 (The Tyger) from Songs of innocence and of experience; and a reproduction of the titlepage from vol. 4, no. 7, 1913 of a Japanese humanistic literary journal, Shirakaba ("White Birch").

no. 8

Blake, William. Elohim Creating Adam, 1795 [picture] (detail) (Millbank, London : Tate Gallery Publications Department, 1978)

76 x 51 cm. 2 copies.

Poster of an exhibition at Tate Gallery, 9 March - 21 May 1978, William Blake... Presented in association with the William Blake Trust.

no. 9

William Blake and His Contemporaries [art reproduction] Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, Adeane Gallery, 14 July - 31 August 1987 designed by Graham Johnson ([Kineton, Warwick, England] : Printed by Roundhead Press, 1987)

70 x 49 cm.

Reproduces William Blake's frontispiece to Europe, a prophecy, from copy K, in the collection of the Fitzwilliam Museum. The frontispiece is entitled: The ancient of days.

no. 10

Wiriamu Bureiku (Yanagi: Blake no deai) [art reproduction] William Blake (Great encounter "Yanagi and Blake") ([Tokyo] : Mingeikan, [1990])

73 x 52 cm.

Poster advertising an exhibition at The Japan Folk Crafts Museum, Komaba, Tokyo, Japan, September 1-October 28, 1990. Poster reproduces an unidentified copy of Blake's frontispiece to Europe, a prophecy, entitled: The ancient of days.

no. 11

Kyōto Daigaku. Sōgō Hakubutsukan [Poster outlining exhibits and events at the Kyoto University Museum [picture] ([Kyoto, Japan] : Kyoto University Museum, [2003])

27 x 52 cm. In Japanese.

Includes mention of the two volume set produced for the International Blake Conference in 2003 and the concurrent exhibition at the Museum, "The Glad Days in the Reception of Blake in Japan" from 27 November to 27 December 2003.

no. 12

Mitchell, Adrian. Lullaby for William Blake [art reproduction] poster poem by Patrick Proktor + Adrian Mitchell (London : Published by Ad Infinitum Limited, 1968)

62 x 95 cm.