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            Library has 2 copies.
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1713 Eldridge, AEthelred.  Decoramaniamachia, part 1: for the play-going publik : some vainglorious replies to rhetorical questions put by poseurs attitudinized, or, The bread we eat, or, Down tripping stairs dew-drop-toes come trickling being art, contrary & signal, from the flap of an apron string : also being Eidola (pale-graphia sacra pictoria) to hang pendants from and outlines to colour within (Athens, Ohio: J.E.L. Eldridge, 1963)
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            Library has #1. No more published?
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            Library has v. 1, nos. 1, 3-16; v. 2, no. 1; Dec. 1974; May 1976; August 1976; unnumbered and undated issue (“Dear seated readers”)
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            The booklet is designed to be issued with an album of records and slides.  Library copy lacks records and slides.
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8°, in green cloth.  Book-plate of George Goyder; signed "George Goyder 1985"; inscribed n the half-title "With best wishes to │ George Goyder, │ Northrop Frye │ Oct 1, 1985".
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            Library copy, “the fifty-eighth of a hundred, was printed on June 10 2001.”
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            First draft. Library has 2 copies.
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            Bound with:
            Destrée, Olivier Georges.  The Renaissance of Sculpture in Belgium (London: Seeley and Co. Limited ; New York: Macmillan and Co., 1895) The Portfolio Artistic Monographs [No. 23]
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            First draft of unpublished manuscript with computer disk.
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            Second draft of unpublished manuscript with computer disk.
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Copy 1
Copy 2: In the standard rust red binding, gilt on the front and blind-stamped on the back with the same design, but rebacked.  Vol. I half-title is inscribed "Clarence Cook │ from Julia Sept 8th 1867", with a typed letter to Clarence Cook from L.C.L. Jordan, Assistant Secretary of Cooper Union, 10 January 1894, about a lecture by Herbert H. Gilchrist on "Early English Art".  In each volume there is the simple armorial book-plate of Ganson Goodyear Depew.  There is also pasted in an undated obituary of Anne Gilchrist [1885] and a letter from Herbert H. Gilchrist to Mr Cook, 28 April 1893 about

dispersing my collection of drawings & engravings by William Blake ... I have many beautiful things left, and I am not asking fancy prices at all ....  I sold my proof copy of the "Book of Job" to Mansfield the other day--it was a superb copy.  Messrs Sotheby W[ilkinson] & Hodge sold my "Thel" in London a month ago [i.e., 17 March 1893, #1811].

1811 Gilchrist, AlexanderThe Life of William Blake.  Edited with an Introduction by W. Graham Robertson and Numerous Reproductions from Blake's Pictures Many Hitherto Unpublished (London: John Lane The Bodley Head ; New York: John Lane Company, 1907)
It contains:
Christie, Manson & Woods.  Catalogue of the John Linnell Collection of Highly Important Works by William Blake Obtained direct from the artist Also Numerous Prints, Books in Colour, Autographs, &c The Remaining Pictures & Drawings by John Linnell, Senr. and Pictures by Old Masters Which (by Order of the Trustees) Will be Sold by Auction by Messrs. Christie, Manson & Woods (L. Hannen, W. B. Anderson, and V. C. W. Agnew) at Their Great Rooms, 8 King Street, St. James's Square, London on Friday, March 15, 1918 at One O'Clock Precisely (London: Christie, Manson & Woods, 1918)
            Blake Society. Meeting.  [Report of the] Sixth Annual Meeting, 11 Sept. 1917.
            1 leaf.
1812 Gilchrist, AlexanderLife of William Blake.  Edited by Ruthven Todd (London: J. M. Dent & Sons Ltd ; New York: E. P. Dutton & Co. Inc., 1942)  Everyman's Library 971
1813 Gilchrist, AnneAnne Gilchrist: Her Life and Writings.  Edited by Herbert Harlakenden Gilchrist With a Prefatory Notice by William Michael Rossetti.  Second Edition.  (London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1887)
4°, in handsome dark blue(?) cloth with a gilt representation of Blake’s “Hope” on the cover.
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6°, bound in original brown cloth, respined.  Colophon (p. 170):  MILTON PRESS:  J. NICHOLS, 9, CHANDOS STREET, STRAND.  At the end is a 9-page LIST OF A SMALL PORTION FROM A COLLECTION OF 3000 VOLUMES OF SCARCE, CURIOUS AND USEFUL BOOKS, Now on Sale, at the very Low Prices annexed, at 55, St. Martin's Lane [i.e., Bray and King], followed (p. 10) by a list of prices for their bindings.  Stamped at the foot of the title page and on the end-paper:  JOHN STORY, 152, CEMETARY ROAD, SHEFFIELD.
"Mr. Blake, Nov. 28, 7h. 45' p.m. 1757" appears in "A List of a few Names of the Patrons and Admirers of the science and doctrine of Astrology" (pp. 118-120).
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[Engraved title:] [Gothic:] MEMOIRS │ of the │ Life │ ofGEORGE MORLAND. │ [Vignette of a cow and cottage] │ Published by JAMES CUNDEE.  Albion Press, London.
4°, in ¾ brown calf over brown marbled boards which may once have been the same colour as the green marbled end-papers; front board detached.  On the top left corner of the inner board is a round red ticket:  "Sold by │ G. SHADE │ BOOKSELLER Princes Street Cavendish Square", and there is also the handsome armorial book-plate of Henry Davidson.
There are notes on Blake's chalk engravings of Morland's "Idle Laundress" and "Industrious Cottager" (pp. 78, 170-171).
1869 Hawkins, JohnI am, my dear Sir ...:  A Selection of Letters written mainly to and by John Hawkins, F.R.S., F.G.S. 1761-1841 of Bignor Park, Sussex, & Trewithen, Cornwall.  Edited, with an Introduction by Francis W. Steer ([Chichester, England: Moore and Tillyer Ltd, Printers], 1959)
A reference to Blake in a letter from Hayley to Hawkins of 11 August 1800 (p. 4).
1870 Hayes, ElliotBlake:  Innocence and Experience: A Play (Stratford, Ontario: Echo Hill Ltd., 1983)
The half-title is inscribed "Robert Southey. from the Editor. │ Keswick. 12 July 1823." and "Jane Jones │ The Gift of J. Cardswell Esq. │ July the 10th 1844". There are a number of important references to Blake.
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            1 folded sheet.
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A folded flyer.
The essay on "The Last Chimney Sweeper" reprints Blake's "The Chimney Sweeper" (Innocence) from Montgomery's Chimney Sweeper's Friend (1824).
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            2 copies.
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            Colie, Roslie L. “Thomas Traherne and the Infinite: The Ethical Compromise”
Wark, Robert R. “A Minor Blake Conundrum”
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            Published also as v. 58, no. 3 and 4 of the Huntington Library quarterly. See above for contents.
1907 International Blake Conference (2003 : Kyoto, Japan) The International Blake Conference “Blake in the Orient” Organized by Masashi Suzuki & Steve Clark (Kyoto: The Blake Conference Committee, 2003)
Programme [29-30 November 2003] Organized by Masashi Suzuki & Steve Clark
The contents are proposals for 20-minute papers. In English.
The Glad Days in the Reception of Blake in Japan:  A Concurrent Exhibition [27 November-27 December 2003 at Kyoto University Museum] Organized by Masashi Suzuki & Steve Clark. In English and Japanese.
Masashi Suzuki & Steve Clark, “Preface.”  Pp. 1-2, 55.
Sori Yanagi, “Message.”  Pp. 3, 56.  About his father.
Anon.  “The Glad Days in the Reception of Blake in Japan.”  Pp. 5-6, 57-59. 
Kozo Shioe, “On the ‘Nagasaki Collection’.”  Pp. 7-9, 60-63.
The catalogue entries, first in English and then in Japanese, are by Kozo Shioe & Yumiko Goto.  Each section begins with a short essay.
Part I consists of “Japan’s Encounter with Blake”, subdivided into “1  Master Writers of the Meiji Period and Blake” (pp. 11-14, 65), “2  The Introduction of Blake’s Art by Soetsu Yanagi and the Shirakaba Group” (pp. 15-20, 66-68), “3  Blake Exhibitions Organized by Shirakaba” (pp. 21-25, 69-70), and “4  The Development of Blake Reception and the 100th Anniversary of the Death of Blake” (pp. 26-37, 71-77)..
Part II, “Japanese Blakeans”, consists of “1  Ryuuisei Kishida and the Artists of the Shirakaba Group” (pp. 38-45, 78-80), “2 Kagaku Murakami and Kokuga Sosaku Kyokai” (pp. 46-5081-82), and “3  Blake Collector: Taro Nagasaki” (pp. 52-53, 83-84).
2 volumes together in case.
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Reprinted from Volume CXXII (24 Sept. 1910) of Notes and Queries. Library has 2 copies.
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