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English Historical Documents
Ed. David C. Douglas

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The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
60 Volumes. Available online. (Rev. Ed. of the one below )
Dictionary of National Biography
Ed. Leslie Stephen
A Companion to Nineteenth-century Britain
Ed. Chris Williams
The Cambridge Companion to Victorian Culture
Ed. Francis O’gorman

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(Vic Stacks)

Encyclopedia of the Victorian Era
James Eli Adams, editor in chief
The Encyclopedia of the Victorian World
Ed. Melinda Corey and George Ochoa
Victorian Britain: An Encyclopedia
Ed. Sally Mitchell
Victorian Culture and Society: the Essential Glossary
Roberts, Adam
The Victorians at War, 1815-1914: An Encyclopedia of British Military History
Harold E. Raugh, Jr
Ware's Victorian dictionary of slang and phrase
Ware, J. Redding
A Reference Guide for English Studies
Marcuse, Michael J
British Writers
Ed. Ian Scott-Kilvert
The Encyclopedia of Victorian Literature
Ed. (general) Dino Franco Felluga
A Companion to Victorian Literature and Culture
Ed. Herbert F. Tucker
The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana
Nevins, Jess and Michael Moorcock
Victorian Poets Before 1850
Ed. William E. Fredeman and Ira B. Nadel
Victorian Prose Writers Before 1867
Ed. William B. Thesing
Victorian Prose Writers After 1867
Ed. William B. Thesing
English Fiction of the Victorian Period: 1830-1890
Michael Wheeler
Victorian Prose: A Guide to Research
Ed. David J. DeLaura
Late-Victorian and Edwardian British Novelists.
Second Series. Ed. George M. Johnson.
A Companion to the Victorian Novel
Ed. William Baker and Kenneth Womack
Victorian Novelists After 1885
Ed. Ira P. Nadel and William E. Fredeman
Victorian Novelists Before 1885
Ed. Ira P. Nadel and William E. Fredeman
London, 1066-1914
Vol. 2 & vol. 3. Ed. Xavier Brown.
Victorian Yellowbacks & Paperbacks, 1849-1905
Topp, Chester W
Bibliographies of Studies in Victorian Literature for the Ten Years 1975-1984
Ed. Richard C.Tobias
The Victorian Novel: An Annotated Bibliography
Mazzeno, Laurence W
Mid-Victorian Poetry, 1960-1879: An Annotated Bio-bibliography
Reilly, Catherine W

The Arts

Dignity and Decadence: Victorian Art and the Classical Inheritance
Jenkyns, Richard



Victorian Painting
Lambourne, Lionel
Victorian Painting
Treuherz, Julian
Victorian Painters
Wood, Christopher
Victorian Glassworlds: glass culture and the imagination 1830-1880.
Who’s Who of Victorian Cinema

History and Sociology

Daily Life in Victorian England
Mitchell, Sally
How to be a Victorian: a dawn-to-dusk guide to Victorian life
Goodman, Ruth
Contesting Cultural Authority: Essays in Victorian Intellectual Life
Turner, Frank, M
Victorian Political Culture: habits of heart and mind
Hawkins, Angus
Outcast London: A Study in the Relationship Between Classes in Victorian Society.
Jones, Gareth Stedman.
Late Victorian Britain, 1870-1901.
Harrison, J.F.C. England: Fontana Press, 1990.
Family ties in Victorian England
Nelson, Claudia
Victorian Feminists
Caine, Barbara
Victorian Women
Perkin, Joan
Victorian Childhoods
Frost, Ginger S
Victorian Cities
Briggs, Asa
That Devil’s Trick: hypnotism and the Victorian popular imagination
Hughes, William
Victorian Discourses on Sexuality and Religion
Maynard, John
Victorian Cities
Briggs, Asa
That Devil’s Trick: hypnotism and the Victorian popular imagination
Hughes, William
Victorian Discourses on Sexuality and Religion
Maynard, John
Victorian Freaks: The Social Context of Freakery in Britain
Tromp, Marlene, ed


Theatre in the Victorian Age
Booth, Michael R
The Madwoman in the Attic: the Woman Writer and the Nineteenth-century Literary Imagination.
Gilbert, Sandra M
Victorian Science and Literature
Dawson, Gowan


Encyclopedia of Romantic Literature
Frederick Burwick, Gen
The Crisis of Action in Nineteenth-Century English Literature
Markovits Stefanie
The Cambridge History of Victorian Literature.
The Victorian Period: the Intellectual and Cultural Context of English Literature, 1830-1890
Gilmour, Robin
The Pocket Guide to Victorian Writers and Poets
James, Russell
Gender and Discourse in Victorian Literature and Art
Harrison, Antony H. and Beverly Taylor
Hellenism and Homosexuality in Victorian Oxford
Dowling, Linda
Shock, Memory and the Unconscious in Victorian Fiction
Matus, Jill L
Victorian Discourses on Sexuality and Religion
Maynard, John
Tainted Souls and Painted Faces: The Rhetoric of Fallenness in Victorian Culture
Anderson, Amanda
The Cambridge Companion to the Victorian Novel
Ed. Deirdre David
The Victorian Railway
Simmons, Jack

TF57 .S55


Victorian Poetry: Poetry, Poetics and Politics
Armstrong, Isobel
Victorian Poetry in Context
Miles, Rosie
British Victorian Women’s Periodicals: Beauty, Civilization and Poetry
Ledbetter Kathryn
The Making of Victorian Drama
Jenkins, Anthony
A Reader's Guide to the Nineteenth Century English Novel
Brown, Julia Prewitt
The Victorian Novel
Horsman, Alan
The Facts On File Companion to the British Short Story
Ed. Andrew Maunder
The American Slave Narrative and the Victorian Novel
Lee, Julia Sun-Joo
Feeling for the Poor: Bourgeois Compassion, Social Action, and the Victorian Novel
Betensky, Carolyn
A Companion to the Victorian Novel
Baker, William
How to Read the Victorian Novel
Levine, George
The Longman Companion to Victorian Fiction
Sutherland, John
Technologies of Power in the Victorian Period: Print Culture, Human Labor, and new Modes of Critique…
Murray, John C
Daughters of the House: Modes of the Gothic in Victorian Fiction
Milbank, Alison
Victorian Fairy Tales
Ed. Michael Newton
Nineteenth-Century American Women Writers: A Bio-Biographical Critical Sourcebook
Ed. Denise D. Knight


The Dictionary of Nineteenth-century British Philosophers.
Mander, . J. and Alan P.F. Sell.

Internet Resources

Internet Archive

Digitized texts and all other media

Victoria Research Web

provides resources for the study of all aspects of Victorian Britain.

Victorian Web Sites (Victorian Literary Studies Archive)

for authors and their individual works (Victorian Literary Studies Archive)

The Victorian Web
Victorian Women Writers Project
Voice of the Shuttle English Literature: Victorian
Nines (Networked Infrastructure for Nineteenth-century Electronic Scholarship)
The Nineteenth-Century English Novel: Bibliographic Resources
Victoria Research Web: Scholarly Sources for Victorian Research
by Patrick Leary
Victorian Popular Culture: A Portal
The Victorian Studies Bibliography
19th Century British Pamphlets Online
Mid-Victorian imperialists: British gentleman and the empire of the mind

(Online- title search on UofT catalogue)

Youth of darkest England: working-class children at the heart of Victorian
Boone, Troy.

(Online- title search on UofT catalogue)

Victorian print media: a reader
King, Andrew.

[electronic resource at UofT]

Victorian servants, class, and the politics of literacy
Fernandez, Jean.

[electronic resource at UofT]

The Long Nineteenth Century

Victorian History.

A Vision of Britain through Time.

A vision of Britain between 1801 and 2001. Including maps, statistical trends and historical descriptions.

Discovering Literature: Romantics and Victorians
Evolution and Victorian Culture
Lightman, Bernard V.

Journal Databases/Indexes (UofT)

Victorian Database

1945-1999 available online

Emprie Online

Over 60,000 images of original manuscripts and printed material from 1492 to 1969. Includes historical essays and biographies.

Pooles's Index to Periodical Literaure 1893-1938.
Poole, William

*also available online in 19th Century Masterfile

Cumulative author index for Poole's Index to Periodical Literature 1802-1906
Wall, C. Edward.
Palmer's Index to The [London] Times, 1790-1905

London Low Life

Victorian London’s streets, gin palaces, brothels and East End slums: salacious ‘swell’s guides’ to scandalous broadsides and seditious posters, the material sold London’s bustling streets gives insight into its dark underworld. Children’s chapbooks, slang dictionaries and ballads ...

Victorian Periodical Review

VPR is the only refereed journal that concentrates on the editorial and publishing history of Victorian periodicals. Its emphasis is on the importance of periodicals for an understanding of the history and culture of Victorian Britain, Ireland, and the Empire.

MLA International Bibliography

1963- available online

Historical Abstracts

1954- available online

Periodicals Contents Index (PCI)

1770- also available online

The Wellesley Index to Victorian Periodicals, 1824-1900.

*also available online*



The Historical Index to The New York Times, 1851-1922

Historical Newspapers Online

Palmer's Full Text Online (The [London] Times), 1785-1870

The Official Index to The [London] Times, 1906-1980

The Waterloo Directory of English Newspapers and Periodicals 1800-1900

Literature Criticism Online

Simultaneously search Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism, Poetry Criticism, Poetry Criticism, Drama Criticism and more.

Oxford Bibliographies

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