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Resources in Victorian Studies

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Reference Materials

English Historical Documents Ed. David C. Douglas. London: Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1953—.
DA26 .E56 Reference
Dictionary of National Biography Ed. Leslie Stephen. London: Smith, Elder, 1885—1900.
DA28 .D5 1885a Reference
Oxford Dictionary of National Biography onlineUofT logo
Encyclopedia of the Victorian Era Ed. Melinda James Eli Adams, Ed. in chief. Danbury, CT: Grolier Academic Reference.
DA550 .527 2004 Reference
The Encyclopedia of the Victorian World Ed. Melinda Corey and George Ochoa. New York: Holt, 1996.
DA550 .E53 1996 Reference
Companion to Nineteenth—century Britain Ed. Chris Williams. Maiden, Mass.: Blackwell Pub, 2004.
DA530 .C76 2004 Stacks
Victorian Britain: An Encyclopedia Ed. Sally Mitchell. New York: Garland, 1988.
DA550 .V53 1988 Reference
The 1890s: An Encyclopedia of British Literature, Art and Culture Ed. G. A. Cevasco. New York: Garland, 1993.
DA560 .E43 1993 Reference
A Reference Guide for English Studies Marcuse, Michael J. Berkeley: U. of California Press, 1990.
PR56 .M37 1990 Reference
British Writers Ed. Ian Scott—Kilvert. New York: Scribner, 1979—.
PR85 .B688 Reference
The Cambridge Guide to Literature in English Ed. Ian Ousby; foreword by Doris Lessing. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1993.
PR85 .C29 1993 Stacks
Victorian Poets Before 1850 Ed. William E. Fredeman and Ira B. Nadel. Detroit: Gale, 1984.
PR591 .V53 1984 Reference
Victorian Poets After 1850 Ed. William E. Fredeman and Ira B. Nadel. Detroit: Gale, 1985.
PR591 .V5 1985 Reference
The Victorian Poets: A Guide to Research Ed. Frederic E. Faverty. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard UP, 1968.
PR593 .F3 1968 Reference
Victorian Prose Writers Before 1867 Ed. William B. Thesing. Detroit: Gale, 1987.
PR781 .V53 1987 Reference
Victorian Prose Writers After 1867 Ed. William B. Thesing. Detroit: Gale, 1987.
PR781 .V52 1987 Reference
Victorian Prose: A Guide to Research Ed. David J. DeLaura. New York: Modern Language Association of America, 1973.
PR785 .D4 Reference
Late—Victorian and Edwardian British Novelists Second Series. Ed. George M. Johnson. Detroit: Gale, 1999.
PR863 .L382 1999 Reference
A Companion to the Victorian Novel Ed. William Baker and Kenneth Womack. Westport, Conn: Greenwood, 2002.
PR871 .C64 2002 Reference
Victorian Novelists Before 1885 Ed. Ira P. Nadel and William E. Fredeman. Detroit: Gale, 1983.
PR871 .V55 1983 Reference
Victorian Novelists After 1885 Ed. Ira P. Nadel and William E. Fredeman. Detroit: Gale, 1983.
PR871 .V54 1983 Reference
London, 1066—1914 Vol. 2 & vol. 3. Ed. Xavier Brown. Mountfield, East Sussex: Helm Information, c1997.
PR1111 .L6 L66 1997 Reference
Victorian Yellowbacks & Paperbacks, 1849—1905 Topp, Chester W. Denver, Colo.: Hermitage Antiquarian Bookshop, 1993—.
Z1033 .Y44 T67 1993 Reference
Bibliographies of Studies in Victorian Literature for the Ten Years 1975—1984 Ed. Richard C. Tobias. New York: AMS Press, 1991.
Z2013 .B593 1991 Reference
The Victorian Novel: An Annotated Bibliography Mazzeno, Laurence W. Pasadena, Calif.: Salem Press, 1989.
Z2014 .F4 M39 1989 Reference
Mid—Victorian Poetry, 1960—1879: An Annotated Biobibliography Reilly, Catherine W. New York: Mansell, 2000.
Z2014 .P7 R454 2002 Reference


Use the subject heading “Architecture, Victorian” to find other books in this area.

Victorian Architecture: Four Studies in Evaluation Summerson, Sir John Newenham. New York: Columbia Univ. Press, 1970.
NA645 .S9 Stacks
The Seven Lamps of Architecture Ruskin, John. London: Cassell, 1907.
NA2550 .R87 1907 Stacks
Pre—Raphaelitism: Lectures on Architecture & Painting, &c Ruskin, John. London: J.M. Dent, 1907.
ND467 .R87 1907 Stacks


Use the following subject headings to find other books on Victotian art:

  • Art, Victorian
  • Painters Great Britain
  • Painting, Victorian Great Britain
  • Painting, Modern 19th century
  • Painters England 19th century
Dignity and Decadence: Victorian Art and the Classical Inheritance Jenkyns, Richard. Cambridge Mass.: Harvard UP, 1992.
N6767 .J46 1992 Stacks
John Ruskin and the Victorian Eye Casteras, Susan P. New York: Harry N. Abrams; Phoenix: Phoenix Art museum, 1993.
N7483 .R87 J64 1993 Stacks Oversize
Painting Women: Victorian Women Artists Cherry, Deborah. London: Routledge, 1993.
ND467 .C45 1993 Stacks
Victorian Painting Lambourne, Lionel. London: Phaidon, 1999.
ND467 .L36 1999 Reference
Victorian Painting Treuherz, Julian. London: Thames & Hudson, 1993.
ND467 .T7 1993 Stacks
Victorian Painters Wood, Christopher. Woodbridge, Suffolk [England]: Antique Collectors’ Club, 1995.
ND467 .W66 1995 Reference
Victorian Photography, Painting, and Poetry Smith, Lindsay. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1995.
NX543 .S64 1995 Stacks

History and Sociology

Use the following subject headings to find other books:

  • Great Britain history Victoria 1837–1901
  • Great Britain social conditions 19th century
  • England social life and customs 19th century
  • Great Britain intellectual life 19th century
Documents in British History Comp. Brian L. Blakely and Jacquelin Collins. New York: McGraw—Hill, 1993.
DA26 .D58 1993 Stacks
Daily Life in Victorian England Mitchell, Sally. Westport CT: Greenwood, 1996.
DA33 .M675 1996 Stacks
Contesting Cultural Authority: Essays in Victorian Intellectual Life Turner, Frank, M. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1993.
DA533 .T86 1993 Stacks
The Victorian Village Souden, David. London: Collins & Brown, c1991.
DA550 .S63 1991 Stacks
Victorian Village Life Philip, Neil. Spring Hill, Idbury : Albion, 1993.
DA667 .P5 1993 Stacks
William Morris: Design and Enterprise in Victorian Britain Harvey, Charles and Jon Press. Manchester, England: Manchester Univ. Press, 1991.
HC252.5 .M65 H37 1991 Stacks
Outcast London: A Study in the Relationship Between Classes in Victorian Society Jones, Gareth Stedman. London: Penguin Books, 1992.
HC258 .L6 J6 1992 Stacks
Victorian Values: Personalities and Perspectives in Nineteenth—Century Society Ed. Gordon Marsden. London: Longman, 1990.
HN385 .V55 1990 Stacks
Feminism and Political Economy in Victorian England Ed. Peter Groenewegen. Brookfield, Vt.: Elgar, 1994.
HQ1593 .F43 1994 Stacks
Victorian Feminists Caine, Barbara. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1992.
HQ1595 .A3 C34 1992 Stacks
Victorian Women Perkin, Joan. New York: New York UP, 1995.
HQ1599 .E5 P47 1995 Stacks
Work, Gender and Family in Victorian England Ittman, Karl. Washington Square, N.Y.: New York UP, 1995.
HQ614.15 .B73 I77 1995 Stacks
Victorian Cities Briggs, Asa. London: Penguin, 1990.
HT133 .B7 1990 Stacks
Poverty and the Workhouse in Victorian Britain Wood, Peter. Wolfeboro Falls, N.H.: Alan Sutton Pub., c1991.
HV63 .G7 W66 1991 Stacks
The Efficient Secret: The Cabinet and the Development of Political Parties in Victorian England Cox, Gary. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1987.
JN1120 .C69 1987 Stacks
Late Victorian Britain, 1870—1901 Harrison, J.F.C. England: Fontana Press, 1990.
HN385 .H352 Stacks
Victorian Discourses on Sexuality and Religion Maynard, John. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1993.
PR468 .R44 M39 1993 Stacks
In Pursuit of a Scientific Culture: Science, Art, and Society in the Victorian Age Dale, Peter Allan. Madison, Wisc.: Univ. of Wisconsin Press, c1989.
PR468 .S34 D35 1989 Stacks


To find other materials try using the subject heading:

  • music England 19th century
“Music in Victorian Society and Culture” Victorian Studies, Volume 30, number 1 (Autumn 1986).
PER Pratt
The Victorian Music—Hall: Culture, Class and Conflict Kift, Dagmar. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1996.
PN1968 .G7 K5313 Stacks


Use some of the following subject headings to find other materials:

  • English drama 19th century
  • English fiction 19th century
  • English literature 19th century
  • English poetry 19th century
  • English prose literature 19th century

Using names of individual authors, followed by the subheading “criticism and interpretation” is the way to find materials about an author’s work.

For example:

  • Browning, Robert 1812—1889 criticism and interpretation
  • Dickens, Charles 1812—1870 criticism and interpretation
Theatre in the Victorian Age Booth, Michael R. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1991.
PN2594 .B58 1991 Stacks
Victorian Periodicals and Victorian Society Ed. J. Don Vann and Rosemary T. VanArsdel. Aldershot, Eng.: Scolar Press, c1994.
PN5124 .P4 V55 1994 Stacks
The Madwoman in the Attic: the Woman Writer and the Nineteenth—century Literary Imagination Gilbert, Sandra M. New Haven: Yale UP, 1979.
PR115 .G5 Stacks
The Victorian Period: the Intellectual and Cultural Context of English Literature, 1830—1890 Gilmour, Robin. New York: Longman, 1993.
PR461 .G55 .1993 Stacks
Six Victorian Thinkers Hardman, Malcolm. Manchester, England: Manchester UP, 1991.
PR461 .H28 1991 Stacks
High Victorian Culture Morse, David. Washington Square, N.Y.: New York UP, 1993.
PR461 .M64 1993 Stacks
The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana Nevins, Jess. Austin, TX : MonkeyBrain, Inc., c2005.
PR461 .N42 2005 Reference
Victorian Subjects Miller, J. Hillis. Durham: Duke UP, 1991.
PR463 .M55 1991 Stacks
Gender and Discourse in Victorian Literature and Art Harrison, Antony Hand Beverly Taylor. Dekalb: Northern Illinois UP, 1992.
PR468 .F46 G4 1992 Stacks
Hellenism and Homosexuality in Victorian Oxford Dowling, Linda. Ithaca: Cornell UP 1994.
PR468 .H65 D68 1994 Stacks
Victorian Discourses on Sexuality and Religion Maynard, John. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1993.
PR468 .R44 M39 1993 Stacks
Tainted Souls and Painted Faces: The Rhetoric of Fallenness in Victorian Culture Anderson, Amanda. Ithaca: Cornell UP, 1993.
PR468 .W6 A53 1993 Stacks
The Dialogue of the Mind with Itself: Early Victorian Poetry and Poetics Starzyk, Lawrence J. Calgary: Univ. of Calgary Press, 1992.
PR591 .S83 1992 Stacks
Victorian Poetry: Poetry, Poetics, and Politics Armstrong, Isobel. New York: Routledge, 1993.
PR595 .H5 A76 1993 Stacks
The Everyman Book of Victorian Verse: The Pre—Raphaelites to the Nineties Ed. Donald Thomas. London: J.M. Dent, c1993.
PR595 .P7 E8 1993 Stacks
The Making of Victorian Drama Jenkins, Anthony. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1991.
PR734 .S5 J46 1991 Stacks
A Reader’s Guide to the Nineteenth Century English Novel Brown, Julia Prewitt. New York: Macmillan, c1985.
PR861 .B76 1985 Stacks
The Victorian Novel O’Gorman Francis. Oxford, UK ; Malden, MA : Blackwell Pub., 2002.
PR871 .H67 1990 Stacks
The Longman Companion to Victorian Fiction Sutherland, John. Harlow, England: Longman, 1990.
PR871 .S86 1990 Stacks
The Early and Mid—Victorian Novel Ed. David Skilton. London: Routledge, 1993.
PR872 .E27 1993 Stacks
Sexuality in Victorian Fiction Allen, Dennis W. Norman: Univ. of Oklahoma Press, 1993.
PR878 .S49 A43 1993 Stacks
Daughters of the House: Modes of the Gothic in Victorian Fiction Milbank, Alison. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1992.
PR878 .T3 M55 1992 Stacks


Journal of Victorian CultureUofT logo Holdings: Vol. 11, Spring 2006–
Victorian Studies: A Quarterly Journal of the Humanities, Arts, and Sciences Holdings: Vol. 1, 1957–
Victorian Studies Association Newsletter
Victorian PoetryUofT logo Holdings: Vol. 1, 1963–
LITIR Newsletter of Victorian Studies Holdings: Vol. 1, 1983–
Nineteenth Century Fiction (Continued as Nineteenth Century Literature) UofT logo Holdings: Vol. 1, 1946—Vol. 40, 1986;
Nineteenth Century Literature (Formerly Nineteenth Century Fiction) UofT logo Holdings: Vol. 41, 1986–; Several volumes
19th Century MusicUofT logo
Victorian Literature and CultureUofT logo Holdings: Vol. 27 (1999)–;
Availlable Online (no paper holdings available at Pratt)

Article Indexes

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Cumulative author index for Poole’s Index to Periodical Literature 1802—1906 Wall, C. Edward. Ann Arbour, Mich: Pierian Press, 1971.
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Nineteenth Century Readers’ Guide to Periodical Literature, 1890—1899, with Supplementary Indexing, 1900—1922. New York: H.W. Wilson, 1944.
AI3 .R47
The Wellesley Index to Victorian Periodicals,
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Victorian Database UofT logo 1945—1999
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