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Victoria University Libraries maintains subscriptions to many electronic resources for subject areas supported by Victoria University. These resources are available in addition to all University of Toronto Libraries e-Resources.

Please note that the following electronic resources must be accessed on site at the E.J. Pratt Library or the Emmanuel College Library. Databases & CD-ROMs are available at both E.J. Pratt Library and the Emmanuel Library unless otherwise noted.

CD-ROMs are accessible on the <START> menu under "Vic CD-ROMs and Databases". Consult the reference desk if you require assistance.


Dictionary of National Biography (DNB) on CD-ROM. 1st ed. 1885-1901 +Supplements
Biographical dictionary of people of distinction in the British Isles and its colonies 'from the earliest times' and who died before December 31, 1985. The DNB is especially strong in its inclusion of people in public life (politics and government, the law, the church, the army, and the navy), but it also offers thorough coverage of scholarship, literature, art and architecture, music, science and medicine, education and philanthropy. It is searchable by names, by word or combination of words and by phrases, as well as by occupation and other fields. A new edition of this work is now available online as the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Encyclopedias - General & Subject

Brockhaus Enzyklopadie
Provides the whole content of all 30 volumes with: numerous plates and maps; subject and keyword information for topical issues, extensive articles on 193 countries covering political, social, educational and media aspects; multimedia components including an audiotheque of ca. 4,000 audio examples (speeches, music, videos, debates, spoken literary texts, nature sounds, animationd, etc.) of 70 hours duration. Reference to audio examples in the text by audio pictograms, 3D globe with 2 million geographical entries, freely turnable and zoomable easy and transparent navigation with comprehensive and flexible search tools.
This is a German language encyclopedia.

Encyclopaedia Judaica on CD-ROM
Complete text of 16-vol. 1972 Encyclopaedia Judaica, Yearbooks and the Decennials (1982 & 1992). Contains updates to articles not included in the printed works. Full-text searching,index browsing, hyperlinks to related articles, and automatic cross-referencing. Photographs, maps, charts, tables, slide shows, film and audioclips, and Hebrew pronunciations.

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Comprehensive resource. Articles from all continents, all periods and cultures. World Wide Web version of the highly-regarded print encyclopedia published in 1998. Articles cover, amongst others, Anglo-American, ethical and political, cross-cultural, interdisciplinary, continental and contemporary philosophy. Quarterly updates and additions.


Shakespeare in Quarto
The British Library has posted online 93 high-resolution copies of 21 of the earliest versions of Shakespeare's plays. The plays included were originally printed during the playwright's lifetime and include many lines and passages that are different from those found in the First Folio editions, which were not printed until after Shakespeare's death. Having the copies available online permits easy access to works that are believed to be closer to the original text of the plays. The Web site includes background information, images, sound clips, and tools to allow comparison of the earlier versions of the plays with the more common later versions, to see how the text has changed.

.Virginia Woolf Resources

  • The Complete Works of Virginia Woolf on CD-ROM {Pratt only}
    Has variant and hard-to-find editions. 12,000+ manuscript images from the Collection at the New York Public Library and the Monks House Papers at the University of Sussex. Contents are full-text searchable with broad hyperlinking and cross-referencing.
  • Reading Notes for Three Guineas: An Edition and Archive {Pratt only}
    Provides online access to the archive of source materials kept by Virginia Woolf as she researched and prepared her work, Three Guineas. This resource currently contains three volumes of news clipping scrapbooks contained at the University of Sussex.
Theology & Religious Studies

Anchor Bible Dictionary on CD-ROM {Emmanuel only}
Includes all 6 volumes of the 1992 Anchor Bible Dictionary. 6,200 entries by nearly 1,000 international scholars. Contains the full English texts of the King James Version and the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible. Features: full-text searching; hyperlinks to cross-references, abbreviations, and illustrations.

This concordance program can do simple searches in the New Revised Standard Version to complex searches in the original biblical languages. Includes classic translations, eg. the Septuagint, the Vulgate, the Lutherbibel, and the King James Version , as well as modern translations. It also covers the Apocrypha/Deuterocanonical books.

The Dead Sea Scrolls on CD-ROM {Emmanuel only}
This is an ongoing, comprehensive archive of digitized images the Dead Sea Scrolls material. Includes bibliographic information and several indexes. Transcriptions, translations, and other reference material are being added.

The Early Church Fathers: Their Writings & Teachings on CD-ROM {Emmanuel only}
This CD contains the writings of early Christian thinkers around the period of the Council of Nicaea (325c.e.). Keyword, phrase, and Boolean searching.

Hebrew & Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament (HAL) on CD-ROM
This lexicon is widely recognized as being the standard modern dictionary for Biblical Hebrew. It combines scholarly thoroughness with easy accessibility. The CD-ROM edition of the dictionary contains all the information available in the print edition of HAL. Every 'see also' cross-reference to other articles in the dictionary is to be made into a hyperlink. Biblical references are also enabled to be hyperlinks to Biblical texts.

Old Testament Abstracts on CD-ROM
{Emmanuel only}
For the study of the Hebrew Bible. Journal articles, books, essays and Festschriften. Archaeology, apocryphal literatures, biblical theology, history, geography and linguistics. Search on specific biblical passages. 1991 onwards.

Religious and Theological Abstracts
Summaries of journal articles in religion and theology. About 440 publications. English abstracts of non-English language articles.

The Works of John Wesley on CD-ROM {Emmanuel only}
The fourteen volume edition of Wesley's works, published 1829-1831. King James Bible is included.

Title List

Anchor Bible Dictionary on CD-ROM {Emmanuel only}

BibleWorks for Windows on CD-ROM {Emmanuel only}

The Dead Sea Scrolls on CD-ROM {Emmanuel only}

Dictionary of National Biography on CD-ROM

The Early Church Fathers: Their Writings & Teachings on CD-ROM {Emmanuel only}

Encyclopedia Judaica on CD-ROM

Hebrew & Aramaic Lexicon of the New Testament on CD-ROM

Old Testament Abstracts on CD-ROM {Emmanuel only}

Religious & Theological Abstracts

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy {Pratt and Emmanuel only}

Virginia Woolf Resources


  • Works of John Wesley on CD-ROM {Emmanuel only}