Upcoming tour of the Merril Collection

On Tuesday February 26th, please join us at 2 p.m. at the Lillian H. Smith Public Library on College St just east of Spadina Ave as we discover many unique items that are part of the Merril Collection of Science Fiction, Speculation & Fantasy.

This research collection began as a donation of approximately 5,000 items from Judith Merril, a prominent science fiction author/editor.  Today it numbers more than 80,000 items including works of science fiction, fantasy and speculative fiction as well as magic realism, experimental writing and some materials in ‘fringe’ areas such as parapsychology, UFOs, Atlantean legends etc.  The Merril Collection is now recognized as Canada’s major collection of speculative fiction and one of the world’s finest popular culture collections.

Join us for what promises to be an interesting and memorable tour!

Virginia Woolf Movie Night! Virginia Woolf Exhibition!

A warm welcome back to all of our Friends as we begin a New Year!

It may be bitterly cold outside so why not warm up by joining us at this year’s Virginia Woolf Movie Night!  We’ll be screening the 2003 film, “South from Granada“, starring Matthew Goode, Veronica Sanchez and Guillermo Toledo.  This film is based on a book by Gerald Brenan and recounts his seven years in an Andalusian village in the south of Spain.

Monday January 21st at 5pm

Emmanuel College, Room 001

We’ll also be celebrating Virginia Woolf’s 137th birthday that night (a few days early but I don’t think anyone will mind!).  We’ll have cupcakes and coffee and tea… as well as the requisite popcorn (…what’s a movie without the popcorn?!?!)

… And don’t forget to drop in to the E.J. Pratt Library to see the Virginia Woolf Exhibition on display along the South Art Wall until January 28th only!

Virginia Woolf as Cultural Influencer” is an exhibition of posters from Victoria University Library’s Woolf / Hogarth Press / Bloomsbury Special Collection.  It showcases examples from movies, exhibitions, theatre, dance and art to demonstrate the continued impact and relevance of Virginia Woolf and her writings.  Take a look below for a quick sneak peek!

Looking forward to seeing you there!