Victoria University Library Collection


Fry, Roger. A Sampler of Castile. 1923.
Designed by Roger Fry

Kitchin, C.H.B. Death of My Aunt. 1929.
Designed by Richard Kennedy

Plomer, William. Paper Houses.1929.
Designed by Roger Fry

Ritchie, Alice Occupied Territory. 1930.
Designed by Trekkie Ritchie

Sackville-West, Vita All Passion Spent. 1931.
Designed by Trekkie Ritchie

Isherwood, Christopher. The Memorial. 1932.
Designed by John Banting

Whyte, Anna D. Change Your Sky. 1935.
Designed by Vanessa Bell

Swinstead-Smith, K. The Marchesa and Other Stories. 1936.
Designed by John Banting.

Woolf, Leonard. Quack, Quack! 1937.
Designed by E. McKnight Kauffer

Barker, A.L. Innocents: Variations on a Theme. 1947.
Designed by Duncan Grant

Sansom, William. The Cautious Heart. 1958.
Designed by Charles Mozley