BF – Psychology

A failure of nerve : leadership in the age of the quick fix
Edwin H. Friedman ; editors, Margaret M. Treadwell, Edward W. Beal.
Companioning the dying : a soulful guide for caregivers
Greg Yoder ; foreword by Alan D. Wolfelt.
Handbook of attachment : theory, research, and clinical applications
edited by Jude Cassidy, Phillip R. Shaver.
Minding the web : making theological connections
Stanley Hauerwas with Robert J. Dean.
Mutuality : a formal norm for Christian social ethics
Dawn M. Nothwehr.
Reading bodies : physiognomy as a strategy of persuasion in early Christian discourse
Callie Callon.
The art of comforting : what to say and do for people in distress
Val Walker.
The skilled helper : a problem-management and opportunity-development approach to helping
Gerard Egan, Robert J. Reese.

BL – Religion

Antisemitism, Islamophobia, and interreligious hermeneutics : ways of seeing the religious other
edited by Emma O'Donnell Polyakov.
Examining Schellenberg's hiddenness argument
Veronika Weidner.
Interreligious life issues : relationship, education, prayer, marriage, funeral and engagement
Israel Selvanayagam.
Loving your neighbour in an age of religious conflict : a new agenda for interfaith relations
James Walters.
Shifting locations and reshaping methods : methodological challenges arising from new fields of research in intercultural theology and interreligious studies
edited by Ulrich Winkler and Henry Jansen.
The city and global development : beyond the North-South paradigm
edited by Linda Hogan, Alina Krause and Markus Büker.
The religious studies skills book : close reading, critical thinking, and comparison
Eugene V. Gallagher and Joanne Maguire.
The spiritual dimension of the enneagram : nine faces of the soul
Sandra Maitri.

BM – Judaism

Rhythms of religious ritual : the yearly cycles of Jews, Christians, and Muslims
Kathy Black with Bishop Kyrillos, Jonathan L. Friedmann and Tamar Frankiel, Hamid Mavani and Jihad Turk.
The Cambridge history of Judaism
edited by W.D. Davies, Louis Finkelstein.

BP – Islam

Approaches to the Qurʼān
edited by G. R. Hawting and Abdul-Kader A. Shareef.
Believing women in Islam : a brief introduction
Asma Barlas, David Raeburn Finn.
Believing women in Islam : unreading patriarchal interpretations of the Qur'ān
Asma Barlas.
Between Bible and Qurʻān : the children of Israel and the Islamic self-image
Uri Rubin.
Fâṭima, daughter of Muhammad
Christopher Paul Clohessy.
Giving to God : Islamic charity in revolutionary times
Amira Mittermaier.
Intertwined worlds : medieval Islam and Bible criticism
Hava Lazarus-Yafeh.
The Quranic Jesus : a new interpretation
Carlos A. Segovia.

BQ – Buddhism

Chinese Buddhism and traditional culture
Fang Litian.
Ecodharma : Buddhist teachings for the ecological crisis
David R. Loy.
The sanity we are born with : a Buddhist approach to psychology
Chögyam Trungpa ; compiled and edited by Carolyn Rose Gimian ; forewords by Daniel Goleman and Kidder Smith.

BR – Christianity

Christianity as distinct practices : a complicated relationship
Jan-Olav Henriksen.
Christianity in India : conversion, community development, and religious freedom
editors, Rebecca Samuel Shah, Joel Carpenter.
Doing theology in the age of Trump : a critical report on Christian nationalism
edited by Jeffrey W. Robbins and Clayton Crockett.
Essays in ecumenical theology
by Ivana Noble.
Hermanas : deepening our identity and growing our influence
Natalia Kohn, Noemi Vega Quiñones, Kristy Garza Robinson.
Idea of Nicaea in the Early Church Councils, AD 431-451
Mark S. Smith
Jerusalem crucified, Jerusalem risen : the resurrected Messiah, the Jewish people, and the land of promise
Mark S. Kinzer.
Martin Luther as he lived and breathed : recollections of the Reformer
Robert Kolb
Multiple reformations? : the many faces and legacies of the Reformation
edited by Jan Stievermann and Randall C. Zachman.
Preaching and popular Christianity : reading the sermons of John Chrysostom
James Daniel Cook.
Psychology and spiritual formation in dialogue : moral and spiritual change in Christian perspective
edited by Thomas M. Crisp, Steven L. Porter, and Gregg A. Ten Elshof.
Revive us again : vision and action in moral organizing
the Reverend Dr. William J. Barber II ; with the Reverend Dr. Liz Theoharis and the Reverend Dr. Rick Lowery.
The Bible and sociological countours : some African perspectives : festschrift for professor Halvor Moxnes
edited by Zorodzai Dube, Loreen Maseno-Ouma and Elia Shabani Mligo.
The great betrayal : Christians and Jews in the first four centuries
Sheldon W. Liebman.
Theological ethics in a neoliberal age : confronting the Christian problem with wealth
Kevin Hargaden ; foreword by William T. Cavanaugh.
Theology that matters : ecology, economy, and God
Darby Kathleen Ray, editor.

BS – Bible

A lens of love : reading the Bible in its world for our world
Jonathan L. Walton.
Children in ancient Israel : The Hebrew Bible and Mesopotamia in comparative perspective
Shawn W. Flynn.
Configuring Nicodemus : an interdisciplinary approach to complex characterization
Michael R. Whitenton.
Daniel : an introduction and commentary
Paul R. House.
How new is the New Testament? : first-century Judaism and the emergence of Christianity
Donald A. Hagner.
Jesusʹ death and heavenly offering in Hebrews
R. B. Jamieson, Capitol Hill Baptist Church.
Learning to study the Bible leader guide
L.J. Zimmerman.
Matthew through the centuries
Ian Boxall.
New Testament commentary survey
D. A. Carson.
Paul perceived : an interactionist perspective on Paul and the law
Karl Olav Sandnes.
Paul's theology in context : creation, incarnation, covenant, and kingdom
James P. Ware.
Plant Metaphors in the Old Greek of Isaiah
Benjamin M. Austin.
Puzzling passages in Paul : forty conundrums calmly considered
Anthony C. Thiselton
Reading Hebrew Bible narratives
by J. Andrew Dearman.
Reading the wife
sister narratives in Genesis : a textlinguistic and type-scene analysis Hwagu Kang
The Bible for the curious : a brief encounter
Philip R. Davies.
The Bible, the Qur'an and science : the Holy Scriptures examined in the light of modern knowledge
[Dr. Maurice Bucaille].
The early reception of the Book of Isaiah
edited by Kristin De Troyer and Barbara Schmitz.
The Gospel of Mark and the Roman-Jewish War of 66-70 CE : Jesus' story as a contrast to the events of the war
Stephen Simon Kimondo ; forewords by Jonathan Draper and David Rhoads.
The Gospels and their stories in anthropological perspective
edited by Joseph Verheyden and John S. Kloppenborg.
The marks of Scripture : rethinking the nature of the Bible
Daniel Castelo and Robert W. Wall.
The Salome project : Salome and her afterlives
Gail P. Streete.
The significance of the Temple incident in the narratives of the Four Gospels
Deolito V. Vistar, Jr .
The theology of the Book of Kings
Keith Bodner.
The violence of the biblical God : canonical narrative and Christian faith
L. Daniel Hawk.
Veiling Esther, unveiling her story : the reception of a Biblical book in Islamic lands
Adam J. Silverstein.
Wisdom literature
Samuel E. Balentine.
Women in the New Testament world
Susan E. Hylen.
YHWH and Israel in the Book of Judges : an object-relations analysis
Deryn Guest.

BT – Doctrinal Theology

Decolonial love : salvation in colonial modernity
Joseph Drexler-Dreis.
Deep mysteries : God, Christ and ourselves
Aidan Nichols, OP.
Embodying grace : proclaiming justification in the real world
Andrea Bieler and Hans-Martin Gutmann ; Linda M. Maloney, translator.
Encountering the sacred : feminist reflections on women's lives
edited by Rebecca Todd Peters and Grace Y. Kao.
Exalted above the heavens : the risen and ascended Christ
Peter C. Orr.
God's messy family : finding your place when life isn't perfect
Jacob Armstrong.
God's messy family : finding your place when life isn't perfect : leader guide
by Martha Bettis Gee.
Hispanic Christian thought at the dawn of the 21st century : apuntes in honor of Justo L. González
edited by Alvin Padilla, Roberto Goizueta, Eldin Villafañe.
In such times : reflections on living with fear
Lorraine Cavanagh ; foreword by Stephen Pattison.
Jesus darkly : remembering Jesus with the New Testament
Rafael Rodríguez ; foreword by Joel B. Green.
Justification and God's kingdom
Seyoon Kim.
Modern technology and the human future : a Christian appraisal
Craig M. Gay.
New perspectives on the Nativity
edited by Jeremy Corley.
On animals. Volume two, Theological ethics
David L. Clough.
Political theology : a critical introduction
Saul Newman.
Sculptor spirit : models of sanctification from spirit Christology
Leopoldo A. Sánchez M.
Short stories by Jesus : the enigmatic parables of a controversial Rabbi : leader guide
by Michael S. Poteet.
Solidarity and defiant spirituality : Africana lessons on religion, racism, and ending gender violence
Traci C. West.
Splitting the day of the Lord : the cornerstone of Christian theology
Wayne Brouwer.
The vigilant God : providence in the thought of Augustine, Aquinas, Calvin and Barth
written by Horton Davies and compiled by Marie-Hélène Davies.
Tradition : understanding Christian tradition
Gerald O'Collins, SJ.
Transfiguration and hope : a conversation across time and space
D. Gregory Van Dussen.
White Jesus : the architecture of racism in religion and education
Alexander Jun, Tabatha L. Jones Jolivet, Allison N. Ash, & Christopher S. Collins.

BV – Practical Theology

A recipe for disaster : four ways churches and parents prepare individuals to lose their faith and how they can instill a faith that endures
John Marriott.
Addiction and pastoral care
Sonia E. Waters.
Aging & ministry in the 21st century : an inquiry approach
Richard H. Gentzler, Jr.
Consuming mission : towards a theology of short -term mission and pilgrimage
Robert Ellis Haynes ; foreword by Laceye C. Warner.
Cultivating teen faith : insights from the Confirmation Project
edited by Richard R. Osmer and Katherine M. Douglass ; [foreword by Kenda Creasy Dean].
Designing an older adult ministry
Richard H. Gentzler, Jr.
Enough : discovering joy through simplicity and generosity
Adam Hamilton.
Exploring hope in spiritual care : a practical theological guide for chaplains
Laura E. Shay.
Faithformation2020 : designing the future of faith formation
John Roberto.
Family systems and congregational life : a map for ministry
R. Robert Creech.
For the life of the world : theology that makes a difference
Miroslav Volf and Matthew Croasmun.
Growing up with God and empire : a postcolonial analysis of "missionary kid" memoirs
Stephanie Vandrick.
Humility, pride, and Christian virtue theory
Kent Dunnington.
Ingenuity : preaching as an outsider
Lisa L. Thompson.
Jewish and Christian views on bodily pleasure : their origins and relevance in the twentieth-century
Robert Cherry ; foreword by Donna Schaper and Valerie Holly.
Julian of Norwich : "in God's sight ": her theology in context
Philip Sheldrake.
Listening to listeners : homiletical case studies
John S. McClure, Ronald J. Allen, Dale P. Andrews, L. Susan Bond, Dan P. Moseley, G. Lee Ramsey, Jr.
Making a scene in the pulpit : vivid preaching for visual listeners
Alyce M. McKenzie.
Making disciples in Messy Church : growing faith in an all-age community
Paul Moore ; [foreword by Graham Cray].
Millennial narrative : sharing a good life with the next generation
Jaco J. Hamman.
Pastoral power beyond psychology's marginalization : resisting the discourses of the psy-complex
Philip Browning Helsel.
Practicing Gospel : unconventional thoughts on the church's ministry
Edward Farley.
Re-envisioning transformation : towards a theology of the Christian life
David C. Scott.
Reflective faith : a theological toolbox for women
Susan M. Shaw.
Sabbath : finding rest, renewal, and delight in our busy lives
Wayne Muller.
Sharing in God's presence : theology for spiritual renewal
Roy D. Kindelberger II.
Sources of religious worship : a history of ritual from the Stone Age to the present day
Bastiaan Baan ; translated by Philip Mees.
Spiritual and theological reflection : a Canadian qualitative study on spiritual care and psychotherapy
Thomas St. James O'Connor and Elizabeth Meakes.
Story, formation, and culture : from theory to practice in ministry with children
edited by Benjamin D. Espinoza, James Riley Estep Jr., Shirley Morgenthaler ; foreword by Holly Allen.
Strategic compassion
Barry Slauenwhite.
The emerging church, millennials, and religion
edited by Randall Reed and G. Michael Zbaraschuk.
Transforming the stone : preaching through resistance to change
Barbara K. Lundblad.
What women want : Pentecostal women ministers speak for themselves
Kimberly Ervin Alexander and James P. Bowers ; foreword by Estrelda Y. Alexander.
What's worship got to do with it : interpreting life liturgically
Cláudio Carvalhaes ; with a prelude by Paul Galbreath ; and a postlude by Janet R. Walton.

BX – Denominations and Sects

Bonhoeffer on resistance : the word against the wheel
Michael P. DeJonge.
Hot Protestants : a history of Puritanism in England and America
Michael P. Winship.
Political illusion and reality : engaging the prophetic insights of Jacques Ellul
edited by David W. Gill and David Lovekin.
Reinhold Niebuhr in theory and practice : Christian realism and democracy in America in the twenty-first century
Peter B. Josephson and R. Ward Holder.
Renewal of the heart is the mission of the church : Wesley's heart religion in the twenty-first century
Gregrory S. Clapper.
The kerygmatic spirit : apostolic preaching in the 21st century
Amos Yong ; edited by Josh P. S. Samuel ; reflections and afterword by Tony Richie.
The theology of sanctification and resignation in Charles Wesley's hymns
Julie A. Lunn.
The theology of the United Church of Canada
Don Schweitzer, Robert C. Fennell, and Michael Bourgeois, editors.
The United Reformed Church year book.
Theology and the public : reflections on Hans W. Frei on hermeneutics, Christology, and theological methods
Daniel D. Shin.
Unity as prophetic witness : W. A. Visser 't Hooft and the shaping of ecumenical theology
Michael Kinnamon.

D – Old World History

Narratives of Islamic origins : the beginnings of Islamic historical writing
Fred M. Donner.

E – North American and General U.S. History

Sacred instructions : indigenous wisdom for living spirit-based change
Sherri Mitchell, Weh'na Ha'mu' Kwasset (She Who Brings the Light) ; foreword by Larry Dossey, MD.
The revolution of values : the origins of Martin Luther King Jr.'s moral and political philosophy
Ramin Jahanbegloo.

F – Canadian History, U.S. State and Local History

Why are we here : a meditation on Canada
Mary Jo Leddy

H – Social Sciences

Being white, being good : white complicity, white moral responsibility, and social justice pedagogy
Barbara Applebaum.
Beyond the noise of solemn assemblies : the Protestant ethic and the quest for social justice in Canada
Richard Allen.
The trans generation : how trans kids (and their parents) are creating a gender revolution
Ann Travers.
Vulnerability in resistance
Judith Butler, Zeynep Gambetti, and Leticia Sabsay, editors.

K – Law

The ethics of disagreement in Islam
Ṭāhā Jābir al ʻAlwānī ; prepared from the original Arabic by AbdulWahid Hamid.

L – Education

Education feminism : classic and contemporary readings
edited by Barbara J. Thayer-Bacon, Lynda Stone, Katharine M. Sprecher.
The craft of university teaching
Peter Lindsay.

N – Fine Arts

Image, identity and John Wesley : a study in portraiture
Peter S. Forsaith.

PA – Classical Literature

Basics of biblical Greek : workbook
William D. Mounce.
Otter's journey through Indigenous language and law
Lindsay Keegitah Borrows.

Q – Science

Human dignity and human cloning
edited by Silja Vöneky and Rüdiger Wolfrum.

R – Medicine

Clinical applications of Bowen family systems theory
Peter Titelman, editor.
Family therapy : concepts and methods
Michael P. Nichols ; with Sean D. Davis.
Logotherapy revisited : review of the tenets of Viktor Frankl's logotherapy
Maria Marshall, Ph.D. and Edward Marshall, Ph.D.
The eight concepts of Bowen theory : a new way of thinking about the individual and the group
by Roberta M. Gilbert, M.D.