BM – Judaism

Alexandria and Qumran : back to the beginning
Kenneth Silver.

BP – Islam

Jewish Christianity and the origins of Islam : papers presented at the colloquium held in Washington DC, October 29-31, 2015 (8th ASMEA conference)
edited by Francisco del Río Sánchez.
Medieval Latin lives of Muhammad
edited and translated by Julian Yolles and Jessica Weiss.
The Qur'an and the Bible : text and commentary
Gabriel Said Reynolds ; Qur'ān translation by Ali Quli Qarai.

BR – Christianity

'Two scrubby travellers' : a psychoanalytic view of flourishing and constraint in religion through the lives of John and Charles Wesley
Pauline Watson.
Martyrs mirror : a social history
David L. Weaver-Zercher.
The church as a volunteer organization : common sense approaches to creating structure
Mary L. Stewart ; foreword by Walter Deller.

BS – Bible

A handbook to Old Testament exegesis
William P. Brown.
Ancient Near Eastern thought and the Old Testament : introducing the conceptual world of the Hebrew Bible
John H. Walton.
Gospel interpretation and the Q-hypothesis
edited by Mogens Müller and Heike Omerzu.
Hosea, Amos
Allen R. Guenther.
Jesus becoming Jesus : a theological interpretation of the Synoptic Gospels
Thomas G. Weinandy, OFM, Cap. ; foreword by John C. Cavadini.
interpreted by early Christian and medieval commentators ; translated and edited by Bryan A. Stewart & Michael A. Thomas.
Terry L. Brensinger.
Judges and saviors, Deborah and Samson : reflections of a world in chaos
Hillel I. Millgram.
Richard B. Gardner.
Miracles and the kingdom of God : Christology and social identity in Mark and Q
Myrick C. Shinall Jr.
John W. Miller.
by James H. Waltner.
John R. Yeatts.
John E. Toews.
Style and context of old Greek Job
by Marieke Dhont.
Supplementation and the study of the Hebrew Bible
edited by Saul M. Olyan and Jacob L. Wright.
The case for Proto-Mark : a study in the synoptic problem
Delbert Burkett.
The Hebrew Bible : feminist and intersectional perspectives
Gale A. Yee, editor.

BT – Doctrinal Theology

Ecumenical engagement for peace and nonviolence : experiences and initiatives of the historic peace churches and Fellowship of Reconciliation
by H. Lamar Gibble ; edited by Thomas D. Paxson, Jr. ; with appendices.
Participating in God's mission of reconciliation : a resource for churches in situations of conflict.

BV – Practical Theology

Developing emotionally mature leaders : how emotional intelligence can help transform your ministry
Aubrey Malphurs.
Intimate conversations
by Mary Weir.
Lead like a shepherd : the secret to leading well
Larry Osborne.
Perspectives on Christian worship : 5 views : Ligon Duncan, Dan Kimball, Michael Lawrence & Mark Dever, Timothy Quill, Dan Wilt
edited by J. Matthew Pinson.
Pocket dictionary of Christian spirituality : over 300 terms clearly and concisely defined
Don Thorsen.
Speaking together and with God : liturgy and communicative ethics
John S. McClure.
The new manual of worship
Nancy E. Hall.
The worlds of the preacher : navigating biblical, cultural, and personal contexts
foreword by Bryan Chapell ; edited by Scott M. Gibson.
The worship pastor : a call to ministry for worship leaders and teams
Zac Hicks.
Why I believe : daily devotions on faith & discipleship
edited by Alydia Smith.

BX – Denominations and Sects

Come, let us eat together : sacraments and Christian unity
edited by George Kalantzis and Marc Cortez.
Latino Mennonites : civil rights, faith, and evangelical culture
Felipe Hinojosa.
Mission and migration
by Jaime Prieto Valladares ; translated and edited by C. Arnold Snyder.
Record of proceedings of the annual meeting.
Record of proceedings of the annual meeting.
Record of proceedings of the annual meeting.
Refocusing a vision : shaping Anabaptist character in the 21st century
John D. Roth, editor.
Schleiermacher : the psychology of Christian faith and life
Terrence N. Tice.
Seeking places of peace
authors, Royden Loewen and Steven M. Nolt ; general editors, John A. Lapp, C. Arnold Snyder.
Sing us a song of joy : saying what we believe in an age of unbelief
Philip W. Eaton.
Sons of his purpose : the interweaving of the ministry of Reg Layzell, and his son, Hugh, during a season of revival
by Hugh and Audrey Layzell ; foreword by Dr. Bill Hamon.
The Cambridge companion to Quakerism
edited by Stephen W. Angell, Earlham School of Religion, Pink Dandelion, University of Birmingham.
Towards a common understanding and vision of the World Council of Churches : a working draft for a policy statement
submitted for response to member churches and ecumenical partners of the World Council of Churches by authority of the Central Committee.
Wesley and Whitefield? Wesley versus Whitefield?
edited by Ian J. Maddock ; foreword by David F. Wells.

C – Auxiliary Sciences of History

The black Atlantic : modernity and double consciousness
Paul Gilroy.
The darker side of Western modernity : global futures, decolonial options
Walter D. Mignolo.

G – Geography, Anthropology, Folklore, Etc.

The great work : our way into the future
Thomas Berry.

M – Music

Making congregational music local in Christian communities worldwide
edited by Monique M. Ingalls, Muriel Swijghuisen Reigersberg, and Zoe C. Sherinian.