BL – Religion

Charity in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions
edited by Julia R. Lieberman and Michal Jan Rozbicki.
Encyclopedia of American women and religion
June Melby Benowitz.
Handbook of indigenous religion(s)
edited by Greg Johnson, Siv Ellen Kraft.
Handbook of religion and spirituality in social work practice and research
Sana Loue.
Sacrifice in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
David L. Weddle.
Teaching interreligious encounters
edited by Marc A. Pugliese and Alexander Y. Hwang.
Treating body and soul : a clinicians' guide to supporting the physical, mental and spiritual needs of their patients
edited by Peter Wells.

BM – Judaism

Jewish scholarship on the resurrection of Jesus
David Mishkin
The great shift : encountering God in biblical times
James L. Kugel.

BP – Islam

God's creativity and human action : Christian and Muslim perspectives : a record of the fourteenth Building Bridges Seminar, hosted by Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar, May 3-6, 2015
LucindaMosher and David Marshall, editors.
Interpreting Islam in China : pilgrimage, scripture, and language in the Han Kitab
Kristian Petersen.
Islam and its past : Jahiliyya, late antiquity, and the Qur'an
edited by Carol Bakhos and Michael Cook.
The canonization of al-Bukhārī and Muslim : the formation and function of the Sunnī ḥadīth canon
by Jonathan Brown.
The Qur'ān : an introduction
Anna M. Gade.

BQ – Buddhism

A comprehensive manual of Abhidhamma : the Abhidhammattha Saṅgaha of Ācariya Anuruddha
Bhikkhu Bodhi, general editor ; Pali text originally edited and translated by Mahāthera Nārada ; translation revised by Bhikkhu Bodhi ; introduction and explanatory guide by U Rewata Dhamma & Bhikkhu Bodhi ; Abhidhamma tables by U Sīlānanda.
Abhidhamma in daily life.
Abhidhamma studies : Buddhist explorations of consciousness & time
Venerable Nyanaponika Thera ; edited and introduced by Bhikkhu Bodhi.
An introduction to Theravāda Abhidhamma
Sumanapala Galmangoda (G.D. Sumanapala)
Guide through the Abhidhamma Piṭaka : a synopsis of the philosophical collection of the Theravāda Buddhist canon : followed by an essay on dependent origination
by Nyanatiloka Mahāthera.
The Suttanipāta : an ancient collection of the Buddha's discourses, together with its commentaries : Paramatthajotikā II and excerpts from the Niddesa
translated from the Pāli by Bhikkhu Bodhi.

BR – Christianity

Allgegenwärtiger Konflikt im Matthäusevangelium : exegetische und sozialpsychologische Analyse der Konfliktgeschichte
Romeo Popa.
Crucible of faith : the ancient revolution that made our modern religious world
Philip Jenkins.
God & soul care : the therapeutic resources of the Christian faith
Eric L. Johnson.
Ideas on language in early Latin Christianity : from Tertullian to Isidore of Seville
by Tim Denecker.
Oxford encyclopedia of Martin Luther
editors in chief, Derek R. Nelson and Paul R. Hinlicky.
Pharaohs on both sides of the blood-red waters : prophetic critique of empire : resistance, justice, and the power of the hopeful Sizwe - a transatlantic conversation
Allan Aubrey Boesak
Still Christian : following Jesus out of American evangelicalism
David P. Gushee.
The Christians : an illustrated history
Tim Dowley.
Women and knowledge in early Christianity
edited by Ulla Tervahauta, Ivan Miroshnikov, Outi Lehtipuu, Ismo Dunderberg.

BS – Bible

2 Corinthians
Moyer V. Hubbard ; Mark L. Strauss and John H. Walton, general editors ; illustrating the text: Kevin and Sherry Harney, associate editors ; Jeff Porte, contributing writer.
A commentary on the Gospel of John
Johannes Beutler, SJ ; translated by Michael Tait.
Amos : a new translation with introduction and commentary.
Death and life : resurrection, restoration, rectification in Paul's Letter to the Galatians
Andrew K. Boakye ; foreword by Peter Oakes.
Interpreting quoted speech in prophetic literature : a study of Jeremiah 2.1-3.5
by Samuel Hildebrandt.
Judges : a theological commentary for preachers
Abraham Kuruvilla.
Liquid scripture : the Bible in a digital world
Jeffrey S. Siker.
Living in the language of God : wise speaking in the Book of the Twelve
Warner M. Bailey ; with a foreword by Thomas W. Currie.
Maidens, magic and martyrs in early Christianity : collected essays. I
Jan N. Bremmer.
Maternal grief in the Hebrew bible
Ekaterina E. Kozlova.
Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah
Wilda C. M. Gafney ; Carol J. Dempsey, OP, volume editor ; Barbara E. Reid, OP, general editor.
Philemon : imagination, labor, and love
by Robert Seesengood.
Salvation in continuity : reconsidering Matthew's soteriology
Mothy Varkey.
Steward of God's mysteries : Paul and early church tradition
Jerry L. Sumney.
Texts and contexts of the Book of Sirach = Texte und kontexte des Sirachbuches
edited by Gerhard Karner, Frank Ueberschaer, and Burkard M. Zapff.
The Exodus : how it happened and why it matters
Richard Elliott Friedman.
The fear of the Lord is wisdom : a theological introduction to wisdom in Israel
Tremper Longman III.
The postcolonial church : Bible, theology, and mission
R.S. Wafula, Esther Mombo, Joseph Wandera, editors.
Who needs the Old Testament? : its enduring appeal and why the New Atheists don't get it
Katharine Dell.
Womanist Midrash : a reintroduction to the women of the Torah and the throne
Wilda C. Gafney.

BT – Doctrinal Theology

A primer in ecotheology : theology for a fragile earth
Celia Deane-Drummond.
Care of souls, care of polis : toward a political pastoral theology
Ryan LaMothe.
Critique and feminist theology : a study on the characteristics of the critical feminist subject and her
his action in Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza Miri Jin
Cross vision : how the crucifixion of Jesus makes sense of Old Testament violence
Gregory A. Boyd.
Flourishing in faith : theology encountering positive psychology
edited by Gillies Ambler, Matthew P. Anstey, Theo D. McCall, & Mathew A. White ; foreword by Kristján Kristjánsson.
Margins : site of Asian theologies
Felix Wilfred.
The rise and fall of the complementarian doctrine of the Trinity
Kevin Giles.
Towards an Indian Christian theology : life and thought of some pioneers
M.M. Thomas, P.T. Thomas.

BV – Practical Theology

A Christian theology of chaplaincy
edited by John Caperon, Andrew Todd, and James Walters ; foreword by Martin Seeley.
Among the early Evangelicals : the transatlantic origins of the Stone-Campbell movement
James L. Gorman.
British Methodist hymnody : theology, heritage, and experience
Martin V. Clarke.
Church talk makes men walk : what the research shows and what to do
Woody L. Davis ; foreword by George G. Hunter, III.
Feasting on the word : children's sermons for Year B
Carol A. Wehrheim.
Getting to church : narratives of gender and joining
Sally K. Gallagher
Global poverty : a theological guide
Justin Thacker.
edited by Lisa Cahill, Diego Irarrazaval and João Vila-Chã
Mothering, public leadership, and women's life writing : explorations in spirituality studies and practical theology
by Claire E. Wolfteich.
Pastoral care and intellectual disability : a person-centered approach
Anna Katherine Shurley.
Preaching through time : anachronism as a way forward for preaching
Casey C. Barton ; foreword by Paul Scott Wilson.
Strategic thinking : how to sustain effective ministry
Thomas G. Bandy.

BX – Denominations and Sects

Dictionary of Luther and the Lutheran traditions
Timothy J. Wengert, general editor ; Mark A. Granquist, Mary Jane Haemig, Robert Kolb, Mark C. Mattes, and Jonathan Strom, associate editors.
Alberta & Northwest Conference United Church of Canada Historical Society.

E – North American and General U.S. History

Coming full circle : constructing Native Christian theology
Steven Charleston and Elaine A. Robinson, editors.
Weaving strength, weaving power : violence and abuse against Indigenous women
Venida S. Chenault.

H – Social Sciences

Consensus : combating gender based violence through Islam, tradition, and law
Marion Baumgart dos Santos.

L – Education

Is everyone really equal? : an introduction to key concepts in social justice education
Özlem Sensoy and Robin DiAngelo.

M – Music

Church hymnary.

PR – Canadian and English Literature

One day we'll all be dead and none of this will matter
Scaachi Koul.

R – Medicine

Psycho-spiritual care in health care practice
edited by Guy Harrison.
The gift of therapy : an open letter to a new generation of therapists and their patients
Irvin D. Yalom.