BF – Psychology

Church, society, and the Christian common good : essays in conversation with Philip Turner
edited by Ephraim Radner ; foreword by Stanley Hauerwas ; afterword by Philip Turner.

BL – Religion

Chaplaincy in hospice and palliative care
edited by Karen Murphy and Bob Whorton ; foreword by Baroness Finlay of Llandaff.
The body and society : men, women and sexual renunciation in early Christianity
Peter Brown.
The Oxford handbook of the epistemology of theology
edited by William J. Abraham and Frederick D. Aquino.
Women and Asian religions
Zayn R. Kassam, editor.

BM – Judaism

The prophetic voice at Qumran : the Leonardo Museum Conference on the Dead Sea Scrolls, 11-12 April 2014
edited by Donald W. Parry, Stephen D. Ricks, Andrew C. Skinner.

BP – Islam

Dawrah fiqh concerning women : manual for a course on Islam and gender
Kh. Husein Muhammad, Faqihuddin Abdul Kodir, Lies Marcoes Natsir, Marzuki Wahid ; [translator: Marlene Indro Nugroho-Heins].
Divine hospitality : a Christian-Muslim conversation
Fadi Daou and Nayla Tabbara ; translated by Alan J. Amos.
Muhammad : a prophet for our time
Karen Armstrong.
Muhammad : his life based on the earliest sources
Martin Lings.
The Qur'an : modern Muslim interpretations
Massimo Companini ; translated by Caroline Higgitt.

BQ – Buddhism

Buddhist understanding of childhood spirituality : the Buddha's children
Alexander von Gontard.

BR – Christianity

A century of miracles : Christians, pagans, Jews, and the supernatural, 312-410
H. A. Drake.
Ancient African Christianity : an introduction to a unique context and tradition
David E. Wilhite.
Any body there? : worship and being human in a digital age
Craig Mueller.
Christianity: the biography : two thousand years of global history
Ian J. Shaw.
Holy spokes : the search for urban spirituality on two wheels
Laura Everett ; illustrated by Paul Soupiset.
Into all the world : emergent Christianity in its Jewish and Greco-Roman context
edited by Mark Harding and Alanna Nobbs.
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Reformation in the Western world : an introduction
Paul Silas Peterson.
The absence of God in Biblical rape narratives
Leah Rediger Schulte.
The birth of Christian history : memory and time from Mark to Luke-Acts
Eve-Marie Becker.
The dawn of Christianity : people and gods in a time of magic and miracles
Robert Knapp.
The Protestant Reformation and world Christianity : global perspectives
edited by Dale T. Irvin.

BS – Bible

"With all your soul fear the Lord" (Sir. 7:27) : collected essays on the Book of Ben Sira II
Pancratius C. Beentjes.
A brief introduction to the Old Testament : the Hebrew Bible in its context
Michael D. Coogan with Cynthia R. Chapman.
A history of biblical interpretation
edited by Alan J. Hauser & Duane F. Watson.
A paraphrase and commentary upon all the epistles of the New Testament
by Daniel Whitby, D.D. and chantor of the church of Sarum.
All the fullness of God : the Christ of Colossians
Bonnie Bowman Thurston.
Black and slave : the origins and history of the curse of Ham
David M. Goldenberg.
Hosea : a textual commentary
Mayer I. Gruber.
How children read biblical narrative : an investigation of children's readings of the gospel of Luke
Melody R. Briggs
Introducing the women's Hebrew Bible : feminism, gender justice, and the study of the Old Testament
Susanne Scholz.
Mind the gap : how the Jewish writings between the Old and New Testament help us understand Jesus
Matthias Henze.
Paul : the pagans' apostle
Paula Fredriksen.
Postcoloniality, translation, and the Bible in Africa
edited by Musa W. Dube and R. S. Wafula.
Reading the Bible as a feminist
by Jennifer L. Koosed.
Alice L. Laffey and Mahri Leonard-Fleckman ; Amy-Jill Levine, volume editor, Barbara E. Reid, OP, general editor.
Scribal practices and social structures among Jesus adherents : essays in honour of John S. Kloppenborg
edited by William E. Arnal, Richard S. Ascough, Robert A. Derrenbacker, Jr., Philip A. Harland.
T & T Clark handbook of the Old Testament : an introduction to the literature, religion and history of the Old Testament
by Jan Christian Gertz, Angelika Berlejung, Konrad Schmid, Markus Witte.
The Jewish annotated New Testament : New Revised Standard Version Bible translation
Amy-Jill Levine and Marc Zvi Brettler, editors.
The Letter to the Hebrews : a commentary for preaching, teaching, and Bible study
Jon C. Laansma
The pastoral letters : a handbook on the Greek text
Larry J. Perkins.

BT – Doctrinal Theology

Apologetics without apology : speaking of God in a world troubled by religion
Elaine Graham.
Bloodless atonement? : a theological and exegetical study of the Last Supper sayings
Benjamin J. Burkholder.
Christology in the New Testament
David L. Bartlett.
Giving account of faith and hope in Africa
John Samuel Pobee.
In search of soul : hip-hop, literature, and religion
Alejandro Nava.
Offering Christ : John Wesley's evangelistic vision
Jack Jackson.
T & T Clark companion to atonement
edited by Adam J. Johnson.
The Oxford handbook of nineteenth-century christian thought
edited by Joel D. S. Rasmussen, Judith Wolfe and Johannes Zachhuber.
The triumph of love : same-sex marriage and the Christian love ethic
Eric Reitan.

BV – Practical Theology

A brief guide to ministry with LGBTQIA youth
Cody J. Sanders.
A course of training for church membership for boys and girls.
Beyond the offering plate : a holistic approach to stewardship
Adam J. Copeland, editor.
Christian theologies of the sacraments : a comparative introduction
edited by Justin S. Holcomb and David A. Johnson.
Forbearance : a theological ethic for a disagreeable church
James Calvin Davis.
God's forever family : the Jesus people movement in America
Larry Eskridge.
Kiama kia ngo : an African Christian feminist ethic of resistance and transformation
Nyambura J. Njoroge.
Leaders who last : sustaining yourself and your ministry
Margaret J. Marcuson.
Patterns of ministry among the first Christians
Kevin Giles.
Practicing Christian education : an introduction for ministry
Mark A. Maddix and James Riley Estep Jr.
Singleness and the church : a new theology of the single life
Jana Marguerite Bennett.
The presence of God : a history of Western Christian mysticism
by Bernard McGinn.
The theater of God's glory : Calvin, creation, and the liturgical arts
W. David O. Taylor.
The womanist preacher : proclaiming womanist rhetoric from the pulpit
Kimberly P. Johnson.
Will Willimon's lectionary sermon resource. Year B, Part 1.

BX – Denominations and Sects

Catholic social thought : encyclicals and documents from Pope Leo XIII to Pope Francis
edited by David J. O'Brien and Thomas A. Shannon.
Ecumenism : a guide for the perplexed
R. David Nelson and Charles Raith II.
Pentecostal theology : living the full gospel
Wolfgang Vondey.
The Oxford handbook of the Oxford Movement
edited by Stewart J. Brown, Peter B. Nockles and James Pereiro.
The works of the learned Isaac Barrow, D. D. late Master of Trinity Colledge in Cambridge. The third volume, containing forty five sermons, upon several occasions, completing his English works
published by the Reverend Dr. Tillotson, Arch-Bishop of Canterbury.
The works of the learned Isaac Barrow, D.D. late Master of Trinity College in Cambridge. The second volume, containing sermons and expositions upon all the articles in The Apostles Creed
published by the Reverend Dr. Tillotson, Dean of Canterbury.
Παρακλητικη ητοι Οκτωηχοσ η Μεγαλη : Περιεχουση Απασαν την Ανηκουσαν Αυτν Ακολθιαν μετα των εν τω Τελει Συνηθ ων Προσθηκων
εκδοτησ Μιχαηλ Σαλιβεροσ.

H – Social Sciences

Hinterland theology in an ecumenical context : essays in honour of Benjamin G. Smillie and Charles F. Johnston
[by Deborah Laing, William Hordern, Vernon Wishart, Graham Simpson, Wayne Knouse, Bob Haverluck, Ivan Wilson, Phillip Kennedy, Robert F. Smith and Stephen Willey].
Patricia Hill Collins, Sirma Bilge.

K – Law

Hadîth and gender justice : understanding the prophetic traditions
Faqihuddin Abdul Kodir.

M – Music

The choral rehearsal
James Jordan ; foreword by Tarik O'Regan.
The choral rehearsal
James Jordan ; foreword by Tarik O'Regan.
The empowered choral rehearsal: Simon Carrington : a study guide to improve choral rehearsal technique
James Jordan, Simon Carrington.
The sound of the harvest : music's mission in church and culture
J. Nathan Corbitt.

P – Philology, Linguistics, Etc.

Rhetoric : concord and controversy
Antonio de Velasco, Melody Lehn.

PA – Classical Literature

An introduction to classical rhetoric : essential readings
edited by James D. Williams.
Building your Biblical Hebrew vocabulary : learning words by frequency and cognate
prepared and arranged by George M. Landes.