B – Philosophy

Psyche and the sacred : spirituality beyond religion
Lionel Corbett.

BF – Psychology

Christian moral theology in the emerging technoculture : from posthuman back to human
Brent Waters.
Dreams that matter : Egyptian landscapes of the imagination
Amira Mittermaier.
Finding and seeking
Oliver O'Donovan.
God, dreams, and revelation : a Christian interpretation of dreams
Morton T. Kelsey.

BL – Religion

A sacred primer : the essential guide to quiet time and prayer
Elizabeth Harper Neeld.
American covenant : a history of civil religion from the Puritans to the present
Philip Gorski.
Diverse cultural and religious ways of thinking : a dialogue
edited by Thierry-Marie Courau and Carlos Mendoz-Álvarez
Four wise men : the lives and teachings of Confucius, the Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad
Mark W. Muesse.
Multifaith information manual : an authoritative guide to religious rights and accomodations.
Praise the name of the Lord : meditations on the names of God in the Qur'an and the Bible
Archbishop Michael Louis Fitzgerald, MAfr ; foreword by Mary Margaret Funk, OSB ; afterword by Zeki Saritoprak.
Religious pluralism and interreligious theology : the Gifford lectures--an extended edition
Perry Schmidt-Leukel.
Shameful bodies : religion and the culture of physical improvement
Michelle Mary Lelwica.
The end of White Christian America
Robert P. Jones.
The interfaith imperative : religion, dialogue, and reality
Ross Thompson.

BM – Judaism

Biblical mourning : ritual and social dimensions
Saul M. Olyan.

BP – Islam

How to read the Qur'an
Mona Siddiqui.
Jesus Son of Mary in the Qurʼān and according to the teachings of Ibn ʻArabī
by Maurice Gloton ; translated by Edin Q. Lohja.
The expeditions : an early biography of Muhammad = Kitāb al-maghāzī
by Maʻmar Ibn Rāshid, according to the recension of ʻAbd al-Razzāq al-Ṣanʻānī ; edited and translated by Sean W. Anthony ; foreword by M. A. S. Abdel Haleem.
The Oxford handbook of Islamic theology
edited by Sabine Schmidtke.

BQ – Buddhism

At home in the world : stories and essential teachings from a monk's life
Thich Nhat Hanh.

BR – Christianity

A brief introduction to the Reformation
Glenn S. Sunshine.
Divine generosity and human creativity : theology through symbol, painting and architecture
David Brown ; edited by Christopher R. Brewer and Robert MacSwain.
In God's holy light : wisdom from the desert monastics
Joan Chittister.
Pagans and Christians in late antiquity : a sourcebook
A.D. Lee.
Remembering the Reformation : an inquiry into the meanings of Protestantism
Thomas Albert Howard.
Remembering the Reformation : Martin Luther and Catholic theology
Declan Marmion, Salvador Ryan, and Gesa E. Thiessen, editors.
The altars where we worship : the religious significance of popular culture
Juan M. Floyd-Thomas, Stacey M. Floyd-Thomas, Mark G. Toulouse.
The evolution of the West : how Christianity has shaped our values
Nick Spencer.
The joy of religious pluralism : a personal journey
Peter C. Phan.
The radical Reformation and the making of modern Europe : a lasting heritage
by Mario Biagioni.
Wesleyan theological journal.
Without Buddha I could not be a Christian
Paul F. Knitter.

BS – Bible

Bible stories for strong stomachs : the Bible is full of shocking stories, "R" ratings, seedy characters, and unsolved mysteries that convey God's word in the weirdest ways
Barry L. Callen.
Disability in the Hebrew Bible : interpreting mental and physical differences
Saul M. Olyan.
Essays on Judaism in the pre-Hellenistic period
Joseph Blenkinsopp.
Heaven on earth : God's call to community in the Book of Revelation
Michael Battle.
Hebrews and the Temple : attitudes to the Temple in Second Temple Judaism and in Hebrews
by Philip Church.
Introduction to the New Testament
Carl R. Holladay.
Mirages in the desert : the tradition-historical developments of the story of Massah-Meribah
Roy E. Garton.
Elsa Tamez. Colossians BS2705.53 .P45 2017
Preaching the women of the Old Testament : who they were and why they matter
Lynn Japinga.
Song of Songs
F. Scott Spencer ; Lauress Wilkins Lawrence, volume editor ; Barbara E. Reid, OP, general editor.
The Bible and social justice : Old Testament and New Testament foundations for the church's urgent call
edited by Cynthia Long Westfall and Bryan R. Dyer.
What do you seek? : the questions of Jesus as challenge and promise
Michael J. Buckley, SJ.
Who was the biblical prophet Samuel?
Israel Drazin.

BT – Doctrinal Theology

Finding God among our neighbors : an interfaith systematic theology
Kristin Johnston Largen.
The last Adam : a theology of the obedient life of Jesus in the Gospels
Brandon D. Crowe.
The parables after Jesus : their imaginative receptions across two millennia
David B. Gowler.

BV – Practical Theology

(Ad)ministry : the nuts and bolts of church administration
Thomas F. Tumblin.
Abba's whisper : listening for the voice of God
Alan Davey and Elizabeth Davey ; foreword by Brian C. Stiller.
Che 7-hoe 2016 Saebyŏk kido mokhoeja kukche k'ŏnp'ŏrŏnsŭ = 7th 2016 Early Morning Prayer International Conference for Pastors.
Foundations for youth ministry : theological engagement with teen life and culture
Dean Borgman.
Go : the church's main purpose
George G. Hunter III ; foreword by Bishop Mike Lowry.
Missionary monks : an introduction to the history and theology of missionary monasticism
Edward L. Smither ; foreword by Thomas O'Loughlin.
Praise y adoración : a bilingual hymnal = un himnario bilingüe
Benjamín Alicea-Lugo, PhD. & Irma Cuevas Alicea, LCSW.
Recovering from un-natural disasters : a guide for pastors and congregations after violence and trauma
Laurie Kraus, David Holyan, and Bruce Wismer.
Suffer the children : how we can help improve the lives of the world's impoverished children
Gary Scott Smith, Jane Marie Smith.
The power of small groups in Christian education
Harley T. Atkinson.
The rushing on of the purposes of God : Christian missions in Shanxi since 1876
Andrew T. Kaiser.

BX – Denominations and Sects

An explorer's guide to Karl Barth
David Guretzki.
Holy silence : the gift of Quaker spirituality
J. Brent Bill ; [foreword by Philip Gulley].
The English Protestant churches since 1770 : politics, class and society
Kenneth Hylson-Smith.

D – Old World History

Jewish cultural encounters in the ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern world
edited by Mladen Popović, Myles Schoonover, Marijn Vandenberghe.

E – North American and General U.S. History

Braiding sweetgrass
Robin Wall Kimmerer.
The knowledge seeker : embracing indigenous spirituality
Blair Stonechild ; foreword by Noel Starblanket.

H – Social Sciences

The 5 love languages : the secret to love that lasts
Gary Chapman.
We still demand! : redefining resistance in sex and gender struggles
edited by Patrizia Gentile, Gary Kinsman, and L. Pauline Rankin.

L – Education

Kingswood, 1748-1948.
Two hundred years of Kingswood : Kingswood School, 1748-1948.

M – Music

A collection of hymns for the use of the people called Methodists
by the Rev. John Wesley, M.A., sometime Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford ; with a new supplement.

PA – Classical Literature

The Chicago guide to grammar, usage, and punctuation
Bryan A. Garner.

PR – Canadian and English Literature

The Dalai Lama's cat
David Michie.

R – Medicine

Assessing and communicating the spiritual needs of children in hospital : a new guide for healthcare professionals and chaplains
Alister Bull.
Bioethics at the crossroad of religions : thoughts on the foundations of bioethics in Christianity and Islam
Antoine Tarabay ; foreword by Cardinal George Pell.
Flourishing : health, disease, and bioethics in theological perspective
Neil Messer
How to practice brief psychodynamic psychotherapy : the core conflictual relationship theme method
Howard E. Book ; foreword by Lester Luborsky.
What is narrative therapy? : an easy-to-read introduction
by Alice Morgan.