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[1735?] Clergy Advice to a young clergyman: in a letter to him: concerning I. His intention. II. Converse and demeanour. III. Reading prayers. IV. Studies V. Preaching and catechising. VI. Administring the sacrament. Lastly discipline
/by a Divine of the Church of England.
London: Printed for C. Rivington…and sold by J. Roberts…
Note: Preface by John Wesley
Wesley, Samuel, 1662—1735. No. 4 Green
[1738 or 1739] Diaries & Journals

An extract of the Rev. Mr. John Wesley’s journal from his embarking for Georgia to his return to London.
Bristol: Printed by S. and F. Farley.

Wesley, John, 1703—1791. No. 13 1738a Green
1739 Hymns, Prayers & Liturgy Hymns and sacred poems
/published by John Wesley…, and Charles Wesley….
London: Printed by William Strahan…
Wesley, John, 1703—1791. No. 15 1739 Green
1740 Diaries & Journals An extract of the Rev. Mr. John Wesley’s journal from February 1, 1737—8 to his return from Germany.
London: printed by W. Strahan, and sold at the Foundery,
and at James Hutton’s.
Wesley, John, 1703—1791. No. 18 1740 Green
1741 Chrisitian Perfection Christian perfection: a sermon/preached by John Wesley…
London: Printed by W. Strahan and sold by Thomas Harris…
Note: “The promise of sanctification…/by the Reverend Mr. Charles Wesley”: p. 44—48.
Wesley, John, 1703—1791. No. 29 1741 Green
1742 Christian Prudence A treatise on Christian prudence.
/extracted from Mr. Norris by John Wesley…
The second edition.
London: Printed by W. Strahan; and sold by Thomas Harris…[and] by Tho. Trye…
Norris, John, 1657—1711. No. 2 1742 Green
1742 Diaries & Journals An extract of the Revd. Mr. John Wesley’s journal from August 12, 1738, to Nov. 1, 1739.
Bristol: printed by Felix Farley, and sold at his shop,…and by John Wilson…in London, by Thomas Trye…and Thomas Harris…and at the Foundery…
Wesley, John, 1703—1791. No. 37 1742 Green
1743 Marriage Thoughts on marriage and a single life
/by John Wesley, M.A….
The second edition.
Bristol: Printed by Felix Farley…
Wesley, John, 1703—1791. No. 42 1743 Green
1743 The nature, design, and general rules, of the United Societies: in London, Bristol, King’s-wood, and Newcastle upon Tyne.
Newcastle upon Tyne: Printed by John Gooding…
Note: Signed at end: John Wesley. Feb. 23, 1742—3.
Note: Second and subsequent editions signed: John Wesley, Charles Wesley.
Wesley, John, 1703—1791. No. 43 1743 Green
1745 Medicine A collection of receits for the use of the poor.
Newcastle upon Tyne: Printed by John Gooding.
Wesley, John, 1703—1791. No. 69 1745 Green
1748 English Language A short English grammar.
Bristol: printed by Felix Farley.
Wesley, John, 1703—1791. No. 113 1748 Green
1749 English Language Directions concerning pronunciation and gesture.
Bristol: printed and sold by Felix Farley…sold also by T. Trye, London.
Wesley, John, 1703—1791. No. 125 1749 Green
1749 Education A short account of the school in Kingswood, near Bristol.
Bristol: printed by Felix Farley.
Wesley, John, 1703—1791. No. 127 1749 Green
1749 Catholic Church A letter to a Roman Catholick.
D[u]blin: Printed by S. Powell….
Wesley, John, 1703—1791. No. 134 1749 Green
1749 Methodist Church Wesleyan Methodist Church. Conference.
Minutes of some late conversations, between the Revd. M. Wesleys, and others.

Dublin: Printed by S. Powell.
Wesley, John, 1703—1791. No. 135 1749 Green
1749—1755 Christian Library A Christian library: consisting of extracts from and abridgments of the choicest pieces of practical divinity, which have been publish’d in the English tongue: in fifty volumes/ by John Wesley…
Bristol: Printed by Felix Farley.
Wesley, John, 1703—1791. No. 131 Green
1756 Earthquakes The cause and cure of earthquakes: a sermon preach’d from Psalm xlvi. 8. : occasioned by the earthquake on March 8, 1750/by Charles Wesley….
The second edition.
London: [s.n.].
Wesley, Charles, 1707—1788. No. 141 1750 Green
1769 Hebrew Language A short Hebrew grammar.
London: Printed by W. Bowyer and J. Nichols…
Wesley, John, 1703—1791. No. 150 1751 Green
1753 Catholic Church A short method of converting all the Roman Catholicks in the kingdom of Ireland: humbly proposed to the bishops and clergy of this kingdom.
London: [s.n.], Re-printed in the year, 1753.
Wesley, John, 1703—1791. No. 156 1753 Green
1753 English Language The complete English dictionary: explaining most of those hard words, which are found in the best English writers
/by a lover of good English and common sense…
London: printed by W. Strahan; and sold by J. Robinson…T. Tyre…T. James..and G. Englefield,…
Wesley, John, 1703—1791. No. 162 1753 Green
1753 Marriage Directions for married persons: describing the duties common to both, and peculiar to each of them
/by William Whateley.
Bristol: re-printed by F. Farley.
Note: Originally appeared as v. 24 of the Christian library, with a preface by John Wesley. This reprint does not include Wesley’s preface. An abridgement of this pamphlet appeared in Wesley’s Sermons on several occasions.
Whately, William, 1583—1639. No. 163 1753 Green
1755 Hymns, Prayers & Liturgy A collection of forms of prayer for every day in the week.
The fifth edition.
Bristol: Printed: and sold by J. Palmer, by G. Woodfall; London: A. Dodd, J. Robinson, and T. Trye.
Wesley, John, 1703—1791. No. 1 1755 Green
1755 Medicine Primitive physick: or, An easy and natural method of curing most diseases.
The fifth edition corrected and enlarged.
Bristol: Printed: and sold by J. Palmer…
Wesley, John, 1703—1791. No. 101 1755 Green
1760 Methodist Church Reasons against a separation from the Church of England/by John Wesley, A.M. Printed in the year 1758.
With Hymns for the preachers among the Methodists (so called)/by Charles Wesley, A.M.
The second edition.
London: printed by W. Strahan, and sold at the Foundery in Upper-Moorfields.
Wesley, John, 1703—1791. No. 201 1760 Green
1760 Medicine The desideraturm: or electricity made plain and useful
/by a lover of mankind, and of common sense.
London: printed: and sold by W. Flexney…E. Cabe…George Clark…George Keith…T. Smith… and at the Foundery.
Wesley, John, 1703—1791. No. 202 1760 Green
1763 Natural History A survey of the wisdom of God in the creation, or, A compendium of natural philosophy: in two volumes.
Bristol: Printed by William Pine.
Wesley, John, 1703—1791. No. 220 1763 Green v.1
No. 220 1763 Green v.2
1763 Hymns, Prayers & Liturgy Hymns for children.
Bristol: Printed by E. Farley….
Wesley, Charles, 1707—1788. No. 223 1763 Green
1765 Hymns, Prayers & Liturgy Select hymns designed chiefly for the use of the people called Methodists.
Second edition, corrected and enlarged.
London: [s.n.].
Note: Sacred melody has separate t.p. and pagination.
Contents: Select hymns…—Sacred melody, or, A choice collection of psalm and hymn tunes, with a short introduction. [2nd ed.].
Wesley, Charles, 1707—1788. No. 205 1765 Green
1765 Methodist Church A short history of Methodism.
London: Printed and sold at the Foundery.
Wesley, John, 1703—1791. No. 229 1765 Green
1766 Chrisitian Perfection A plain account of Christian perfection: as believed and taught by the Rev. Mr. John Wesley, from the year 1725, to the year 1765.
Bristol: printed by William Pine.
Wesley, John, 1703—1791. No. 238 1766 Green
1773   Select hymns for the use of Christians of all denominations.
The fourth edition, corrected.
Bristol: Printed by William Pine
Wesley, Charles, 1707—1788. No. 208 1773 Green
1774 Slavery Thoughts upon slavery/by John Wesley.
London: R. Hawes,…
Wesley, John, 1703—1791. No. 298 1774 Green
1775 American Revolution A calm address to our American colonies
/by John Wesley, M.A.
Bristol: Printed by Bonner and Middleton..
Note: Wesley’s pamphlet is inspired by and borrows arguments from Taxation no tyranny, by Samuel Johnson, 1775.
Wesley, John, 1703—1791. No. 305 1775 Green
1780   Reflections on the rise and progress of the American rebellion.
London: Printed by J. Paramore…
Note: Also attributed to John Wesley.
Note: Also issued under title: Historical and political reflections on the rise and progress of the American rebellion.
Galloway, Joseph, 1731—1803. No. 341 1780 Green
1780 Hymns, Prayers & Liturgy A collection of hymns for the use of the people called Methodists.
London: Printed by J. Paramore…
Note: Most of the hymns were written by Charles Wesley.
Note: Preface signed: John Wesley.
Wesley, Charles, 1707—1788. No. 348 1780 Green
1781 Church History A concise ecclesiastical history: from the birth of Christ, to the beginning of the present century: in four volumes.
London: Printed by J. Paramore…
Note: An abridgment, by John Wesley, with occasional alterations and additions, of Mosheim’s Institutiones historiae Christianae as translated by Archibald Maclaine.
Wesley, John, 1703—1791. No. 355 1781 Green v.1
1792 Hymns, Prayers & Liturgy The Sunday service of the Methodists: with other occasional services.
The fourth edition.
London: [s.n.].
Note: Adapted by John Wesley from The book of common prayer.
Note: With: A collection of psalms and hymns for the Lord’s day.
Wesley, John, 1703—1791. No. 376 1792 Green