J. Howard Woolmer

Box/File List

Box 1
11–2Correspondence and other records re the first edition (pub. 1976)1972-1977
13Annotated copy of first edition for revision

Correspondence and other records

14 Various1986
15 Bodleian Library1979-1986
16 Booksellers1982-1984
17 Richard Buller1984-1986
18 Alan Clodd1977-1986
19 Mary Gaither1985-1986
110 David Gallup1983-1986
111 Angelica Garnett1985-1986
112 Hogarth Press (London)1985-1986
113 Lilly Library1984-1986
114 National Library of Scotland1985
115 Mrs. Ian Parsons1985-1986
116 Jean Peters (Frank)1980-1985
117 Liz Richardson1984-1986
118 Mrs. Lester Traub1985-1986
119 University of Delaware1985-1986
120 University of Reading1985
121 University of Sussex1985-1986
122 Victoria University1984-1986
123 Washington State University1985-1986
Box 2
21 Hogarth Press catalogues (includes Chato and Windus) 1925-1985
22–6Research and production material1985-1986
27–9Photographs of book covers intended for Checklist

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