Stephen Harold Riggins

Box/File List

Box 1
Series: 1: Correspondence
Correspondence with Khoa Pham
12 RR Khoa Pham to Stephen Riggins 1984-1998
13 RRCorrespondence between Stephen Riggins and Khoa Pham1984-1986

Selected edited transcripts of correspondence.

13a Stephen Riggins to Khoa Pham 1990-2004
118 Stephen Riggins to Khoa Pham 1984-2004
120 Keiller Mackay 1999
121 Riggins–Pham correspondence preliminary list[1998?]
122 Promotion to full professorMarch 18, 2004
123 Corrrespondence, exhibition invitation from Pham2006

Includes 1 col. photograph of Stephen Riggins that was originally kept with the correspondence with Stephen Collington in Box 1, File 25.

(Photos P1)
124 Letters of recommendation re positions sought by Riggins1984-1994
125–26Correspondence with Stephen Collington2006-2007
127 Letter from Linda Ellis2006
Series: 2: Art and records of Khoa Pham
16 Khoa D. Pham curriculum vitaeAugust 8, 1985, 1986

Also includes photocopy of article: "Vietnamese artist visits Loogootee." The Loogootee Tribune (Loogootee, IN), Aug. 8, 1985.

17 Photographs of Riggins1984

Eight (8) col. photographs; two (2) of a painting of Riggins by Khoa Pham; five (5) of Riggins possibly taken by Khoa Pham; one (1) scenic photograph.

(Photos P1-8)
18 Decorated envelopes and collages1980-1997

Includes 2 b&w photographs

(Photos P1-2)
18a Greeting cards[1992?]-1998

Includes 1 col. photograph

(Photos P1)
19 Slides1985-1989

38 photographs: 35 mm col. slides of artwork by Khoa Pham and photographs he took. 

110 Architectural drawing 1984
110a List of illustrated booklets, letter1984, 1986
111 Exhibition catalogues and announcements1998-2004

Includes 6 col. photographs.

(Photos P1-6)
112 Exhibition notices; art illustrations1988-2004
113 Khoa Pham: Miroirs Peintures1997

Hinsey, Ellen. Khoa Pham: Miroirs Peintures : [exposition, Paris], Galerie Jacob, cahier no. 3, 1997.

114 Architecture greeting cards1989-1995
115 Articles on art[2000?]
116 Architecture prospectus[2004?]
Series: 3: Writings
11 Stephen Harold Riggins Ph.D Curriculum vitae2004
14 “Scrapbook Magic” articles [2003?]
15 Articles by Stephen Riggins1986, 1991

Riggins, Stephen H. and Khoa Pham. "Democratizing the Arts: France in an Era of Austerity." Queen's Quarterly 93, no. 1 (Spring 1986): 149-161.

Riggins, Stephen Harold. "If Work Made People Rich: An Oral History of General Farming, 1905-1925." Midwestern Folklore: Journal of the Hoosier Folklore Society 17, no. 2 (Fall 1991): 73-109.

117 Draft section of The Pleasures of TimeNovember 12, 1998

Annotated typescript draft.

119 Omitted chapters and interview with Khoa Pham for The Pleasures of Time1998, 2001
128Photographs of the Toronto apartment of "Tim Fastco"[1990?]

Fourteen (14) b&w photographs, by professional photographer Susan Ashukian, of the interior of the apartment of Tony Formo to be used for an article by Stephen Riggins on the symbolism of vernacular interior decoration. 

(Photos P1-14)
Box 2
Series: 2: Art and records of Khoa Pham
2 /OS1 Artwork by Khoa Pham1984-1985

Includes drawings,multimedia artwork, and architectural drawings by Pham.

Originally housed in portfolio envelope at bottom of box.

2 /OS2 Artwork and Architectural drawings by Khoa Pham1981-1986
Box 1
Series: 1: Correspondence
11 Correspondence with Stephen Collington2007
Series: 2: Art and records of Khoa Pham
12 Drawings of Stephen Riggins1989
13 Drawing of living room1976
Series: 3: Writings
14 Draft section of The Pleasures of Time
15Draft sections of The Pleasures of Time (includes two letters by Paul Bouissac, 1975, 1984)1975, 1984
16Transcript of 2004 interview with Ron Weihs re the Debord Circus2007
17Photographs by Bill Whorrall

Photographs of small town and rural scenes in Indiana.

(Photos P1-6)
Box 1
Series: 1: Correspondence
11 Correspondence with Stephen Collington2007
12 Photograph2007

Photograph of Stephen Riggins and other members of Memorial University Sociology Department.

(Photos P1)
Box 2
Series: 2: Art and records of Khoa Pham
2 /OS1 Promotional poster1989
2 /OS2–4Drawings 1986
Box 1
Series: 1: Correspondence
11 Biographical information re correspondents in Files 2–5
12 Anne Boley1966-1967
13 Tom Cottman1968
14 Paul Edson1967-1968
15 Edward Whitson1966-1968
16 RRCorrespondence with Stephen Collington2007-2008
Series: 2: Art and records of Khoa Pham
17 Drawings by Paul Bouissac2006
Series: 3: Writings
18 “Stephen Riggins’ Life the First Ten Years”2008
Box 1
Series: 2: Art and records of Khoa Pham
11Scrapbook binder1982-2005

Scrapbook of photographs, letters, envelopes, clippings and other material re Bill Whorrall and Khoa Pham (more details included in Box); includes: 11 b&w photographs; 23 col. photograph; 1 sepia photograph.

Originally housed in plastic covers in a blue binder. 

(Photos P1-18)
12Photographs by Stephen Harold Riggins2004-2010

P1–26: Various Toronto graffiti artists and graffiti, dated between 2004-2007; 26 col. photographs (detailed list in File).
P27–30: Newfoundland Photographs; 4 col. photographs (detailed list in File).

(Photos P1-30)
13Various drawings by Bill Whorrall and Khoa Pham1984-2008

Includes exhibition pamphlets, handmade greeting card, letter to Paul Bouissac from artist Kato; and 3 col. photographs of works by Khoa Pham.

(Photos P1-3)
Box 1
Series: 1: Correspondence
11Edward Whitson December 10, 1965
12Karen Taylor November 16, 1996
Series: 2: Art and records of Khoa Pham
13Exhibition programs from Khoa Pham 2010-2011
14Drawings by Paul Bouissac titled "Wolf Flowers, Circus Myths, and other Doodles" collected by Riggins 1944-2008, 2011

Includes 41 col. photographs of Bouissac's drawings; postcard to Bouissac; and an overview of the collection of drawings by Stephen Riggins dated July 2011.

Box 1
Series: 1: Correspondence
11Various - Outgoing 1970
12Various - Outgoing 1970-1976
13Christmas letters to relatives 1970-1977
14Re Ph.D. thesis 1978-1979
Series: 3: Writings
15Undergraduate essays (Indiana University) 1965-1966
16Graduate essays (University of Toronto) 1971-1975
17Date calendar for year at Indiana University 1964-1965
18'Two texts" poems written in French with Paul Bouissac 2013

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