Title: Correspondence
Dates of Material:
6 cm of textual material
Scope and content

Series consists of personal and professional correspondence related to a variety of topics including academic studies, academic positions, publications, and family. 



Box 1
1117 letters in: 1920–1923, 1929n.d., 1920–1929

Correspondents include: James Endicott (1 in, 1920); William R. Riddell (1 in, 1921); academics; students. File also includes 1 letter from Margaret E.T. Addison to Martha Bell, 1920.  There are also copies of letters sent and addressed to others and a letter from from C.T. Currelly of the R.O.M. to the Members of the Archaeological Institute. Subjects are mainly related to academics, academic administration.

12 26 letters in: 1919–19211919–1921, primarily 1919

Correspondents include: Douglas Bush (1 in, 1919); Mrs. Douglas Bush (1 in, 1919); Hon. William R. Riddell (1 in, 1920); philologists; academics; students; a book dealer; friends. File also includes 1 letter from Margaret E. T. Addison to Martha Bell, 1920.

13 13 letters in: 1911–19181911-1918

Correspondents include: philologists; academics; family members; friends. File also includes 1 letter from Tina Kromer (Leipzig) to Martha Bell, 1915.  Includes a telegram and letter related to the death of a family member is W.W.I.

14 15 letters in: 1890–1910; 1890-1910

Correspondents include: academics; business associates; a politician; friends. Verso of letter dated 1905 contains draft of reply by A.J. Bell. File includes 1 letter from Helena Coleman to Martha Bell, 1910

15 5 letters in: 1885–18991885-1899

Correspondents include: William R. Riddell (1 in, 1899); academics; editors.

16 4 letters in: n.d.n.d.

Correspondents include: Douglas Bush (1 in, n.d.); an academic; students; a friend.

17 9 letters in n.d., 1887–1923n.d., 1887-1923

Correspondents include academics; an editor; friends. Includes 1 letter from Irene Irwin to George Bell, 1923

18 7 letters in: 1887–19101887-1910

Correspondents include: 1 from S.S. Nelles (1887); 1 from R.A. Reeve (1889); “Thorn” (n.d.), [fragment; might have been addressed to Helena Coleman?]; academics; colleague in Breslau.

19 2 letters in: 1889, 18941889, 1894

Correspondents include: Eduard Meyer [of Breslau?], (1889); Theodore Rand (McMaster University); 1894

110 15 letters in, plus 3 receipts: n.d., 1891–1911n.d., 1891-1911

Correspondents include: American Philological Association (2 in, 1905, 1907); A.B. Macallum (1 in, 1905); E. Masson (1 in, 1900); D. McFayden (1 in, 1902); A.P. Missener (1 in, 1919); University of Chicago Press (1 in, 1907); Vincent Parke Publishers (1 in, 1909); academics; a student.

1118 letters in: 1908–1926 1908-1926

Correspondents include: R. Falconer, University of Toronto, A.H. Bain, Victoria College, H.W. Auden, Upper Canada College, A. Fraser, Ontario Bureau of Archives, M.W. Wallace, Militia and Defense, M. Brett, and J.W.L. Forster, Toronto artist.

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