Address books, day planners, and party lists

Title: Address books, day planners, and party lists
Dates of Material:
34 cm of textual records
Scope and content

Subseries consists of address books, day planners, and party lists, 1920s–1993. Includes lists of the contact information for individuals who were invited to parties she hosted, as well as a Dinner Party record book containing other records related to parties such as menus, catering information, and seating plans, 1930s–1993. Includes address books and day planners containing contact information and birth dates, business cards, daily schedules, appointment information, and other notes relating to addresses and schedule, 1920s–1993.

Box 34
Party lists 
3418Party lists 1930s-1940s
3419Party lists 1950s
Box 35
351Party lists 1960s
352Party lists 1970s
353Party lists 1980s-1993
354Dinner Party record book 1940-1981
Address books and day planners
355Address books 1920s
356Address books and ‘calls made’ log 1940s
357Address books 1950s
358Address books ca. 1960s
359Address books 1970-1980s
3510Address books 1980s-1994
3511Day planners 1928-1929
3512Day planners 1939-1941
Box 36
Address books and day planners 
361Day planners 1942-1945
362Day planners 1946-1949
363Day planners 1950-1952
364Day planners 1953-1955
365Day planners 1956-1959
366Day planners 1960-1962
367Day planners 1963-1965
368Day planners 1966-1969
369Day planners 1970-1973
3610Day planners 1974-1976
3611Day planners 1977-1979
3612Day planners 1980-1982
3613Day planners 1983-1985
3614Day planners 1986-1989
3615Day planners 1992
3616Day planners 1993

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