Nathanael Burwash Fonds

Series 1: Correspondence



Dates of Creation

1865–1923, predominant 1889–1913


1.34 m of textual records

Scope and Content

Series consists of predominantly incoming but including outgoing correspondence, 1915–1923, relating to teaching/finances/administration at Victoria University, church and educational matters, personal affairs, family (includes posthumous letters), and social issues.


Availability of Other Formats

Some correspondence has been microfilmed on six reels; the correspondence was arranged in a different order at the time of microfilming.  The microfilm has been scanned, and a box/file list is available before each reel as follows:

Box/File List

Acc. No. Box File Title Dates
1992.002V 1 1 General Correspondence.
Church life in Ottawa, financing for Conference students
1 2 General Correspondence.
Publication of notes on Wesley’s sermons, dispute between faculty and editors of college paper, new college buildings in Toronto
1 3 General Correspondence.
Letters in favour of moving Victoria College to Toronto (D. Wilson, G. Clark), letters opposing move (F.L. Byington, H. Hough), judgment of Cobourg vs. Victoria, resignation of John Wilson, William Shaw re splitting of educational funds, Dr. Carman re curriculum and expenses at Victoria, college buildings in Toronto, recommendations for John Burwash, application of A.L. Langford
1 4 General Correspondence.
Correspondence with Mr. Eaton re chair in English Bible, Methodist Church in Japan, questions about origins of various languages, R. Whittington re Columbian Methodist College, J. Sparling re Wesley College in Winnipeg
1 5 General Correspondence.
Prof. Horning on curriculum of Victoria, petition from students re campus extension, issue of single tax, theological conference, Whittington re fundraising at Columbian Methodist College, professors’ timetables
1 6 General Correspondence.
J. Sparling re theological curriculum at Wesley College, Goldwin
Smith re honorary degree, Epworth League convention, daily sacrifices, W.P. Dyer re matriculation requirements, university elections
1 7 General Correspondence.
Burwash’s illness, complaints re exams, expansion of college campus
January–May, 1897
1 8 General Correspondence.
Applications for lectureship in French
June–December, 1897
1 9 General Correspondence.
Death of Dr. Wilson, personal affairs
1 10 General Correspondence.
Provincial reference and travelling libraries,T. Webster re old Methodist Episcopal Church papers, collection for bust of Dr. Nelles
1 11 General Correspondence.
recovery from illness, Madawaska Club, medical faculties at University of Toronto, Manual of Christian Theology
1 12 General Correspondence.
Alumni Association report, status of J.C. Robertson, financial needs of University of Toronto, Italian and Spanish departments, farming in B.C., Methodist Young People’s Summer School
January–May, 1901
1 13 General Correspondence.
Trip to Great Britain, millenary of Alfred the Great, college staff salaries
June–December, 1901
1 14 General Correspondence.
J.S. Woodsworth on Methodist doctrine, mission work in Japan, status and salary of Prof. Misener, boundary problems at Victoria
1 15 General Correspondence.
Staff opening at Wesley Theological College in Montreal, honourary degree for Rev. Lane, Burwash’s illness
January–June, 1903
1 16 General Correspondence.
Church affairs in Sudbury and Tilsonburg, W.P. Sipprell re Columbian Methodist College’s courses and affiliation to Victoria, discussion of communion service
July–December, 1903
1 17 General Correspondence Sent.
Note to Canadian Institute, letter on academic titles, memo re site for residences, mission work in North West, reports on need for staff in faculty of theology, letter re injunction against moving college to Toronto, letter to Eaton re endowment, memo on federation, memo on University Bill (1901)
2 18 General Correspondence. F.H. Wallace re faculty of theology January–June, 1904.
2 19 General Correspondence.
Spiritual development, Burwash’s accident, mission work in China, physics teaching in engineering department, junior matriculation
July–December, 1904
2 20 General Correspondence.
Questions about religious teaching at Victoria at an ordination, applications for position in French department, job search for son, Dyer re examinations
2 21 General Correspondence.
Applications for faculty positions (especially G. Smith and G.J. Blewett), J.S. Woodsworth on desire to do educational work
January–March, 1906
2 22 General Correspondence.
Questions about teaching of Lavelle, Irwin, Crummy, testimonials for L. Horning, provincial university in B.C.
April–June, 1906
2 23 General Correspondence.
Work in Japan, report to general conference on education, super-annuation
July–September, 1906
2 24 General Correspondence.
Bible instruction in public schools, question about Manual of Christian Theology, library, George Locke re position in education, progress report on Columbian College, superannuation
October–December, 1906
2 25 General Correspondence.
Question about conversion of youth and answer in Epworth Era, aid to Methodist students, availability of German library
January–April, 1907
2 26 General Correspondence.
Fenian Raid medal, letters re openings in French and English departments
May–June 15), 1907
2 27 General Correspondence. Openings in French and English departments June 16–June 30, 1907
2 28 General Correspondence.
Appointment in French department, Japanese church union, Household Science at Guelph
July–August, 1907
2 29 General Correspondence.
Wesley College and Manitoba government re provincial university
September–October, 1907
2 30 General Correspondence. Mission work among immigrants (James Allen) November, 1907
2 31 General Correspondence.
Allen on mission work among immigrants, comparative statistics for public and separate schools, C.A. Chant re course changes in mathematics and physics
December, 1907
2 32 General Correspondence Sent.
Affiliation of Applied Sciences, retirement scheme
3 33 General Correspondence.
Questions on retirement policy, high school leaving exams (Dyer’s comments), Bay of Quinte Conference
January, 1908
3 34 General Correspondence.
J.R. Mott lectures, problem with religious teaching at Victoria
February 1908
3 35 General Correspondence.
J.R. Mott lectures, principle of immersion, superannuation, mission work in Japan, conflict with Roman Catholics in North West, Carman re concern for student morals, A. Lavell re new position in Methodist education
March–April, 1908
3 36 General Correspondence.
Carman re Conference vs. Board of Regents in hiring and firing of Victoria professors, organization of theological conference at Victoria, purchase of Plains of Abraham, address to Royal Society of Canada in Quebec, illness, conference notes
May–June, 1908
3 37 General Correspondence.
Methodist Conference in Quebec, Alberta Methodist College, misappropriation of funds re Twentieth Century Million Dollar Fund, Methodist work in St. Lucia
July–August, 1908
3 38 General Correspondence.
Sunday street cars, normal classes in domestic science at Albert College
September, 1908
3 39 General Correspondence.
Temperance, status of Albert College, acceptance of ministers of other faiths
October, 1908
3 40 General Correspondence.
Education of ministers, death of Dr. Bain, need for men’s residence and college chapel, letter of John Wesley’s, Sunday street cars, Massey estate
November, 1908
3 41 General Correspondence.
Superannuation, report of General Board of Education of Methodist Church, Sunday street cars, Rowell scholarship in Christian missions
December, 1908
3 42 General Correspondence Sent. Elocution appointment 1908
3 43 General Correspondence.
B.C. Conference, openings on staff of Alberta College and Northwestern, Russian students
January, 1909
3 44 General Correspondence.
Moral reform, study of Bible in normal schools, openings at Alberta College and Northwestern
February, 1909
3 45 General Correspondence.
Site of university in B.C., North American Conservation Conference
March, 1909
3 46 General Correspondence Sent.
January–March, 1909
4 47 General Correspondence.
Higher Criticism in California, opening at Columbian College and Alberta College, B.C. Conference, hiring of C.B. Sissons
April, 1909
4 48 General Correspondence.
Canadian Peace and Arbitration Society, work in Japan and China, church finances
May–August, 1909
4 49 General Correspondence.
Chinese students, opinion of Homiletic Commentary, opening at Columbian College, R.S. Pigott for Elocution appointment
September, 1909
4 50 General Correspondence Sent. Recommendations April–September, 1909
4 51 General Correspondence.
Japanese mission, progress of men’s residence, evangelistic campaign, Burwash’s jubilee
October, 1909
4 52 General Correspondence.
Proposal for women’s college, Laymen’s Missionary Movement, Dr. Canniff and "The Settlement of Upper Canada"
November, 1909
4 53 General Correspondence.
Dr. Canniff’s book, Social Welfare Fellowship
December, 1909
4 54 General Correspondence Sent. October–December, 1909
4 55 General Correspondence.
Japanese mission, Fenian veterans, student switching from Victoria to Trinity as ministerial candidate, Methodist secondary school in Regina
January, 1910
4 56 General Correspondence.
Work in Japan, secondary school in Regina, conference in B.C., temperance, public speaking
February, 1910
4 57 General Correspondence.
Royal Society of Canada, curriculum of Albert College
4 58 General Correspondence.
Sample of letter sent to Victoria theological students re Sunday schools, openings at Wesley College in Winnipeg and Alberta College, letter from W.L.M. King
April–May, 1910
4 59 General Correspondence.
Wallace re theological teaching, mission in Japan, staffing of Columbian College,Bible exhibition, Epworth League
June–July, 1910
5 60 General Correspondence. Atonement, family history, Burwash’s jubilee, Evangelism August–September, 1910
5 61 General Correspondence.
Higher Criticism, Bible exhibition, Evangelism, Alberta College, new principal for Wesleyan Theological College in Montreal
October–November, 1910
5 62 General Correspondence.
Evangelistic work, Congress of the Universities of the Empire, jubilee address, Bible exhibition, new college in Calgary, Centenary celebration of 1812
December, 1910
5 63 General Correspondence Sent.
Exam fees, report to Board of Regents re staff and students of Victoria and recent doctrinal controversy
5 64 General Correspondence.
Officer Training Corps, sanctification,Evangelism, Bible exhibit, need of men for ministry, Wesley College in Winnipeg re degree, conferring powers, Montreal Conference
January, 1911
5 65 General Correspondence. Montreal Conference, Bible exhibition February, 1911
5 66 General Correspondence.
Royal Society of Canada, trip to Great Britain for Methodist conference, staff for Alberta College, creeds
March, 1911
5 67 General Correspondence Sent.
Methodist conference in Great Britain, Bible exhibit, student government, memo re young men from England, death of Dr. Shaw, role of Christ
January–March, 1911
5 68 General Correspondence.
Appointment in French department, superannuation report, fund¬raising for Albert College, men’s residence, Evangelism, military training in the university
April, 1911
5 69 General Correspondence.
Missionary school, Burwash on sacraments, Methodist Local Preachers Brotherhood, construction of new Bible House by Upper Canada Bible Society, superannuation, trip to Great Britain, Homiletics at Mount Allison University
May–June, 1911
5 70 General Correspondence Sent. Recommendations, renewal of professors’ appointments April–August, 1911
5 71 General Correspondence.
Fire at Victoria, missionary studies in North America, Burwash on Fourth Gospel, Evangelism, comparison between Wesley and Calvin, Luther on salvation
July–October, 1911
5 72 General Correspondence.
Evangelism, purchase of historical Methodist volumes with aid of Eaton, new Bible House, curriculum at Regina College
November, 1911
5 73 General Correspondence.
Japan mission, job search for son
December, 1911
5 74 General Correspondence Sent. Chinese students September–December, 1911
6 75 General Correspondence.
Cadet training in schools, statistics on church membership, exams at Albert College, Laymen’s Missionary Movement, Lord’s Day Alliance
January, 1912
6 76 General Correspondence. Baptism, job search for son February–June, 1912
6 77 General Correspondence. Church in Australia and New Zealand July–October, 1912
6 78 General Correspondence.
Work in China, tributes to Burwash on resignation, Carman re trip to Japan
November–December, 1912
6 79 General Correspondence Sent.
Burwash on lay representation at Conference, resignation from Chancellorship of Victoria
6 80 General Correspondence. Work in Japan January–August, 1913
6 81 General Correspondence.
Work in Japan, death of John Burwash, Madawaska Club
September–December, 1913
6 82 General Correspondence Sent.
Positions in oriental languages, ethics and didactics
6 83 General Correspondence. 1914
6 84 General Correspondence.
News from the Front, resignation from Royal Society of Canada
January–June, 1915
6 85 General Correspondence.
Book on Victoria, Methodist Training School (course of study), Holy Spirit
July–December, 1915
6 86 General Correspondence.
Biographical information, list of Burwash’s books in Victoria College Library, listing of estate, list of Royal Society honours
6 87 General Correspondence.
Appeal for archival material, draft of proposed curriculum of high schools and continuation schools, report on Memorial for Ryerson and Nelles, memorandum for faculty of theology, proposal for exams and fees, report on relations of affiliated colleges, phys ed curriculum for women students, report to Board of Regents on Victoria museum, letter to Lt. Gov. of B.C. re Columbian College, Sipprell on status of Columbian College, letter to
Board of Regents re conversazione,proposed course in Middle English
6 88 General Correspondence.
Invitations, appeals
7 89 Financial Correspondence 1888–1899
7 90 Financial Correspondence 1900–1906
7 91 Financial Correspondence January–July, 1907
7 92 Financial Correspondence August–December, 1907
7 93 Financial Correspondence January–April, 1908
7 94 Financial Correspondence May–December, 1908
7 95 Financial Correspondence January–July, 1909
7 96 Financial Correspondence August–December, 1909
7 97 Financial Correspondence 1910
7 98 Financial Correspondence 1911–1912
7 99 Financial Correspondence Sent 1909–1911
7 100 Financial Statements for Victoria College 1867–1912
8 101 Committee Reports.
University federation, construction of new buildings in Toronto, staff estimates, scholarships
8 102 Committee Reports.
Financial status of University, federation with Trinity College, college library, faculty, superannuation, women’s advisor, new University of Toronto calendar, Bible study at the university, opening of Annesley Hall, Currelly’s work in archeology
8 103 Reports of the President and Faculties of Victoria University 1905–1907
8 104 Correspondence re Catechism 1896–1897
8 105 Letter from Alfred Lavell re Methodist Educational Policy 1902
8 106 Correspondence between S.H. Blake and N. Burwash re Religious Teaching at the University of Toronto.
Typewritten and printed copies, report of special committee to Board of Governors of University re religious knowledge
8 107 Correspondence re Church Union 1905–1912
8 108 Correspondence re Muskoka Settlement Mission 1908–1910
8 109 Correspondence re Hay Bay Church 1910–1911
8 110 Correspondence re Cree Translation of Bible 1911
8 111 Correspondence re Visit to Japan 1912–1913
8 112 Articles and Notes on Visit to Japan. 1913
8 113 Correspondence re George Workman.
Workman’s statement of beliefs concerning Messianic Prophecy, drafts of appeal to Bay of Quinte Conference on behalf of Workman, copy of ruling of General Superintendent re Committee on Workman’s case, Ross’s attack on Workman, Burwash’s belief re atonement
8 114 Correspondence re George Workman.
Controversy at Wesleyan Theological College, Montreal and libel case Workman vs. Shaw, Burwash’s reaction to Workman’s 1908 statement, Rev. C.T. Scott’s reaction to statement, Burwash on Methodist standards, contributions to fund for Workman, Burwash’s opinion of Workman’s book, objections to Carman’s role, John Burwash’s opinion of Workman
[See also Family Correspondence August, 1910; June, 1911]
8 115 Correspondence re George Jackson and Higher Criticism.
Reactions to article in Globe reporting Jackson’s views on Genesis, comparison to Workman controversy, discussion of settlement, Carman’s reactions
8 116 Correspondence re George Jackson and Higher Criticism.
Burwash’s views on scriptural interpretation, Jackson states his case
[See also Family Correspondence August, 1910]
8 117 Letter to Adam Crooks, Minister of Education, re National University n.d.
8 118 Correspondence between B.E. Walker and N. Burwash re University Finances.
Written and printed copies
9 119 Correspondence re John Burwash and the Department of Elocution at Victoria College 1902–1904
9 120 Correspondence re University Commission 1905
9 121 Correspondence re University Commission 1905–1906
9 122 Correspondence re Newspaper Advertisements for Victoria 1907–1909
9 123 Correspondence re Library Endowment Fund 1906–1907
9 124 Correspondence re Library Endowment Fund 1908
9 125 Correspondence re Library Endowment Fund 1909
9 126 Correspondence re Library Endowment Fund January–March, 1910
9 127 Correspondence re Library Endowment Fund April–December), 1910
9 128 Correspondence Sent re Library Endowment Fund 1907–1911
9 129 Correspondence re Burwash Lectureship Fund 1910–1911
9 130 Correspondence re Burwash Lectureship Fund. 1911–1913
9 131 Memorandum to Premier and Minister of Education re Victoria College Site for Residence n.d.
9 132 Correspondence re Victoria College Women’s Residence, Includes variety of reports and financial statements 1902–1912
9 133 Correspondence re Department of Household Science, Discussion of building, organization, curriculum and improprieties 1904–1911
9 134 Correspondence re Faculty of Medicine for Women 1905–1906
9 135 Correspondence re Department of Expression and Margaret Eaton School of Literature and Expression. 1901–1913
10 136 Correspondence re Egyptian Exploration and Artifacts. 1902–1909
10 137 Outline of McGill University Curriculum. 1905
10 138 Correspondence addressed to Miss Wilson.
Personal finances and travels of professors, correspondence from Victoria College students
10 139 Correspondence addressed to Miss Wilson. As above 1909–1911
10 140 Correspondence with Massey Family.
Financial information concerning library endowment and bursary funds, Burwash’s explanation of Hart Massey’s will
See also Correspondence re Department of Household Science
10 141 Correspondence with Massey Family.
Information concerning endowments, Vincent Massey as residence dean, Burwash’s tribute to work of Lillian Massey Treble
10 142 Family Correspondence.
Lachlin Taylor’s death, letters from Yukon
10 143 Family Correspondence.
Information on Columbian College, 1906 Conference in Montreal, Royal Society of Canada meeting 1907
10 144 Family Correspondence.
1910 Conference in Vancouver, church union, Higher Criticism
10 145 Family Correspondence.
Conference in Montreal, Workman case, land values in Alberta
10 146 Family Correspondence. Death of John Burwash 1912–1923
10 147 Miscellaneous Programmes, clippings, notes 1868–1905
10 148 Miscellaneous Programmes, clippings, notes 1906-1923
10 149 Miscellaneous Programmes, clippings, notes 1906-1923
32 Correspondence
General Correspondence 1873–1888 General Correspondence 1889 General Correspondence 1890 General Correspondence 1891–1895
General Correspondence February–July, 1897
General Correspondence August–December, 1897
General Correspondence 1898 General Correspondence 1901–1904 General Correspondence 1905–1907 General Correspondence 1909–1912 General Correspondence 1913–1918, n.d.
Correspondence from Burwash to E.H. Dewart 1881–1894, n.d.
Correspondence from Burwash to B.E. Walker 1897–1898
33 Correspondence
Family Correspondence 1866–1912, n.d.
Financial Correspondence 1889–1908
Correspondence re: Egyptian Exploration Fund (Includes Subscription Book) 1903–1907
Correspondence re: Invitations to Burwash Farewell Luncheon and Bowles Inauguration October 7; October 8, 1913
Correspondence re: Invitations to Burwash Farewell Luncheon and Bowles Inauguration October 9, 1913
Correspondence re: Invitations to Burwash Farewell Luncheon and Bowles Inauguration October 10, 1913
Correspondence re: Invitations to Burwash Farewell Luncheon and Bowles Inauguration October 11, 1913
Correspondence re: Invitations to Burwash Farewell Luncheon and Bowles Inauguration October 12; October 13, 1913
Correspondence re: Invitations to Burwash Farewell Luncheon and Bowles Inauguration October 14, 1913
Correspondence re: Invitations to Burwash Farewell Luncheon and Bowles Inauguration October 15; October 16; October 17; November 3, 1913 Correspondence re: Invitations to Burwash Farewell Luncheon and Bowles Inauguration n.d.
Correspondence re: Invitations to Burwash Farewell Luncheon and Bowles Inauguration n.d.
Miscellaneous Documents re: Burwash Farewell Luncheon and Bowles Inauguration. October, 1913
Letter to Editor of the Globe. “University Consolidation.” January 28, 1881 Letter to Editor of the Globe. “University Confederation.” Cobourg. June, 1885
Letter to Editor. “Bystander’s Notes on Methodism and Victoria College.” February 3, 1898
Letter to Editor of the University Monthly re: University Federation and Victoria’s Move to Toronto January 25, 1916