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Series 7: Notebooks of sermons, addresses, lectures, essays and notes


Notebooks of sermons, addresses, lectures, essays and notes

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Scope and Content

Series consists of notebooks of sermons, addresses, lectures, essays and notes, 1847–1887; contents are predominantly sermons.


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See also Series 3, 4, 5, 6.


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Box/File List

Acc. No. Box File Title Date
1991.197V 12 252 Notebook. Reflections on Public Speaking. June, 1847.
Sermon Bones. Private Prayer. n.d.
Idolatry—Literal and Spiritual. n.d. Forgiveness. n.d.
Forgetfulness of Religion. n.d. Salvation by Grace. n.d.
Keeping the Sabbath Holy. n.d. Parental Instruction of Children. n.d. Resurrection of the Dead. Port Hope. October 17, 1847.
Moral Culture. Port Hope. October 17, 1847. Sermon Preached by R. Jones at Port Hope Quarterly Meeting. October 31, 1847.
Piety. n.d.
Pleasures of Religion. Port Hope. November 7, 1847.
Narration of Joseph. Port Hope. November 14, 1847 Heritage of David. n.d.
Holy Ghost. n.d.
Whether ye be in the faith. n.d. Exposition of Romans 12. n.d. Epistle to Laodicean Church. n.d.
Seek ye the Lord. Port Hope. January, 1848. Parable of Sower. March, 1848. Missionary Sermon. Evils of Idolatry. 1848. Divine Government. n.d.
Worldly Conformity. n.d.
Temperance Sermon. n.d.
On Enoch. Toronto. July 23, 1848.
Prosperity to the Church. Toronto. July 30, 1848. Truth. Toronto. August 6, 1848. Faithfulness. Toronto. August 22, 1848. Openmindedness. April 23, 1849. Knowledge of Christ. June 29, 1849. Keeping God's Commandments. n.d. Sabbath School Teaching. n.d. Called to be Saints. September 15, 1849. Notebook. Sermon Bones. Accountability to God. October 24, 1849.
God as Source of Light. November, 1849. Depression. November, 1849. Consider the Poor. December 17, 1849.
The Word Preached. December 17, 1849.
Christmas Sermon. 1849.
Remembrance of God in Youth. December 28, 1849. Missionary Sermon. n.d.
Thanksgiving Discourse. n.d. Punishment of Sin. n.d. Fall of Man. n.d.
Christ Precious to Believers. n.d.
Easter Sermon. n.d.
The Lord Reigneth. n.d.
Missionary Sermon. The Field is the World. n.d.
Private Journal. May 25, 1850-September 10, 1863.
12 253 Notebook of Lectures, Speeches, and Sermons. Lecture on Books. Mechanics Institute, Cobourg. April, 1858.
College Speech. “Reasons for Sustaining Our College.” November 30, 1858.
Lecture. “Influence of Christianity on Civilisation.” January, 1859.
College Speech. March, 1859.
College Lecture to
Students re: Knowledge and Discipline. August, 1860. January 12, 1861. Sermon. Flattery.
February 17, 1861.
College Speech re: University Question. Kingston. March, 1861.
12 254 Notebook. Notes on Conscience. May 4, 1862.
Lectures on Hamilton's Metaphysics. n.d. Questions on Paley’s Theology. July, 1863. Lectures in Logic. n.d.
Essay on Farrar’s Free Thought. November, 1869.
12 255 Notebook. Dedication Sermon re: Church Enlargement. St. Catherines. August 10, 1863.
Sermon. Good Samaritan. n.d.
Sermon. Truly the light is sacred. n.d. Sermon. Worship. n.d.
Sermon. In the Beginning. n.d.
Sunday School Sermon. Thy Kingdom Come. Cobourg. February, 1865.
Tea Meeting Speech on Education. Baltimore. April 6, 1865.
Notebook. Dedication Sermon. The Design of the House of God and its Desecration. April, 1865.
Sermon. Growth. May 7, 1865.
Sermon. In the Beginning. Mount Pleasant. June 18, 1865.
Sermon. Fellow Helpers to the Truth. Toronto. January 28, 1866.
Missionary Speech. Time as a Condition to Missionary Success. Kingston. February 5, 1866.
Sermon. Seek ye first the kingdom. August, 1866.
Sermon. Endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. December 16, 1866.
Sermon. Actual and Ideal. August 11, 1867.
Sermon. “I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” December 29, 1867.
12 256 Notebook. Sermon. “Church Extension.” December 24, 1863.
Sabbath School Sermon. “All thy children shall be taught of the Lord.” January, 1864.
Sermon. “In the beginning God created.” January 4, 1865. Sermon. “Thy Kingdom Come.” January 14, 1865.
Sermon. “First the blade, then the ear.” (Growth) May 6, 1865.
Sermon. “Limitations of Christianity.” July 23, 1865.
Sermon. “Forgetting the things which are behind.” Port Hope. August 4, 1865.
Sermon. “Causes of Slow Progress of Religion.” n.d. Sermon. “Fellow-helpers to the truth.” September, 1865.
Sunday Lecture. Religious Advantages of Educated Men. November 12, November 19, November 26, December 10, 1865.
Baccalaureate Sermon. April, 1866.
Dedication Sermon. The Christian Church. Castleton. December 3, 1865.
Sermon. “The Church of the Living God.” December 4, 1865.
Sunday Lecture. “Progressive Character of Religious Truth.” December 17, 1865.
Sermon. “One day as 1000 years.” December 27, 1865. Sunday Lecture. “On Our Faults.” January 14, 1866.
Remarks at the Union Prayer Meeting. “Confession and Thanksgiving.” January 1, 1866.
Missionary Speech. Kingston. February 4 and 5, 1866. Sermon. “Fellow-helpers to the truth.” n.d. Missionary Speech. Peterborough. February 12, 1866.
Notebook. Sermon. “The Lord Will Provide.” February 23, 1866.
Sermon. “Who will hate all men to be saved.” Cobourg. March 5, 1866.
12 257 Notebook. Lecture Questions on Adam Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments. October, 1865.
Questions on Butler’s Sermons for Vacation Work. 1866. Notes on Paley. January, 1871.
12 258 Preparation Book. Baccalaureate Sermon. Emancipation of Thought. April 29, 1866.
Educational Address. Hamilton Wesleyan Female College. June 27, 1866.
Address. Union of Piety and Refinement. July 5, 1866.
Sermon. “Seek first the Kingdom of God.” July 5, 1866.
Sermon on Methodism. July 31, 1866.
Speech for Anniversary Public Meeting. Undeveloped Resources. Belleville. September 17, 1866.
Sermon. “Awake thou that sleepest and arise.” Peterborough. November 4, 1866.
Sermon. “Seek first the Kingdom.” November 7, 1866. Sermon. “I have come that ye might have life.” n.d.
Sermon. “Endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.” n.d.
Sunday School Speech. Task of the Sabbath School Teacher. Port Hope. December 10, 1866.
Sunday Lecture. True Religion. December 2, 1866. Lecture for Logic Class. December 5, 1866.
Sermon. “Who art the confidence of all the ends of the earth?” January 13, 1867.
Sermon. “Things New and Old.” December 27, 1866.
Baccalaureate Sermon. “Quit Yourselves Like Men.” April, 1867.
Sermon. “0 fools and slow of heart to believe.” June 30, 1867.
Sermon on Faults. August 7, 1867. Sermon. “Capable of God.” n.d.
Sermon. “On Spiritual Dispensations.” August 12, August 19, August 26, 1867.
Familiar Talk for Preachers. November 30, 1867.
Preparation Book. Sunday Lecture. “She hath done what she could.” December 7, 1867.
Missionary Sermon. Lifted Up. December 23, 1867.
Address. The Gospel in Christian Teachings. December 26, 1867.
Missionary Speech. “Relation of Missionary Work to the New Dominion.” Elm Street. January, 1868.
Sermon. “Honor All Men.” March 15, May, 16, 1868.
Speech in Moving Reception of Candidates of Conference in Kingston. 1868.
Sermon. “He that winneth souls is wise.” May 24, 1868.
Sermon. Gift of God. July 22, 1868. Sermon On Faults. August 26, 1868.
Sermon to the Young. “Remember now the Creator.” October 25, 1868. Address to College Meeting. Endowment of Theological Chair. Port Hope. December 16, 1868.
Montreal College Speech. n.d.
Sermon. “Neglect not the gift.” Cobourg. January 17, 1869.
Missionary Address. Church of the Living God. February 28, 1869.
12 259 Notebook. Scripture Readings. 1866–1867.
Summary of Readings on Atonement. October, 1867.
Notes on Butler’s “Of a Future Life.” January 1, 1871. Outlines of Lectures on Ethics. 1874–1875.
Lectures on Apologetics. 1874–1875.
12 260 Notebook. Select Sentences from Various Authors. January 26, 1867.
Lectures, Questions, Critiques on Ethics. January—March, 1879.
13 261 Notebook. Notes on Stewart’s Active Moral Powers. August, 1867.
Thoughts and Reflections in Ethical Readings. December 18, 1867.
Bible Class on Matthew. Whedon. August, 1868. Notes on Stewart’s Outlines. April 17, 1869.
Questions on Farrar’s Critical History of Free Thought. 1869–1870.
Notebook. Lectures in Logic. n.d.
Lectures on Paley’s Evidences. 1872–1873.
13 262 Notebook. Notes on Jouffroy. n.d.
Lectures in Logic. September, 1867.
Sermon. “Attractive Powers of the Cross”. n.d.
13 263 Notebook. Sermon for Conference. “This is the victory that over-cometh the world.” May 30, 1869.
Lecture for Teachers’ Association. Toronto. August, 1869.
Address. Working Out Salvation. Elm Street, Toronto. November 12, 1869.
Sermon. “He that winneth souls is wise.” Port Hope Sunday School. December, 1869.
Popular Fallacies. February 2, 1870.
Opening Discourse to Students in Wesleyan Church. “Wandering Stars.” September 11, 1870.
Sermon. Emancipation of Thought. Richmond Street, Toronto. January 8, 1870.
Sermon. Called to be Saints. February 18, 1871. Baccalaureate Sermon. Others have laboured. May, 1871. Sermon. Called to be Saints. Cobourg. June 23, 1871. Sermon. Repentance. October 1, 1871.
Sermon. “The Woman that Loved Much.” Cobourg. January 21, 1872.
Baccalaureate Sermon. “Whosoever Shall Lose His Life.” May, 1872.
Lecture on Europe. Wesleyan Church. December 5, 1873 Sermon. Lifted Up. Metropolitan Church. December, 1873. Sermon. “Former Days Better than These.” January, 1875. Educational Speech. January 26, 1875.
Sermon. “Who Will Show Us Any Good.” Cobourg. July 2, 1876.
Sermon. “Strength and Beauty are in his Sanctuary.” Whitby. September 10, 1876.
Sermon. “Thy Kingdom Come.” October 8, 1876.
Lecture. “How Canadians Should Think of Canada.” Hamilton. November, 1876.
Sermon. “Love of God and Man.” King Street, Hamilton. November 19, 1876.
Sermon. “Fellow-helpers to the Truth.” April 8, 1877.
Notebook. Address Before Amphyction and Lyceum Societies of Genessee Wesleyan Seminary. “Latest Advices.” Lima. June 19, 1877.
Watchnight Sermon. Cobourg. December 31, 1877. Lecture. “How Canadians Should Think of Canada.” Plainville. January, 1878.
Perioration of Latest Advices. April 29, 1878.
Address. “Clerical Advices.” Jackson Society. May 2, 1879.
Sermon. “Who Will Show Us Any Good.” Bible Christian Church. Cobourg. May 4, 1879.
13 264 Notebook. Notices and Counsels. 1873–1874.
Sermon Bones. God Hidden and Found. August 20, 1881. Be Ye Also Enlarged. October 23, 1881. Educational Sermon. St. Thomas.
November 27, 1881.
Eternal Life. n.d.
Leaven. Sherburne Street. March, 1883. Work Out Salvation. August 8, 1883. Whatsoever Things Are True. n.d. God Hideth. n.d.
Whatsoever Things Are True. August 24, 1883. Educational Sermon. n.d.
First the Blade, then the Ear. July 2, 1884.
13 265 Notebook. Address. “Important Folk.” n.d. Convocation Address. May 13, 1885.
Educational Address re: Endowment for Victoria College and Federation. 1885.
Sermon on Salvation. Richmond Street, Millbrook. 1884. Carlton Street, Toronto. 1885.
Sermon. Eternal Life. n.d.
Sermon. “Whatsoever things are true.” July 16, 1885. Sermon. “Kingdom of God.” July 16, 1885.
Sermon. “The Way of God More Perfectly.” July 17, 1885. Sermon. Gifts of God. September 3, 1885.
Sermon. Labours. September 13, 1885.
Sermon. “The Church of the Living God.” September 14, 1885. Sermon. “Thy Kingdom Come.” n.d.
Sermon. “A God that hidest thyself.” November 29, 1885. Sermon. Able Ministers of the New Testament. n.d. Sermon. Kingdom as Leaven. March 31, 1886.
Baccalaureate Sermon. May, 1887.
Sermon. Wisdom and Knowledge. Central Methodist. January 23, 1887.
Notebook. Educational Sermon. Dominion Church, Ottawa. March 6, 1887. Sermon. Actual and Ideal. July 21, 1887.
Sermon. Weapons of Warfare. August, 1887.